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Articles. Numerous beautiful steel en-lated by Henry Reeve, with Notes, etc., by gravings, 2 vols. 4to. foxed. New York, Francis Bowen. 12mo. pp. 559. Boston, 3 00 1874.

n. d.


202 Darby (William). Muemonika; or, The Tablet of Memory. Being a Register of Events from the Earliest Period to the year 1829. 12mo. pp. 332, half bound. Baltimore, 1829. 203 Darby (William). View of the United States, Historical, Geological, and Statistical. Exhibiting the Natural and Artificial Features of the Country, etc. Numerous colored maps. 16mo. pp. 633, half russia. Philadelphia, 1828. 150 204 Davenport (Bishop). A new Gazetteer; or, Geographical Dictionary of North America and the West Indies. 2 maps, slightly stained. 8vo. pp. 471. Baltimore, 1813.


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207 Dawson (Henry B.) The Assault on Stony Point by General Anthony Wayne, July 16, 1779. With a Map, Fac-similes, and Illustrative Notes. Imp. 8vo. pp. 156, boards, uncut, only 250 printed. Morrisiana, N. Y., 1863.

top, uncut.


150 Democ

216 De Tocqueville (Alexis). racy in America. Translated by Henry Reeve, and edited, with Notes, by Francis Bowen. 2 vols. 12mo. Boston, 1882. 5 00 217 Another edition. Preface and Notes, by John C. Spencer. 8vo. pp. 404. New York, 1838.

1 75 218 Deux-ponts (William). My Campaigns in America. A Journal kept from 1780 to 1781. Translated from the French Manuscript by Samuel A. Green. 8vo. pp. 176, paper, uncut. Boston, 1868.


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220 Dickinson (John). A Reply to a Piece called the Speech of Joseph Galloway, Esq. 8vo. pp. 62, paper, uncut. London, 1765. 1 00

221 Dillon (John B.) Oddities of Colo nial Legislation in America, as Applied to the Public Lands, Primitive Education, Religion, Morals, Indians, etc., etc., with Authentic Records of the Origin and Growth of Pioneer Settlements; Embracing also a Condensed History of the States and Territories, with a Summary of the Territorial Expansion, Civil Progress and Development of the Nation. Portrait. 8vo. pp. 784, sheep. Indianapolis, 1879.

5 00

208 Another copy. Half morocco, gilt 222 Diplomatic Correspondence of the 6 50 American Revolution, together with Letters 209 DeBacourt (Chevalier). Souvenirs in Reply from the Secret Committee of Conof a Diplomat. Private letters from gress and the Secretary of Foreign Affairs. America during the Administrations of Edited by Jared Sparks. 12 vols. boards, Presidents Van Buren, Harrison, and Tyler. Boston, 1829. 12mo. pp. 297. New York, 1885. 150

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18.00 223 Diplomatic Correspondence of the United States from the signing of the Definitive Treaty of Peace, Sept. 10, 1783, to the Adoption of the Constitution, March 4, 1789. 7 vols. 8vo. sheep. Washington, 1833. 7. 00

211 DeBow (J. D. B.) The Industrial Resources, etc., of the Southern and Western States. 4 vols. 8vo. New Orleans, 224 Diplomatic Correspondence. Papers relating to Foreign Affairs, 1861 to Wash1868. 20 vols. 8vo. full morocco. 25 00 ington, 1862–9.


6 00

212 Defense of the Whigs. By a member of the Twenty-seventh Congress. 18mo. pp. 152, paper. New York, 1844.

25 224A Dix (John A.) Speeches and Occasional Addresses. 2 vols. 8vo. New York,

213 De Pradt (M.) The Colonies and

the Present American Revolutions. Trans-
lated from the French. 8vo. pp. 501, half
calf. London, 1817.
2 00
214 Another edition. In French. 2 vols.
12mo. Paris, 1817.

215 De Tocqueville (Alexis). Institutions, and their Influence.

2 00 American


3 75

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226 Doyle (J. A.) English Colonies in Trans-America. Vol. 1, Virginia, Maryland, and

the Carolinas; Vol. 2, the Puritan Colonies.
2 vols. 8vo. New York, 1882-6.

239 Another edition. 8vo. pp. 69. Boston,


3 50

227 Drake (Sam'l A.) Bunker Hill: the Story told in Letters from the Battle Field

by British Officers engaged, with Introduction, etc. 8vo. pp. 76. Boston, 1875. 1 00 228 Draper (Lyman C.) King's Mountain and its Heroes; History of the Battle of King's Mountain, October 7, 1780, and the Events which led to it. Illustrated. 8vo. pp. 612. Cincinnati, 1881. 3 00

229 Duhring (Henry). Remarks on the United States of America, with Regard to the Actual State of Europe. 12mo. pp. 209. London, 1833.


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231 Dunlap (William). History of the American Theatre; and Anecdotes of the Principal Actors. 8vo. cloth. 2 vols. in 1. uncut. London, n. d. 3 25 232 Eddis (William). Letters from America, Historical and Descriptive; comprising Occurrences from 1769 to 1777. 8vo. half bound, pp. 455. London, 1792. 175 233 Eliot (Samuel). Manual of United States History, from 1492 to 1850. 12mo. pp. 483. 1.00 Boston, 1857. 234 Ellet (Mrs. E. F.) Domestic History of the American Revolution. 12mo. pp. New York, 1851.


1 25

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trine which subjects to Capture a Neutral 248 Examination of the British DocTrade not open in Time of Peace. [By James Madison] 8vo. pp. 204.

n. d.

N. P.,

1 25

235 Ellicott (Andrew). The Journal of, Late Commissioner on behalf of the U. S. during part of the Year 1796, the Years 243 Eyma (Xavier). Legendes, Fan1797, 1798, 1799, and part of the Year 1800, tomes, et Recits du Nouveau Monde. Tome for determining the Boundary bet. the U. 1. Les Chevaliers de 1 Ocean, et les EspanS. and the Possessions of His Catholic Ma-ols en Amerique. 12mo. pp. 364, uncut. jesty in America. 4to. calf, pp. 299+151. Paris, 1863. Philadelphia, 1803.




8.00 250 Farmer's Letters to the People. [By 236 Elliott (Jonathan). Debates in the Levi Lincoln, Jr.] 16mo. pp. 95, boards. several State Conventions on the Adoption | Philadelphia, 1802. of the Federal Constitution, as recom- 251 Farrar (Timothy). Manual of the mended by the General Convention of Constitution of the United States of AmerPhiladelphia, in 1788. Together with the ica. 8vo. pp. 532. Boston, 1867. Journal of the Federal Convention, Congressional Opinions, Virginia and Kentucky 252 Federalist (The). A Collection of Resolutions of '98-'99, etc. New edition, Essays, written in favor of the New Constiwith many additions. 5 vols. Svo. Phila- tution, as agreed upon by the Federal Condelphia, 1877. 12 00 vention, Sept. 17 1787. 2 vols. A fine copy of the 237 Ellis (George E.) The Story of the 227-384, half morocco. 20 00 Battle of Bunker's [Breed's] Hill, on June rare original edition. N. Y., 1788. 17, 1775. Map. 16mo. pp. 144. Boston, 253 Another edition. 2 vols. 8vo. 1875. 75 New York, 1802. 238 Another edition. 16mo. pp. 172, paper, Charlestown, 1855. 60

16mo. pp.

sheep, 2.50

254 Another edition. 8vo. pp. 520, sheep. Hallowell, 1837. 2.50

255 Another edition. 8vo. pp. 493, sheep. Philadelphia, 1847.

England on the Conduct of M—rs in Al3 00 liances, Fleets, and Armies since the First 256 Another edition. Edited by John C. Differences on the Ohio. [By Dr. J. ShebHamilton. Portrait. 8vo. pp. 659. Phila- beare.] 8vo. pp. 111, paper. London, delphia, 1880.

3 00

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258 Field (David D.) The Electoral Votes of 1876, Who should Count them, etc. 8vo. pp. 22. New York, 1877.

York, 1866.


259 Field (Henry M.) History of the Atlantic Telegraph. 12mo. pp. 364. New 100 260 Finley (Hugh). Journal kept by, Surveyor of the Post Roads on the Continent of North America, during his Survey of the Post Offices between Falmouth and Casco Bay, Mass., and Savannah, Ga., Sept. 13, 1773, to June 26, 1774. With introduction by Frank H. Norton. 2 maps. 4to. pp. 25+94. paper. Brooklyn, 1867. 150 copies printed.



261 Fisher (R. S.) A New and Complete Statistical Gazetteer of the United States 8vo. pp. 960, boards. N. Y., 1853. 1 50 262 Fisher's National Magazine and Industrial Record. 3 vols. 8vo. half bound. New York, 1846. 3 00 263 Flanders (Henry). An Exposition of the Constitution of the United States. 12mo. pp. 295. Philadelphia, 1881. 150 264 Fletcher (Rev. J.) American Patriotism further confronted with Reason, Scripture, and the Constitution, with Scriptural Plea for the Revolted Colonies. 18mo. pp. 130, paper. Shrewsbury, [1776]. 1 00 265 Flint (T.) The Bachelor Reclaimed. or Celibacy Vanquished. 12mo. pp. 228, Philadelphia, 1834. 100 266 Flower (Frank A.) History of the Republican Party; embracing its Origin, Growth, and Mission. With appendices of statistics and information. 8vo. pp. 623. Springfield, Ill., 1884. 2 00 267 Force (Peter). Tracts and other Papers relating to the Origin, Settlement, and Progress of the Colonies in North America, from the Discovery of the Country to the year 1776. 4 vols. royal Svo. Half calf. Washington, v. d.

25 00

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270 Franklin (Benjamin). Political, Miscellaneous, and Philosophical Pieces. Portrait and plates. Small 4to. pp. 574, 6.00 full bound. London, 1779.

270A Another edition. 8vo. pp. 567, calf. London, 1799. 6.00

271 Franklin (Benjamin). The Select Works of, including his Autobiography. With Notes and a Memoir. By Epes Sargent. Portrait. 12mo. pp. 502. Boston,


1 25

272 Franklin (Benjamin). The Works of. Containing several Political and Historical Tracts, and many Letters, Official and Private, with Notes and a Life of the Author. By Jared Sparks. Portraits. Svo. 15.00 10 vols. Boston, 1840. 272A The same. cago, 1882.

10 vols. royal 8vo. Chi20 00 273 Franklin (Benjamin). The Complete Works of. Including his Private as well as his Official and Scientific Correspondence, and Numerous Letters and Documents, now for the first time printed. Also the Unmutilated and Correct Version of his Autobiography. Edited by John Bigelow. To be completed in 10 royal 8vo. volumes. New York, 1886. Edition limited to 600 sets. Per volume. 5.00

274 Franklin (James). The Philosophical and Political History of the Thirteen United States of America, East and West Florida, British America, etc. 136. London, 1774.

18mo. pp. 2.50

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The Book of the

276 Frost (John). Navy; comprising a General History of the American Marine, and particular Accounts of all the most celebrated Naval Battles. 12mo. pp. 344. New York, 1845. 1 25

of the Siege of Boston, and of the Battles 277 Frothingham (Richard). History of Lexington, Concord, and Bunker Hill. Also an Account of the Bunker Hill Monument. Illustrated. 8vo. pp. 422. Boston, 1872. 3 50

278 Frothingham (Richard). The Rise of the Republic of the United States. 8vo.

269 Fourth Letter to the People of Boston, 1872.

3 50

292 Golovin (Ivan).

279 Gannett (Henry). Boundaries of Historical, Biographical, Anecdotical, and the United States and of the several States Descriptive. 2 vols. 12mo. New York, and Territories, with a Historical Sketch of 1857. the Territorial Changes. 8vo. pp. 135, paper. Washington, 1885. 50 280 Gannett (Henry). A Dictionary of Altitudes in the United States. 8vo. pp. 325, paper. Washington, 1884.

2 25 Stars and Stripes; or, American Impressions. 12mo. pp. 312, boards. London, 1856. 100


281 Garden (Alex.) Anecdotes of the Revolutionary War, with Sketches of Character of Persons most Distinguished in the Southern States. First Series. 8vo. pp. 459. Charleston, 1822. Second Series. 12mo. pp. 240, boards.

282 The same. Poor copy.



293 Gordon (Rev. James Bentley). An Historical and Geographical Memoir of the North American Continent; its Nations and Tribes. And an Account of his Life, etc. Portrait. 4to. pp. 305, half calf, extra. Dublin, 1820. 294 Another copy.




295 Graham (Wm. A.) An Address on First Series. Old sheep. the Mechlenburg Declaration of Inde100 pendence Delivered at Chasbelle, Febru

283 Gasparin (A. De). Europe. Principles and Interests. lated by Mary L. Booth. New York, 1862.

America before ary 4, 1875, with accompaning Documents. Trans-18mo. pp. 167. New York, 1875. 1.00 12mo. pp. 419. 296 Grahame (James). The History of 125 the United States of America, from the


284 Giauque (Florien). The Election Plantation of the British Colonies till their and Naturalization Laws of the United Assumption of National Independence. 2 States; being a compilation of all Consti- vols. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1848. tutional Provisions and Laws of the United States relating to Elections, the Elective Franchise, to Citizenship, and the Naturalization of Aliens, with Notes of Decisions. 8vo. pp. 96. Cincinnati, 1880. 1.00

285 Gibbs (George). Memoirs of the Administration of Washington and John Adams. Edited from the papers of Oliver Wolcott, Secretary of the Treasury. 2 vols. 8vo. New York, 1846.

3 50

286 Gibson (A. M.) A Political Crime. The History of the Great Fraud (Presidential Election of 1876). 12mo. pp. 402 New York, 1885. 1 50 287 Gilman (Arthur). A History of the American People. Map and Illustration. 12mo. pp. 668. Boston, 1883. 150

288 Gilman (Caroline). The Poetry of Travelling in the United States. With Additional Sketches, by a few Friends, and a week among Autographs, by Rev. S. Gilman. 12mo. pp. 430. N. Y., 1838. 150 289 Gilpin (William). Mission of the North American People, Geographical, Social, and Political. Illustrated by Six Charts, Delineating the Physical Architecture and Thermal Laws of the Continents. 8vo. pp. 217. Philadelphia, 1873.


290 Goddard (F. B.) Homes and Fortunes in the Boundless West and the Sunny South; their Climate, Scenery, Soil, etc. Illustrated with numerous maps and engravings. 8vo. pp. 591. Philadelphia, [1869]. 2 50

[blocks in formation]

297 Another edition. 4 vols. 8vo. boards, uncut. London, 1836.

298 Another edition 4 vols. 8vo. delphia, 1845.


Phila6. 00

[blocks in formation]

Memoirs of With Sketches of

300 Grant (Mrs. Anne). Manners and Scenes in America as they an American Lady. existed previous to the Revolution. With a Memoir of Mrs. Grant, by James Grant Wilson. With portrait and plates. 8vo. pp. 377. Albany, 1876. 3 00

301 Grant (U. S.) Around the World with General Grant. A Narrative of his Visit to various Countries in Europe, Asia, and America, 1877-1879. To which are added Conversations with General Grant on Questions connected with American Politics and History. By John Russell Young. 800 illustrations. 2 vols. royal 8vo. New York, [1880].

[blocks in formation]

303 Great Industries (The) of the United States. Being an Historical Summary of the Origin, Growth, and Perfection of the Chief Industrial Arts of this Coun try. Illustrated. 8vo. pp. 1304, sheep. Hartford, 1871. 2.50

304 Green (Duff).

Facts and Sugges

tions, Biographical, Historical, Financial, tinguished Men, etc.
and Political. Addressed to the People of bus, 1860.
the United States. 8vo. pp. 234.
York, 1866.

1 75

8vo. pp. 232. ColumNew 320 Hamilton (Alexander), and his Con100 temporaries; or, the Rise of the American A Historical Constitution. By C. J. Riethmuller. 12mo 12mo. pp. 452. London, 1864.

305 Greene (Geo. W.) View of the American Revolution. pp. 469. New York, 1876.

1 50

1 75

321 Hamilton (Alex.) Letter concerning the Public Conduct and Character of John Adams. 8vo. pp. 54. Philadelphia, 1800. 1 00

322 Hamilton (John C.) History of the Republic of the United States of America, as traced in the Writings of Alex. Hamilton and of his Cotemporaries. 7 vols. 8vo. New York, 1857.

35 00

305 Greene (Geo. W.) The German Element in the War of American Independence. 12mo. pp. 211. N. Y., 1876. 1 50 307 Greenhow (Robert). Memoir, Historical and Political, on the Northwest Coast of North America and Adjacent Territories. Map. 8vo. pp. 228, paper, uncut. Washington, 1840. 1 25 308 Griffin (Lt. Eugene). Our Sea Coast 323 Hardie (Jas.) The American ReDefences. Chart of New York Harbor. membrancer, and Universal Tablet of Mem8vo pp. 62. New York, 1885. 25 ory; being intended to form a CompreChronology, particularly of that Part which hensive Abridgement of History and relates to America. 12mo. pp. 259, sheep. Philadelphia, 1795. 324 Harper (R. G.) Dispute between the France. 12mo. pp. 86.

309 Griffith (William, of New Jersey.) Historical Notes of the American Colonies and Revolution, from 1754 to 1775. 8vo. pp. 300, boards. Burlington, New Jersey, 1843. 5.00

310 Griggs (William N.) The celebrated "Moon Story," its Origin and Incidents. 16mo. pp. 143. New York, 1852. 1.00 311 Grimke (Frederick). Considerations upon the Nature and Tendency of Free Institutions. 8vo. pp. 544. Cincinnati, 1848. 2.00

312 Griswold (R. M.) The Republican Court; or, American Society in the Days of Washington. 25 steel portraits. 8vo. pp. 481. New York, 1867.


313 Grund (Francis J.) The Americans in their Moral, Social, and Political Rela tions. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1837. 2 50 314 Hadley (W. H.) The American Citizen's Manual of Reference. An Historical, Statistical, Topographical, and Political View of the United States 8vo. pp. 102, paper. New York, 1840. 40 315 Hale (Edward E.) One Hundred Years Ago. How the War Began. 8vo. pp. 40, paper Boston, 1875.


[blocks in formation]

318 [Haliburton (Thomas C.)] and Misrule of the English in America. 12mo. pp. 379. New York, 1851. 100

1 50 Observations on the United States and Lond., 1798. 1 00

[blocks in formation]



329 Hearn (Lafcadio). "Gombo Zhebes" Little Dictionary of Creole Proverbs. Selected from Six Creole Dialects. With Notes Sm. 4to pp. 42, cloth. New York, 1.00 330 Heart (Capt. Jonathan). Journal, on the March with his Company from Connecticut to Fort Pitt, in Pittsburgh, Pa., from Sept. 7, to Oct. 12, 1785. To which is added the Dickinson-Harmar Correspondence, of 1784-5, with notes and a Biographical Sketch of Captain Heart, by C. W. Butterfield. Sm. 4to. pp. 94. Albany, 1885. (150 copies printed.)


319 Halstead (M.) History of the National Political Conventions of the Current 331 Helps (Arthur). The Spanish ConPresidential Campaign. Sketches of Dis-quest in America, and its Relations to the

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