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HYMN 237. L. M.

Night. "THEE in the watches of the night,

Do I not, Lord, remember still, And meditate, with calın delight,

On the dear counsels of thy will ? 2 Thy will is my perfection here ; ;

And saghs for this my whole desire ;
T'attain thy heavenly character,
And spotless in thy arms expire.

HYMN 233. C. M.

Before a Journey. 1 FORTH at they calls

, Gh. Lord, I go, 'Tis all my business here below

Father, to do thy will. 2 To do thy will while here I make

My short unfix'd abode; An everlasting home I seek,

A city built by God.
3 O, when shall I my Canaan gain,

The land of proinised ease,
And leave the world of sin and pain,

This howling wilderness!
4 Come to my help, come quickly, Lord,

For whom alone I sigh ;
O let me hear the gracious word,
And get me up, and die.

HYMN 239. C. M.

On a Journey. SAXLOR, who ready art to hear, Answer my scarcely uttered prayer, And meet me on the way.

HYMN 240. C. M.

After a Journey. 1

THO: Sond, bast blessed my going out,

Compass my weakness round about,

And keep me safe from sin.
2 Still hide me in thy secret place,

Thy tabernacle spread;
Shelter me with preserving grace,

And guard my naked head. 3 To thee for refuge may I run,

From sin's alluring snare,
Ready its first approach to shun,

And watching unto prayer. 4 O that I never, never more

Might from thy ways depart! Here let me give my wanderings o'er

By giving thee my heart.
5 Fix my new heart on things above,

And then from strife release :
I ask not life; but let me love,
And lay me down in peace.

HYMN 241. C. M.

The sorrowful Pilgrim.
I ,

Whose eyes all day o'erflow,
Indulge thy grief and borrow

The night for farther wee:
In ceaseless lamentation,

Thy solemn moments spend,
And groan thy expectation,

That pain, with life, shall end.
2 My comforts are all blasted,

My comforter is gone;
The joy which once I tasted,

o that I ne'er had known!
The gourd, which soothed my anguish,

Is withered o'er my head,
And faint with griei, I languish

To sink among the dead.
3 From all I suffer here,

If God my sins forgive,
From all I feel, and fear,

I there, redeemed, shall live:

No serpent to deceive me,

No sin to stain my thought, No loss, or wrong io grieve me,

Where all things are forgot. 4 No heart-distracting passion

Is there to break my peace; But joy without cessation,

And love without excess : Of Paradise secure,

I shall no longer inourn; The bliss is full and sure,

The rose wiihout a thorn. 5 In hope of that salvation,

I feel a moment's rest: The calm of expectation

Has stole into my breast;
I weep at rescuie near,

I struggle to be gone,
Ant joy is in the tear,
And God is in the groan.

IIYMN 242. P. M.
F life's pleasures charm thee, give them.not

thy heart, Lest the gist ensrare thee from thy God to part; !Iis favour seek, his praises speak,

Fix here thy hope's foundation;
Serve him, and he will ever be

The Rock of thy salvation.
2 Ir distress beral thee, painful though it be,
Let not griet' appal thee; to thy Saviour fice;
He. Ever near, thy prayer will hear,

And calin thy perturbation :
The waves of wo shall ne'er o'erflow

The Rock of thy salvation. 3 When earth's prospects fail thee, let it not dis.

tress, Better comforts with thee; Christ will treely

bless ;
To Jesus flee, thy prop he'll be,

Thy heavenly consolation:
For griefs below cannot o'erthrow

The Rock of thy salvation

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4 Dangers may approach thee, let them not alarm, *Christ will ever watch thee, and protect from

He near thee stands with mighty hands,

To ware ofl' each temptation:
To Jesus fly, he's ever righ,

The Rock of thy salvation. 5 Let not death alarm thee, shrink not from his

blow, For thy Goil shall arm thee, and victory bestow, For death shall bring to thee no sting,

The grave no desolation :
"Tis gain to die with Jesus nigh,
'The Rock of thy salvation.

HYMN 213. C. M. D.
iTo see a pilgrim as he dies,
To heaven le lifts his longing cyes,

And bids the world adieu ;
While friends are iveeping all around,

And loath to let him go;
He sliouts with his expiring breath,

And leaves them all below!
2 Oh Christians! are you ready now

To cross the swelling flood ?
On Caraan's happy shore behold,

And see your smiling God:
The dazzling charms of that bright world

Attract my soul above;
My tongue shall shout redeeming grace,

When perfected in love.
3 Go on, my brethren in the Lord,

l'm bound to meet you there;
Although we trear enchanted ground,

Be bold, and never fear:
Fight on, fight on, ye valiant souls,

(Your Captain is in view;)
And when I gain fair Canaan's land,

I hope to meet with you.
4 Salvation through our conqu’ring King,

Now let the echo fly;

While they repeat the song above,

Through armies in the sky.
Oh Christians ! help me praise the Lamb,

Who died for you and me!
We'll sing his praises as we go,

And shout eternally.
5 Go on, my brethren in the Lord,

Until we meet again,
Perhaps in time, or as we rise

Above the fiery main;
We'll join the heavenly armies bright,

In presence of the Lamb,
And tune our harps and sing free grace,
In love's eternal flame,

HYMN 214. L. M. 1

Bleeding to death for wretched me, Satan and sin no more can move,

For I am all transform'd to love. 2 His thorns and nails pierce through my heart;

In every groan I bear a part;
I view his wounds with streaming eyes;

But see! he bows his head and dies!
3 Come, sinners, view the Lamb of God,

Wounded, and dead, and bathed in-bl od
Behold his side, and venture near;

The well of endless life is here.
4 Here I forget my cares and pains;

I drink, yet still my thirst remains:
Only the Fountain Head above

Can satisfy the thirst of love.
5 Oh that I thus could always feel!

Lord, more and more thy love reveal;
Then my glad tongue shall loud proclaim,

The grace and glory of thy name.
6 Thy name dispels my guilt and fear,

Revives my heart, and charms my ear;
Affonls a balm for every wound,
And Satan trembles at the sound

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