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And when from death I'm free, I'll sing and joy

ful be; And through eternity I'll sing on, &c And through eternity I'll sing on.

HYMN 203. P. M. 1 TUHEN souls are first converted,

They mount on wings above, The world thinks they're distracted

Because they're tillid with love. They fly from every evil,

They trust in God alone, They long to get to heaven,

Their most desired home.
2 The world, the flesh, and Satan,

Beset them on each hand,
Begrew their paths with evil,

Debar them from that land;
But Jesus still invites you,

Come follow, follow me,
And I will tight your battles

And gain your liberty.
0! why are you dismayed,

The Saviour now inquires,
When we are getting ready,

And just are going to rise ;
To rise above, triumphing,

In that bright world of joy,
Where all things are provided,

There's nothing to annoy.
4 In hopes of that bright morning,

When all the saints get home,
When we arrive at heaves,

Our most desired home-
I'll try to live a Christian

While here below I stay;
I'll watch and I'll be sober,

I'll watch and try to pray.

HYMN 264. P. M. 1 A

FOUNTAIN in Jesus which runs always

free; For washing and cleansing such sinners as we; Our sins, though like crimson, made white as the

wool, No lack in the fountain, but always is full, 2 All things are now ready, he invites us to come

The supper is made by the Father and Son; Rich bounties, rich dainties, here we may receive

A living for ever, if we will believe. 3 The guests which were bidden, refused the call,

For they were not ready nor willing at all,
To be stripp'd of their honour and part with:

their store, For a feast that was given and made for the poor, 4 If they are not ready and wish to delay,

My house shall be filled, the Father doth say: The highways and hedges, the halt and the blind,

Shall come and be welcome, the supper is mine. 5 He decks us with jewels, and rings of rich kind,

A garment not woven, but richly refind: Redeemed by Jesus, made heirs with the King, A plan of the Father in glory to sing,

HYMN 265. S. M. 1

Of Moses and the Lamb;
Wake, ev'ry heart and every tongue,

To praise the Saviour's name. 2 Sing of his dying love;

Sing of his rising pow'r;
Sing, how he intercedes above,

For those whose sins he bore.
3 Sing, till we feel our heart

Ascending with our tongue;
Sing, till the love of sin depart,

And grace inspire our song.
4 Sing on your heav'nly way,

Ye ransom'd sinners, sing;
Sing on, rejoicing every day,

In Christ, th' eternal King.
5 Soon shall we hear him say,

“ Ye blessed children come;" Soon will he call us hence away,

And take his wand'rers home.

6 Soon shall our raptur'd tongue

His endless praise proclaim;
And sweeter voices tune the song
Of Moses and the Lamb.

HYMN 266. P. M.

The Prcacher's Adieu. 1

Reluctant I give you my hand,
No more to assemble with you,

Till we on mount Zion shall stand.
My heart swells with tender regret,

To leave your embraces so soon, - Though heaven my course must direct,

And others succeed in my room. 2 Your acts of benevolence past,

Your gentle compassionate love,
Henceforth in my mem'ry shall last,

Though far from your sight I renove.
While roving the wilds of the west,

When througla foreign regions I steer, Still friendship inspiring my breast,

Shall then drop her own native tear. 3 Our labours will shortly subside,

For vigour and life must decay,
But wisdom and truth shail abide,

To pilot our souls on the way.
As time rolls his seasons around.

And truth shall new teachers inspire, O may we in love still abound,

And after new conquests aspire. 4 Our seasons of converse are o'er,

Till mortal commotions are past Till nature and time re no niore,

Or we are in Paradise blest. Sweet comforting spirit draw near,

And shed forth thy luminous rays, My parting reflections to cheer,

And change lamentations to praisc. 5 O may we conform to his will,

Aspiring for glory and peace, Our covenant vows to fulfil,

Till Jesus shall sign our release.


Till suddenly wasted above,

Where saints in sweet harmony meet, "To feel all the pleasures of love, And each happy conqueror greet.

HYMN 267. P. M

Sweet Home. 1 N alien from God, and a stranger to grace,

I wander through earth, its gay pleasures to

trace; In the pathway of sin I continued to roam, Unmindful, alas! that it led me from home.

Ilome, home, sweet, sweet home,

O Saviour! direct me to heaven my home. 2 The pleasures of earth, I have seen fade away,

They bloom for a season, but soon they decay: But pleasures more lasting, in Jesus are given, Salvation on earth, and a mansion in heaven.

Home, home, sweet, sweet home,

Tne saints in those mansions are ever at home. 3 Ailure me no longer, ye false gloving charms!

The Saviour invites me, I'll go to his arms;
At the banquet of Mercy, I hear there is room,
O there may I feast with his children at homel.
Bome, hoine, sweet, sweet home,

Jesus, conduct me to heaven my home! 4 Farewell, vain amusements, my follies, adieu,

While Jesus, and heaver, and glory I view;
I feast on the pleasures that flow from his throne,
The foretaste of heaven, sweet heaven, my home.

Horne, home, sweet, sweet home,

O when shall I share the fruition of home! 5 The days of my exile are passing away,

The time is approaching, when Jesus will say, Well done, faithful servant, sit down on my

ihrone, And dwell in my presence for ever at home.

Ilome, home, sweet, sweet honie,

O there I shall rest with the Saviour at home. 6 Afiction, and sorrow, and death shall be o'er

The saints shall unite to be parted no more;

There loud hallelujahs fill heaven's high dome,
They dwell with the Saviour for ever at home.

Home, home, sweet, sweet home,
They dwell with the Saviour forever at home.

HYMN 258. P. M.

1 TVHEN by sin overwhelm'd, shame covers Our W

face, We look unto Jesus, who saves us by grace; We call on his name, from the gulf of despair, And lie plucks us froin hell, in answer to prayer:

Prayer, swect prayer, Be it ever so fecble, there's nothing like prayer. 2 When trials amict us, and sorrows o'erflow,

When patience is weary, or sunk into wo,
If to him we look, on him cast our care,
We find certain relief, in answer to prayer:

Prayer, sweet prayer, In all our distresses, there's nothing like prayer. 3 When God we approach, through the Son of his

love, Both his inercy and truth we know we shall prove; For our comfort and peace, his arm is made bare, And his grace we receive, in answer to prayer:

Prayer, sweet prayer, Be it ever so humble, there's nothing like prayer. 4 Holy Spirit of truth,--'tis thine to inspire,

The faith that enkindles the spark of desire! Which cleanses the heart and perfumes all the air, With the odour of incense, ascending from prayer

Praver, sweet prayer, In all acts of devotion, there's nothing like prayer! 5 When sickness assails, and to death we draw


We'll face the grim monster, divested of fear,
In Jesus's love, we shall have a full share,
While the flame is kept bright in answer to

prayer; Prayer, sweet prayer, Both in life and in death there's nothing like


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