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HYMN 78. P. M. 1 NOME listening angels, attend while I sing Great things for my soul he surely has done,

All glory to God for the gift of his Son.
2 I wander'd in darkness a stranger to God,

Neglected his calls and despised his word;
In romances and novels I thought I should gain

Some knowledge of pleasure and honour obtain. 3 At length the gospel trumpet did sound in my

ears, And thunders from heaven awakened my fears; The tears of repentance then freely did run,

For slighting the Saviour, alas! i'm undone. 4 One evening, while musing, these words came

with power, O do not be troubled, nor doubt any more ; Believe in the word, believe also in me, In my Father's house there's a mansion for

thee. 5 'Tis the voice of my Saviour, my soul then did

cry, On Calvary he suffered, and for me did die; His five bleeding wounds are now pleading

He offers me pardon, he bids me be free. 6 My soul is now anchor'd in the fountain of love,

My heart and my treasure's in heaven above ; Through grace I 'm determind I ne'er will

give o'er, Till safely I'm landed on Canaan's blest shore.

for me,

HYMN 79. P. M.

YOME brethren and sisters, that love my dear

I pray give attention and ear to my word;
What a wonder of mercy! behold now I see

What a tender kind Saviour has done for poor me. 2 I was led by the devil, till lost and distress'd,

I thought that in torments I soon should be cast,


r me.

's interceding, hase of his blood ks I hear him praying, are them, I have died: er answers, saying, freely justified."


HYMN 81. P. M.



OME all ye weary travellers, The everlasting praises

Of Jesus Christ, our king.
We've had a tedious journey,

And tiresome, 'tis true;
But see how many dangers

The Lord has brought us through. 2 At first when Jesus found us,

He called us unto him,
And pointed out the danger

or falling into sin:
The world, the flesh, and Satan

Will prove a fatal snare,
Unless we do reject them,

By faith and humble prayer. 3 But by our disobedience,

With sorrow' we confess, We've had tor long to wander

In a dark wilderness; Where we might soon have fainted,

In that enchanted ground; But now and then a cluster

Of pleasant grapes we found. 4 The pleasant fruits of Canaan

Give life, and joy, and peace: Revive our drooping spirits,

And faith and love increase, Confess our Lord and Master,

And run at his command, And hasten on our journey,

Unto the promis'd land.

5 In faith, and hope, and patience,

We now are going on
The pleasant way to Canaan,

Where Jesus Christ is gone.
In peace and consolation,

We're going to rejoice,
And Jesus and his people

For ever be our choice.
6 Sinners, why stand ye idle,

While we do march aiong?
Has conscience never told you

That you are going wrong-
Down the broad road to ruin,

To bear an endless curse ?
Forsake your ways of sinning,

And come along with us. 7 But if you will refuse us,

We 'll bid you all farewell;
We're on the way to Canaan,

And you the way to hell;
We're sorry for to leave you,

We'd rather you would go;
Come try a bleeding Saviour,

And feel salvation flow.

8 0 sinners, be awaken'd

To see your dismal state:
Repent and be converted,

Before it is too late ;
Turn to the Lord by praying,

And daily search his word;
And never rest contented,

Until you find the Lord.

9 Now to the king immortal

Be, everlasting praise, For in his ho!y service

We mean to spend our days; Till we arrive at Canaan,

The celestial world above, With everlasting praises,

To sing redeeming love.

HYMN 82. P. M.


1 HOME and taste, along with me,

Consolation running free,
From our Father's wealthy throne,

Sweeter than the honey-comb.
2 Wherefore should I feast alone,

Two are better still than one;
The more comes in with a free, good will,

Malls the banquet sweeter still. 3 Now I go to heaven's door,

Asking for a little more :
Jesus gives a double share,
Calling me his chosen heir.
4 Goodness running like a stream,

Through the New Jerusalem,
And by a constant breaking forth,

Sweetens earth, and heaven both. 5 Saints in glory sing aloud,

For to see an heir of God!
Coming in at heaven's door,

Making of the number more. 6 Now my body doth its best,

For to keep me back from Christ;
But a treasure coming in,

Doth oppose my inbred sin.
7 Sinful nature, hatching vice;

Cannot stop the force of grace ;
Whilst there is a God to give,

And a sinner to receive.
e Heaven's here and heaven's there,

Comfort 's flowing every where!
This I boldly do profess,

That my soul hath got a taste. 9 Now I go rejoicing home, From the banquet

of perfume ! Finding manna on the road, Dropping from the mount of God.

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