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rections and additions. Edited by J. F. Kirk. 3 vols. 12mo. Phil. 1882. 4 50 4278 Price (Thomas W.) Brief Notes taken on a Trip to the City of Mexico in 1878. 12mo. pp. 103, n. p., n. d.


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1 25

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4280A Another edition. Philadelphia, 1820.


8vo. pp.



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4282 Another copy.

Half calf.


2 25

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4284A Another edition. Detroit, 1877.

2 25

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150 75

4287 The same edition. 4288 Topographical Map Showing the Railroad Center of Mexico. Folded in Cover. New York, 1883.


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3 00 4291 Von Tempsky (G. F.) Mitla. A 4277 Prescott (W. H.) The Conquest of Narrative of the Incidents and Personal Mexico. With the Author's latest cor- Adventures, on a Journey in Mexico,

Guatemala, and Salvador. With Observa-
tions on the Modes of Life in those Coun-
tries. Map and colored plates. 8vo. pp.
436. London, 1858.
3 50
4292 Wallace (Lew.) The Fair God;
or, the Last of the Tzins. A Tale of the


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1 25

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3 25

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2 25

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Isthmus of 12mo. pp. 100 4315 Guatemala. Brief Statement, supported by Original Documents, of the Important Grants conceded to the Eastern Coast of Central America Commercial and Agricultural Company by the State of Guatemala. 8vo. pp. 137. Lon. 1839. 1 00 4316 Hardman (Frederick.) Scenes and Adventures in Central America. 12mo. pp. 298. London, 1852. 1 25 4317 Henderson (Capt.) An Account of the British Settlement of Honduras, with Sketches of the Manners and Customs of the Mosquito Indians. Map. 12mo. pp. 293. London, 1809. 1 00 Journey in Honthe Way. Inter8vo. pp. 39, pa

4318 Huston (R. G.) duras, and Jottings by oceanic Railway. Мар. per. Cincinnati, 1875.


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3 25

4319 Juarros (Domingo.) A Statistical and Commercial History of the Kingdom 1869. of Guatemala, in Spanish America. With an Account of its Conquest by the Span-nal; its History; its Political Aspects and 4332 Rodrigues (J.C.) The Panama Caiards, and a Narrative of the Principal Events down to the Present Time. Map. Financial Difficulties. 12mo. pp. 248. New 8vo. pp. 520. London, 1823. 2 25 York, 1885.

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1 50

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321. Boston, 1886.

1 25


1 25 4334 Sanborn (Helen J.) A Winter in 4321 Lull (Commander E. P.) and Col- Central America and Mexico. 16mo. pp. lins (Lieut. F.) Reports of Explorations 1 50 and Journeys for the Location of Interoceanic Ship-Canals through the Isthmus of 33 5 Scherzer (Carl). Travels in the Panama, and by the Valley of the River Honduras and San Salvador. Maps. 2 vols. Free States of Central America: Nicaragua, Napipi, 1875. Large folded maps and in 1. 12mo. London, 1857. pp. 124. Washington, 200 4336 Selfridge (Com. Thos. O.) Reports 4322 Map of Central America, compiled of Explorations and Surveys to ascertain the at the Office of the U. S. Court Survey. By Practicability of a Ship Canal between the Capt. W. R. Palmer, 1856. In cloth Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, by way of the 1 00 Isthmus of Darien. 14 views and 17 large maps and plans. 4to. pp. 268. Washing

charts. 4to. 1879.



ton, 1874.

2.00 Re

4324 Montgomery (G. W.) of a Journey to Guatemala, in Central America, in 1838. 8vo. pp. 195. New 4337 Shufeldt (Capt. Robert W.) York, 1839. 125 port of Explorations and Surveys to ascertain the Practicabilty of a Ship Canal beTravels in Cen-tween the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, by way of the Isthmus of Tehauntepec. plates and 20 large maps and plans. 4to. pp. 151. Washington, 1872.

4325 Morelet (Arthur.) tral America. Including Accounts of some Regions Unexplored since the Conquest. From the French, by Mrs. M. F. Squier. Introduction and Notes by E. Geo. Squier. Illustrated. 12mo. pp. 430. New York, 1 75






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4326 Moro (Gaetano.) Abstract of the Report of a Survey, on the Practicability of a Ship Canal across the Isthmus of Tehuantepec. Map. 8vo. pp. 16, paper.

G.) Honduras Inter-
Preliminary Report.
New York, 1854. 75

Its 4353 Wells (Wm. V.) Walker's Expedition to Nicaragua. A History of the Central American War, and the Sonora and Kinney Expeditions. Portrait and Map. 12mo. pp. 316. New York, 1856.

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4341 Another edition. 2 vols. 8vo. New York, 1852. 6 50

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4343 Squier (E. G.) The States of Central America: their Geography, Topography, Climate, Population, Productions, Aborigines, etc., Comprising Chapters on Honduras, San Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Gautemala, Belize, the Bay Islands, the Mosquito Shore, and the Honduras InterOceanic Railway. Maps and Illustrations. 8vo. pp. 782. New York, 1858. 4 50

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sewed. London, 1856.


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1 25

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General Resources of Central America.
With Maps and Illustrations. 8vo. pp. 588.
New York, 1857.

1 75

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maica. By W. F. Burchell. 12mo. pp. 416. London, 1849.


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5 00

1 25

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1 25

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4378 Fabens (J. Domingo. Map. New York, 1863.

2 75 Ward). A Trip to Boston, 1870. 1 00 The Late Insur8vo. pp. 17, paper, half

4385 Howe (Julia
Cuba. 12mo. pp. 251.
4386 Hubbard (G. G.)
rection in Jamacia.
title. n. p., 1867.


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1 25

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12mo. pp. 271. New York, 1852.

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4393 Lopez (Gen. Narcisso). Life of, with a detailed History of the Attempted Revolution of Cuba. By a Filibustiero. 8vo. pp. 32, paper, uncut. N. Y. [1851.] 4394 Ober (Frederick A.) Camps in the W.) Resources of Santo Caribees. The Adventures of a Naturalist 8vo. pp. 32, paper. in the Lesser Antilles. Illustrated. 8vo. 50 pp, 366. Boston, 1880.



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