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6 Now when Darius heard it, his soul did sore

lament, He set his heart on Daniel, the sentence to pre

vent; The princes then assembled and to the King

they said, Remember your great honour, likewise the laws

you made. 7 Darius then commanded that Daniel should be

brought, And cast into the lion's den, because the Lord

he sought: The king then said to Daniel, That God whom

you adore, Will save you from the lions, and bless you

evermore. 8 The King went to his palace, and fasted all the

night, He neither ate nor drank, nor in music took de

light; So early the aext morning, he stole along the

way, And caine unto the lion's den, where this bold

Hebrew lay. 9 Then with a voice of mourning, to Daniel cry'd

alond, Saying, O Daniel, Daniel, thou servant of the

Lord ! Is not thy God sufficient for to deliver thee? That God in whom thou trusteth and serves

continually. 10 My God hath sent his angel and shut the lion'

jaws, So that they have not hurt me, my enemies they

saw; Then straight the King commanded to take him

from the den, Because in God lie trusted, no harm was found

in him. 31 See how the faithful Daniel fear'd not the face

of clay, 'Twas not the King's commandment that anrade

him cease to pray i

He knew that God was with him, to save his

soul from death, He trusted in Jehovah, and pray'd at every breath.

SECOND PART. 1 Darius then commanded those wretches to be

Who had with so much boldness, the life of

Daniel sought;
On women, men, and children, the sentence being

Among the angry lions those sinners then were

cast. 2 The lions rush'd with vengeance upon those

wicked men, And tore them all to pieces ere they to the bot.

tom came. Thus God will save his children, who put their

trust in him, And punish their offenders with agonies ex

treme, 3 'Twas then a proclamation, Darius issued forth, Commanding all the people that dwelt upon the

earth, To fear the God of Daniel, for he's the living

God, Whose kingdom is for ever, and shall not be de.

stroy'd. 4 He maketh signs and wonders in heaven and

on earth, Who hath deliver'd Daniel, and shut the lion's

mouth: Who sav'ı the Hebrew children when cast into

the flame, This is the God of Heaven, and he spreads his

wide domain. 5 This Daniel's God is gracious to all his children

dear, He gives them consolation, and tells them not to


He's promis'd to support them, and bring them

safe to dwell Eternally in heaven, but dooms their foes to

hell. 6 Hark' sinners, hear the gospel, it says to you

repent, Come try a bleeding Saviour, for you his blood

was spilt : He dy'd to purchase pardon, that we might by

his pow'r, Escape the roaring lions, that seek us to de.


7 0 will you be persuaded by one who loves your

soul, To turn and seek salvation with Christ in

heav'n to dwell: Come serve the God of Daniel, 'tis Jesus bids

you come, You'll find a hearty welcome in Christ the

bleeding Lamb, 8 Glory to God, O glory, for his redeeming love, Religion makes us happy here, and will in

worlds above; We'll sing bright hallelujahs, and join the holy

song, With Moses, Job, and Daniel, and all the heav'nly throng.

HYMN 180. O. M.
EAR the royal proclamation,

The glad tidings of salvation,
Published to every creature,
To the ruined sons of nature.

Lo! he reigns, He reigns victorious !
Over heaven and earth, most glorious,

Jes'is reigns.
See the royal banners flying,
Hear the heralds loudly crying
Rebel sinners, royal favour
Now is offer d by the Saviour.
l'here, ye sons of wrath and ruin,
Who have wrought your own undoing,




There is life and free salvation,

Offer'd to the whole creation. 4 'Twas for you that Jesus died,

For you he was crucified,
Conquered death and rose to heaven;

Through him life eternal's given. 5 Turn unto the Lord most holy;

Shun the path of vice and folly :
Turn or you are lost for ever,

O now turn to Christ your Saviour. 6 There is wine, and milk, and honey,

Come and purchase without money,
Mercy like a flowing fountain,

Streaming from the holy mountain.
7 For this love let rocks and mountains,

Purling streams, and flowing fountains,
Roaring thunders, lightning blaz

Sing the great Messiah's praises. 8 Shout ye saints of every nation,

To the bounds of the creation;
Shout the praise of Judah's Lion,

The Almighty King of Zion,
9 Shout ye saints! make joyfui inention;

Christ has purchas'd your redemption:
Angels tell the pleasing story,
Through the brightest worlds of glory.

HYMN 181. P. M.
HEN for eternal worlds we steer,

And geas are calm, and skies are clear
And faith, in lively exercise,
The distant hills of Canaan spies :
The soul for joy then claps her wings,
And loud her lovely sonnet sings,

Vain world adieu. 2 With cheerful hope her eyes explore,

Each landmark on the distant shore;
The trees of life, the pastures green,
The golden streets, the crystal stream:
Again for joy she claps her wings,
And loud her lovely sonnet sings,

Vain world adieu


3 The nearer still she draws to land,

More eager all her powers expand :
With steady helm, and free bent sail,
Her anchor drops within the vail :
Again for joy she claps her wings,
And her celestial sonnet sings,

Glory to God. HYMN 182. P. M. *H ,

Hail the year of full release; Zion's walls are now erected,

And the watchmen live in peace. From the distant courts of Zion, The shrill trumpet loudly roars,

Babylon is fallen, is fallen, is fallen,

Babylon is fallen, to rise no more. 2 Hark, and hear the people crying,

See the city disappears; Trade and traffic all are dying,

Lo! they sink to rise no more! Merchants who have bought her traffic. Crying from a distant shore,

Babylon is fallen, &c. 3 All her merchants cry with wonder,

What is this that comes to pass ?
Murmuring like some distant thunder;

Crying, Oh! alas, alas!
Swell the sounds, ye kings and nobles,
Priests and people, rich and poor,-

Babylon is fallen, &c.
4 Lo, the captains are returning,

Up to Zion see them fly;
While the heavenly host rejoices,

Shout and echo through the sky :
See the ancients of the city,
Terrified at the uproar-

Babylon is fallen, &c.
5 Tune your harps, ye heavenly choir,

Shout, ye followers of the Lamb,
See the city all on fire,

Clap your hands, and blow the flame;

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