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The heathen, in his blindness,

Bows down to wood and stone. 3 Shall we, whose souls are lighted

With wisdom from on high,
Shall we, to man benighted,

The lamp of life deny!
Salvation! oh, salvation!

The joyful sound proclaim,
Till each remotest nation

Has learnt Messiah's name.
4 Waft, wast ye winds his story,

And you ye waters roll,
Till like a sea of glory

It spreads from pole to pole;
Till o'er our ransom'd nature

The Lamb for sinners slain,
Redeemer, King, Creator,
In bliss return to reign.

HYMN 190. P. M. 1 THE chariot! the chariot! its wheels roll in

fire, As the Lord cometh down in the pomp of his ire; Self-moving, it drives on its path-way of cloud, And the heavens with the burthen of Godhead

are bow'd. 2 The glory! the glory! around him are pour'd,

The myriads of angels that wait on the Lord; And the glorified saints, and the martyrs are

there, And all wbo the palm-wreaths of victory wear. 3 The trumpet! the trumpet! the dead have all

heard; Lo, the depths of the stone.cover'd monuments

stirr'd! From ocean and earth, from the south pole and

north, Lo, the vast generation of ages come forth! 4 The judgment! the judgment! the thrones are

all set, Where the Lamb and the white-vested elders

are met


All flesh is at once in the sight of the Lord,

And the doom of eternity hangs on his word. 5 Oh mercy! oh mercy! look down from above,

Redeemer, on us, thy sad children, with love; When beneath to their darkness the wicked are

driven, May our justified souls find a welcome in heaven

HYMN 191. P. M. O Lord, I know that in very faithfulness thou hast

afflicted me." 1 FOR what shall I praise thee, my God and my

T King ?
For what blessings the tribute of gratitude bring?
Shall I praise thee for pleasure, for health and

for ease, For the spring of delight and the sunshine of

peace? 2 Shall I praise thee for flowers that bloom'd on

my breast, For joys in perspective, and pleasures possess'd ? For ihe spirits that heighten'd my days of delight, And the slumbers that sat on my pillow hy night? 3 For this should I praise thee! but, if only for this,

I should leave half untold the donation of bliss : I thank thee for sickness, for sorrow, for care,

For the thorns I have gather'd, the anguish I bear: 4 For nights of anxiety, watchings, and tears,

A present of pain, a perspective of fears;
I praise thee, I bless thee, my King and my God,

For the good and the evil thy hand hath bestow'd. 5 The flowers were sweet, but their fragrance is

flown, They yielded no fruits, they are wither'd and

gone, The thorn it was poignant but precious to me, 'Twas the message of mercy,-it led me to thee.

HYMN 192. S. M.
NREAT God, who hear'st our sighs,


GRm pity now draw


And bid our fainting souls arise,

And bless our labours here.
2 Here's sinners, Lord, we know-

Thy counsel they forsake;
They're sinking to the gulph below-

Oh! bid them now a wake. 3 The wicked have no peace,

While yet on earth they live,
Their troubles never here shall cease,

While they will not believe. 4 Let all who hear thy word,

Turn from their evil ways,
And own thee for a gracious Lord,

Henceforth throughout their days. 5 Now let thy spirit come,

Like dew-drops from on high,
And send thy strong conviction home,

To every sinner nigh.
6 Let Satan's kingdom fall,

To be built up no more;
And let salvation's mighty call,

Be heard on every shore.

HYMN 193. C. M. D.

The Tentcd Grove. 1 TUHEN Israel out of Egypt came.

To seek the promis'd landWere guarded by a tiery flame,

And Moses gave command; The tow'ring billows of the deep

Gave them a passage through; But O! the fate of Pharaoli's troop,

Lost in the waves below! 2 ) camp of Israel now rejoice,

While in the wilderness; For Jordan's streams you soon shall cross,

Then Canaan you'll possess.
Let Zion's sons, and Levi's tribe

And Israel's army move;
With me prepare to offer prayer,

While iii the tented grove.

3 Leave all the busy cares of life,

All worldly things behind;
That you may gather strength of soul,

And fortify the mind;
For Jesus surely will be there

To fire our souls with love;
Therefore I find my heart inclin'd

To seek the tented grove.
4 Come let us all join heart and voice,

In pray'r and praises, too;
Let sinners weep and saints rejoice,

There's work for all to do,
By faith we'll claim the promise, Lord,

Thy faithfulness to prove:
Descend, descend, oh sinner's friend,

Into our tented grove.
5 Oh how our hearts rejoice to feel

The holy Ghost descend;
While on our knees, we humbly kneel,

We find the sinner's friend;
The spreading flame runs through the crowa,

Each heart begins to move;
Tall sinners bow, and cry aloud

All round the tented grove.
6 The falling tear bespeaks the load,

That lays upon each heart;
And guilty conscience strikes the soul,

With keen conviciion's dart;
At length by faith in Christ he claims

His Saviour's pard'ning love,
And shouts of praise for God's free grace

Ring through the tented grove. 7 The persecuting sons of night,

Find nothing more to say;
They either yield, or quit the field,

And Israel gains the day.
The devil's tottering kingdom shakes,

And its foundations move:
Such prayer we find by faith combin'd

Rise from the tented grove.
-8 O sacred ground! delightful place!

Where God appears to man!

Like Moses we behold his face

With but a vail between; But when we rise to Paradise,

To worship God above, There's happier ground than we have found,

While in the tented grove.


HYMN 194. C. M.

Communion. 1

At this transporting feast? They never can on earth be higher,

Or more completely blest.
2 Our cup of blessing from above,

Delightfully runs o'er,
Till from these bodies they remove,

Our souls can hold no more.
3 To heaven the mystic banquet lçads;

Let us to heaven ascend,
And bear this joy upon our heads,

Till it in glory end :
4 Till all who truly join in this,

The marriage-supper share, Enter into their Master's bliss, And feast for ever there.

HYMN 195. C. M.



The friend of sinners cried, Do this in memory of my love:

He spoke the word, and died. 2 He tasted death for every ne;

The Saviour of mankind
Out of our sight to heaven is gone,

But left his pledge behind.
3 His sacramental pledge we take,

Nor will we let it go;
Till in the clouds our Lord comes back,

We thus his death will show. 4 Come quickly, Lord, for whom we mourn,

And comfort all that grieve,

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