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History of Slavery and to the Government ment previous to that period. 8vo. pp. 312, of Colonies. 4 vols. 12mo. New York, half bound. Philadelphia, 1797. Slightly 1867. 6 00 water stained.

332 Another edition. 4 vols. 8vo. half calf. London, 1855.

22 50

333 Henry (John J.) An Accurate and Interesting Account of the Hardships and Sufferings of that Band of Heroes who traversed the Wilderness in the Campaign against Canada, 1775. 16mo. pp. 225, sheep. Lancaster, 1812. 2 00 334 Another edition. 16mo. pp. 212. Watertown, 1844. 1 25 335 Another edition. 12mo. pp. 198. Albany, 1877. 2 00 336 Henry (Patrick). An Argument on the Duties of the Vice President as President of the Senate. 8vo. pp. 56. Washington, 1827. 50

337 Herrera (Antonio de). The General History of the Vast Continent and Islands of America, commonly called the West Indies, from the first Discovery thereof; with the best Accounts the People could give of their Antiquities, collected from the Original Relations sent to the Kings of Spain. Translated into English by Captain John Stevens. Illustrated with cuts and maps. 6 vols. 12mo. newly half bound in red leather. London, 1725-26. 35 00 35 00

338 Another copy. Old calf. 339 Hickey (W.) The Constitution of the United States, etc., with Chronological Narrative of the Several States. Political and Statistical Information, etc. 12mo. PP. 521. Philadelphia, 1854.


340 Hildreth (Richard). History of the United States. First Series: From the First Settlement of the Country to the Adoption of the Federal Constitution. 3 vols. Second Series: To the End of the Sixteenth Congress. 3 vols. In all, 6 vols. Svo. New York, 1880. 12.00

341 Hinton (John H.) History and Topography of the United States of North America, brought down from the Earliest Period. Numerous steel plates. 2 vols. 4to. Boston, 1846. 4.00

342 Another copy. Half mor., uncut. 5 00 343 Another edition. 2 vols. Royal 8vo. cloth. London, n. d. 3 50 344 History of the British Dominions in North America, from the first Discovery by Sebastian Cabot, in 1497, to 1763. Each Province treated separately. 4to. pp. 297+ 275, calf. London, 1773. 4 00 345 History (The) of the United States for 1796; including a Variety of interesting Facts relative to the Federal Govern


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354 Holst (II. Von). The Constitutional and Political History of the United States. From the German by J. J. Lalor and Paul Shorey. 5 vols. 8vo. Chic., 1881-6. 18.50

355 Hoppus (Mary A. M). A Great Treason: Story of the War of Independence. 12mo. pp. 595. London, 1883. 1 00

356 Houghton (W.) Conspectus of the History of Political Parties and the Federal Government. Two large colored charts, with tables, and 84 pp. text. 4to. Indianapolis, 1881. 5 00

357 Hovey (Horace C.) Celebrated American Caverns, especially Mammoth, Wyandot, and Luray. Historical, Scientific, and Descriptive, with Notices of Caves and Grottoes in other Lands. Illustrated. 8vo. pp. 228. Cincinnati, 1882.


357A Another copy. Half calf, extra. 3 50 358 How (David). Diary of, a Private in Col. Paul Dudley Sargent's Regiment in the Revolution. With a Biographical Sketch of the Author by G. W. Chase, and illustrative notes by II. B. Dawson. 8vo. pp. 51, boards, uncut. Morrisiana, 1865. 200 359 Howe (Henry). Life and Death on the Ocean. A Collection of Extraordinary Adventures: containing the Perilous Voyage of Captain Norwood to the Coast of Virginia; Captivity of Thomas Andros on board the Old Jersey Prison Ship; Men and Things in the Navy of the United States, etc. 8vo. pp. 600, full bound. cinnati, 1870.


2 00

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361 Howe (Gen.) Letter to, on his Naval Conduct in the American War. 12mo. pp. 50. London, 1779. 75

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370 Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Present Dispute between the British

Colonies in North America and their Mother Country. 8vo. pp. 76. London, 1769. 75

371 Interests (The) of Great Britain, Considered with Regard to her Colonies. [By B. Franklin.] 8vo. pp. 58, paper. London, 1760. 60

372 Jackson (Andrew). Addresses on the Presentation of the Sword of Gen. Andrew Jackson to the Congress of the U. S., Feb. 26, 1855. 8vo. pp. 40. Washington, 1855.


374 Jackson (Andrew). Messages of. With a Short Sketch of his Life. Portrait. 12mo. pp. 438. Concord, 1837.

1 00

362 Howland (Edw.) Annals of North America. Being a Concise Account of the Important Events in the U. S., the British 373 Jackson (Andrew). Annual MesProvinces, and Mexico, from their Discov- sages, Veto Messages, Protests, etc., of. ery down to the Present Time (1492–1877). | 8vo. pp. 252, boards. Balt., 1835. 1 00 Illus. 8vo. pp. 810. Hartford, 1877. 2 00 363 Hoyt (Albert H ) Pepperrell Papers, with Sketches of Lieut.-Gen. the Honorable James St. Clair and Admiral Sir Charles Knowles, Bart. 8vo. pp. 23. Boston, 1874. 75 364 Hugginiani; or, Huggin's Fantasy. Being a Collection of the most esteemed modern Literary Productions, exposing the Art of making a Noise in the World, without Beating a Drum or Crying Oysters; and showing how, like Whittington of old, who rose from nothing to be Lord Mayor of London, a mere Barber may become an Emperor, if he has but Spirit enough to Assume and Talents enough to Support the Title. By John Richards Huggins, Enpereur du Frisseurs, etc. Many curious plates. 12mo. pp. 288, sheep. New York. 1808. 6 00

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375 Jefferson (Thomas). An Examination of the President's [Jefferson's] Reply to the New Haven Remonstrance. With an Appendix, containing the Presi dents's Inaugural Speech, the Remonstrance and Reply. Together with a List of Removals from Office, and new Appointments, made since March 4, 1801. 8vo. pp. 69, half morocco. New York, 1801.

2 25

376 Jefferson (Thomas). The Writings of. Being his Autobiography, Correspondence,

etc. From the Original Manuscripts deposited in the Department of State. With Explanatory Notes, etc., by the Editor, II. A. Washington. 9 vols. New York, 1853. 20 00


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380 Johnson (A. B.) A Guide to the 392 Kimball (J.) One Hundredth AnRight Understanding of our American Un-niversary of the Destruction of Tea in Bosion; or, Political, Economical, and Literary ton Harbor. 8vo. pp. 43, paper. Miscellanies. 12mo. pp. 407. New York, 1857.


381 Johnson (Sir John). Orderly Book of, during the Oriskany Campaign against Fort Stanwix in 1777. Annotated from valuable original manuscript letters by Wm. L. Stone. With introduction, including the Battle of Oriskany and the Life of Sir John Johnson, by Gen. John Watts de Peyster. Portraits, etc. Small 4to. pp. 300, bds., uncut. Albany, 1882. 4 00 382 Johnson (Joseph). Traditions and Reminiscences, chiefly of the American Revolution in the South; including Biographical Sketches, Incidents, and Anecdotes, few of which have been published, particularly of Residents in the Upper CharlesCountry. Maps. 8vo. pp. 592. 12.00 ton, S. C., 185].

383 Johnston (Alexander). History of American Politics. 16mo. pp. 314. New York, 1884.


384 Johnston (Henry P.) Observations on Judge Jones' Loyalist History of the

American Revolution. How far is it Authority? 8vo. pp. 86, paper. New York, 1.00 1880.

385 Johnston (Henry P.) The Yorktown Campaign and the Surrender of Cornwallis, 1781. Illustrated. Royal 8vo. pp. 206. New York, 1881.

The Southern 393 King (Edward). States of North America. A Record of Journeys in Louisiana, Texas, Missouri, Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Virginia, etc. Profusely illustrated from Original Sketches by J. Wells Champney. 4 vols. imperial 8vo. London, 1875. ˆ6 00 394 King (John). A Commentary on the Law and True Construction of the Federal Constitution. 8vo. pp. 496. Cincinnati, 1871.


395 Lamb (R). An Original and Authentic Journal of Occurrences during the late American War, from its Commencement to the Year 1783. 8vo. pp. 438, calf. Dublin, 1809.

396 Lanman (Charles). the United States Congress. Washington, 1864.

3 50 Dictionary of 8vo. pp. 556. 2 25

397 Latrobe (J. H. B.) A Lost Chapter in the History of a Steamboat. 8vo. pp. 44, paper. Baltimore, 1871. 1 00

398 Lawrence (W. B.) The Treaty of Washington. 8vo. pp. 25, paper. Provi

dence, 1871.


399 Laws for regulating the Militia. To which is added an Act for establishing Rules and Articles for the Government of

the Armies of the United States. 12mo. Frankfort, Ky., 200 PP. 60, half bound. 1807.

386 Jones (Charles Henry). History of the Campaign for the Conquest of Canada in 1776, from the Death of Montgomery to the Retreat of the British Army under Sir Guy Carleton. Portraits. 8vo. pp. 14+234. Philadelphia, 1882.






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387 Jones (J. B.) Wild Southern Scenes. A Tale of Disunion and Border War. 12mo. pp. 502. Philadelphia, 1859. 388 Julian (G. W.) Political Recollections, 1840 to 1872. 12mo. 384. go, 1884. 389 Junkin (Geo.) Political Fallacies. An Examination of the False Assumptions and Reputation of the Sophistical Reasonings, which have brought on this Civil Portrait. New 12mo. pp. 332.

York, 1863.

390 Kennedy (J. P.) Quodlibet. taining some annals thereof. By Solomon Second thoughts. 12mo. pp. 268. Phila1 25 delphia, 1860.

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403 Lee (Henry). The Campaign of 1 00 1781 in the Carolinas. With Remarks, Con- Historical and Critical, on Johnson's Life of Greene, and an Appendix of Original Documents relating to the Revolution. 8vo. pp. 558, sheep. Phila., 1824. 2.00 404 Lee (Henry). Memoirs of the War in the Southern Department of the United Portraits. 2 vols. 8vo. half bound. States. Philadelphia, 1812. 4 50

391 Keyes (Gen. E. D.) Fifty Years Observation of Men and Events, Civil and Military. 12mo. pp. 515. New York, 1 50 1884.

405 Another. A new edition, with Revis- Charles Campbell. 4to. pp. 100, boards, ions, and a Biography of the Author. By uncut. (100 copies privately printed.) Robert E. Lee. Plates. 8vo. pp. 620. Richmond, Va., 1860. New York, 1869.

250 406 Another edition. 8vo. pp. 466, boards, uncut. Washington, 1827.

200 407 Lee (John Hancock). The Origin and Progress of the American Party in Politics, embracing a complete History of the Philadelphia Riots of 1844. 12mo. pp. 264. Philadelphia, 1855.



2 25 417A Another copy. Half calf. 3 00 418 Lexington. History of the Fight April 19, 1775. 18mo. pp. 24. Bos

ton, 1875.


419 Library of American History. Containing Biographical Sketches, etc., Facsimiles of the Handwriting of the Signers, Revolutionary Anecdotes, etc. 150 illustrations. Royal 8vo. pp. 640. Cin. 1 50 420 Lodge (H.) A Short History of the English Colonies in America. Maps. 8vo. pp. 560. New York, 1881. 421 Lossing (Benson J.)

3 00

408 Lendrum (John). A Concise and Impartial History of the American Revolution. To which is prefixed a General History of North and South America, etc. 2vols. 16mo. sheep. Boston, 1795. 1 50 409 Lennox (Mary). Ante Bellum; American Revolution. Numerous steel Southern Life as it was. 12mo. pp. 322. plates. 3 vols. royal 8vo. New York, Philadelphia, 1868. n. d. 12.00

1 25

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History of the

422 Lossing (Benson J.) A History of the United States. For Families and Libraries. Illustrated by nearly 400 engravings. 8vo. pp. 780. Hartford, 1874. 3 00

Pictorial Field Book of the Revolution; or, Illustra423 Lossing (Benson J.) tions by Pen and Pencil of the History, Biography, Scenery, Relics, and Traditions of the War of Independence. 2 vols. royal 8vo. New York, 1860.


411 Lester (John E.) The Atlantic to the Pacific. What to see and how to see it. 12mo. pp. 365. Boston, 1873. 1 25 424 Lossing (Benson J.) 1776; or, the 412 Letter Addressed to two Great Men War of Independence. A History of the [William Pitt and the Duke of Newcastle] Anglo-Americans. Illustrated. 8vo. pp. in the Prospect of Peace. [By John 511. New York, 1847. Binding poor. 1 50 Douglass, DD., Bishop of Salisbury.] 8vo. pp. 64. London, 1760. 75

413 Letter to the Earl of Hilsborough on the Present Situation of Affairs in America. 12mo. pp. 117, half bound. 1769. 1 25

414 Letter (A) to the People of America. Lately printed at New York; now republished by an American with a Postscript,

425 Lossing (Benson J.) Harper's PopContaining brief Sketches of Important ular Cyclopædia of United States History. Events and Conspicuous actors. Profusely illustrated. 2 vols. royal 8vo. New York, 1882.


the United States Navy. Illustrated. 12mo. 426 Lossing (Benson J.) The Story of

by the Editor. 8vo. pp. 74, half calf. Lon Pp. 418. New York, 1880.

don, 1778.


250 427 Lowell (E. J.) The Hessians and the Other German Auxiliaries of Great

415 Letters from a Farmer in Pennsyl- Britain in the Revolutionary War. Maps vania to the Inhabitants of the British

Colonies. [By John Dickinson.] 12mo. pp. 71. Philadelphia, 1768.


and plans. 8vo. pp. 328. N. Y., 1884. 1 50 1.00 428 Lucas (Samuel). Charters of the 416 Letters to the People of England on Old English Colonies in America. the Present Situation and Conduct of Introduction and Notes. 8vo. pp. 123. National Affairs, on Foreign Subsidies, etc., London, 1850. and on Liberty, Taxes, and the Application of Public Money. [By Dr. Shebbeare.] 8vo. pp. 121, half calf. London, 1756. 1 25 417 Lewis (General Andrew). The Orderly Book of that Portion of the American Army stationed at or near Williamsburg, Va., from March 18, 1776, to August 28, 1776. Printed from the original Manuscript, with Notes and Introductions by

[blocks in formation]

to the Present Time. 2 vols. 8vo. half bound. Boston, 1828. 4 50 431 McClellan (R. Guy). Republicanism in America. A History of the Colonial and Republican Governments of the United States, from 1607 to 1869. Portraits. 8vo. pp. 665, sheep. Philadelphia, 1872. 2 75 432 McGee (Thomas D.) A History of the Irish Settlers in North America, from the Earliest Period to the Census of 1850. 12mo. pp. 240. Boston, 1852. 1 50 433 Macgregor (John). The Progress of America, Historical and Statistical, from the Discovery by Columbus to the Year 1846. 2 vols. 8vo. binding poor. London, 1847. 300

434 Mackay (Charles). History of the United States of America, to the End of Buchanan's Administration. Numerous steel plates and maps. 2 thick 8vo. vols. London, n. d. 6.00

435 Mackenzie (Robert). America. Α History. 12mo. pp. 564. Lond., 1882. 1 50 436 McMaster (J. Bach). A History of the People of the United States, from the Revolution to the Civil War. 5 vols. 8vo. Vols. 1 and 2 now ready. New York, 1883-4. Each,


437 McPherson (Edward). The Political History of the United States during the Period of Reconstruction, 1865-1870. 8vo. pp. 648. Washington, 1871. 5 00 438 McPherson (Edward). Hand-Book of Politics. Being a Record of Political Action, National and State, for 1872; embracing the Period from July 15, 1870, to July 15, 1872. 8vo. pp. 225. Wash. 2.50 439 The same. For 1874. 8vo. pp. 250. 2 50 440 The same. For 1876. 8vo. pp. 250. 2 50 441 The same. For 1878. 8vo. pp. 240. 2 00 442 The same. For 1880. 8vo. pp. 218. 2 00 443 The same. For 1882. 8vo. pp. 210. 2 00 444 The same. For 1883. 8vo. pp. 000. 2 00 445 The same. For 1884. 8vo. pp. 235. 2 00

446 Madison (James). The Papers of. Being his Correspondence and Reports of Debates during the Congress of the Confederation, and his Reports of Debates in the Federal Convention. Edited by Henry D. Gilpin. 3 vols. 8vo. sheep. Mobile, Ala., 1842.

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10 00 447 Madison (James). Letters, and other Writings. Published by Order of Congress. 4 vols. 8vo. half calf. Philadelphia, 1865. 15 00 448 Magazine of American History, with Notes and Queries. Edited by John Austin Stevens. Vol. 1. 1877. In parts. 7 00

449 Maguire (John F.) The Irish in America. 12mo. pp. 653, half calf. Lon

don, 1868. 3. 00 450 Map of New England, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. By H. Moll, 1730. 14 x 15 inches. 75'

451 Marshall (Christopher). Passages from the Diary of, kept in Philadelphia and Lancaster during the Revolution. Edited by William Duane. Vol. 1, 1774–1777. 12mo. pp. 174. Philadelphia, 1839. 1 00 452 Marshall (John). History of the Colonies planted by the English on the Continent of North America, from their Settlement to the Commencement of the War for Independence. 8vo. pp. 486. Philadelphia, 1824.

3 50

453 Marshall (Thomas F.) Speeches and Writings. Edited by W. L. Barre. Portrait. 8vo. pp. 462. Cin'ti, 1858. 5 00

454 Martin (E. W.) The History of the Account of the Strikes and Riots on the Great Riots. Being a Full and Authentic various Railroads of the U. S., and in the Mining Regions. Together with a full History of the Mollie Maguires. Illustrated. 8vo. pp. 516. Philadelphia, 1877. 250 455 Martineau (Harriet). Society in America. 2 vols. 12mo. half morocco.

New York, 1837. 2.50 456 Matthews (Stanley). Speech at Athens, Ohio, Aug. 25, 1877, on Political Questions. 8vo. pp. 62. Cin'ti, 1877. 50

South-western History. Orations, Sketches, 457 Meek (A. B.) Romantic Passages in and Essays. 12mo. pp. 330, half bound. New York, 1857.

1 50

458 Melish (John). A Geographical Description of the United States, with the contiguous British and Spanish Possessions. With maps of Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Baltimore, with the adjacent Country. 8vo. pp. 182, half bound. Philadelphia, 1816. 150

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459 Another edition, greatly enlarged. 8vo. pp. 401, half bound. Phila., 1822. 2.50 460 Melish (John). The Traveller's Directory through the United States. Large map. 16mo. pocket-book form. Philadelphia, 1819. 1 00

461 Mellen (Grenville). A Book of the United States, exhibiting its Geography, Divisions, Constitution, Government, etc., together with a condensed History of the Land; the Biography of about Two Hundred Leading Men, and a Description of the Principal Cities and Towns, with Statistical Tables. Illustrated. 8vo. pp. 847. New York, 1839.

1 50

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