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6 Thén, hallelujah! power and praise

To God in Christ be given;
May all who now this anthem raise
Renew the strain in heaven.

HYMN 253. C. M.

O save me for thy mercy's sake. 1

For mercy, Lord, I cry: Jesus, Redeemer, show thy face

In mercy, or I die. 2 Save me--for none beside can save;

At thy command I tread, With failing step, life's stormy wave;

The wave goes o'er my head.
3 I perish, and my doom were just;

But wilt thou leave me? No:
I hold thee fast, my hope, my trust;

I will not let thee go.
4 Still sure to me thy promise stands

And ever must abide;
Behold it written on thy hands,

And graven in thy side.
5 To this, this only will I cleave;

Thy word is all my plea;
That word is truih, and I believe ;-
Have mercy, Lord, on ine!

HYMN 254. P. M.

The Image of God. 1

Glorify thyself in me;
Meekly beaning in my face,

May the world thine image see. 2 Happy only 1 thy love,

Poor, unfriended, or unknown,
Fix my thoughts on things above;

Stay my heart on thee alone. 3 Humble, holy, all resign'd

To thy will-thy will be dong,
Give me Lord, the perfect mind,

Of thy well-beloved Son

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4 Connting gain and glcry loss,

May I tread the path He trod,
Die with Jesus on the cross,

Rise with Him to Thee, my God.

HYMN 255. P. M. 1 ITOW sweet to reflect on those joys that await

me, In yon blissful region, the haven of rest, Where glorify'd spirits with welcome shall greet

me, And lead me to mansions prepard for the blest; Encircled in light, and with glory enshrouded, My happiness perfect, my mind sky unclouded, I'll bathe in the ocean of pleasure unbounded,

And range with delight ihro' the Eden of Love. 2 While angelic legions, with harps tun'd celestial,

Jlarmoniously juin in the concert of praise, The saints, as they tluck from the regions terres

trial, In loud hallelujahs their voices will raise; The song of redemption shall echo thro' heaven, My soul will respond, to Immanuel be given All glory, all honour, all might and dominion,

Who brought us thro'grace to the Eden of Love. 3 Hail ! blessed estate! Hail ye songsters of glory!

Ye harpers of bliss, soon I'll meet you above! And join your full choir in rehearsing the story,

“Salvation from sorrow, through Jesus's love."
Though prison'd in earth, yet by anticipation,
Already my sou feels a sweet prelibation
Of joysihat await me when free'd from probation:
My heart's now in heaven, the Eden of Love.

HYMN 256. P. M.
1 I LOVE my blessed Saviour,

I feel I'm iu his favour,
And I am his for ever,
And now l'ın bound for Canaan,
I feel my sins forgiv'n,
And soon shall get to heaven,
To sing of his love.


2 Poor sinners may deride me,

And unbelievers chide me,
But n thing shall divide me,

From Jesus my friend :
Supported by his power,
I long to see the hour,
That bids my spirit tower,

And all my troubles end.
3 The pleasing time is hast’ning,

My tott'ring frame is wasting,
While I'm engaged in praising,

Impelled by his love,
When yonder shining orders,
Whosing on Canaan's borders,
Shall bear me to their Lord, there

To praise him above.
4 My thirsty soul is panting,

My body almost fainting,
While praise and pray'r are venting,

From my feeble tongue.
How ardent my desire!
Lord Jesus, raise me higher,
To join the holy choir,

In that immortal song.
5 Farewell, I'm bound for glory,

How pleasing is the story!
Those shining worlds before me,

Invite me to be gone.
Had I angels' pinions,
I'd range the bright dominions,
And join the shining millions,

Who’re shouting round the throne. 6 The pleasing smile of Jesus,

The rapturous sound increases,
And tunes the heavenly voices,

Throughout the ethereal plains.
My flesh and spirit failing,
My soul in transports hailing,
Bright seraphs in their dwelling,

I sing immortal strains.

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To a place would often go;

Near to Kedron's brook it lay;
In this place he lov'd to be,

And 'twas namd Gethsemane. 2 Full of love to man's lost race,

On this conflict much he thought;
This he knew, the destin'd place,

And be lov'd the sacred spot.
Therefore 'twas helik'd to be

Often in Gethsemane.
3 Came at length the dreadful night;

Vengeance with its iron rod
Stood, and with collected might,

Bruis'l the harmless Lamb of God.
See, my soul, thy Saviour see,

Grovelling in Gethsemane.
4 There my Saviour bore my guilt;

This through grace can be believ'd;
But the horrors which he felt,

Are too vast to be conceiv'd :
None can penetrate through thee,

Doleful dark Gethsemane. 5 Sins against a holy God,

Sins against his righteous laws-
Sins against his love, his blood-

Sins against his name and cause-
Sins immense as is the sea,

Hide me, o Gethsemane.
6 Saviour, all the stone remove

From my flinty, frozen heart;
Thaw it with the beams of love

Pierce it with a blood-dipt dart:
Wound the heart that wounded thee;
Melt me in Gethseinane.

HYMN 258. P. M. 1

AM on my way to hcaven,

My sins are all forgiven; Hoy thankful, thankful, thankful am I;


Down from the holy city,

The Lord did look in pity;
And mercy, mercy, he sent from the sky,

My burthen for to lighten,

My evidence to brighten, And to reveal his love to me,

And thas my joys to heighten; Should earth and hell against me join,

My soul, ihey cannot frighten, For Jesus, Jesus, I find him my friend. 2 O! what a loving Saviour!

How ready to show favour
To sinners like nie, who have stray'd from their

1, like a wretched scoffer,

Refused evury offer,
But still he pursued with the cries of luis blood.

The law it dui arrest me,

My nature did oppress me,
And all the sins that I had done,

They sorely did distress me;
But when the good Physician care,

Ile heal'd my soul, and bless'd rne,
Then Jesus, Jesus, I found was my friend.

Not all this world's gay pleasure

Alords such lasting treasure
As Jesus's love, when we feel it flow;

Until our body's risen,

We'll fear no bonus or prison,
For Jesus looks down and he guards us below:

Our Jesus he doth arın us,

His Spirit it doth warm is,
And if to Jesus we prove true,

No enemies can harin us:
Should death invade our inortal frame,

This never can alarmu,
For Jesus, Jesus, will still be our friend.
4 I'm happy now in sceing

So many sinners fleeing
To Jesus, whose ways are all pleasure and peace;

Alone I shall not travel,

In spite of man or devil,
For daily I see their r'imbers increase;

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