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HYMN 300. S. M.

The Rock and Refuge.
1 sins ,

T'Aloud for vengeance cry;
What satisfaction can I make,

Or where for shelter fly?
2 Jesus, a Rock thou art,

Ordain'd by heaven to be
A refuge to the trembling soul;

And why not such to me?
3 Securd from every ill,

Exempt from every fear,
Eternal wrath will never reach,

No arrows pierce me there.

HYMN 301. P. M.

Profane Families warned.
I TREMBLE, ye families profane,

Where the great God is not adored;
Who take the name of Christ in vain,

But do not invocate your Lord;
Regardl ss of his sinile or frown,

Ye pull the heaviest judgments down.
2 Before the threatened curse takes place,

And sweeps your prayerless souls to hell,
Daily unite to implore his grace,

Invite him in your tents to dwell;
Let every house his worship show,
And every heart his presence know,

HYMN 302. C. M. D. 1 Lord, our grateful tongues would rain

Make known thy truth and love,
And raise on earth a holy strain,

As angels do above.
Our lives, and all we have, are thine;

For by ihy power and skill,
Thou forn dst us in thy wisc design,

To do thy holy will.
2 Thou art the source whence every good

On erring man descends,


As clothing, comforts, health, and food,

And sympathizing friends;
And powers conferring more delight,

On us thou didist bestow,
In reason's intellectual light,

To serve thee here below.
3 Now, while our homage, Lord, to thee,

In grateful songs we pay,
Oh, grant us heav'uly grace, that we,

May serve thee night and day;
That while our consecrated hours

Are spent in thine employ, Thou inay'st prepare our mortal powers, For an immortal joy.

HYMN 303. P. M. 1 Y gracious Redeemer I love,


And join with the armies above,

To shout his adorable naine. To gaze on his glories divine,

Shall be my eternal employ;
To feel them incessantly shine,

My boundless, ineffable joy.
He freely redeemed with his biood,

My soul from the confices of hell,
To live on the smiles of iny Gord,

And in his sweet presence to dwell. To shine with the angels of light;

With saints and with seraphs to sing i To view, with eternal delight,

My Jesus, my Saviour, my king. 3 Ye palaces, sceptres, and crowns,

Your pride with disdain I stirvey;
Your pomps are but shadows and sounds,

And pass in a moment away:
The crown that my Saviour bestows,

Yon permanent sun shall outshine;
My joy everlastingly flows,
My God, my Redeemer, is mine.

HYMN 304. P. M. 1

; , Ileav'nly truth has reach'd our ears!

1 A Swhen the weary traveller gains

May its sweet reviving savour

Fill our hearts, and calm our fears! TRUTH-how sacred is the treasure!

Teach us, Lord, its worth to know Vain 's the hope, and short the pleasure,

Which from other sources flow. 2 What of truth we've now been hearing,

Lord to ev'ry heart apply! In the day of ihine appearing,

May we share thy people's joy. Till thou take us hence for ever,

Saviour, guide us with thine eye; This our aim, our sole endeavour, Thine to live, and thine to die.

HYMN 305. L. M. 1

The height of some o'erlooking hill, His heart revives, if, 'cross the plains,

He eyes his home, though distant still. 2 Thus when the Christian pilgrim views

By faith, his mansion in the skies, The sight his fainting strength renews,

And wings his speed to reach the prize. 3 The thought of home his spirit cheers,

No more he grieves for troubles past; Nor any future trial fears,

So he may safe arrive at last. 4 'Tis there, he says, I am to dwell

With Jesus, in the realms of day: There I shall bid my cares farewell,

And he shall wipe my tears away. 5 Jesus, on thee our hope depends,

To lead us on to thine abode: Assur'd our home will make amends For all our toil while on the road.

HYMN 306. P. M.

Sunday School.
ANY voices seem to say,

“ Hither children--here's the way;
Haste along, and nothing fear
Every pleasant thing is here!"

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2 Yes—but whither would ye lead ?

Is it happiness indeed ?
Or a little shining show,

Leading down to death and woe? 3 We were made for better things,

High as heaven our nature springs;
Like the lark that upward flies,

We were made to seek the skies. 4 We were made to love and fear

That great God who placed us here;
Made to study and fulfil

All his good and holy will.
5 We were made to work awhile,

Cheerful, at our work to smile,
Thinking as we labour thus,

Of the heaven prepared for us.
6 So, a pleasant path we'll tread,

By the hand of Jesus led,
Till, from sin and sorrow freed,
Ours is happiness indeed!

HYMN 307. C. M.

By the Teachers Only. 1 MIGIITY growth of deathless seed !

What thronging thousands stand Year after year, in utter need

Of mercy's christian hand!
2 A flowery birth-a green array,

To human culture given;
Had they been plucked as yesterday,

To day, they'd bloom in heaven!
3 But now, the shuddering spirit turns

From yon prophetic roll,
As, in each blossom, she discerns

A lost, a living soul!
4 A soul in which the mortal stain

Of wilful sin is wrought! -
Responsible! for every vain,

For every idle thought.
5 O had that arm of mercy slept,

That raised the bruised reed,

Our hearts in long despair had wept,

This growth of deathless secd : 6 But,“ suffer such,” the Saviour cried;

“T'is mine, this green array; “From every bank, and highway site,

“Go gather, as ye may.”
7 Yes, gracious Lord, thy servants we

The blest commission bear,
And gladly weave a crown for thee,

Our shepherd king, to wear.

HYMN 308. P. M.

Sunday School Hymn.
UTHERE is a grassy bed,

A cold and glodany cell,
In which some youthful head

Will almost sitrely dwell,
Before another pleasant spring,

The first young violets shall bringi 2 O, if on yonder ride

A hand of dazzling flame
Should the blue heavens divide,

And write that young one's name,
His knees would shake, his biood run cho

Like the Chaldean king of old.
3 With earnest hope artd fear,

For pardon he'd implore,
And spend this hasty year

As he spent none before;
To Jesus Christ his soul wouli cling,

As the one only needful thing.
4 Well, let the name be mine,

(As possibly it may,)
Great Saviour, now incline

This thoughtless heart to pray;
Turn, turn me-now before we part;

Help me to give thee up my heart.
5 Then though the grassy bed,

The cold and gloomy cell,
Should rest my youthful head,

For me it would be well

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