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He speaks, and eternity, fill'd with his voice,
Re-echoes the praise of the Lord !

SECOND PART. 1 His vestments of righteousness who shall de

scribe? Its purity words would defile; The leav'ns from his presence fresh beauties


And earth is made rich by his smile. 2 Such is my beloved, in excellence bright,

When pleas'd he looks down from above; Like the morn when he breathes from the

chambers of light,

And comforts his people with love. 3 But when arm'd with vengeance, in terror he

comes, The nations rebellious to tame, The reins of Omnipotent Power he assumes,

And rides in a chariot of flame. 4 A two-edged sword from his mouth is ues forth,

Bright quivers of fire are his eyes; He speaks, and black tempests are sten in the


And storms from their caverns arise. 5 Ten thousand destructions, that wait for his

word, And ride on the wings of his breath, Fly swift as the wind at the nod of their Lord,

And deal out the arrows of death. 6 His cloud-bursting thunders their voicés resound,

Through all the vast regions on high; 'Till from the deep centre loud echoes rebound,

And meet the quick flame in the sky. 7 The portals of heaven at his bidding obey,

And expand ere his banners appear; Earth trenibles beneath, tiil her mountains give


And hell shakes her fetters with fear. 8 When he treads on the clouds as the dust of his


ind grasps the big storm in his hand;

What eye the fierce glance of his anger sha!

Or who in his presence shall stand ?


HYMN 172. P. M.

Dedication Hymn.
SINGO the Lord above,

Who deigns on earth to raise
Temples, where boundless love

Demands our songs of praise.
Upon this floor, by every tongue,

While saints adore, his name be sung.
2 We labonred not in vain,

With God our prayers prevailed,
Mountains were made a plain,

And opposition failed.
The head stone's laid, now let the place

Resound with shoutings unto grace.
3 This sacred doine, O Lord,

To thee we dedicate,
Thy name we here record,

And at thine altar wait.
O may thy love our hearts inspire,

Celestial love impart the fire.
4 May hcaven's high arch be bow'd,

O glory shine around,
A3 when the sacred cloud

T'he Jewish temple crown'd.
With saints of old we'll bless the Lord,

His truth unfold, his love record.
5 Here may the Spirit's sword

The sinner's conscience wound,
And here the cheering word

Of God's rich grace abound:
To soothe the pensive mourner's grief,

And grant the burdened mind relief.
6 May saints with joy report,

Who in his temple wait,
This is Jehovah's court,

'Tis heaven's expanding gate.
May bliss divine from Zion roll,
And love benign fill every soul.

7 Then when the Judge commands,

Our souls shall soar away
Froin temples made with hands

To that in endless day.
We'li join our lays with angels bright,
To sing his praise in worlds of light.

HYMN 173. P. M.
1 ANIEL'S wisdoin may I know,

Stephen's faith and spirit show
John's divine communion feel,
Moses' meekness Joshua's zeal,
Run like the unearied Paul,

Win the day and conquer all 2 Mary's love may I possess,

Ly 's tender-heartedness
Peter's ardent spirit feel,
James's faith by works reveal;
Like youg Timothy may I

Every sinful passion fly.
3 Job's submission may I show,

David's true devotion know,
Samuel's call, O may I hear,
Lazarnis' happy portion share ;
Let Isaiah's hallow'd fire

All my new-born soul inspire.
4 Mine be Jacob's wrestling prayer,

Gideon's valiant steadfast care,
Joseph's purity impart,
Isaac's meditating heart,
Abraham's friendship may


Faithful to the God of love,
5 Most of all, may I pursue,

That example Jesus drew;
By my life and conduct show
How he liv'd and walk'd below,
Day by day, through grace restord,

Imitate my blessed Lord.
6 When the dreams of life are fled,

When its wasting lamps are dead,
When in cold oblivion's shade,
Youth and fame and power are laid,

Where immortal spirits reign,
There may we all meet again.

HYMN 174. C. M. 10

THAT I had a faithful friend,

To tell my secrets to,
On whose advice I might depend,

In every thing I do.
2 How do I wander up and down,

And no one pities me!
I seem a stranger quite unknown,

A son of misery !
3 None lends an ear to my complaint,

Nor minds my cries nor tears: None comes to cheer me though I faint,

Nor my vast burden bears.
4 Whilst others live in mirth and ease,

And feel no want or wo,
Through this waste howling wilderness,

I full of sorrows go.
5 O faithless soul to reason thus,

And murmur without end !
Did Christ expire upon the cross?

And is he not thy friend ?
6 Why dost thou envy carnal men,

And think their state so blest?
How great salvation hast thou seen,

And Jesus is thy rest!
7 What can this lower world afford,

Compard with gospel grace ?
Thy happiness is in the Lord,

And thou shalt see his face !
8 Can present grief be counted great,

Compared with future woes?
Will trausient pleasure seem so sweet,

Compard with endless joys? 9 How soon will God withdraw the scene,

And burn the world he made!
Then wo to carnal sinful men !

My soul lift up thy head.
10 Thy Saviour is thy real friend,

Constant and true and good;

He will be with thee to the end,

And bring thee safe to God.
11 Then why my soul art thou so sad ?

When will thy sighs be o'er ?
Rejoice in Jesus and be glad,
Rejoice for evermore.

HYMN 175. P. M.
'WHENmaa. was first created, in Eden he was
The head and representative of all the fallen race,
But by the subtle serpent he was beguii'd and fell,
And for his disobedience he was doom'd to death

and hell. 2 But in this situation behold the promise made, The seed of mortal woman shall bruise the ser.

pent's head, Destroy the works of darkness, that man should

only feel The malice of the serpent a raging at his heel. 3 Oh, these words, were all spoken in spirit and in

truth; In types and darkest shadows the Saviour was set

forth, And sacrifice and offerings all on the altaf slain, Yet blood of bulls and heifers can ne'er remove

the stain. 4 At the appointed time then Jesus did appear,

Assum'd a fleshy body, and did more than a seer. He kept the law in our stead, and suffered on the

tree, He answered all the law's demands, and paid the

penalty. 5 With piercing thorns they crown'd, and nail'd

him to the tree, All nature mourn'd and trembled to hear his

agony. But Justice cried against him, Come, pay in

sinners' stead, For man you've undertaken, and you must be

his head.

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