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Then brethren, sisters, shouting come,
My body follow to the tomb:
And as you march the solemn road,

Loud sing and shout the praise of God. 4 Then you below, and I above,

We'll shout and praise the God we love,
Until the great tremendous day,
When Gahrzel's trump shall wake your clay;
Then from our dusty beds we'll spring,
And shout, О death where is thy sting?
O grave, where is thy victory?
We'll shout to all eternity.
5 Our race is run, we've gaind the prize,

Then shall the Sov'reign of the skies,
With smiles, unto his children say,
Come reign with me in endless day.
Then on that happy, happy shore,
We'll shout and sing our suff rings o'er,
We'll sing and shout, and shout and sing,
And make the heavenly arches ring.

HYMN 75. P. M.
D Yeaven is propitious;

ROOPING souls no longer grieve, If in Christ you do believe,

You will find him precious, Jesus, he is passing hy,

Calling mourners to him; He has died for you and me,

Now look up and view him. 2 From his hands, his feet, his side,

Flows the healing lotion, See the consolating tide,

Boundless as the ocean.
Feel the living waters move,

O sick and dying,
Now resolve to gain his love,

Or to perish, trying
3 Grace's store is full and free,

Drooping souls to gladden: Jesus calls, Come unto me

Ye weary, heavy laden:


Though your sins like mountains high

Rise and reach to heaven; Soon as you on Christ rely,

All shall be forgiven. 4 Now methinks, I hear one say,

I will go and prove him, If he take my sins away

Surely I shall love him:
Now I see the Saviour smile,

He removes my burden,
All's of grace-though I am vile,

Yet he seals my pardon.
5 Streaming mercy how it rolld,

Now I know, I feel it;
Half has never yet been told,

Yet I want to tell it;
Jesus' blood has heal'd my wound,

o the wond'rous story,
I was lost, but now I'm found,

Glory, glory, glory. 6 Glory to my Saviour's name,

Saints are bound to love him : Sinners you may do the same,

Only come and prove him.
Hasten to my Saviour's blood,

Feel it, and declare it;
O that I could sing so loud

That all the world might hear it. 7 Should no greater joys be known

In the upper region,
Still I'd strive to travel on

In this pure religion.
Heaven now, and heaven then;

Glory here and yonder,
Brightest seraphs shout Amen
While the angels wonder.

HYMN 76. C. M. D. 1 I'M 'M on the road to Canaan, I'll bid this world

farewell, Come on my fellow travellers, in spite of earth Though Satan's army rages, and all his hosts

or hell.

combine, Yet scripture doth engage us the strength of love

divine. 2 I'll blow the silver trumpet-on all the nations

call, For Christ has me commissioned, to say he dies

for all. Come try his love and prove him; you shall the

gift obtain; He will not send you empty, nor let you come in

vain. 3 And if you want a witness, we have one close

at hand Who lately has experienc'd the glories of the

landIt comes in copious showers our bodies can't

contain, It fills our ransom'd powers, and soon we'll drink

again. 4 The glories of that kingdom my soul can ne'er

describe, I feel that it's within me the blood so free ap

pliedO come unto my Saviour, and you shall taste bis

love, "Tis sweeter than all earthly things, just coming

from above. 5 My soul looks up and sees him smile-he now

the blessing sends ; And I ain thinking all the while, when will my

sorrows endI contemplate it won't be long, till he shall come

again, Then I will join the heavenly throng, and in

God's kingdom reign. 6 The glories of that happy place, I've ofttimes

felt before, But what I feel is just a taste, and makes me

long for moreMad I the pinions of a dove, I'd fly and be at rest; Then would I soar to worlds on high, and dwell

among the just.

70, could I gain my heavenly home, and ne'er

return again, I could not think the season long, that I had

suffer'd painThe sons of Zion marching home, along the

heavenly street, There would I hail them as they come, and fall

at Jesus' feet. 8 Says Faith, look yonder, see the crown laid up

in heaven aboveSays Hope, it shortly shall be mine-I long to

wear 't, says Love-
Desire says, it is my crown, then to that place

I'll flee;
I cannot bear a longer stay; my rest I fain would

see. 9 But stop, says Patience, rest a while, the crown's

for them that tight, The prize for them that run the race by Faith,

and not by sight: Thus Faith doth take a pleasing view-Hope

waits-Love sits and sings; Desire she flutters to be gone, but Patience clips her wings.

HYMN 77. P. M. 1 WH

HY should I be affrighted at pestilence or

war, The fiercer be the tempest the sooner it is o'er. With Jesus in the vessel, the billows rise in vain, They only will convey me to yon Elysian plain,

With glory in my soul. 2 This is a land of dangers, and foes they press me

hard, But Jesus, he has promised that he will be my

guard: Then I shall not be tempted above what I can

bear, When fighting's done, escorted his kingdom for to share,

With glory in my soul. 3 Although my flesh is mortal, immortalis my hope;

I'll try, like holy Moses, to gain the mountain top,

There at Jehovah's bidding, with cheerfulness to

dieAnd then ascend to heaven, to reign above the sky,

With glory in my soul. 4 From him I have my orders, and while I do obey,

I find his Holy Spirit illuminates my way;
The way is so delightful I wish to travel on,
Till I am eall'd away to receive a starry crown,

With glory in my soul. 5 I feel that Jesus loves me, but why, I do not

know, To him I'm so unfaithful in what I have to do: I grieve to see my failings, but he does all for

give, Which makes me love him more, an by faith in him I live,

With glory in my soul. 6 Though sinners do despise me, and laugh at

what I say, I find a little number walks with me in the way. Come on, come on, my brethren, they laugh at

Jesus too, The crown appears before me, and heaven is in my view,

With glory in my soul. 7 We soon shall gain fair Canaan, and on that

happy shore, Beyond the reach of sorrow, we'll shout for

evermore; There walk the golden pavement, and blood

wash'd garments wear, And to increase our pleasure, our Jesus will be there,

With glory in my soul. 8 My song I must conclude, though it's against my

wili, I want to have the power to sing while I can

feel I long to see the time, when immortal I shall be, And shout and shout his praises through vast ETERNITY!

With glory in my soul.

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