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State; Its Geology, Soils, Minerals, and Climate, etc. Numerous maps. 8vo. pp. 320, paper. Richmond, 1876.

3755 Jefferson's Notes on Virginia. Observations on Certain Passages of, which 150 appear to have a tendency to Subvert Religion, and Establish a False Philosophy. 8vo. pp. 32, paper, uncut. New York, 1804.


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3742 Hamor (Ralph.) A True Discourse of the Present Estate of Virginia, and the Successe of the Affaires there, till 75 the 18 of June, 1614. Together with a 3756 Jefferson (Thomas) and Cabell (JoRelation of the Several English Townes seph C.) Early History of the University and Fortes, etc. Folio, pp. 69. London, of Virginia, as contained in the Letters of 1615. 200 copies reprinted. [Albany, Thomas Jefferson and Joseph C. Cabell, with 1860.] an Appendix containing Mr. Jefferson's Bill for a Complete System of Education, etc.; and an introduction, comprising a brief Historical Sketch of the University, and a Biographical Notice of Joseph C. Cabell. 8vo. pp. 528. Richmond, 1856. 2 50 3757 Journal of a Young Lady of Virginia, 1782. 8vo. pp. 56. Baltimore, 1 00

3743 Hanover. Davies (Samuel.) The Crisis; or, The Uncertain Doom of King doms at Particular Times, considered with Referrence to Great Britain and her Colonies in their Present Circumstances. A Sermon preached in Hanover, Virginia, October 28, 1756. 12mo. pp. 36, half calf. London, 1757. 2.00 3745 Hopkins (Samuel.) The Youth of 12mo. pp. 473. Bos

the Old Dominion.
ton, 1856.
1 50
3746 Howe (Henry.) Historical Collec-
tions of Virginia. Containing a Collection
of the most Interesting Facts, Traditions,
Biographical Sketches, Anecdotes, etc., re-
lating to its History and Antiquities. Il-
lustrated by over 100 engravings. 8vo. pp.
544. Charleston, 1852.


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3761 Lynchburg. Sketches and Recol600 tions of. By the Oldest Inhabitant [Mrs. 3747 Howison (Robert R.) A History Cabell]. 12mo. pp. 363. Richmond, 1 50 of Virginia, from its Discovery and Settle- 1858. ment by Europeans to the Present Time. 3762 Magill (Mary T.) History of Vir2 vols. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1846. 10 00 ginia. Illustrated. 12mo. pp. 258. Balti3748 Hutchins (Thomas.) A Topo- more, 1874.

graphical Description of Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and North Carolina. Comprehending the Rivers Ohio, Kenhawa, Scioto, Cherokee, Wabash, Illinois, Mississippi, etc.; the Climate, Soil, etc.; the Mountains, Roads, etc. With copperplates of the Rapids of the Ohio, and Villages in Illinois Country. 12mo. half calf. Boston, 1788. 12.00

3749 Ingle (Edward.) Virginia Local Institutions; the Land System; Hundred, Parish, County, Town. 8vo. pp. 127. Baltimore, 1885.


3750 Jefferson (Thomas). Notes on the State of Virginia. Large map. 8vo. pp. 382, full bound. London, 1787.

2 50

3751 Another edition. With the Appendices, relating to the Murder of the Logan Family, etc. 8vo. pp. 194+53+21. Map, sheep. Baltimore, 1800.

2 25


3763 Map of Virginia, as Discovered and Described by Captain John Smith, 1607. Fac simile. 13x16 inches.


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3765 Martin (Joseph). New and Comprehensive Gazetteer of Virginia and the District of Columbia. To which is added a History of Virginia, from its First Settlement to 1754. Map. 8vo. pp. 636, sheep. Charlottesville, 1835. 3.00

of Virginia: her Geographical Position, its 3766 Maury (M. F.) Physical Survey Commercial Advantages, and National Importance. Large Maps. 8vo. pp. 90, paper. Richmond, 1868.


3767 Meade (Bishop). Old Churches, Ministers, and Families of Virginia. Illustrated. 2 vols. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1878. 5 00 3768 Moorman (Dr. J. J.) The Virginia Springs and the Springs of the South and 3753 Another edition. 12mo. pp. 341. West. Map and plates. 12mo. pp. 403. Philadelphia, 1825.

3752 Another edition. 16mo. pp. 363, old sheep. Trenton, 1803.


125 Philadelphia, 1859.

3754 Another edition. 16mo. pp. 280. Boston, 1829.

1 25

3769 Another edition. 100 Richmond, 1854.

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3770 Neill (Edward D.) History of the Virginia Company of London. With Letters to and from the First Colony, never before printed. 4to. pp. 448, gilt top, uncut. Albany, 1869. 4 00

3771 Neill (Edward D.) Virginia Vetusta, during the Reign of James I. Containing Letters and Documents never before printed. Small 4to. pp. 216, paper. Albany, 1885. 3 00 3772 Narrative of the Indian and Civil Wars in Virginia, 1675-6. 8vo. pp. 47, paper. Washington, 1835. 50 3773 New Life (The) of Virginia, 1612. 8vo. pp. 24, paper. Washington, 1835. 40 3774 New Virginians (The). By the Author of the Private Life of Galileo. 72 vols. 12mo. Edinburg, 1880. 2 75 3775 Norfolk. Forrest (Wm. S.) Historical and Descriptive Sketches of Norfolk, Va. and Vicinity. Including Portsmouth and the Adjacent Counties, for Two Hundred Years. 8vo. pp. 496. Philadelphia, 1853.

2 25

3776 Norwood (Colonel). A Voyage to Virginia [made in 1649] giving an account of the Great Distresses they met with, etc. 12mo. halfcalf, gilt top, neat. [52 pages ab stracted from an old book of travels.] 2 50

3777 Nova Brittania. Offering most Excellent Fruites by Planting in Virginia, exciting all such as be well affected to further the same. 4to. polished calf, extra gilt top, uncut, by Bedford. London, 1609. Reprinted, New York, 1867. 5.00

3778 Another Reprint. 8vo. pp. 28. Washington, 1835. 50

3779 Pollard (Edward A.) The Virginia Tourist. Sketches of the Springs and Mountains of Virginia. Maps and Illustrations. 12mo. pp. 277. Philadelphia, 1870. 1 50 3780 Proceedings of the Convention of Delegates in the Colony of Virginia, held at Richmond Town., 20th March, 1775, pp. 116+. Proceedings and Ordinances at Williamsburg, 6th May, 1776, pp. 86+19. 4to. Richmond, 1816.


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3790 Ruter (P. S.) Reminiscences of a Virginia Physician. 12mo. pp. 278, boards. Louisville, 1849. 2.00

3791 Smith (John). The True Travels, Adventures, and Observations of, in EuropeAsia, Africke, and America, from 1593 to 1629. Curious plates. Map. From the London Edition of 1629. 2 vols. Map. 8vo. sheep. Richmond, 1819. 8 00

3792 Spotswood (Alexander). The offi cial Letters. With Introduction and Notes. By R. A. Brock. 2 vols. 8vo. paper. Richmond, 1882-85.

6 00

1 00

3793 Taylor (James B). Lives of Vir3781 Public Good. Being an Examination into the Claim of Virginia to the Va-ginia Baptist Ministers. 12mo. pp. 492, calf. Richmond, 1838. cant Western Territory, and of the Right of the United States to the Same. [By 3794 Thorburn. (Grant.) Laurie Todd's Thomas Paine]. 8vo. pp. 38, new half mo- Notes on Virginia. With a Chapter on Purocco, gilt top, uncut. Philadelphia, ritans, Witches and Friends. 8vo. pp. 36, 2 75 paper. New York, 1848.


1780. 3782 Red Sulphur Springs. Huntt 3795 Tour Through Part of Virginia in (Henry). A Visit to the Red Sulphur 1808. In a Series of Letters, Including an Springs of Virginia, during the Summer of Account of Harper's Ferry, the Natural 1837. With Observations on the Waters. Bridge, Weirs' Cave, etc. 8vo. pp. 31. half 8vo. pp. 40, paper. Boston, 1839. morocco. New York, 1809.


2. 00



3796 Virginia. Geographical and 3807 Mercer (A. S.) Washington TerriPolitical Summary. Embracing a Descrip- tory. The Great North-West; her Material tion of the State, its Geology, Minerals, Cli- | Resources and Claims to Emigration. 8vo. mate, Animal and Vegetable Productions, pp. 38, paper. Utica, N. Y., 1865. Government, etc. Maps. 8vo. pp. 319, 3808 Parker (Frank J.) Washington paper. Richmond, 1876. 1 50 Territory. The Present and Prospective Future of the Upper Columbia Country. With a Detailed Description of Northern Idaho. 8vo. pp. 17, paper. Walla Walla, 1881.


3797 Virginia Historical Society. Collections. Vol. 1: Containing the Memoir of Indian Wars, Battle of Point Pleasant, and other occurrences, by Col. Stewart, of Greenbrier; the only form in which it is published. 8vo. pp. 87, paper. Richmond, 4 00 3798 Virginia Illustrated. Containing a Visit to the Virginian Canaan, and the Adventures of Porte Crayon and his Consins. Illustrated from Drawings by Porte Crayon [David Strothers.] 8vo. pp. 300. New York, 1871.

3 50

3799 Virginia Springs. Letters Descriptive of. The Roads leading Thereto, and the Doings Thereat. By Peregrine Prolix [Philip Nicklin.] Map. 18mo. PP: 248. Philadelphia, 1837. 3800 Another edition. 18mo. pp. 99, bound. Philadelphia, 1855.




2 50


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Hand-book. A Sketch of the State of West
3811 Debar (J. H. D.) West Virginia
12mo. pp. 193,
Virginia. Map.
Parkersburg, 1870.

paper. 75

6 50

3812 De Hass (Willis). History of the 3801 Virginia. Historie de la. Early Settlement and Indian Wars of West pp. 432, sheep. Amsterdam, 1707. Virginia. Embracing an Account of the 3802 Williams (Ed.) Virginia: More various Expeditions in the West previous especially the South Part thereof. Richly to 1795. Also, Biographical Sketches of and truly valued, etc. With Addition of Zane, McCulloch, Wetzel, and others. the Discovery of Silkworms, with their Illustrated. 8vo. pp. 416. Wheeling, benefit. The Implanting of Mulberry 1851. Trees, Making of Wines in Virginia, etc. 8vo. pp. 62, half bound, uncut. London, 1650. [Reprinted, Wash., 1844.] 2.00 3803 Yorktown. Patten (J. H.) An Account of the Campaign of the Allied French and American Forces. Resulting in the Surrender of Cornwallis, and of the Centennial Celebration. Plate and Portraits. 8vo. pp. 62, paper. New York,



3813 Gibbons (J. A.) The Kanawha Valley; Its Resources and Developments. Also, Business Directory of Charleston, (W. Va.), and other Cities. 8vo. pp. 64, paper. Charleston, 1872.


3814 Kanawha County. Atkinson (Geo. W.) History of Kanawha County, from its Organization in 1789, until the Present Time. Embracing Accounts of Early Settlements and Thrilling Adventures with the Indians, derived from History and Aged Citizens. Also, Biographical Sketches of a large number of the Early Settlers of 3804 Berlin Arbitration. Containing the Great Kanawha Valley. Illustrated by the Memorial of the United States on the numerous engravings. 8vo. pp. 338. (Only Canal de Haro as its Boundary Line. The 300 copies for subscribers.) Charleston, Case of Great Britain, etc. Maps. 8vo. Washington, 1872.


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tion of the State of West Virginia, and
other Incidents of the late Civil War.
With remarks on the subjects of Public In-
terest, arising since the War Closed. 8vo.
pp. 482. Wellsburg, 1875.
2 50
3818 Preston County. Wiley (S. T.)
History of Preston County. 12mo. pp. 529.
Kingwood, 1882.

3 00 3819 Tucker County. Maxwell (H. W.) History of Tucker County, from the English Explorations and Settlement to the Present Time. Portrait. 8vo. pp. 574. Kingwood, 1884.



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3823 Brown County. Resources, Advantages, and Productions of the Counties of Brown, Door, Oconto, and Shawana, in the State of Wisconsin. 8vo. pp. 33, paper, Green Bay, 1870. 50 3824 Butterfield (C. W.)_History of the University of Wisconsin. Portraits. 8vo. pp. 233. Madison, 1879. 2 00 3825 Carpenter (S. H.) An Historical Sketch of the University of Wisconsin, from 1849 to 1876. 8vo. pp. 97, Madison, 1876.



3826 Chapman (S.) Handbook of Wisconsin; enlarged and improved. 32mo. pp. 117. Milwaukee, 1855.

3829 Dorward (B. I.) Wild Flowers of Wisconsin. Poems. Edited by his Son. 12mo. pp. 247. Milwaukee, 1872. 1 00 3830 Elkhorn Conservator (The). Vol. 1, No. 1. October 10, 1857 Edited by Otis Preston. 8vo. pp. 28, paper.


3831 Freeman (Samuel). The Emigrant's Hand-book and Guide to Wisconsin, comprising a Sketch of Milwaukee, its Rise and Progress, etc. 8vo. pp. 148, boards. Milwaukee, 1851. 1 00

3832 Geneva. Simmons (James). The History of Geneva, Wisconsin. With Sketches of the Lives of Prominent Early Settlers. 8vo. pp. 101. Geneva, 1875. Paper, $1.00; cloth, 1 25

3833 Green Bay. Crawford (Wm.) God's Providence for Forty Years. Three Discourses at the Fortieth Anniversary of the First Presbyterian Church. 8vo. pp. 37, paper. Green Bay, 1876.


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1 00 The Blue Book of the 12mo. pp. 578. Mad1 25

3838 Hunt (J. W.) Wisconsin Gazetteer. Containing the Names, Locations, and Advantages of the Counties, Cities, Towns, etc. Map. 8vo. pp. 255, half bound. Madison,

1 25

1853. 3839 Journal of the Council. First Session of the Legislative Assembly of Wisconsin, Nov. 26, 1838. 12mo. pp. 148. paper. Madison, 1838. 1 50 3840 Lacrosse. Seymour (Charles). His75 torical Address at the Northwestern Cen3827 Chippewa Valley. Randall (T. tennial Celebration in Lacrosse, 1876. 8vo. E.) History of the Chippewa Valley. App. 32, paper. Lacrosse, 1877. Faithful Record of all Important Events, Incidents, and Circumstances that have

Transpired in the Valley of the Chippewa,

from its Earliest Settlement by White Peo-
ple, and a Brief Biographical Sketch of the
most Prominent Persons in the Settlement
of the Valley. 8vo. pp. 207. Eau Claire,
1 50
3828 Dane County. Statistics of. With
a Sketch of the Settlement of Madison.
8vo. pp. 16, paper. Madison, 1882. 50


3841 Lapham (I. A.) Wisconsin. Its Geography and Topography, History, Geology and Mineralogy. 12mo. pp. 208. Milwaukee, 1846.

3842 Another copy. Paper.



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Progress Condition, Wants and Capabili- 3860 Neenah. Cunningham (G. A.) Histies. 8vo. pp. 48, paper. Madison, 1857. 50 tory of Neenah, from the Early Days." 3845 Madison. Durrie (Daniel S.) A With Interesting Incidents and Personal History of. Including the Four Lake Reminiscences, and an Appendix of NeeCountry, to July, 1874. With an Appendix nah Church History. 12mo. pp. 254+53. of Notes on Dane County and its Towns. Neenah, 1878. 8vo. pp. 420. Madison, 1874.

3846 Another copy. photographic views.

1 50 2 25 3861 Observations on the Wisconsin Illustrated with Territory; chiefly on that part called the 3 25" Wisconsin Land District." With a Map, exhibiting the Settled Parts of the Territory. [By W. R. Smith.] 12mo. pp. 134. Philadelphia, 1838.

3847 Durrie (D. S.) Historical Address. Twenty-fifth Anniversary of the Presbyterian Church. 8vo. pp. 29, paper. Madison, 1876. 3848


Madison. Its

Jones (C. E.) Origin, Institutions and Attractions. Illustrated. 12mo. pp. 221. Madison, 1876. 1 50 3849 Park (N. J.) Madison, Dane County, and Surrounding Towns. A History and a Guide, including the Organization of the Towns and Early Intercourse of the Settlers with the Indians, their Camps, Trails, Mounds, etc. 12mo. pp. 664. Madison, 1877. 2.00

3850 Madison County. Gazetteer, of. Including some Account of the Resources of the Various Townships. 8vo. pp. 292, half bound. Alton, 1866.

125 3851 Milwaukee. Buck (Jas. S.) Pioneer History of Milwaukee, from its First Settlement, in 1833, to 1841. Map and portraits. 8vo. pp. 292. Milwaukee, 1876.





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3867 Racine. Early Days at Racine. to a part of Hon. Charles E. Dyer's AdIntended as a Response or as Emendations dress before the Old Settlers' Club. an Outsider. 8vo. pp. 23, paper. Racine,



Buck (Jas. S.) Pioneer History of Milwaukee, from 1840 to 1846, clusive. Illustrated. 8vo. pp. 383. Milwaukee, 1881. 250 3853 Buck (Jas. S.) Milwaukee's 1872. Early Days. An Historical Poem. 12mo. 3868 Racine and Kenosha Counties. pp. 16, paper. Milwaukee, 1874. 25 History of. Their Early Settlement, 3854 Miller (W. G.) Historical Growth, Development, Resources, War Sketch of Milwaukee Methodism, from Record, etc. Illustrated. Small 4to. pp. 1835 to 1873. 8vo. pp. 76, paper. Mil- 738, half bound. Chicago, 1879. 4.00 waukee, 1873. 3855


Wheeler (A. C.) The Chronicles of Milwaukee. Being a Narrative History of the Town from its Earliest Period to the Present. 12mo. pp. 303. Milwaukee, 1861. 2.00

3856 Milwaukee County. Illustrated Historical Atlas of. 12 maps, with Historical and Statistical Text, and plates. Royal 4to. pp. 85. Chicago, 1876. 4.00

3857 Milwaukee County Old Settlers' Club. Chase (Enoch). Address, 1872 8vo. pp. 10. 1872.

3858 Lapham (I. A.) 1875. 8vo. pp. 10. 1875.

3859 Miller (A. G.)

8vo. pp. 14. 1874.



3869 Ripon. History of the City of Ripon, and of its Founder, Daid P. Mapes. of the Day. 12mo. pp. 281. Milwaukee, With his Opinions of Men and Manners


1 50

3870 Ritchie (James S.) Wisconsin and its Resources; with Lake Superior, its Commerce and Navigation. Including a Trip up the Mississippi and a Canoe Voyage

on the St. Croix and Brule Rivers to Lake
Superior. Maps and Illustrations. 12mo.
pp. 312. Philadelphia, 1857.
1 50

3871 Rock County. Guernsey (Orrin), and Willard (Josiah F.) History of Rock 25 County, and Transactions of the AgriculAddress, 1873, tural Society. 8vo. pp. 350. Janesville,

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