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Rivers and Lakes. With an Account of the River Expedition of 1870. Maps. 8vo. pp. Productions, Commerce, and Inhabitants 275. London, 1871. of those Provinces, and a Comparative View of the Manners and Customs of the Indian Nations of North and South America. Map and numerous tinted plates. 4to. pp. 602. London, 1807. 750

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4011 Hind (Henry Y.) Explorations in the Interior of the Labrador Peninsula, the Country of the Montagnais and Nasquapee Indians. Maps and colored plates. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1863. 600

4012 Hind (Henry Y.) Narrative of the Canadian Red River Exploring Expedition of 1857, and of the Assinniboine and Saskatchewan Exploring Expedition of 1858. Maps and plates. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1860.

6 00 4013 Hogan (J. Sheridan). Canada. A Prize Essay. Two large maps. 8vo. pp. 110. Montreal, 1855. 1 25 4014 Hochelaga Dipicta; or, the History and Present State of the Island and City of Montreal. [By Newton Bosworth]. Map and plates. 12mo. pp. 284. Montreal,


8 00 4015 Howison (John). European Colonies in Various Parts of the World, viewed in their Social, Moral and Physical condition. 2 vols. 8vo. full morocco. London, 1834.


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4018 Hudson's Bay. Voyage for the Discovery of a North-west Passage by Hudson's Streight to the Western and Southern Ocean of America. Performed in 1746-47 in the Ship California. Captain Frank Smith, Commander. By the Clerk of the California. Map and plates. 2 vols. 8vo. Half morocco. London, 1748. 6 00

4019 Hunter (Wm. S.) Panoramic Guide from Niagara Falls to Quebec. With long folded panorama. 12mo. pp. 66. Boston, 1857.

1 00 4020 Hunter (W. S. Jr.) Ottawa Scenery. Text. pp. 19. With 14 Large Lithographic plates and map. 4to. Ottawa, 1855. 2 50 4021 Huyshe (Capt. G. L.) The Red

4022 Jack (D. R.) History of the City and County of St. John, New Brunswick. Map. 12mo. pp. 179. St. John, 1883. 1 00 4023 Jacobs (Rev. Peter). Journal of, from Rice Lake to Hudson's Bay Territory in 1852. Map. 12mo. pp. 33. Toronto, 1853.


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4030 Kohl (J. G.) Travels in Canada, and through the States of New York and Pennsylvania. 2 vols. 12mo. London,



4031 Laroche-Heron (C. de) Les Servantes de Dieu en Canada. 8vo. pp. 158, paper. Montreal, 1855. 1.00

4032 Lawrence (J. W.) Foot Prints; or, Incidents in Early History of New Brunswick, 1783-1883. Plates. 8vo. pp. 120. Saint John, 1883. 1.00

4033 Le Clercq (Father Christian). First Establishment of the Faith in New France. Now first translated, with notes, by John Gilmary Shea. 2 vols. 8vo. paper. New York, 1881.

10 00

4034 Le Moine (J. M.) The Chronicles of the (River) St. Lawrence. Map. 8vo. pp. 370. Montreal, 1878. 175

4035 Le Roux (Jos.) Atlas Numismatique du Canada. In French and English. Eighteen pages of cuts of coins. 8vo. pp. 40, paper. Montreal, 1883. 1975

4036 Lescarbot (Marc). Histoire de la

Portrait and maps. 4to. pp. 412.

Nouuelle France, contenant les nauigations, to 1793.
decouuertes et habitations faites par les London, 1801.
François es Indes Occidentales et Nouuelle
France. Avec les Muses de la Nouuelle
France. With 4 maps. 3 vols.
paper. Paris, 1866.

10 00

4037 Lesperance (John). The Bastonnais. A Tale of the American Invasion of

Canada in 1875-76. 12mo. pp. 359. To

ronto, 1877.

1 50 4038 Letters from a Young Emigrant in Manitoba. 16mo. pp. 181. 1883. 1 25


5250 sheep. London, 1802. 4050 Another edition. Maps. 2 vols. 8vo. 3 50 4051 Another edition. Maps. 8vo. pp. 296, old sheep. New York, 1802. 4052 McLean (John). Notes of 8 Twenty-Five Years' Service in the Hudson's Bay Territory. 2 vols. 12mo. London, 1849.



4.00 4053 McLeod. M'Leod for the Murder of Amos Durfe, and Trial of Alexander 4039 Levinge (Capt. R. G. A.) Echoes Steamer Caroline, in the Niagara River, as an accomplice in the Burning of the from the Backwoods; or, Sketches of during the Canadian Rebellion in 1837-8. Trans-Atlantic Life. 2 vols. 12mo. Lon- 8vo. pp. 32, paper. New York, 1841. 4054 MacMullen (J.) History of CanCanada: Physical, ada, from its Discovery to the Present Time. 8vo. pp. 506. Brockville, 1855. 3 00 the Great North-West; The Field for In4055 Macoun (John). Manitoba and vestment; The Home of the Emigrant. 8vo. pp. 687. London, 1883.

don, 1846.


4040 Lillie (A.) Economic, and Social. 12 large maps. 12mo. pp. 294. Toronto, 1855.

1 50

4041 Logan (James). Notes of a Journey through Canada, the United States, and the West Indies. Map. 12mo. pp. 259. Edinburgh, 1838.

1 50



4042 Lord (John Keast). The Natural- among the Fogs; Sketches of Life in New4056 McCrea (Lieut.-Col. R. B.) Lost ist in Vancouver Island and British Colum-foundland. bia. Illustrated. 2 vols. 12mo. Lon- 1869. pp. 299. London, don, 1866. 1 75 4057 Mactaggart (John). Three Years in Canada. An Account of the Actual 12mo., boards. London, 1829. State of the Country in 1826-7-8. 2 vols.

5 00
4043 Macdonald (D. G. F.) British Co-
lumbia and Vancouver's Island.
ing their Physical Character, Climate,
Capability, Population, Trade, Natural His-
tory, Geology, etc., and an Account of the

Manners and Customs of the Native In-
dians. 8vo. pp. 524. London, 1862. 3 25
4044 Macdougall (Wm.) The
River Rebellion.
Eight Letters to the
Hon. Joseph Howe. 8vo. pp. 68, paper
Toronto, 1870.


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uments et pour servir a l'Histoire des Ori4059 Margry (Pierre). Memoires Doc4045 MacFie (M.) Vancouver Island Decouvertes et Establissments des Frangines Francaises des Pays d'Outre Mer. and British Columbia; their History, Re- cais dans l'ouest et dans le sud de l'Amersources, and Prospects. Map and illustra-ique Septentrionale 1614-1703. tions. 8vo. pp. 574. London, 1865. 3 50 8vo. paper. Paris, 1879-81. 4046 Another copy. Half

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4060 Marmier (Xavier). Les Etats Unis 4 50 et le Canada. Illustrated. 8vo. pp. 238. 4047 M'Gregor (John). British Amer- Tours, 1877. ica. Maps. 2 vols. 8vo., half calf. Edinburgh, 1833. 4 00 4048 M'Keevor (Thomas). A Voyage to Hudson's Bay in 1812; with a Description of the Esquimeaux and North American Indians; their Manners, Language, etc. De Freminvilli's Voyage to the North Pole. 8vo. pp. 96, boards. London, 1819. 1 50 4063 Martin (R. M.) History of Nova 4049 Mackenzie (Alexander). Voyages Scotia, Cape Breton, The Sable Islands, from Montreal on the River St. Lawrence, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, through the Continent of North America The Bermudas, Newfoundland, etc. to the Frozen and Pacific Oceans, in 1789 16mo. pp. 364. London, 1837. Мар.


1 25


4077 Murdoch (Beamish). A History of Nova Scotia, or Acadia. 3 vols. 8vo. Halifax, 1865. 7 50

4064 Martin (R. M.) History of Upper Scotia and Prince Edward Island, their and Lower Canada. Map. 12mo. pp. 337. History, Civil Dominions, Geography and London, 1836. 100 Productions. 2 maps. 8vo. pp. 384. Hali, 4065 Martin (R. M.) The Hudson Bay fax, 1855. Territories and Vancouver Island. With an Exposition of the Chartered Rights, Conduct and Policy of the Honorable Hudson Bay Corporation. Map. 8vo. pp. 175, uncut. London, 1849. 1 75 4066 Mayne (R. C.) Four Years in British Columbia and Vancouver Island. An Account of their Forests, Rivers, Coasts, Gold Fields, and Resources for Colonization. Illustrated and map. 8vo. pp. 468. London, 1862. 3 50 4067 Metlakahtla. British Columbia, and the North Pacific Mission. Map. 16mo. pp. 132, paper. London, 1881. 75

4068 Milton (Viscount). History of the San Juan Water Boundary Question, as Affecting the Division of Territory between Great Britain and the United States. Maps. 8vo. pp. 446. London, 1869. 250

4069 Milton (Viscount) and Cheadle (W. B.) The North-West Passage by Land. Being the Narrative of an Expedition from the Atlantic to the Pacific, undertaken with a View of Exploring a Route across the Continent to British Columbia, through British Territory. Maps. Illustrated. 8vo. pp. 397. London, 1865. 3 50 4070 Moodie (Wm.) Life in the Clearings, versus the Bush. 12mo. pp. 300. New York, n. d. 1 00 4071 Moorsom (W.) Letters from Nova Scotia; comprising Sketches of a Young Country. Map. 12mo. pp. 371. London,


4078 Murray (Hugh). History of British America, Comprehending Canada. Upper and Lower, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island. The Bermudas and the Fur Countries. With illustrations of the Natural History, by James Wilson and others. Six maps and ten engravings. 3 vols. in 1. 16mo. half morocco. Edinburgh, 1839. 2 25 4079 Another edition. 2 vols. 18mo. New York, 1841. 1 00

4080 Muskoka. Letters from Muskoka, Canada, by an Emigrant Lady. 12mo. pp. 289. London, 1878. 1 25

4081 Net in the Bay (The); or, Journal of a Visit to Moose Fort and Albany River. By the Bishop of Rupert's Land. 16mo. pp. 276. London, 1854.

1 25

the Tobique, an Emigrant Journal, 1851. 4082 New Brunswick. Two Months on 12mo. pp. 196. London, 1866.

1 50 4083 New Dominion Monthly. 1869-72. 4 vols. 8vo. half calf. Montreal. 6 00 4084 O'Leary (Peter). Travels and Experiences in Canada, the Red River Terri. tory, and the United States. 12mo. pp. 226, London [1876].


1 25

4085 Over The Border. Acadia, the Home of "Evangeline.' With Heliotype 1 25 illustrations by the Author. Sq. 12mo. pp.


4072 Morgan (Henry J.) Sketches of 215. Boston, 1884. Celebrated Canadians and Persons con- 4086 Pedley (Charles). The History of nected with Canada. 8vo. pp. 779. Mon- Newfoundland from the Earliest Times to treal, 1865. 1860. Map. 8vo. dp. 531. London, 1863.

3 00

4073 Mountain (George J.) A Memoir 4.00 of. Late Bishop of Quebec, by his son 4087 Pemberton (J. D.) Facts and Fig Armine W. Mountain. 8vo. pp. 477. Mon- ures relating to Vancouver Island and treal, 1866. 1 50 British Columbia. Four maps. 8vo. pp.


4074 Mountain (Bishop George J.) Songs 171. London, 1860. of the Wilderness. Being a collection of 4088 Picken (Andrew). The Canadas. Poems, written in some different parts of Compiled from Original Documents furthe Territory of the Hudson's Bay Com-nished by John Galt, Esq., and other pany, and in the Wilds of Canada, on the authentic Sources. Map. 16mo. pp. 349+ route to that territory, in the Spring and 87. London, 1832. 2.00 Summer of 1844. 12mo. pp. 153. London, 4089 Poole (Francis). Queen Charlotte 1846. 2 00 Islands. A Narrative of Discovery and 4075 Mullaly (John). A Trip to New- Adventure in the North Pacific. Illus foundland; its Scenery and Fisheries. Il-trated. 8vo. pp. 347. London, 1872 3 00 lustrated. Square 12mo. pp. 108. New 4090 Prevost (Sir George). Some AcYork, 1855. 1 00 count of the Life of the late Lieutenant4076 Munro (Alexander). New Bruns- General Sir George Prevost, Bart., particuWith a Brief Outline of Nova larly of his Services in the Canadas; In


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cluding a reply to the Strictures on his 4104 Robson (Joseph). An Account of Military Character, contained in an article Six Years Residence in Hudson's Bay, in the Quarterly Review. 8vo. pp. 197+ from 1733 to 1736 and 1744 to 1747. With 99. Half calf. London, 1823. 2 50 a Short Account of the Discovery of Hud4091 Prince Edward Island. A Short son's Bay. Maps. 8vo. pp. 84+95. Old Account of. [By S. S. Hill.] Map. 12mo. sheep. London, 1752. 4.50 pp. 93, paper. London, 1839. 1.00 4105 Ross (Alexander). The Red River 4092 Quebec Directory for 1861--62. Settlement. Its Rise, Progress and Present Edited by G. H. Cherrier. 18mo. pp. 488. State. With some Account of the Native Quebec. 75 Races, and its General History to the Pres4093 Quebec. Old Colored View. En-ent Day. 12mo. pp. 416. Lon., 1856. 2 00 graved by Leizett. n. d. (17+) about 12x 4106 Russell (W. H.) Canada. Its De60 fenses, Condition and Resources. PP. 311. Boston, 1865.

16 inches.

4094 Rae (W. Fraser). Columbia and
Canada. Notes on the Great Republic and
the New Dominion. 8vo. pp. 316, uncut.
London, 1877.
3 00
4095 Rae (W. Fraser), Newfoundland
to Manitoba, through Canada's Maritime,
Mining and Prairie Provinces. Maps.
12mo. pp. 294. New York, 1881. 125

4096 Rattray (Alex.) Vancouver Is-
land and British Columbia, Where they
are; What they are; and What they may
become. Maps. 8vo. pp. 182. London,



1 25

4107 St. John (Molyneux). The Sea of Mountains. An Account of Lord Dufferin's Tour through British Columbia in 1876. Portrait. 2 vols. 12mo. Lon., 1877. 2 50

2 25

4108 Saint-Maurice (Faucher de) De Quebec a Mexico, Souvenirs de Voyage, de Garnison, de Combat et de Bivouac. 2 vols. 12mo. sewed, uncut. Mont., 1874. 1.50 4109 Sandham (A.) Ville-Marie; or, Sketches of Montreal, Past and Present. 8vo. pp. 393. Montreal, 1870. 4110 Sansom (Jos.) Travels in Lower 4097 Rawlings (Thomas). The Confed- Canada, with the author's recollections of eration of the British North American the Soil and Aspect. The Morals, Habits, Provinces; their Past History and Future and Religious Institutions of that Country. Prospects; including also British Columbia 8vo. pp. 116, boards, uncut. and Hudson's Bay Territory. Map and 1820. illustrations. 8vo. pp. 244. Lon., 1865. 1 75 4098 Red River Insurrection. Hon. Old. William McDougall's Conduct Reviewed.trative of the Early Settlement and Socia12mo. pp. 69, paper. Montreal, 1870. 75 Life of the Capital of Ontario.

4099 Reeves (John) History of the
Government of the Island of Newfound-
land. With an Appendix. 8vo. pp. 283.
London, 1793.
1 75


1 25

4111 Scadding (Henry.) Toronto of Collections and Recollections illus



Portrait of 8vo. pp. 594. Toronto,

3 00 4112 Selkirk. A Narrative of Occurrences in the Indian Countries of North Hon. the Earl of Selkirk with the Hudson America, since the connection of the Right Bay Company, and his attempt to establish a Colony, on the Red River. With a detailed account of his Lordship's Military Expedition to and subsequent Proceedings at Fort William, in Upper Canada. 8vo. pp. 152+87, boards, uncut. London, 1847.

4100 Register (Authentic) of the British Successes from the Taking of Lewisburg, July 26, 1758, by Admiral Boscowan and General Amhurst, to the Defeat of the French Fleet, November 21, 1759, by Sir Edward Hawke, etc. 18mo. pp. 126. Old binding. London, 1760. 1 75 4101 Reil (Louis). The Story of the Rebel Chief. 16mo. pp. 192. Toronto, 4113 Selkirk. Statement respecting the



4102 Report from the Select Committee (of Parliament) on the Aborigines of British Settlements, including the Canadas and Newfoundland. With the Minutes of Evidence. Appendix and Index. Folio pp. 841, paper. London, 1836.

6 00


Earl of Selkirk's Settlement upon the Red River, in North America. Its Destruction in the years 1815 and 1816, and the Massacre of Governor Semple and his Party. With an Appendix. Map. 8vo. pp. 194+ 100, boards. London, 1817.

3. 00

4114 Shantz (J. Y.) Relation d'un Voyage a Manitoba. 8vo. pp. 30, paper.


4103 Robinson (H. M.) The Great Fur
Land; or, Sketches of Life in Hudson's Ottawa, 1873.
Bay Territory. 12mo.
pp. 348. New 4115 Shirreff (Patrick.) A Tour in
1 75 North America, together with a Compre-

ton, 1885.

hensive View of the Canadas and the its Natural History. 12mo. pp. 295. BosUnited States, as adopted for Agricultural Emigration. 8vo. pp. 473, boards. Edinburgh, 1835.

1 75

1 25

4116 Silliman (Benj.) A Tour to Quebec in the Autumn of 1819. 8vo. pp. 128, boards. London, 1822. 4117 Simpson (Thomas.) Narrative of the Discoveries on the North Coast of America, effected by the Officers of the Hudson's Bay Company in 1836-39. 8vo. pp. 411. London, 1843. 2 50 4118 Another copy. Half calf extra. 3 75 4119 Six Years in the Bush; or, Extracts from the Journal of a Settler in Upper Canada, 1832-.8. 18mo. pp. 126. London, 1838.

4120 Sketches of Canadian Life. and Ecclesiastical, by a Presbyter of Diocese of Toronto. 12mo. pp. 310. don, 1849.

100 Lay

the Lon1 75

4121 Sleigh (Lieut.-Col.) Pine Forests and Hacmatack Clearings; or, Travel, Life, and Adventure in the British North American Provinces. 8vo. pp. 408. London, 1853. 2 75

4122 Another copy. Half calf extra. 4 00 4123 Smith (Philip H.) Acadia; a Lost Chapter in American History. 8vo. pp. 381. Pawling, 1884. 2100

4124 Smith (W. H.) Canada; Past, Present and Future. Being a Historical, Geographical, Geological, and Statistical Account of Canada West. Containing 10 County Maps and one General Map of the Province. 2 vols. 8vo. Toronto, [1851.] 4 00

4125 Smith (W. H.) Canadian Gazetteer; Comprising Statistical and General Information respecting all parts of the Upper Province, or Canada West. Map. 8vo. pp. 285. Toronto, 1846. 1 50

1 75 4130 Stewart (John.) An Account of Prince Edward Island, in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. 8vo. pp. 304. Lon. 1806. 3 00 4131 Strickland (Major.) Twentyseven Years in Canada West; or, the Ex perience of an Early Settler. 2 vols. 12mo. London, 1853. 2.50

4132 Sutherland (P.C.) Journal of a Voyage in Baffin's Bay and Barrow Straits in 1850-51, performed by Her Majesty's Ships "Lady Franklin" and "Sophia." Maps and plates. 2 vols. 12mo. London, 1852. 3 50 4133 Talbot (Edward A.) Five Years' Residence in the Canadas. Including a Tour through the United States of America, in the year 1823. Plates. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1824.

3 25 4134 Talbot (Thos.) Newfoundland. Its Condition and Circumstances. 8vo. pp. 67, paper. London, 1882. 75

4135 Tasse (Joseph). Les Canadiens de L'Ouest. A Series of Biographies. Portraits. 2 vols. 8vo., paper. Montreal,


3 75

[blocks in formation]

4137 Tocque (Philip). Newfoundland: As it was, and as it is in 1877. Portrait. 12mo. pp. 511. London, 1878.

1 50 4138 Tremanhere (H. S.) Notes on Public Subjects made during a Tour in the United States and Canada. Map. 12mo. pp. 320. London, 1852. 1 50

4139 Trifles from my Portfolio; or, Recollections of Scenes and Small Adventures during Twenty-nine Years' Military Service in Peninsula Wars; Upper and Lower Canada, etc. 2 vols. 8vo., boards. Quebec, 1839.

4126 Smyth (Sir James Carmichael.) Precis of the War in Canada, from 1755 to the Treaty of Ghent in 1814. With Military and Political Reflections. 8vo. pp. 1875. 185. London, 1826.


2 25

4140 Trow (James). A Trip to Manitoba. 16mo. pp. 86, paper, Quebec,


4141 Tucker (S.) The Rainbow in the

4127 Southesk (Earl of.) Saskatchewan and the Rocky Mountains. A Diary and North. The First Establishment of ChrisNarrative of Travel, Sport, and Adventure, tianity in Rupert's Land. Map and il18mo. pp. 222. London, during a Journey through the Hudson's lustrations. 1 25 Bay Company's Territories in 1859-60. 1856. Maps and illustrations. 8vo. pp. 448. Edinburgh, 1875.

3 50 4128 Spencer (J. W.) Tables of Eleva

tions in the Dominion of Canada. pp. 43, paper. Washington, 1884.



4129 Stearns (Winfred A.) Labrador. A Sketch of its Peoples, its Industries, and

4142 Tuttle (Charles R.) Short History of the Dominion of Canada, from 1590 to 1878.; with the Contemporaneous History of England and the United States.. 8vo. 4 00 pp. 666, half morocco. Bost., 1878. 4143 Tytler (P. F.) Historical View of the Progress of Discovery on the more

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