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sonal Narrative of Six Years' Residence glish.


To which is added the Constitution in those Regions. Map. 8vo. pp. 366. of said State. 8vo. pp. 353 sheep. London, 1858. 2 00 ton, 1839. 3613 Duval (John C.) The Adventures 3627 Lester (C. E.) Sam Houston and of Big-Foot Wallace, the Texas Ranger his Republic. Portrait and map. 8vo. pp. and Hunter. 12mo. pp. 291. Philadel- 208, half sheep. New York, 1846. 1950 phia, 1872. 3629 Lynch (James D.) The Bench and Bar of Texas. Portraits. Svo. pp. 610, sheep. St. Louis, 1885.

1.00 3614 Edward (David B.) The History of Texas; or, The Emigrants, Farmers, and Politicians' Guide to the Character, Soil, and Productions of that Country. Map. 12mo. pp. 336. Cincinnati, 1836. 175 3615 Flack (Captain). The Texan Rifle Hunter; or, Field Sport on the Prairie. 12mo. pp. 333. London, 1866.

6 00

3629 McCalla. Adventures in Texas, Chiefly in 1849; with a Discussion of Comparative Character, Political. Religious, and Moral. 16mo. pp. 199. Phila., 1841. 1 00 1 50 3630 McDanield (II. F.,) and Taylor (N. A.) The Coming Empire; or Two Thousand Miles in Texas on Horseback12mo. pp. 389. New York, 1877.

3616 Foote (Henry S.) Texas and the Texans; or, Advance of the Anglo-Americans to the South-west. Including a History of Leading Events in Mexico, from the Conquest by Hernando Cortes to the Termination of the Texas Revolution. 2 vols. 12mo. Philadelphia, 1841. 6 00 3617 Fournel (Henri). Coup D'Oeil Historique et Statistique sur le Texas. 8vo. pp. 57, boards. Paris, 1841.

1 25

3631 Maillard (N. Doran). The History of the Republic of Texas, from the Discovery of the Country to the Present Time, and the Cause of her Separation from the Republic of Mexico. Map. 8vo. pp. 512, uncut. London, 1842.


150 3632 Morphis (J. M.) History of Texas, 3618 Gouge (William M.) The Fiscal from its Discovery and Settlement. Map History of Texas. Embracing an Account and plates. 12mo. pp. of its Revenues, Debts, and Currency. 8vo. | 1874. pp. 327. Philadelphia, 1852.


3619 Holley (Wm. M. A.) Texas. Ob servations, Historical, Geographical, and Descriptive. Maps. 16mo. pp. 167. Baltimore, 1833. 125 3620 Hooton (Charles). St. Louis Isle; or, Texiana. With addititional Observations made in the United States and in Canada. Portrait. 8vo. pp. 204. London, 1847. 1 50

591. New York, 4.00

3633 Newell (Rev. C.) History of the Revolution in Texas, particularly of the War of 1835 and '36. Together with the latest Geographical, Topographical, and Statistical Accounts of the Country. Map. 12mo. pp. 215. New York, 1838. 2.50

3634 Olmstead (F. L.) A Journey through Texas; or, a Saddle Trip on the Southwestern Frontier. With a Statistical Appendix. 12mo. pp. 516. New York, 1857.


3621 Houstoun (Mrs.) Texas and the Gulf of Mexico; or, Yachting in the New 3635 Parker (A. A.) Trip to the West World. Portraits and Illustrations. 2 and Texas. Comprising a Journey of vols. 12mo. London, 1844. 2 50 Eight Thousand Miles through New York, 3622 Another edition. 16mo. pp. 288. Michigan, Illinois, etc., in 1834-5. InterPhiladelphia, 1845. 100 spersed with Incidents, Anecdotes, etc. With a Brief Sketch of the Texan War. 12mo. 380. Concord, N. II., 1836. 2 50 pp.

3623 Hutchinson (J. R.) Reminiscences, Sketches, and Addresses selected from my Papers during a Ministry of Forty-five Years in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas. 12mo. pp. 262. Houston, 1874. 1 50 3624 Kennedy (W.) The Rise, Progress, and Prospects of the Republic of Texas. Maps. 2 vols. 8vo., uncut. London,

3636 Parker (W. B.) Notes taken during the Expedition commanded by Capt. R. B. Marcy, through Unexplored Texas. 12mo. pp. 242. Philadelphia, 1856. 1 25

3637 Paxton (Phillip). A Stray Yankee in Texas. 12mo. pp. 416. New York,

3 50 1853.

3625 Laws of the Republic of Texas. 3638 Prairiedom. Rambles and Scram-
Printed by Order of the Secretary of State. | bles in Texas; or, New Estremadura. By a
2 vols. in 1. 12mo. Half bound. Hous- Southron. 12mo. pp. 166, paper. New
ton, 1838.
6 00 York, 1845.

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1.00 3626 Laws and Decrees of the State of 3639 Proceedings of a Convention held Coahuila and Texas, in Spanish and En-at Boston, 1845, on the Proposed Annexa

tion of Texas. 8vo. pp. 18, paper. Boston, Annexation to the United States, in 1846. 1845. 30 Illustrated. 2 vols. 8vo. New York

3640 Rankin (Melinda). Texas in 1850. | 1856. 12mo. pp. 199. Boston, 1850.


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3645 Spaight (A. W.) The Resources, Soil and Climate of Texas. Large Map. 8vo. pp. 360, paper. Galveston, 1882. 1 00 3646 Stiff (Edward). The Texan Emigrant. Being a Narration of the Adventures of the Author in Texas, the Revolution in Mexico, and a Condensed Statement of Interesting Events in Texas, from 1692 to 1840. Map. 12mo. pp. 367. Cincinnati, 1840. 3 00 3647 Sweet (Geo. H.) Texas: her Early History, with Sketches of the Principal Counties and Cities. 12mo. pp. 160, paper. New York, 1871. 100


10 00

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3656 Beadle (J. H.) Life in Utah; or, the Mysteries and Crimes of Mormonism. Being an Expose of the Secret Rites and Ceremonies of the Later-Day Saints. Map. 8vo. pp. 540. Philadelphia,. 1870. 2 00

3657 Bennett (John C.) The History of the Saints; or An Expose of Joe Smith and Mormonism. Portraits. 12mo. pp. 344. Boston, 1842. 2.00 and the Siver Mines. 3658 Bonwick (James). The Mormons 12mo. pp. 425. London, 1872. 1 50 written by the Hand of Mormon, upon 3659 Book of Mormon. An Account Plates taken from the Plates of Nephi. Translated by Joseph Smith, Jr. 12mo. pp. 590. Palmyra, 1830. 22 50

3660 Book of Mormon. Another Edition. 16mo. pp. 571. Nauvoo, Ill., 1840. 4.00 3661 Book of Mormon. tion. 12mo. pp. 563, roan. Salt Lake City,


Another edi


2.50 Α 3662 Brigham's Young Daughter. Most Thrilling Narrative of the Escape from Utah, etc. 8vo pp. 80, paper. Philadelphia, 1870. 3663 Burton (Richard T.) The City of the Saints, and Across the Rocky Mountains to California. Illustrated. 225 574. New York, 1862.

3648 Sweet (A. E.) and Knox (J. A.) On a Mexican Mustang through Texas from the Gulf to the Rio Grande. Illustrated. 8vo. pp. 672. Hartford, 1883.

3649 Thoughts on the Proposed Annexation of Texas to the United States. 8vo. pp. 55, paper. New York, 1844.


3650 Thrall (Homer S.) History of Methodism in Texas. 12mo. pp. 210. Houston, Texas, 1872. 1.00 3651 Thrall (Rev. Homer S.) A History of Texas. 12mo. pp. 225. 1876.

8vo. PP. 350

3664 Another edition. 8vo. pp. 707. London, 1861. 4 50

3665 Caswall (Henry). The Prophet
of the Nineteenth Century; or, The Rise,
Progress, and Present State of the Mormons.
12mo. pp. 277. London, 1843.
1 25

New York, 3666 Candless (William). A Visit to
Salt Lake. Being a Journey across the
tlements at Utah. Map. 12mo. pp. 346.
London, 1857.

100 3652 Thrall (Rev. Homer S.) Pictorial History of Texas from the Earliest European Adventurers to 1879. Map and Plates. 8vo. pp. 861. St. Louis, 1879. 4 75 3653 Woodman (David). Guide to Texas Emigrants. Map. 12mo. pp. 192. Boston, 100 3654 Yoakum (H.) History of Texas from its First Settlement, in 1685, to its


Plains and a Residence in the Mormon Set


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tion by Thurlow Weed. New York, 1885.

12mo. pp. 272. 1 00 3669 Ferris (Benj. G.) Utah and the Mormons. The History, Government, Doctrines, Customs and Prospects of the LatterDay Saints. Portraits and Illustrations. 12mo. pp. 347. New York, 1854. 1 50

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3682 Mormon Wife (The). A Life Story of the Sacrifices, Sorrows and Sufferings of Woman, a Narrative of Many Years' Personal Experience. By the Wife of a Mormon Elder. Illustrated. 12mo. pp. 449, half bound. Hartford, 1872. 175

3683 Another edition. 18mo. pp. 247. Lon don, 1855. 100

3670 Fuller (Metta V.) Mormon Wives. A Narrative of Facts Stranger than Fiction. 12mo. pp. 326. New York, 1856. 1 25 3671 Green (N. W.) Mormonism: Its Rise, Progress and Present Condition. Embracing the Narrative of Mrs. Mary Ettie V. Smith, of her Residence and Experience of fifteen years with the Mormons. A full Disclosure of the Rites, Ceremonies, and Day Saints. 3684 Mormons (The); or, The LatterWith Memoirs of the Life and Mysteries of Polygamy, etc. 12mo. pp. 472. Death of Joseph Smith, the American MaHartford, 1870. 1 50 homet. [By Charles Mackay]. 40 engra3672 Gunnison (J. W.) History of the vings. 12mo. pp, 325. London [1851]. I 25 Mormons. 12mo. pp. 165. Philadelphia, 3685 Mormonism. Re-printed from the Edinburgh Review of April, 1854. 12mo. pp. 112, paper. London, 1854. 75


75 3673 Hand-book of Mormonism. A Series of Articles on the Origin and History of Mormonism, Polygamy, Mountain Meadow Massacre, etc. 8vo. pp. 96. Salt Lake City, 1882. 50 3674 Hyde (John, Jun.) Mormonism. Its Leaders and Designs. Portraits and plates. 12mo. pp. 335. New York, 1857. 200

3675 Kane (Thomas L.) The Mormons. A Discourse, delivered before the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, March 26, 1850. 8vo. pp. 84, paper. Philadelphia, 1850. 75 3676 Kelley (E. L.) Braden (Clark). Public Discussion of the Issues between the Re-organized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and the Church of Christ (Disciples), held in Kirtland, Ohio, beginning February 12th, and closing March 8th, 1884, between E. L. Kelley, of the R. C. of J. C. of Latter-Day Saints, and Clark Braden, of the Church of Christ. 8vo. pp. 396. St. Louis, Mo., 1884. 2 00 3677 Lee Trial (The). An Exposure of the Mountain Meadows Massacre. 8vo. pp. 64, paper. Salt Lake City, 1875. 3678 Lee (John D.) Life and Confession of. With a full Account of the Mountain Meadows Massacre. 8vo. pp. 48, paper. Philadelphia, 1877.


50 3679 Lee (John D.) Mormonism Unveiled; or, the Life and Confessions of the late Mormon Bishop, John D. Lee. 8vo. pp. 406. St. Louis, 1879. 2 25 3680 "Manuscript Found;" (The) or, the Manuscript Story of the late Rev. Solomon Spalding, from a verbatim copy of the original, including Correspondence touch ing the Manuscript, its preservation, etc. 18mo. pp. 144. Lamoni, Iowa, 1885.

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Illustrated. 8vo. pp. 74, paper. Omaha,
Neb., 1879.

3690 Resources and Attractions of Utah.


3691 Saint Abe and His Seven Wives. A Tale of Salt Lake City. 12mo. pp. 169. London, 1872. 1.00

3692 Sloan (Edward L.) Gazetteer of Utah and Salt Lake City Directory. Map, 8vo. pp. 318. Salt Lake City, 1874. 1.00

3693 Salt Lake City Directory and Business Guide for 1869. Containing a Sketch of Mormonism, Chronological Events in Utah, etc. Plate. 8vo. pp. 219. 401 3694 Stansbury (Howard). Exploration




3707 Montpelier. Thompson (D. P.) History of Montpelier, from the Time it was First Chartered, in 1781, to the year 1860. With Biographical Sketches. Portrait. 8vo. pp. 312. Montpelier,



3708 Pawlet. Hollister (Hiel.) PawPortrait. let for One Hundred Years. 12mo. pp. 284. Albany, N. Y., 1867. 1 50 3709 St. Albans. Dutcher (L. L.) The History of St. Albans. Civil, Religious, Biographical, and Statistical, and a History of Sheldon. By H. B. Whitney and others. 8vo. pp. 112, paper. St. Albans,

and Survey of the Valley of the Great Salt pendix.] 8vo. pp. 130, paper. Rutland, Lake of Utah. Including a Reconnoissance of a New Route through the Rocky Mountains. Illustrated. 8vo. pp. 405, with atlas. Philadelphia, 1852. 4 00 3695 Stevenson (E.) and Clark (H. D. C.) Doctrines of the Latter Day Saints. 8vo. pp. 8, paper. Centreville, 1878. 25 3696 Taylder (T. W. B.) The Mormon's Own Book; or, Mormonism tried by its own Standard, Reason and Scripture. With an Account of its Present Condition. Also, a Life of Joseph Smith. 12mo. pp. 228. London, 1857. 1 25 3697 Turner (J. B.) Mormonism in all Ages; or, the Rise, Origin and Cause of Mormonism. With the Biography of Jos. Smith, Jr. 12mo. pp. 304. New York, 1842. 1 50 3698 Van Deusen (I. and M.) Spiritual Delusions. A Key to the Mysteries of Mormonism. The Spiritual Wife System. Folding plate. 8vo. pp. 64, paper. New York, 1855.

1 25

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1872. 1.00 3710 Slade (William, Jr.) Vermont State Papers. Being a collection of Records and Documents connected with the assumption of Government by the People Journals and the Laws, from 1779 to 1786, of Vermont. Together with the Early 8vo. pp. 568, sheep. Middlebury, 2. 00



3711 Thompson (Zadock.) History of the State of Vermont. 16mo. pp. 252, boards. Burlington, 1858. 1548

1. 00 3712 Vermont Historical Society. 8vo. MontCollections. Vols. 1 and 2. 5.00 pelier, 1870-71.

3713 Vermont Historical Society. Proceedings 1872, with L. E. Chittenden's Address on the Capture of Ticonderoga. 1 50 8vo. pp. 127. Montpelier, 1872.

3714 Vermont Quarterly Gazetteer. A Historical Magazine. Edited by Abby M. Hemenway. Parts 1 to 11. 8vo. pp. 1096, paper. Ludlow, 1860-7. 4 50

4 50

3714A The same, Parts 4 and 6. Each, 25 3715 Williams (Samuel.) The Natural and Civil History of Vermont. Map. 2 vols. 8vo. pp. Burlington, 1809. Boston, 3716. Williamstown. Jackson (Mrs. 75 Elizabeth.) The Confession of a True Penitent, before the Congregational and Baptist Churches. 8vo. pp. 15, paper. New Haven, 1806.

3703 Carpenter (W. H.) and Arthur (T. S.) The History of Vermont, from its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time. 16mo. pp. 260. Philadelphia.


3704 Coventry. White (Pliny H.) A History of Coventry, Orleans County. 8vo. pp. 68, paper. Irasburgh, 1859. 1 25



3717 Allen (S. M.) William Claiborne, 3705 Graham (J. A.) A Descriptive with a Sketch of the Claiborne Rebellion. Sketch of the Present State of Vermont. 8vo. pp. 11. Boston, 1873.

Portrait, woodcuts by Bewick. 187, old calf. London, 1797.

3706 Middletown. Frisbie

8vo. pp.


3718 Arthur (T. S.) and Carpenter (W. 3 50 H.) History of Virginia, from the Ear(Barnes.) liest Settlement to the Present Time. 16mo. pp. 332. Philadelphia.

The History of Middletown. [With an Ap


3730 Case of the Planters of Tobacco in Virginia, as represented by themselves. With a Vindication. 8vo. pp. 64, paper. London, 1733. 1 50

3731 Coale (Charles B.) The Life and Adventures of Wilburn Waters, the Famous Hunter and Trapper of White Top Mountain; embracing Early History of Southwestern Virginia. 12mo. pp. 265 Richmond, 1878.

3719 Augusta County. Peyton (John L) History of Augusta County. 8vo. pp. 395. Staunton, 1882. 400 3720 Bayard (F. M.) Voyage dans l' Interieur des Etats-Unis, a Bath, Winchester, dans la Vallee de Shanandoha, etc, pendent l'ete de 1791. 8vo. pp. 336 boards, uncut. Paris, 1797. 2 25 3721 [Beverley (Robert.)] The History of Virginia. In Four Parts. I. History of the First Settlement of Virginia, in 1706. II. Natural Productions of the Country.ginia, III. The Native Indians. IV. The Present State of the Country. By a Native and Inhabitant of the Place. Numerous curious plates. 12mo. pp. 8+284+24, old calf. London, 1722. 11 00 3722 Another edition in French. 8vo. pp. 432, and Index. Amsterdam, 1707. 3 00

3723 Bland Papers (The.) Being a Selection from the Manuscripts of Col. Theodorick Bland, Jr., of Prince County, Virginia. To which are prefixed an Introduction and Memoir of Colonel Bland. Edited by Charles Campbell. 2 vols. in one. 8vo. pp. 160, 130, paper. Petersburgh, 1843. 4 00

3724 Burk (John.) The History of Virginia, from its First Settlement to the Present Day. With Vol. 4, the Continuation by Sketon Jones and Louis Hue Girardin. 4 vols. 8vo. sheep, Petersburgh, 18041816. 32 50

3725 Burke (William.) The Mineral Springs of Virginia, with Remarks on their use, the Diseases to which they are applicable, and in which they are contra-indicated, accompanied by a map of Routes and Distances. 12mo. pp. 348. Richmond, 1851. 1.00

3726 Byrd (William.) The History of the Dividing Line between Virginia and North Carolina, as run in 1728-9. 2 vols. Small 4to. boards, uncut. Richmond, 1866. 7 00

3727 Campbell (J. W.) History of Virginia from its Discovery till the Year 1781, with Biographical Sketches of all the most Distinguished Characters that occur in the Colonial Revolution or Subsequent Period of our History. 12mo. pp. 310, sheep. Philadelphia, 1813.

1 50

3732 Constitution of the State of Virand the Ordinances adopted by the Convention which Assembled at Alexandria, Feb. 13, 1861. 8vo. pp. 31. Alexandria, 1864. 50

3733 Cooke (John E.). Virginia. A History of the People. Map. 12mo. pp. 523. Boston, 1884.

1 25

3734 Cotton (Mrs. An.) An Account of our late Troubles in Virginia, 1676. 8vo. pp. 11, paper. Washington, 1835. 40

3735 Debates in the House of Delegates of Virginia in December, 1798, on the Alien and Sedition Laws. pp. 183+the Resolutions of Virginia and Kentucky penned by Madison and Jefferson in relation to the Alien and Sedition Laws. pp. 71. 8vo. Richmond, 1829-1826.


3736 Debates and other Proceedings of
the Convention of Virginia, convened at
Richmond, June 2, 1788, for the purpose of
Deliberating on the Constitution recom-
mended by the Grand Federal Convention.
To which is prefixed the Federal Constitu-
tion. 8vo. pp. 477, old sheep. Richmond,
| 1805.

Records of Lieut. Gov. of the Colony of
3737 Dinwiddie (Robert.) The Official
Virginia, 1751-1758, were first printed from
the Manuscript in the Collections of the
Virginia Historical Society, with an Illus-
tration and Notes by R. A. Brock. 2
portraits. 2 vols. 8vo. Richmond,
1883 -4.
8 00

3738 Exiles in Virginia. With Observations on the Conduct of the Society of Friends, during the Revolutionary War. Comprising Official Papers of the Government. 8vo. pp. 302. Philadelphia,



3739 Foote (W. H.) Sketches of Vir2.50 ginia, Historical and Biographical. (First 3728 Campbell (Charles) Introduc- Series.) 8vo. pp. 568. Philadelphia, tion to the History of the Colony and An- 1850. cient Dominion of Virginia. Royal Svo. pp. 208. Richmond, 1847.

6.00 3740 Foote (W. H.) Sketches of Vir2 00 ginia, Historical and Biographical. (SeHistory of cond Series.) 8vo. pp. 596. Philadelphia,

3729 Campbell (Charles.) the Colony and Ancient Dominion of Vir- 1855. ginia. 8vo. pp. 765. Philadelphia, Phila



3741 Geographical and Political Sum3 50 mary. Embracing a Description of the

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