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3490 Pennsylvania. University of Guide for Strangers. 16mo. pp. 288+36, Zelosophic Magazine. Vol. 1. Published half bound. Phila., 1835. 1 00 by the Zelosophic Society. 12mo. pp. 428. 3505 Ritter (Abraham). History of 1834. 75. the Moravian Church, in Philadelphia, 3491 Perkins (Mrs. George A.) Early from its Foundation, in 1742, to the Present Times on the Susquehanna. 12mo. pp. 287. Time. Portrait. 8vo. pp. 281. PhiladelBinghamton, 1870. 2 00 phia, 1857. 3492 Perry County. 3506 Wright (Silas.) History of Perry County, from the Earliest Settlement to the Present Time. 12mo. pp. 290. Lancaster, 1873. 150

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1 25

Girard (Stephen.) Will of.
8vo. pp. 36, pa-

With a Short Biography.
per. Philadelphia, 1832.
3495 Girard College and its Foun-
der. By H. W. Arey.
12mo. pp. 85.
Philadelphia, 1854.
3496 History of Pennsylvania Hall,
which was Destroyed by a Mob on the
17th of May, 1838. 8vo. pp. 200. Phila-
delphia, 1838.

3497 Laurel Hill Cemetery. to. With numerous illustrations. 8vo. pp. 160. Philadelphia, 1844.

Liberty Bell (The.)

3498 Friends of Freedom. 12mo. pp. 304. ton, 1847.


Ruschenberger (W. S. W.) A Notice of the Origin, Progress, and Present Condition of the Academy of Natural Sciennces, Philadelphia. 8vo. pp. 78, paper. Philadelphia, 1852.


50 A Quarter Century Discourse. By Henry Tenth Presbyterian Church.

A. Boardman. November 7, 1858. 12mo. pp. 106. Philadelphia, 1858.


3508- Tyson (Job R.) Letters on the Resources and Commerce of Philadelphia. 8vo. pp. 83, paper. Philadelphia, 1852.


75 3509 Watson (John F.) Annals of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania in Olden Time. Numerous illustrations. 2 vols. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1870. 7.50

3510 Phoenixville. Pennypacker (S. W.) Annals of Phoenixville and its Vicinity, Guide from its Settlement to the year 1871. With Imp. Information concerning the Adjacent Town1 50 ships, etc. Illustrated. 8vo. pp. 295.

3 50

By Philadelphia, 1872. Bos- 3511 Pittsburg. The Baptismal Register 125 of Fort Duquesne, from June, 1754, to Dec. 3499 McCabe (James D.) The I-1756. Translated with an Introductoy Eslustrated History of the Centennial Exhi- say and Notes. By Rev. A. A. Lambing. bition, with a full Description of the great 4to. pp. 97, paper. Pittsburg, 1885. 125 Buildings and all the Objects of Interest 3512 Pittsburg. Craig (Neville R.) The exhibited in them. To which is added a History of Pittsburg, with a Brief Notice of

complete Description of the City of Phila-
delphia. 8vo. pp.
918. Philadelphia,


its Facilities of Communication and other Advantages for Commercial and Manufac2.00 turing Purposes. With two maps. 12mo. 3500 Mease (James.) The Picture pp. 312. Pittsburg, 1851. 2 25 of Philadelphia. Giving its Origin, Inand 3513 Arts, Improvements in


Ordinances passed by the Sciences, Manufactures, Commerce, and Select and Common Councils since April Revenue. 12mo. pp. 376, sheep. Phila- 29, 1833, to January, 1837. 8vo. pp. 267. delphia, 1811. 2 25 Pittsburg, 1837. 1.00 3501 Another copy. Half morocco, un- 3514 Thurston (George H.) Pitts3 50 burg and Allegheny in the Centennial 3502 Neill (Rev. Wm.) A Discourse, Year. Illustrated. 12mo. pp. 272. PittsReviewing a Ministry of Fifty Years [in burg, 1876.


1 25

Philadelphia]. 8vo. pp. 63, paper. Phila- 3515 Thurston (George H.) Pittsdelphia, 1857. 50 burg as It Is; or, Facts and Figures, exhi3503 Paxton (J. A.) The Strangers biting the Past and Present of Pittsburg, Guide. The Wards, Streets, Roads, Courts, its Advantages, Resources, etc. Map. Public Buildings, etc., in the City and 16mo. pp. 204. Pittsburg, 1857. Suburbs of Philadelphia. 16mo. pp. 56, 3516 Another copy. Half half bound. Philadelphia, 1810.


1 25 rocco.

Picture of, or a brief Account

1 25 mo

2. 00 3517 Plymouth. Wright (Hendrick B.) of the various Institutions and Public Ob- Historical Sketches of Plymouth, Luzerne jects in this Metropolis. Being a Complete | County. With Numerous Photographic

Portraits and Views. 12mo. pp. 419. Phila-
delphia, 1873.
3 00
3518 Proud. (Robert). The History of
Pennsylvania, in North America, from its
Original Institution and Settlement, in
1581, till after the year 1742. With an In-
troduction respecting the Life of William
Penn. To which is added a Brief Descrip-
tion of the said Province, and of the General
State in which it Flourished between the
years 1760 and 1770. Portrait and Map.
2 vols. 8vo. calf. Phila., 1797. 13 50
3519 Another copy. Lacking Portrait and


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3530 Westcott (Thompson). Names of Persons who took the Oath of Allegiance to the State of Pennsylvania, 1777-89. With a History of the "Test Laws" of Pennsylvania. 4to. pp. 42+154. séwed, 3 00 uncut. Philadelphia, 1865. 8.00 3531 Wright (William.) The Oil ReShowing where gions of Pennsylvania. Petrolium is found; how it is obtained, 12mo. pp. 275. New

3520 Rupp (Daniel 1.) A Collection of upwards of Thirty Thousand Names of German, Swiss, Dutch, French and other Immigrants in Pennsylvania, from 1727 to 1776. 12mo. pp. 495. Phila., 1876.

3 00

3521 Rush (Dr. Benjamin). An Account of the Manners of the German Inhabitants of Pennsylvania, 1789. With Notes, by Professor I. D. Rupp. 12mo. pp. 72. Philadelphia, 1875. 60

and at what cost.
York, 1865.


3532 Wyoming. Campbell (Thomas.) Gertrude of Wyoming; a Pennsylvania Tale, and other Poems. 32mo. pp. 108 half bound. New York, 1809.

Account of

Chapman (Isaac.)

50 A Sketch

3533 of the History of Wyoming, and Statistical the Valley and Adjacent Country. 16mo. pp. 209, sheep. Wilkesbarre, 1830.

Miner (Charles.)

3522 Smith (Joseph). Old Redstone; or, Historical Sketches of Western Presbyterianism; its Early Ministers; its Perilous Times, and its First Records. Portraits 3534 and plates. 8vo. pp. 459. Philadelphia, Wyoming, in a Series of 3 50 Charles Miner to his Son, Miner, Esq, 8vo. pp. 592.




2 25 History of Letters from William Penn Philadelphia, 3 00

Peck (George.) Wyoming. Its History, Stirring Incidents, and Romantic Adventures. Illustrated. 12mo. PP. 132. New York, 1858.

3523 Smith (William.) A Brief State of the Province of Pennsylvania. London, 1755. 8vo. pp. 44, uncut (only 200 copies printed.) New York, 1865. I 25 3524 Susquehanna County. Black man (Emily C.) History of Susquehanna County. 3536 Including the Annals and Geography of each Township. With maps and 640. 4 00 3525 Sypher (J. R.) School History of Pennsylvania from the Earliest Settlements to the Present Time. 364. Philadelphia, 1869.

numerous illustrations. Philadelphia, 1873.



12mo. pp.

3526 Thomas (Gabriel.) An Historical and Geographical Account of the Province and Country of Pennsylvania and of West New Jersey, in America. London, 1698. 12mo. pp. 89, boards, lithographed facsimile. Map. New York, 1848. 175

3527 Venango County. Eaton (S. J. M.) A Sketch of the History of Venango County. Map of the Old French Fort and its Surroundings. 8vo. pp. 48, paper 1876.


A Record of the One Hun

dredth Year Commemorative Observance of the Battle and Massacre, July 3, 1778-July 3, 1878. 8vo. pp. 344+11. Wilkesbarre, 1882.


3537 Stone (Wm. L.) Poetry and History of Wyoming, from its Discovery to the Beginning of the Present Century. 12mo. pp. 406. Albany, 1864. 1 50

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3539 Anthony (Miss Susanna.) Memories of. Who died at Newport, R. I., June 23, 1791. Complied by L. Hopkins, D. D. 50 8vo. pp. 241, boards. Clipstone,

1 25

3528 Wayne County. Whaley (Rev. 1803. Samuel.) History of the Township of 3540 Arnold (Samuel George.) History Mount Pleasant. 12mo. pp. 96. New of the State of Rhode Island and ProviYork, 1856. 1 00 dence Plantations. 1636-1790. Maps and


plate. 2 vols. 8vo. New York, the Town of North Providence, [and an 6 00 Appendix, containing the Reminiscences of David Wilkinson.] Large 4to. pp. 118, uncut. Providence, half 4.50

3541 Bartlett (John Russell.) Bibliog raphy of Rhode Island. A Catalogue of Books and other publications relative to the State. Royal 8vo. pp. 285. Providence, 1864. 3 00 3542 Callender (John.) An Historical Discourse on the Civil and Religious Affairs of the Colony of Rhode Island. With Memoir of the Author, etc., by Romeo Elton. 8vo. pp. 270. Boston, 1843. 175 3543 Foster (W. E.) Town Government, pp. 36, and Channing (E.) The Narragansett Planters. 8vo. pp. 23. Bath, 1886.


3544 Gorton (Samuel.) Simplicity's Defense Against Seven-Headed Policy. With Notes and Appendix, by W. R. Staples. (Col. R. I. Hist. Soc. Vol. 2.) 8vo. pp. 278. Providence, 1835. 200




3555 Peterson (Edward). History of Rhode Island and Newport. 8vo. pp. 370. New York, 1853. 1 50

3556 Providence. Brief Sketch of the Establishment of the High School. 8vo. pp. 129, paper. Providence, 1878. 40

3557 Providence. Snow (E. M.) Census of the City of Providence, taken July, 1855. With a brief Account of the Manufacturers, etc., and an Appendix giving the Enumeration of the previous population of Providence. Svo. pp. 73, paper. Providence, 1856.


Proceedings 1877 to 1881. 3 parts. 8vo. 3558 Rhode Island Historical Society. paper. Providence, 1878-81.

1 50


3560 Ward (Saml.) The Life and Services of Governor Samuel Ward, of Rhode Island, a Member of the Continental Congress, in 1774, 5, and 6. By his GreatGrandson, John Ward. 4to. pp. 12, paper, uncut. Providence, 1877.

3559 Thayer (Captain Simon). Journal 3545 Greene (G. W.) A Short History of. During the Invasion of Canada in of Rhode Island. With engravings and 1775, describing the Perils and Sufferings of map. 12mo. pp. 356. Providence, the Army under Col. Benedict Arnold, with 2 00 Notes and Appendix by Emstone. (Col. R. 3546 Jackson (Henry.) An Account of I. Hist. Soc., vol. 6.) 8vo. pp. 380, boards the Churches in Rhode Island. Presented uncut. Providence, 1867. at the Baptist State Convention, Nov. 8, 1855. 8vo. pp. 134. Providence, 1854. 100 3547 Lynch (Anne C.) The Rhode Island Book. Selections in Prose and Verse from the Writings of Rhode Island Citizens. 12mo. pp. 352. Providence, 1845. 1 25 3548 Newport. Channing (George G.) Early Recollections of Newport, from the year 1794 to 1811. 12mo. pp. 284. Newport, 1868. 2 00 Handbook of Newport and Rhode Island. Map. 18mo. pp. 170 Newport, 1852. 3550






3561 Warwick. Fuller (Oliver F.) Historical Sketches of the Churches of Warwick. To which is added a Record of Persons joined in Marriage in that Town. By Elder John Gorton. 8vo. pp, 83+106, paper. Providence, 1880.


3563 Archdale (John).


Higginson (T. W.) Old Port 3562 Adams (F. C.) Manuel Pereira; or Days. With Heliotype Illustrations, from the Sovereign Rule of South Carolina, Newport. 12mo. pp. 258. With Views of Southern Laws, Life and Hospitality. 12mo. pp. 302, half morocco, 1853. 2.00 3551 Historical Sketches of New- uncut. Washington, D. C., port. 12mo. pp. 213. New A New DescripYork, 1840. 125 tion of that Fertile and Pleasant Province of Carolina. With a Brief Account of ment thereof to this Time. 8vo. pp. 33+ its Discovery and Settling, and the Govern14, half bound. London, 1707. Reprinted Charleston, S. C., 1822. 3.00

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3566 Chalmers (Lionel). An account of the Weather and Diseases of South Carolina. 2 vols. in one. 8vo. calf. London, 1776. 4.00 3567 Charleston. Cardoza (J. N.) Remi niscences of Charleston. 12mo. pp. 144 paper. Charleston, 1866. 1 50

3568 Coxe (Daniel). A Description of the English Province of Carolina. By the Spaniards called Florida, and by the French

La Louisiane. As also of the Great and Famous River Meschacebe, or Mississippi, the Five Vast Navigable Lakes of Fresh Water, and the parts adjacent, together with an Account of the Commodities of the Growth and Production of the said Province, and a Preface containing some Considerations on the Consequences of the French making Settlements there. 12mo. pp. 122, old calf. London, 1727.

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pp. 114. London, 1754. Also, A Caution to such as Observe Days and Times. By S[ophia] H[ume.] Half title, pp. 38. [London, 1754.] 3 pieces in 4.00 one volume. 8vo. full bound. 6.00 3581 Another edition of An Exortation, Dublin, etc. 16mo. pp. 164, old calf. 1754. 2.00

3569 Coxe (Daniel). A Description of the English Province of Carolina. [Reprint of the above.] Map. 8vo. pp. 90. Saint Louis, 1840.

2 25


3570 Dalcho (Frederick, M. D.) Historical Account of the Protestant Episcopal Church in South Carolina, from the

first Settlement of the Province. 8vo.


613, old sheep. Charleston, 1820. 9 00 3571 Drayton (John). Memoirs of the American Revolution, from its Commencement to the Year 1776, inclusive, as relating to the State of South Carolina; and occasionally referring to North Carolina and Georgia. Portrait. 2 vols. 8vo. half bound. Charleston, 1821. 10 00

3572 Drayton (John) A View of South Carolina, as respects her Natural and Civil Concerns. Maps and plates. 8vo. pp. 252, half bound. Charleston, 1802. 8 50 3573 Dubose (Samuel). Reminiscences of St. Stephen's Parish, and Notes of her Old Homesteads, with an Address to the Black Oak Agricultural Society. 8vo. paper. Charleston, 1856.


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3584 Nullification. State Papers on. Including the Public Acts of the Convention of the People of South Carolina, assembled at Columbia, November 19, 1832 and March 11, 1833; the Proclamation of the President of the United States, and the Proceedings of the several State Legislatures. 8vo. pp. 381, sheep. Boston, 1834. 3 50

3585 Old Pine Farm (The); or, The Southern Side. Comprising loose Sketches from the Experience of a Southern Country Minister. S. C. Illustrated. 12mo. pp. 202. Nashville, Tenn., 1860. 150

3586 O'Neall (John B.) Biographical Sketches of the Bench and Bar of South 3574 Elliott (Wm.) Carolina Sports by | Carolina. To which is added the OrigiLand and Water. Including Incidents in nal Fee Bill of 1791, with the signatures Devil-Fishing, etc. 12mo. pp. 172. Charles- in fac-simile, etc. 2 vols. 8vo. Charleston, ton, 1846. 1 50 1859. 5 50

3575 Gibbes (R. W.) Documentary History of the American Revolution. Consisting of Letters and Papers relating to the Contest for Liberty, chiefly in South

3587 Pike (James S.) The Prostrate State. South Carolina under Negro Government. 1 00 16mo. pp. 279. New York, 1874.

3588 Ramage (B. J.) Local Government

and Free Schools in South Carolina. 8vo. paper. Baltimore, 1883. 40 3589 Ramsey (David). History of the Revolution of South Carolina, from British Province to an Independent State. Maps. 2 vols. 8vo., half bound. Trenton, 1785. 500 3590 Ramsey (David). History of South Carolina from its first Settlement in 1670 to 1808. Maps. 2 vols. in one. 8vo. pp. 274+307. Newberry, 1858.

5 50 3591 Simms (W. G.) The Geography of South Carolina. Being a Companion to the History of that State. Map. 12mo. pp. 192, half bound. Charleston, S. C., 1843. 1 25

3592 Simms (W. G.) The History of South Carolina, from its first European Discovery to its Erection into a Republic. With a Supplemental Chronicle of Events to the Present Time. 12mo. pp. 437. New York, 1860. 2 25

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3593 Bokum (Herman). The Tennessee Hand-book and Emigrant's Guide. Giving a description of the State of Tennessee. Map. 12mo. pp. 164. Philadelphia, 1868. 100 3594 Carpenter (W. H.) The History of Tennessee from its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time. 16mo. pp. 284. Philadelphia, 1857. 75 3595 Crockett (David). Sketches and Eccentricities of Col. David Crockett, of West Tennessee. 12mo. pp. 209, boards. London, 1834. 1 25

3596 Killebrew (J. B.) Introduction to the Resources of Tennessee. In Physical Geography, Geology, Climate, Agricultural Resources, and Advantages. Map. 8vo. pp. 1204. Nashville, 1874. 350

3597 Memphis. Davis (James D.) The History of the City of Memphis. Being a Compilation of the most Important Documents and Historical Events connected with the purchase of its Territory, laying off of the City and Early Settlement. Also, the "Old Time Papers." 12mo. pp. 320. Memphis, 1873. 2 25 3598 Old Times in West Tennessee, Reminiscences-Semi-Historic-of Pioneer Life, and the Early Emigrant Settlers in the Big Hatchie Country. By a Descendant of one of the First Settlers. 12mo. pp. 295. Memphis, 1873.

1 25

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3608 Channing (W. E.) A Letter on the Annexation of Texas, pp. 72. Also Clay's Speech on Abolition Petitions, pp. 42; and Channing's Remarks on the Slavery Question, pp. 91. Three in one. 12mo. Boston, 1837-9. 1.00

3609 Considerant (Victor). Au Texas. Map. 8vo. pp. 194+115+22. Half bound. Paris, 1854.

275 Her Re12mo. pp. 1775 3611 Dewees (W. B.) Letters from an Early Settler of Texas. Compiled by Cara Cardelle. 12mo. pp. 312. Louisville, 1858.

3610 DeCordova (J.) Texas. sources and her Public Men. 371. Philadelphia, 1858.

1 25

3599 Pike (G. D.) The Jubilee Singers and their Campaign for Twenty Thousand 3612 Domenech (Abbe). Missionary_AdDollars for Fisk University, Nashville. ventures in Texas and Mexico A Per

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