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Thy word can bring a sweet relief

For every pain I feel. 3 Hast thou not bid me seek thy face?

And shall I seek in vain ?
And can the ear of soy'reign grace

Be deaf when I complain?
4 No, still the ear of sov'reign grace

Attends the mourner's prayer; O may I ever find access

To breathe my sorrows there. 5 Thy mercy seat is open still;

Here let my soul retreat;
With humble hope attend thy will,

And wait beneath thy feet.

HYMN 46. C. M.

UNCERTAIN how the way to find


led I listen'd long with anxious mind,"

To hear what others said.
2 While some of joys and comforts told,

I fear'd that I was wrong;
For I was stupid, dead, and cold,

Had neither joy nor song.
3 The Lord iny labouring heart reliev'd,

And made my burden light; Then for a moment I believ'd,

Supposing all was right. 4 Of fierce temptations others talk'd,

Of anguish and dismay; Through what distresses they had walk'd

Before they found the way. 5 Ah then I thought my hopes were vain,

For I hart liv'd at oase;
I wish'd for all my fears again

To make me more like these.
6 I had my wish; the Lord disclos'd

The evils of my heart,
And left my naked soul expos'd

To Satan's fiery dart.

1 Alas! I now must give it up,

I cry'd in deep despair ;
How could I dream of drawing hope

From what I cannot bear.
8 Again my Saviour brought me aid,

And when he set me free,
Trust simply on my word he said,
And leave the rest to m..

HYMN 47. C. M.
I VE happy souls whose peaceful minds,

Are freed from pain and fear,
Ye objects whom kind heaven design'd,

To be its constant care :
To you I'll vent my mournfu siglis,

Press'd by my disma! state:
O can you with me sympathise,

While I my case relate?
2 I once was happy in the Lord,

My soul was in a flame,
I did delight to hear his word

And praise his holy name:
But now the gospel's hid from me,

Though often do I hear;
The law denounces death on me,

And thunders out despair.
3 But woe is me, those joys are past,

Those wissful scenes are o'er,
I'm like a city quite laid waste,

To be rebuilt no more :
In vain I sigh, in vain i mourn,

In vain I seek for rest;
I fear the dove will ne'er return,

To my poor troubled breast. 4 The devil waiting me around,

To make my soul his prey,
I wait to hear the trumpet sound-

Take, take the wretch away!
I linger, sigh, I mourn and cry,

Sleep now has left mine eyes,
And ghastly death seems drawing nigh,

And that without disguise.

6 O that I was some bird or beast

Was I a stork or owl,
So me lofty tree should bear my nest,

Or through the desert prowl:
But I have an immortal sou.,

Within this house of clay,
That either must with devils howl,

Or dwell in endless day.
0 One evening as I pensive lay,

Alone upon the ground, As I to God began to pray,

A light shone all around: These words with pow'r went through my heart

" I've come to set thee free, Nor Death, nor hell, shall ever part,

My love, my son, from me." 7 My dungeon shook, my chains flew off,

“Glory to God," I cried :
My soul was fill'd, I cried "enough,

For me the Saviour dy'd.".
The winter 's past, the rain is gonc,

Sweet flowers do now appear,
The morning brought a glorious sun,
And banish'd every fear.

HYMN 48. P. M.

· BEFORE Elisha's gate

The Syrian leper stood;
But could not brook to wait :

He deeni'd himself too good.
He thought the prophet would attend,
And not to him a niessage send.
2“ Have I this journey come,

And will he not be seen ?
I were as well at home,

Would washing make me clean ?
Why must I wash in Jordan's flood 3

Damascus' rivers are as good." 3 Thus by his foolish pride

He almost miss'd a cure :
But yet at length he tried

And found the method sure:
Soon as his pride was brought to yield,
His leprosy was quickly hoald.


PRAYER AND SUPPLICATION. 4 Leprous and proud as he,

To Jesus, thus I came,
From sin to set me free,

When first I heard his fame :
Surely, thought I, my pompous train

Of vows and tears will notice gain. 5 My heart devised the way

Which I supposed he'd take;
And when I found delay,

Was ready to go back :
Ead lie some painful task enjoin'd,

I to performance secm'd inclined. 6 When by his word he spake,

"Thai fountain opened see :
'Twas open'd for thy sake,

Go wash, and thou art free :"
Oh! how did my proud heart gainsay

I fear'd to trust this simple way. 7 At length I trial made,

When I had much endured ;
The message I obey'd ;

I wash'd and I was cured.
Sinners, this healing fountain try,
Which cleans'd a wretch so vile as I.


HYMN 49. P. M. 1

COME, my soul, thy suit prepare,
He himself has bid thee pray,
Therefore will not say thee nay.
2 Thou art coming to a king,

Large petitions with thee bring,
For his grace and power are such,

None can ever ask too much. 3 With my burden I begin, Lord remove this load of sin !

Let thy blood for sinners spilt,
Set my conscience free from guilt.
Lord I come to thee for rest,
Take possession of my breast;
There thy blood-bought right maintain,

And without a rival reign 5 As the image in the glass,

Answers the beholder's face,
Thus unto my heart appear,

Print thine own resemblance there. 6. While I am a pilgrim here,

Let thy love my spirit cheer;
As my guide, my guard, my friend,

Lead me to my journey's end. 7 Show me what I have to do,

Ev'ry hour my strength renew;
Let me live a life of faith,
Let me die thy people's death.

HYMN 50. C. M. | PRAYER is the soul's sincere desire, The motion of a hidden fire,

That trembles in the breast. 2 Prayer is the burden of a sigh,

The falling of a tear,
The upward glancing of an eye,

When none but God is ncar.
3 Prayer is the simplest form of speech,

That any lips can try ;
Prayer the sublimest strains that reach,

The majesty on high. 4 Prayer is the Christian's vital breath;

The Christian's native air;
His watch-word at the gate of death;

He enters heaven with prayer.
5 Prayer is the contrite sinner's voice,

Returning from his ways,
While angels in their songs rejoice,

And say Beliold he prays.

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