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And Jesus now is pleading,

His Spirit is interceding,
His ministers are gone to preacli,

I!is kingdom they are spreading;
They cry to all, both great and small

Come, sinners, to the wedding,
For Jesus, Jesus is our dearest friend.

HYMN 259. P. M.
1 EE how the Scriptures are fulfilling;

The time that prophets were fortelling,

With signs and wonders now is come: The gospel trumpets now are blowing

From sea to sea, from land to land; God's Holy Spirit is down pouring,

And Christians joining heart and hand. 2 Ten thousand fall before Jehovah,

For mercy-mercy! loud they cry; They rise all shouting “hallelujah!”

And “glory be to God on high :" But many cry, “It's all disorder,"

And disbelieve God's holy word; Yet Christians sing and shout the louder,

“ All glory, glory to the Lord." 3 O'y sinners! hear our invitation !

You are but feeble, dying worms; Oh fly to Jesus for salvation,

Or you must meet God's awful storms: We warn you in the name of Jesus,

The awful Judge of quick and dead; But if you still refuse to hear us,

Your blcod shall be upon your head. 4 Now God is calling every nation,

The bond and free, the rich and poor; These are the days of visitation;

Sweet gospel grace will soon be o'er: The Lord shall come all clothed in thunder

And lightning streaming from his eye; Oh! then he'll cut his foes asunder,

And cast them where the damned lie. 5 The sun, affrighted from his centre,

Sinks into everlasting night;

The stars to shine now dare not venture,

The moon in crimson veils her light: The sea and land together burning.

The flames ascend the melting skies; All nature now to nought's returning!

“Time is no more!" the angel cries. 6 Now Zion, clothed in brilliant glory,

Marches towards the dazzling throne: Oh, hearken to the pleasant story ;

When Christ his charming bride shall own With smiling looks of approbation,

He takes her to his loving arms, And she is filled with transportation, Dissolved in his heavenly charms.

HYMN 260. P. M. 1 TEMPTED, tossed, troubled spirit,

Dost thou groan beneath thy load ?
Fearing thou shalt not inherit

In the kingdom of thy God?
View thy Saviour on the mountain,

In temptation's painful hour;
Though of grace himself the fountain,

And the Lord of boundless power.
2 Do thy blooming prospects languish ?

Say'st thou still, "I'm not his child?
View thy Saviour's dreadful anguish,

Famishd in the gloomy wild.
Not a step in all thy journey,

Through this gloomy vale of tears,
But thy Lord hath trod before thee,

And thy way to glory clears.
3 Though through seas of tribulation

Jesus calls thee here to go,
He hath wrought thy great salvation

In far deeper seas of wo.
Jesus, though by God anointed,

Christ, the co-eternal Son,
As by love divine appointed.

Treads the wine-press all alone.
4 Sinks thy soul in waves of sorrow?

Pass o’er Kedron's rolling flood,

Witness there the doleful horror

of the suffering Son of God.
There the victim, groaning, weeping,

Bears the wraih of God alone,
While his senseless followers, sleeping

Scarce regard a single groan. 5 On the chilly ground extended,

Lo, he takes the bitter cup!
With Alnighty vengeance blended,

Drinks the dreadfui contents up;
Now the avenging sword pursues him

Up to Calv'ry's rugged brow;
There the wrath of God doth bruise him

But my soul escapes the blow.
6 Glory, honour, power, and blessing,

Be unto the Father given ;
Sing his praises without ceasing,

Sons of earth, and hosts of heaven.
Glory be to Christ the Saviour,

Who hath bought us with his blood,
Glory to the blessed Spirit,

Glory to the mighty God.

HYMN 261. P. M. 1 prospect

Sing creation's dismal end;
Long foretold by sacred prophets,-

Holy muse thy succour lend:
Say what horror, what confusion,

Will each sinful heart dismay;
What distresses, torture, anguish,

Reigns in that tremendous day.
Rumbling thunder, forked lightning,

Ghastly glaring thwart the gloom;
Nature treinbling to her centre,

Groans prophetic of her doom:
Clifty rocks, and lofty mountains,

O'er their trembling bases rock;
While earth yawns in frightful chasms,

With each strong repeated shock. 3 Seas with horrid palpitations,

Ravage round their frighted shores ;

Blust'ring winds with frantic fury,

Through each ruin'i fabric roars :
The sun's bright orb is veild in sackcloth,

Stript of all his sparkling beams;
The moon has dropt her silver radiance,

And dissolves in purple streams. 4 Stars, of late divinely brilliant,

Stridding night's cimmerian robe;
Hurld in darkness from their orbits,

Each a dark and ruin't globe:
Hark! the martial struunpet sounding,

Rends in twain the crystal sky;
Vengeance blazing, lights the concave

of profound eterniiy.
5 See the sov'reign ether furling,

Nobler scenes salute my eyes;
Ileave in solemn pomp descending,

Crimson banners dress the skies:
On the arched striped rainbow,

Sits erithroned the eternal God;
Myriads of celestial warriors,

Round him wait his awful nod. 6 Go, he cries, ye winged heralds,

Bring my saints from every wind; Those from death my blood has ransom'd,

Those in life's fair volume penn'd. Straight a holy troop obsequious,

Swift as lightning skims along; And from every grave collecting,

Jesus' dear redeemed throng.. 7 Rous'd from tombs poor sinners hasten,

At the last loud trumpet's sound; Rond they gaze with wild amazement,

Wondring at the scene profound: Fill'd with horror, dread, and anguish,

Rocks and mo!intains they impiore, To fall and crush them out of being,

Wishing now to be no more. 8 Hark! the herald calls to judgment,

Justice draws the glitt'ring sword; Lightning glances from his aspect,

Thunder clothes his awful word.:.

Go, ye cursed, fiild with vengeance,

Not for peace my name invoke;
You who once refusd my mercy,

And my fury dar'd proveke. 9 Co to pits of burning sulphur,

Ever banish'd from my rest;
Where the soul's eternal larum,

Ceaseless beats your pulsive breast:
Each guilty soul then struck with horror,

And anguislı tirobbing in their breast;
For ever doom'd to endless sorrow,
Never more to hope for rest.

HYMN 262. P. M. 1 VHAT wondrous love is this, O! my soul! O!

my sonu!

What wondrous love is this, O my soul!
What wondrous love is this, that caus'd the Lord

of bliss, To send this precious peace to my sonl,to my soul,

To send this precious peace to my soul. 2 When I was sinking down, &c.

When I was sinking down, &c.
When I was sinking down, beneath God's righ-

teous frown, Christ laid aside his crown, for my soul, for my.

Christ laid aside his crown, for my soul!
3 Ye friends of Zion's King, join his praise, &c.

Ye friends of Zion's King, &c.
Ye friends cf Zion's King, with hearts and voices

sing, And strike each tuneful string in his praise, &c.

And strike each tuneful string in his praise. 4 To God and to the Lamb I wili sing, &c.

To God and to the Lamb I will sing,
To God and to the Lamb, who is the great I AMI
While millions join the theme I will sing, &c.

While millions join the theme I will sing. 5 And when from death I'm free, I'll sing on, &c

And when from death I'm free, I'll singan,

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