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4527 Another edition.

New York, 1847.


12mo. pp. 354. his acts and opinions, and of his agency in 1 25 producing and forwarding the American 4528 Wallace (A. R.) Narrative of Revolution. By William V. Wells. PorTravels in the Amazon and Rio Negro, with trait. 3 vols. 8vo. Boston, 1865. an account of the Native Tribes, and Obser4542 Agassiz (Louis). His Life and vations on the Climate, Geology and Natu- Correspondence. Edited by His Wife. ral History of the Amazon Valley. Map Portrait and Illustration. 2 vols. 12mo and Illustrations. 8vo. pp. 541. London, Boston, 1886. 6 00


4529 Walpole (Fred.) Four Years in the Pacific in Her Majesty's Ship "Colling

wood," from 1844-1848. 2 vols. 8vo. Lon-
don, 1849.
3 00


4530 Walton (William). An Exposé of the Dissentions of Spanish America. pp. 480+60. London, 1814.

2 25

Sketches of the Founder and
4543 Alexander (A.)
umni of the Log College.

Princeton, 1845.
4543A Another edition.
Philadelphia, 1851.


Principal AlBiographical 12mo. pp. 369.

1 50

12mo. pp. 279. 1 25

4544 Alexander (Archibald) The Life 4531 Another edition. 2 vols. 8vo. Lon- of. First Professor in the Theological don, 1810. 2 00 Seminary at Princeton, N. J. By James W. Alexander. Portrait. 12mo. pp. 563. New York, 1857.

4532 Waterton (Charles). Wanderings in South America, the North-West of the United States, and the Attilles, in the Years 1812, 16, 20 and 24. Illustrated. 12mo. pp. 520. London, 1880. 2.00 12mo. pp. 280. 1 50

4533 Another edition. London, 1852.

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1 00

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American Actor. Series of Biographies. Edited by Lawrence Hutton. 16mo. Boston, 1882. Each. 1 25

4548 Forrest (Edwin.) By Lawrence Barrett.

4549 Jeffersons (The.) By Wm. Winter. 4550 Elder and Younger Booths. (The.) 2 50 By Mrs. A. Booth Clarke. 4551 Cushman (Charlotte). Clara E. Clement. (Charlotte). By Mrs.

4537 Adams (John). The Suppressed History of the Administration of John Adams (from 1797 to 1801,) as printed and suppressed in 1802. By John Ward. Now republished with Notes and Appendix, by J. H. Sherburne. 12mo. pp. 392. Philadelphia, 1846. (See also No. 36.) 1 25


4538 Adams (Mrs.) Letters of. Wife of John Adams. With an introductory Memoir by her Grandson, Charles Francis Adams. Portrait. 2 vols. 12mo. Boston, 1841. 1 50 Life. By W. H. Phila., n. d.


4539 Adams (John Q.) Seward. 12mo. pp. 355. 4540 Adams (J. Q.) An Oration on the Life and Character of John Q. Adams. By Timothy Walker. 8vo. pp. 24, paper. Cincinnati, 1848. 25 4541 Adams (Samuel). The Life and Public Services of. Being a Narrative of

4552 Fechter (Charles). By Miss Kate Field.

4553 Duff (Mrs.) By Joseph N. Ireland. 4554 The series. 6 Vols. in 3. 5 00 4555 American Biography. The Library of. Conducted by Jared Sparks. Containing the Lives of:

Vol. 1. John Stark, Charles B. Brown, Richard Montgomery, Ethan Allen.

Vol. 2. Alexander Wilson, Captain John Smith.

Vol. 3. Benedict Arnold.

Vol. 4. Anthony Wayne, Henry Vane.
Vol. 5. John Elliot.

Vol. 6. William Pinckney, Wm. Ellery,
Cotton Mather.

Vol. 7. William Phips, Israel Putnam, Lucretia M. Davidson, David Rittenhouse.

Vol. 8. Jonathan Edwards, David Brain- Officers of the Revolution. 8vo. pp. 615, ard.

Vol. 9. Baron Steuben, Sebastian Cabot, William Eaton.

Vol. 10. Robert Fulton, Joseph Warren, Henry Hudson, Father Marquette. Vol. 11. La Salle, Patrick Henry. Vol. 12. James Otis, James Oglethorpe Vol. 13. John Sullivan, Jacob Leisler, Nathaniel Bacon, John Mason.

Vol. 14. Roger Williams, Timothy Dwight, Count Pulaski.

Vol. 15. Count Rumford, Zebulon M. Pike, Samuel Gordon.

Vol. 16. Ezra Stiles, John Fitch, Anne Hutchinson.

Vol. 17. John Rebault, Sebastian Rale, William Palfrey.

Vol. 18. Charles Lee, Joseph Reed. Vol. 19. Leonard Calvert, Samuel Ward, Thomas Posey.

Vol. 20. Nathaniel Greene. Vol. 21. Stephen Decatur.

Vol. 22. Edward Preble, Wm. Penny.
Vol. 23. Daniel Boone, Benj. Lincoln.
Vol. 24. John Ledyard.

Vol. 25. William R. Davie, and Samuel
Kirkland. Portrait. 25 vols. 16mo.
York, 1848.

sheep. Cincinnati, 1830.

100 4568 American Political and Military Biography. 12mo. pp. 424. Printed for the subscribers. n. p. 1825. 1 00 American Statesman. A Series of BioPolitical History of the United States. graphies of Men conspicuous in the Edited by John T. Morse, Jr. Boston, 1882. Each. 4569 Adams (John). 4570 Adams (John T. Morse, Jr.

4571 Adams (Samuel).



1 25

By J. T. Morse, Jr. Quincy). By J.

By J. H. Hos

4572 Calhoun (John C.) By Dr. H. Von Holt.

4573 Gallatin (Albert). By J. A. Ste


4574 Hamilton (Alexander). By H. C. Lodge.

4575 Jackson (Andrew). Sumner.

By W. G. 4576 Jefferson (Thomas). By J. T. Morse,

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New 25 00 10 vols.


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4559 Emerson (Ralph Waldo). By O. Warner. W. Holmes.

4560 Irving (Washington). By C. D. Warner.

4561 Ossoli (Magaret Fuller.) By T. W. Higginson.

4585 Washington (George). By John Habberton.

4585A Ames (Fisher). Works of. With a Selection from his Speeches and Correspondence. Edited by his Son, Seth Ames. 4562 Poe (Edgar Allen.) By G. E. 2 vols. 8vo. Boston, 1854. Woodbury.

4563 Ripley (George.) By O. B. Frothingham.

3 50

4586 Anderson (Mr.) The History of the Life and Adventures of. Containing his strange varieties of fortune in Europe and

4564 Thoreau (Henry D.) By F. B. San-America. [Relates to Life in the Southern States.] 12mo. pp. 288, sheep. London,


4565 Webster (Noah). By H. E. Scudder. 4566 Willis (Nathaniel Parker). By H. A. Beers.

4567 American Military Biography. Containing the Lives and Characters of the



4587 Andre (Major John). Proceedings of a Board of General Officers, held by order of His Excellency, General Washington, respecting Major John Andre, September 29, 1780. 8vo. pp. 21, sewed, uncut.

Philadelphia, 1780. Privately reprinted. Philosophers. Portraits.
New York, 1867.
2 00 Cincinnati, 1859.

4588 Andre (Major John). Life and
Career of. Adjutant-General of the British
Army in America. By Winthrop Sargent
Portrait. 12mo. pp. 471. Boston, 1861. 4 00
4589 Arnold (Benedict). Life of. His
Patriotism and His Treason. By Isaac
N. Arnold. 12mo.
pp. 444.


8vo. pp. 906.


4602 Bartlett (D. W.) Modern Agitators. Pen Portraits of Living American Reformers. 12mo. pp. 396. New York, 1855. 1 25 Memoir of, 12mo. pp. 1 50

4603 Bartlett (William F.) by F. W. Palfrey. Portrait. 309. Boston, 1879.

2.50 4604 Bates (Joshua). A Memorial of. 8vo. pp. 58. Boston, 1865.

4590 Ashbridge (Elizabeth). Some Account of the Life of. Written by her- 4605 Beecher (Rev. Dr. Lyman). self. 16mo. pp. 60, boards. Philadelphia, and Services of, by Rev. D. H. Allen. 1807. 50 pp. 35, paper. Cincinnati, 1863.





4591 Ashmun (Jehudi). Life of. Late 4607 Belknap (Jeremy). American BiColonial Agent in Liberia. With an Ap-ography; or, An Historical Account of pendix, containing Extracts from his those Persons who have been distinguished Journal and other Writings. By Ralph R. in America as Remarkable Characters, and Gunley. 8vo. pp. 556, sheep. Washington, the Events connected with their Lives and 1835. 1 00 Actions. 2 vols. 8vo., boards. Boston, 4592 Astor (John Jacob). Life of. By 1794. 3.00 James Parton. 12mo. pp. 121, paper. New York, 1865.


4593 Atherton (Hon. Joshua). Memoir of 8vo. pp. 57, paper. Boston, 1852. 50 4594 Autobiography of an English Soldier in the United States Army. 2 vols. 12mo. 150


London, 1853.

4595 Bainbridge (Commodore William). The Life and Services of. By Thomas Harris. 8vo. pp. 254, boards. Philadelphia, 1 50 4596 Baldwin (J. G.) Party Leaders; Sketches of Thomas Jefferson, Alex. Hamilton, Andrew Jackson, Henry Clay, John Randolph of Roanoke, including Notices of many other distinguished American Statesmen. 12mo. pp. 369. New York, 1 25 4597 Bangs (Nathan). Life and Times of. By Abel Stevens. Portrait. 12mo. pp. 426. New York, 1863.



4608 Another copy, bound.
4609 Another edition.


With additions and

notes, by F. M. Hubbard. 3 vols. 16mo. New York, 1844.


[blocks in formation]

the Life of. By Robert Vaux.
4612 Benezet (Anthony). Memoirs of
16mo. pp. 156, boards. York, 1817. 1.00

4613 Blaine (James G.) Life and Public Services. With Incidents, Anecdotes, and Romantic Events connected with his early life. 12mo. pp. 504. Cin., 1884. 1 25

4614 Blennerhassett (Herman). The Life of. Comprising an Authentic Narra4598 Bard (Dr. Samuel). Domestic Nar- tive of the Burr Expedition, etc. By W. rative of the Life of. By Rev. J. McVicker, M. Safford. 12mo. pp. 239. Cincinnati 8vo. pp. 244, half bound. New York. 1853.


1 25

100 4615 Boone (Daniel) and the Hunters of Kentucky. By W. H. Bogart. 12mo. pp. 464. New York, 1859.

4599 Barlow (Joel). Life and Letters of. Poet, Statesman, and Philosopher. With extracts from his Works, and hitherto

unpublished Poems. By Chas. B. Todd. Portrait. 8vo. pp. 306. N. Y., 1866. 2 50

4600 Barney (Joshua). A Biographical Memoir of the late Commodore Joshua Barney. From Autobiographical Notes and Journals in possession of his Family, 8vo. pp. 328. Boston, 1832.

150 4601 Barre (W. L.) Lives of Illustrious Men of America. Legislators, Warriors and

1 25 4616 Boone (Daniel). Life of. The Great Western Hunter and Pioneer. By Cecil B. Hartley. Illustrated. 12mo. pp. 351. Philadelphia, 1865.


4617 Boone (Daniel). Life and Adventerspersed with Incidents in the Early tures of, the First Settler of Kentucky, inAnnals of the Country. By Timothy Flint. Portrait and map. 12mo. pp. 256. Cincinnati, 1868. 1 50

4618 Another edition. 12mo. pp. 252. Cin- pondence. By Parke Goodwin. 2 vols. cinnati, 1856. 1 00 8vo. New York, 1883.

4619 Boone (Daniel). The Kentucky. By J. S. C. Abbott. 331. New York, 1872.

6 00 By G.

Pioneer of 4633 Buchanan (James), Life. 12mo. pp. Ticknor Curtis. 2 vols. 8vo. New York, 1 00 1883. 4 50 4620 Bowditch (Nathaniel). Memoir of. 4634 Buchanan (James). Life of. Price By his son, N. I. Bowditch. Being a part“ Half-a-Jimmy." 18mo. pp. 8. Lancaster, of the Fourth Volume of Dr. Bowditch's 1856. Translation of the Mecanique Céleste. Portrait. 4to. pp. 168, boards.


Boston, 2.00 4621 Bradford (William). An Address delivered at the Celebration of the Two Hundredth Birthday of, who introduced the Art of Printing into the Middle Colonies of British America. By John W. Wallace. 8vo. pp. 114, sewed. Albany,



4622 Brayman (Jas. O.) Daring Deeds of American Heroes, with Biographical Sketches. 12mo. pp. 499. Philadelphia. 75

4623 Brayton (Patience). A Short Account of the Religious Labors of, late of Swansey, Mass. [Quaker]. 12mo. pp. 144, sheep London, 1802. 150 4624 Breck (Samuel). Recollections of, with Passages from his Note-Book, 17711862, By H. E. Scudder. 12mo. pp. 316. Philadelphia, 1877. 2 00 4625 Briggs (George N.) A Memoir of Governor of Massachusetts from 1814 to 1851. By W. C. Richards. Portraits. 12mo. pp. 451. Boston, 1867. 1 25

4626 Brown (Charles B.) Memoirs of, the American Novelist, with Selections from his Original Letters and Miscellaneous Writings. By William Dunlap. 8vo. pp. 337, boards, uncut. London, 1822. 150

4627 Brown (John). Life, Trial Execution of. 8vo. pp. 108, paper. York, 1860.


4635 Buchanan (James) and Breckenridge (John C.) Lives of. 12mo. pp. 88, paper. Cincinnati, 1856.


4636 Buel (J. W.) The Border Outlaws. An Authentic and Thrilling History of the most noted Bandits of Ancient or Modern Times. The Younger Brothers, Jesse and Frank James, and their Comrades in Crime. Portraits and colored plates. 12mo. pp. 252+160. St. Louis, 1881. 1 50

ings; or, Crayon Sketches of the Noticeable 4637 Bungay (Geo. W.) Off-hand TakMen of Our Age. 20 Steel Portraits. 12mo. pp. 408. New York, 1854. 1 00 4638 Bungay (Geo. W.) Traits of Representative Men. (Americans). 12mo. pp. 286. New York, 1882.

1 50 4639 Burr (Aaron). Life of. With Portrait and hitherto Unpublished Letters, etc. 8vo. paper. New York, 1879.


[blocks in formation]

4641 Burr (Aaron). Memoirs, with Miscellaneous Correspondence. By M. L. Davis. Portraits. 2 vols. 8vo. New York, 1838. 3 50

4642 Burr (Aaron). Private Journal, during his Residence of Four Years in and Europe; with Selections from his CorresNew pondence. With Portrait. Edited by Mat50 thew L. Davis. 2 vols. 8vo. New York, 1838. 3 50 4643 Butler (Benj. F.) Life. By T. A. Bland. 18mo. pp. 202, paper. Boston, 1870.

4628 Brown (John). Life and Letters. Liberator of Kansas, and Martyr of Virginia. Edited by S. B. Sanborn. 12mo. pp. 645. Boston, 1885.

3 00 4629 Brown (John). Public Life of. With an Autobography of his Childhood and Youth. By James Redpath. 12mo. 408. Boston, 1860.


200 4630 Brown (Joseph E.) A Sketch of the Life, Times and Speeches of. By Herbert Fielder. 8vo. pp. 785. Springfield, Mass., 1883.



4644 Butler (Benj. F.) and Hoyt (Jesse). Their Lives and Opinions, with Anecdotes and Biographical Sketches of James Martin Van Buren, etc., by Wm. McGordon Bennett, F. P. Blair, Walter Brown, 8vo. pp. 152, paper. Boston,



1845. 4631 Brown (Henry Armitt). Memoirs 4645 Campbell (John W.) Biographof, together with Four Historical Orations. ical Sketches (Rufus Putnam, Paul FearEdited by J. M. Hoppin. Portrait. 8vo. ing, Return J. Meigs, The Girtys, etc.), pp. 395. Philadelphia, 1880. 2 50 with other Literary Remains. 8vo. pp. 279. Columbus, 1838. 1 50 4632 Bryant (William Cullen). Biography, with Extracts from his Private Corres

4646 Another copy. Half morocco. 2 00

4660 Choate (Rufus). Memoir of the Life of. By Prof. S. C. Brown. Portrait 12mo. pp. 498. Boston, 1881. 2 25

4647 Calhoun (John C.) The Life of. By J. S. Jenkins. 12mo. pp. 454. New York. 1 00 4648 Calhoun (John C.) Life of. Pre- 4661 Choate (Rufus). Memoirs, with senting a Condensed History of Political some Consideration of His Studies, MethEvents, from 1811 to 1843. 8vo. pp. 76, ods, and Opinions, and of his Style as a paper. New York, 1843. 60 Speaker and Writer. By Joseph Neilson. 4649 Calhoun (John C.) Senate Obitu- 8vo. pp. 460. Boston, 1884. ary Addresses. 8vo. pp. 39, paper. Wash- 4662 Clay (Henry). The Ashland Textington, 1850. book. Being a Compendium of Mr. Clay's Speeches on Various Public Measures, etc. 12mo. pp. 72, paper. Boston, 1844.


4650 Carew (Bamfylde Moore). The Life of. Sometime King of the Beggars. Containing an accurate History of his Travels, Voyages, and Adventures. ing colored plate. 12mo. pp. 31,


New York, 1828.

paper, un

4663 Portrait.

50 York, 1843.


4 25


[blocks in formation]


1 50 4651 Carroll (Howard). Twelve AmerThe Life and Speeches of. icans. Their Lives and Times. Horatio Portrait and plate. 2 vols. 8vo. New Seymour, Charles Francis Adams, Peter York, 1843. Cooper, Hannibal Hamlin, John Gilbert, Biography of. By George D. Robert C. Schenck, Frederick Douglass, Prentice. Portrait. 12mo. pp. 312, old William Allan, Allan G. Thurman, Joseph sheep. Hartford, 1831. Jefferson, Elihu B. Washburne, and AlexLife and Public Services. By ander H. Stephens. Portrait. 8vo. pp. Epes Sargent. 8vo. pp. 80. New York, 473. N. Y., 1883. 1 75 1844. Christopher Carson, 4667


1 25


4652 Carson (Kit.) Life and Public Services, to familiary known as Kit Carson. By John 1848. By Epes Sargent. Completed to S. C. Abbott. Illustrated. 12mo. pp. 348. his Death, by Horace Greeley. New York, 1876. 1 00 426. Philadelphia, n. d. 4653 Carson (Kit). Life of the Great 4668 Western Hunter and Guide, with an Ac- Samuel count of various Government Expeditions pp. 432. to the Far West. By Charles Burdett. Il- 4669 lustrated. 12mo. pp. 382. Philadelphia, Portrait.



4654 Cass (Lewis). Life and Public Services of, with the Pamphlet on the the Right of Search, and some of his Speeches. By Wm. T. Young. 8vo. 420. Detroit, 1852.


[blocks in formation]

150 4655 Caton (John Dean). (C. J. of Ill.) Biographical Sketch, by Robert Fergus. 12mo. pp. 48, paper, Chicago, 1882. 25 ton, 1856. 4656 Channing (William). His Opinions, Services and Character, by Henry W. Bellows. 8vo. pp. 39. N. Y., 1880. 25 4657 Chase (Bishop [Philander]). Reminiscences and Autobiography. Second edition; comprising a History of the Principal Events in the Author's Life. With a portrait and four engravings. 2 vols. 8vo. Boston, 1848. 3 00

4658 Chase (Salmon P.) An Account of the Private Life and Public Services of. By R. B. Warden. 8vo. pp. 838. Cincinnati, 1874. 3 50 4659 Chesney (Charles C.) Essays in Military Biography, Generals. Lee, Grant,


12mo. pp. 398. N. Y. 1874. 200

4674 Coffin (Charles). Lives and Services of Gen. John Thomas, Col. Thomas Knowlton, Col. Alex. Scammell and Gen. Henry Dearborn. 12mo. pp. 222. New York, 1845.


4675 Coffin (Levi). Reminiscences of. The Reputed President of the Underground Railroad. Being a Brief History of the Labors of Lifetime in behalf of the Slave, with Stories of Numerous Fugitives who gained their Freedom through his Instru

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