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3 Behold, fast streaming from the tree,

His all-atoning blood !
Is this the infinite ? 'tis he,

My Saviour and my God!
4 For me these pangs his soul assail,

For me this death is borne;
My sins gave sharpness to the nail,

And pointed every thorn.
5 Let sin no more my soul enslave,

Break, Lord, its tyrant chain;
O save me, whom thou cam'st to save,

Nor bleed nor die in vain!

HYMN 203. P. M. 1 IIHEN toss'd on error's stormy tide,

From doubt to darkness driven, 'Twas thine iny wandering thoughts to guide And bid the world no more divide,

My erring heart from heaven. 2 As more to fancy's wildering song,

That heart's applause was given;. To charm it from llie joyless throng, Thy warning seem'd to breathe along,

The holy lyre of heaven.
3 But though the warning voice was sweet,

As the last sigh of even,
My soul within its dark retreat,
Rehictant shrunk, and fear'd to meet

A messenger from heaven.
4 Yet soon the chain that bound my soul,

By inercy's hand was riven;
I saw the clouds asunder roll,
And truth, unerring as the pole,

Allu'd me back to heaven.
5 Mv grateful leart must ever glow,

While life and strength are given, With feelings those alone can know, Vhom thou hast led to seek below, The blissful hope of heaven.

HYMN 204. P. M. 1 WI

HEN pulse beats low and cheeks grow pale,

And storms of life are fiercely driven ;
When fairest prospects quickly fail,

How sweet to have a hope in heaven. 2 When friends, that seem'd most near and dear,

Are from our hosoms swiftly riven,
And life's bright joys in gloom appear,

How sweet to have a hope in heaven.
3 When lone and wand'ring far from home,

No kind relief to us is given,
O, what would then of us become,

If we had not a hope in heaven ?
4 And when the end is drawing nigh,

Of life, through which we long have striven, And we at last must droop and die, How sweet to have a hope in heaven?

HYMN 205. P. M. 1

HIS world is all a fleeting show,

For man's illusion given; The smiles of joy, the tears of wo, Deceitful shine, deceitful flow;

There's nothing true but heaven! 2 And false the light on glory's plume,

As fading hues of even;
And love, and hope, and beauty's bloom,
Are blossoms gather'd for the tomb;

There's nothing bright but heaven ! 3 Poor wanderers of a stormy day,

From wave to wave we're driven; And fancy's flash, and reason's ray, Serve but to light the troubled way; There's nothing calm but heaven!

HYMN 206. L. M. 5

The mountains to their centre shake; And, withering from the vault of night,

The stars slied pale their feeble light. 2 The Lord shall come! but not the sare

As once in lowliness Ile cane;


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A silent Lamb before his foes,

A weary man, and full of woes.
3 The Lord shall come, a dreadful form!

With rainbow-wreath and robes of storm;
On cherub-wings, and wings of wind,

Appointed judge of all mankind.
4 Can this be He, who wont to stray

As pilgrim on the world's highway,
Oppress'd by power, and mock'd by pride,

The Nazarene,-the crucified ?
5 While sinners in despair shall call,

“Rocks, hide us ; mountains, on us fall ?" The saints, ascending from the tomb, Shall joyful sing, “The Lord is come !"

HYMN 207. L. M.

The Parting Hymn. 1 Y

Whose hearts the sweetest union prove; Your friendship’s like a drawing band,

Yet we must take the parting hand.
2 Your comp’ny's sweet, your union dear,

Your words delightful to my ear;
And when I find that we must part,

They draw like cords around my heart.
3 How sweet the hours have passed away.

Since we did meet to sing and pray;
How loath we've been to leave the place,

Where Jesus show'd his smiling face. 4 O could I stay with friends so kind !

Ilow it would cheer my wounded mind:
But duly makes me understand,

That we must take the parting hand.
5 How oft we've seen your flowing tears,

And heard you tell your hopes and fears;
Your hearts with love have seemed to flame,
Which makes me hope we'll mcet again.
Ye mourning souls in sad surprise,
Jesus remembers all your cries;

trust his grace, and in that lard IVep no more take the parting hand.

7 Dear fellow youth in christian ties,

Who seek for mansions in the skies
Fight or ! you'll gain that happy shore

Where parting hands will be no more. 8 But since it is God's holy will,

We must be parted for a while;
In sweet communion, all in one,

We'll say “ Our Father's will be done." 9 My christian friends, both old and young,

I hope in Christ you'll all be strong;
And if on earth we meet no more,

I hope we'll meet on Canaan's shore. 10 I hope you'll all remember me,

If here my face no more you see;
An int'rest in your prayers I crave,

That we may meet beyond the grave. 11 O glorious day, 0 blessed hope !

My heart leaps forward at the thought,
When in thai happy, happy land,

We'll no more take the parting hand.
12 But with our holy, blessed Lord,
We'll shout and sing with one accord ;
And there we'll all with Jesus dwell :
So loving friends all, fare you well I

HYMN 208. P. M. 1

And sing thy great Redeemer's praise ; He justly claims a song from me,

His loving-kindness, O how free! 2 He saw me ruined in the fall,

Yet lov'd me notwithstanding all ;
He sav'd me from my lost estate:

His loving-kindness O how great!
3 Though numerous hosts of inighty foes,

Though earth and hell my way oppose,
He safely leads my soul along:

His loving kindness, O how strong! 4 When trouble, like a gloomy cloud,

Has gather'd thick, and thunder'd loud,
He near my soul has always stood:
His loving-kindness, O how good i


1 MY

5 Often I feel my sinful heart

Prone from my Jesus to depart;
But though I have him oft forgot,

His loving-kindness changes not.
6 Soon shall I pass the gloomy vale;

Soon all my mortal powers must fail; 0! may my last expiring breath

His loving-kindness sing in death. hy Then let me mount and soar away

To the bright world of endless day,
And sing with rapture and surprise,
His loving-kindness in the skies.

HYMN 209. P. M.
For poor labouring Christians.
Y heart and my tongue shall unite in the

praise Of Jesus my Saviour for mercy and grace; He purchased iny pardon by shedding his blood,

And bids me inherit the peace of my God. 2 My lot may be lowly, my parentage mean,

Yet born of my God there are glories unseen,
Surpassing all joys among sinners on earth,

Prepared for souls of a heavenly birth. 3 Redeemed from a thousand allurements to sin,

I find in my cottage my heaven begin;
And soon shall I lay all my poverty by,

Then mansions of glory for ever enjoy. 4 By the sweat of my brow now I labour for bread,

Yet guarded by him not an evil I dread:
And while I'm possess'd of all riches in thee,

My poverty comes with a blessing me. 5 My labouring dress I shall soon lay aside, For a robe bright and splendid, a dress for &

brideA bride that is married to Jesus the Lamb, Shall be clad in the robes which are ever the


6 If my fare should be scant while I travel below,

Yet a feast that's eternal shall Jesus bestow;

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