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6 The sun was clothed in sackcloth, the earth it

did mourn, All nature languish'd to hear our Saviour groan : But the law was ended upon his spotless head,

He cried, it's finishd, the dreadful debt is paid. 7 They laid him in a sepulchre, for it was at hand, The grave it could not hold him, nor death's cold

iron bands; He pray'd for his enemies, but gain'd a glorious

crown, He conquer'd all the powers of hell, and broke

its kingdom down. 8 And when that he was risen, to Mary he ap.

peared, Go tell my friends and brethren what you have

seen and heard : Go tell them I am risen, and death could do no

more, I go unto my Father's house to live for evermore. 9 He came to his disciples, and found them all

alone, He gave them their commission to make his

gospel known; Go preach my gospel to the poor, baptize them in

my name, Beginning at the spiteful Jews, that put my soul

to share. 10 Go preach unto all nations, let every creature

hear, Go publish free salvation to all, both far and near; And in your great temptation, I'll speedy com.

fort send; And 10! I will be with you, until the world

doth end.

HYMN 176. P. M. 1 W ;

ITH pleasure behold the city of gold, Coming down from above, in its beauty and love,

Adorn'd with glory and light; Prepar'd as a bride, for Immanuel's side

Let angels rejoice at the sight

Jerusalem now its glory doth show,

The wisdom of God and his might.
2 Its walls great and high, behold it with joy,

Think of it ye saints, with delight;
Behold its foundation with great admiration,

With precious stones "arnished bright;
It lieth four-square, a glen reed there,

With angels to measure it right;
Consider with pleasure. it's equal in measure,

Its length, breadth, and height are alike.
3 'Twelve angels there wait, at twelve holy

The righteous rejoice when they enter;
For they will behold a city of gold,

The tree of life placed in the centre:
There proceeds from the throne of the King

whom they own,
A river of water of life;
As crystal it's clear, as wine it doth cheer

The heart of the bride, the Lamb's wife. 4 Then those who do well, with Jesus shall

dwell. For ever and ever in peace; They need not the moon, nor the bright shining

In so glorious and holy a place.
God's glory will shine, and give light divine,

Therefore it will never be night :
What raptures are there! all heaven will share,

It 's perfectiy filled with light.
5 The saints shall there reign with the Lamb that

was slain, The face of our King, they will see ; There standing before him, to love and adore

His name in their foreheads will be.
Great joy will be there, the righteous will share,

While angels their voices are raising ;
How pleasant the singing melodiously ringing,

While saints are in harmony praising.

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6 How pleasant their singing, melodiously ringing

All praising with cheerfullest voices; What inelodious sounds are echoing round,

Whle all in that city rejoices. How rich and how great, how good and com

plete, That city which God will prepare; How pure and how holy, and full of brigha

How beautiful, lovely, and fair.

HYMN 177. P. M.
N the floods of tribulation,

1 roll,

Jesus whispers consolation,
And supports my fainting soul;

Sweet afiliction,
That brings Jesus to my soul.
2 Thus the lion yields me honey,

From the eater food is giv'n ; Strengthen'd thus I still press forward, Singing as I wade to heav'n,

Sweet affliction, And my sins are all forgiv'n. 3 So, in darkest dispensations,

Doth my faithful Lord appear With his richest consolations, To re-animate and cheer:

Sweet affliction,
Thus to bring my Saviour near.
4 Floods of tribulation heighten;

Billows still around me roar;
Those who know not Christ they frighten,
But my soul defies their power:

Sweet affliction,
Thus to bring my Saviour near.
5 In the sacred page recorded,

Thus his word securely stands;
“ Fear not; I'm in trouble near thee,
Nought shall pluck thee from my hands."

Sweet affliction,
Ev'ry word my love demands.

6 All I meet I find assists me

In my path to heavenly joy,
Where, though trials now attend me,
Trials never more annoy;

Sweet affliction,
Ev'ry promise gives me joy.
7 Wearing there a weight of glory,

Still the path I'll ne'er forget,
But exulting cry, it led me
To my blessed Saviour's feet:

Sweet affliction,
Which has brought me to his feet.

HYMN 178. P. M.
EAREST Jesus, though unseen,

My believing heart will love thee,
Poor despised Nazarene ;

A kind and constant friend I prove thee : Sinking in thy baliny blood,

O how I love my Saviour God. 2 Day and night I vent my sighs,

Languishing to see my Saviour, With warm heart and streaming eyes,

I view my dying Lord for ever: Here I always would abide:

O nothing may I know beside. 3 Like the widow'd turtle dove,

I, most lovely Lamb, adore thee: Pants my soul quite filld with love,

Sinking, O my God, restore me To thy presence sweet and free.

O how I long to be with thee. 4 Every moment seems an age,

Till thy presence shall relieve me, And thy grace my woes assuage,

And ihy absence no more grieve me: Quickly, quickly, Jesus come,

O make my heart thy constant home. 5 O'er the hills I see him come

Quick as darts the piercing lightning, Scatters all my guilt and gloom;

All my powers are quick and brightening

Welcome, welcome, bleeding Lamb,
O how tlıy presence feeds my flame.

HYMN 179. P. M. | A MONGbete Jesvish captives, one Daniel

Whose uncxampled piety astonish'd all around; They saw him very pious and faithful to the

Lord, Three times a day he bowed to supplicate his

God. 2 Among the king's high princes this Daniel was

the first, The king preferr'd the spirit this Daniel did

possess; l’is unexampled piety, sustained their jealousy ; The princes sought his ruin, -obtain'd a firm

decrce. 3 Should any man or woman, a supplication

bring, For thirty days ensuing, save unto thee, O

King; To any Lord or master, or any other man, They should without distinction fall in the

lion's den. 4 But now when Daniel heard it, straight to his

house he werit, To beg his God's protection-'twas all his whole

intent: His windows being open, before his God he

bow'd, The princes were assembled, they saw him wor

ship God. 6 They came to King Darius, and spake of his

decree, Saying, that Hebrew Daniel doth nothing care

for thec: Before his God he boweth three times in every

day, With all his windows open, and we have heard

him pray,

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