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Knowest thou not 'tis full of danger,
And will not thy courage fail ?

I am bound for the kingdom,
Will you go to glory with me?

Hallelujah, hallelujah. 2 Pilgrim, thou dos't justly call me,

Wand'ring o'er this waste so wide; Yet no harm will e'er befall me,

While I'm blest with such a Guide. 3 Such a guide no guide attends thee,

Hence for thee my fears arise;
If a guardian power befriend thee,

'Tis unseen by mortal eyes.
4 Yes, unseen-but still believe me,

Such a Guide steps attends,
He'll in ev'ry straight relieve me,

He from every harm defends.
6 Pilgrim, see that stream before thee,

Darkly winding through the vale ;
Should its deadly waves roll o'er thee,

Would not then thy courage fail ?
6 No: that stream has nothing frightful,

To its brink my steps I bend,
There to plunge will be delightful-

There my pilgrimage will end.
7 While I gaz'd-with speed surprising,

Down the stream she plung'd from sight:
Gazing still, I saw her rising,
Like an angel, cloth'd with light.

HYMN 95. L. M. 1

THERE is a heav'n o'er yonder skies,

A heav'n where pleasure never dies,
A heav'n I sometimes hope to see,
But fear again it's not for me.

But Jesus, Jesus, is my friend, O hallelujah

Hallelujah, Jesus, Jesus, is my friend.
The way is difficult and straight,
And narrow is the gospel gate;
Ten thousand dangers are therein,
Ten thousand snares to take me in.

3 I travel, through a world of foes

Through conflicts sore my spirit goes;
The tempter cries, I ne'er shall stand,

Nor reach fair Canaan's happy land. 4 The way of dangers I am in,

Beset with devils, men, and sin;
But in this way thy track I see,

And mark'd with blood it seems to be. 5 Come life, come death, come then what will,

His footsteps I will follow still;
Through dangers thick, and hell's alarms,

I shall be safe in his dear arms. 6 Then, O my soul arise and sing,

Yonder's thy Saviour, friend, and king; With pleasing smiles he now looks down,

And cries, “press on and here's the crown. 7 “ Prove faithful then a few more days,

Fight the good fight and win the race,
And then thy soul with me shall reign,

Thy head a crown of glory gain." 8 My flesh shall slumber in the ground, "Till the last joyful trump shall sound, Then burst the chains with sweet surprise, And in my Saviour's image rise.

HYMN 96. P. M.


1 HERE is a land of pleasure,

Where streams of joy for ever roll, 'Tis there I have my treasure,

And there I long to rest my soul. Long darkness dwelt around me,

With scarcely once a cheering ray ; But since my Saviour found me,

A light has shone along my way. 2 My way is full of danger,

But it's the path that leads to God;
Then like a valiant soldier,

I'll dauntless keep the happy road.
Now I must gird my sword on,

My helmet, breast-plate, and my shield,
And fight the host of Satan,

Until I gain the heav'nly field.

3 I'm on my way to Canaan,

Still guarded by my Saviour's hand; O come along, dear sinner,

And see Immanuel's happy land. To all that stay behind me,

I bid a long, a long farewell! O come, or you'll repent it,

When you do reach the gates of hell. 4 The vale of tears surround me,

And Jordan's current rolls before,
O how I stand and tremble

To hear the dismal waters roar!
Whose hand shall then support me,

And keep my soul from sinking there:
From sinking down to darkness,

And to the regions of despair.. 5 The waves shall not affright me,

Although they're deeper than the grave
If Jesus will stand by me,

I'll calmly ride on Jordan's waves:
His word has calm'd the ocean,

His lamp has cheer'd the gloomy vale;
O may this friend be with me,

When through the gates of death I sail 6 Then come, thou king of terror,

And with thy weapons lay me low!
I soon shall reach that region,

Where everlasting pleasures flow.
Now, Christians, I must leave you,

A few more days to suffer here!
Through grace I soon shall meet you-

My soul exults-I'm almost there. 7 Soon the archangel's trumpet

Shall shake the globe from pole to poie,
And all the wheels of nature

Shall in a moment cease to roll.
Then I shall see my Saviour

With shining ranks of angels come,
To execute his vengeance,

And take his ransom'd people home.

HYMN 97. C. M.
I IVITH joy let each afflicted saint

This cheering truth behold;
That when he's tried he shall not faint,

But shall come forth as gold.
2 This privilege, oh Lord! I claim,

Nor am I here too bold,
That from the trying, fiery flame,

I may come forth as gold. 3 What though the furnace burns on high,

Still to this truth I 'll hold, 'Tis but design'd my soul to try,

I shall come forth as gold.
4 Herein his wisdom and his love,

Will God to me unfold;
And from the furnace I shall prove,

He 'll bring me forth as gold.
5 He 'll kindly thus consume my dross,

So in this world I'm told ; Nor can I suffer real loss,

But shall come forth as gold.
6 Thus he'll conform me to his word,

And cast me in that mould;
And through the goodness of my Lord

I shall come forth as gold.
7 Thus will I sing his praises here,

Whose mercies are of old; And when in glory I appear, I shall come forth as gold.

HYMN 98. L. M.

"I Will thankfui heart and cheerful voice,

Thus saith his word, so kind, so true,

“1, even I, will comfort you."
2 Sweet words! oh let us bless his name,

And joyful all his praise proclaim;
These words shall foes and fears subdue,

“ I, even I, will comfort you."
3 Are you in darkness and distress?

Does Satan roar and break your peace ?

Fear not, but still the truth review,

“ I, even I, will comfort you." 4 Do sore afflictions on you lay,

And pungent sorrow day by day?
Look to this word, 'twill bear you through,

“I, even I, will comfort you."
5 If death in gloomy form appear,

And overwhelm your souls with fear ;
Let this sweet word your faith renew,

I, even I, will comfort you."
6 Thus while you sojourn here below,

As pilgrims in this world of wo;
Make this your song, your journey through,

“ I, even I, will comfort you.”
7 And when each happy soul attains,

That blissful state where glory reigns, This song shall all his powers employ, “God is my comfort and my joy."

HYMN 99. L. M. 1

CHILDREN of God, renounce your fears ;
And loudly speaks, as he draws nigh,

“ Be not afraid, for it is I."
2 When in the awful tempest tost,

You feel your strength and courage lost,
And mighty waves roll o'er your head,

Your Lord is near, be not afraid.
3 When mournful tidings come from far,

Or nations raise tumultuous war,
And wide their devastations spread,

Yet he is near, be not afraid.
4 The famine, pestilence, and sword,
Are all obedient to his word;
He, riding on the storiny sky,

Says, “ Fear ye not, for it is 1."
5 When earthly joys are from you torn,
Or when with heartfelt grief you mourn,
To see your dear relations dead;
Yet Jesus lives, be not afraid.

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