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5522 Marcy (R. B.) Border Reminiscences. Illustrated. 12mo. pp. 396. New York, 1872.


5508 Lewis and Clarke. Travels to the Source of the Missouri River and across the American Continent to the Pacific Ocean, performed in 1804-5 and 6. Large map 5523 Marcy (R.B.) The Prairie Traveler. and charts. 3 vols. 8vo. London, A Hand-Book for Overland Expeditions. 1815. 1500 With Maps, Illustrations, and Itineraries Lon- of the principal routes between the Missis10 00 sippi and the Pacific. 12mo. pp. 340. New 5510 Lewis and Clarke. The Journal York, 1859. of To the Mouth of the Columbia River, beyond the Rocky Mountains, in the years 1804-5-6. 18mo. pp. 240, sheep. Dayton, Ohio, 1840.

5509 Another edition. 4to. pp. 663. don, 1814.

1 00


5524 Marcy (R. B) Thirty Years of Army Life on the Border. Comprising Descriptions of the Indian Nomads of the Plains; Explorations of New Territory; A 5511 Life in the West. Backwood Trip Across the Rocky Mountains in the Leaves and Prairie Homes. Rough Sketches Winter. Descriptions of the Habits of on the Borders. 12mo. pp. 363. London, Different Amimals found in the West, and the methods of Hunting them. With Incidents in the Life of Different Frontier Men, New York, etc. Illustrated. 8vo. pp. 442.


1 50 5512 Life on the Lakes. Being Tales and Sketches collected during a trip to the Pictured Rocks of Lake Superior. 2 vols. 12mo. New York, 1836.



3 00

5525 Marcy (R. B.) and McClellan (G.B.) Explorations of the Red River of Louisiana in 1852. 8vo. and atlas. Washington, 1854.


5513 Lord (J. K.) At Home in the Wilderness (the Rocky Mountains). Being full instructions How to Get Along, etc. Illus.. 12mo. pp. 323. London, 1867. 2 00 5526 Marryat (Capt.) A Diary in Amer5514 Lyell (Charles). Travels in North ica, with Remarks on its Institutions. 2 America. With Geological Observations vols. in 1. 12mo. Philadelphia, 1839. 1 00 on the United States, Canada and Nova 5527 Marryat (Frank). Mountains and Scotia. Maps. 2 vols. in 1. 12mo. New Molehills; or, Recollections of a Burnt York, 1845. 250 Journal. Illustrated. 8vo. pp. 443. Lon5515 Lyell (Charles). A Second Visit don, 1855. to the United States of North America. 2 vols. 12mo. London, 1850. 3 00 5516 Ludlow (Fitz Hugh). The Heart of the Continent. A Record of Travels across the Plains and in Oregon. With an Examination of the Mormon Principle. With illustrations. 8vo. pp. 568. New York,



5517 McClure (A. K.) Three Thousand Miles through the Rocky Mountains. 12mo. pp. 456. Philadelphia, 1869. 1 75 5518 Mackay (Alexander). The Western World; or, Travels in the United States in 1846-47. Including a Chapter on California. 2 vols. 12mo. Philadelphia,

250 5528 Martineau (Harriet). Retrospect of Western Travel. 2 vols. 12mo. New 1 25 York, 1838.

5529 Maxwell (Lieut.-Col. A. M.) A Run through the United States during the Autumn of 1840. Portraits. 2 vols. 12mo. half calf, neat. London, 1841. 2 25 5530 Meares (John). Voyages made in the years 1788 and 1789, from China to the N. W. Coast of America; with an Introductory Narrative of a Voyage Performed in 1786, from Bengal, in the Ship Nootka. To which are annexed Observations on the Probable Existence of a North-west Passage. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1791. 200 5531 Melish (John). The Traveler's Di5519 McKenney (Thomas L.) Sketches rectory through the United States. 16mo. of a Tour to the Lakes, of the Character Pp. 134. Maps and plates, leather, with and Customs of the Chippeway Indians, tuck, for pocket use. 16mo. Philadelphia, and of the Incidents connected with the 1819. Treaty of Fon Du Lac. Also, a Vocabulary of the Algic or Chippeway Language. 8vo. pp. 494. Baltimore, 1827. 3 00


5520 Mackie (J. Milton). From Cape Cod to Dixie and the Tropics. 12mo. pp. 422. New York, 1864.



1 25

5532 Melish (John). Travels in the United States of America, in the years 1806-11. Maps. 2 vols. 8vo. pp. 444-492. Philadelphia, 1812. 3.00

5533 Another edition. 8vo. pp. 648, half calf. London, 1818. 3 00 5521 Magellan; or. The First Voyage 5534 Men and Manners in America. Round the World. By George M. Towle. [By Thomas Hamilton.] 2 vols. 12mo. 16mo. pp. 281. Boston, 1879.

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5534A Another edition. 2 vols. 12mo. half calf. London, 1834. 2 00 5534B Another copy. Half calf, extra. 3 00 5535 Mendell and Hosmer (Misses). Notes of Travel and Life. 12mo. pp. 288. New York, 1854. 1 25

5536 Michaux (F. A.) Travels to the Westward of the Allegheny Mountains in the States of Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee, and Return to Charleston, through the Upper Carolinas. 8vo. pp. 294. London, 1805. 2 25 5537 Another edition. Map. 8vo. pp. 96, paper. London, 1805. 100 5538 Another edition. In French. 8vo. pp. 312. Paris, 1804. 1 75 5539 Mollhausen (Baldwin). Diary of a Journal from the Mississippi to the Coasts of the Pacific with a United States Government Expedition. Tinted plates. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1858. 3 50

5540 Another copy. Half calf.

5 00

5541 Monroe (James). Narrative of a Tour of Observation in the Summer of 1817, through the North-eastern and North-western States. 12mo. pp. 264. Philadelphia, 1818. 1 25

5542 Montule (E.) A Voyage to North America and the West Indies in 1817. Plates. 8vo. boards. London, 1821. 1 25

5543 Morris (M. O.) Rambles in the Rocky Mountains. With a Visit to the Gold Fields of Colorado. 12mo. pp. 264. London, 1864. 1 50

5544 Murray (Hon. Amelia M.) Letters from the United States, Cuba, and Canada. 2 vols. in 1. 12mo. pp. 402. New York, 100


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5547 Murray (Henry A.) Lands of the Slave and the Free; or, Cuba, the United States, and Canada. Illustrated. 2 vols. 12mo. London, 1855. 250

5548 Murray (Hugh). Historical Account of Discoveries and Travels in North America; including the United States, Canada, the Shores of the Polar Sea, and the Voyages in Search of a North-west Passage; with Observations on Emigration. Map. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1829. 2 25 5549 Murphy (John M.) Rambles in North-western America, from the Pacific

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5551 Northern Traveller (The). Containing the Routes to Niagara, Quebec, and the Springs, with the Tour of New Eng land, and the Route to the Coal Mines of Pennsylvania. Numerous maps and steel plates. 18mo. pp. 403, half bound. New York, 1828. 1 50 5552 Norman (B. M.) Rambles by Land and Water; or, Notes of Travel in Cuba and Mexico. Plates. 12mo. pp. 216. New York, 1845.

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5553 Nuttall (Thomas). Journal of Travels into the Arkansas Territory during the year 1819, with Observations on the Manners of the Aborigines. Map and plates. 8vo. pp. 296. Phila., 1821. 500 5553A Another copy. Half calf, extra. 6 50 5554 O'Bryan (Wm.) A Narrative of Travels in the United States of America. With some Account of American Manners and Polity. 12mo. pp. 419. London, 1836. 100

5555 Olmsted (F. L.) A Journey in the Back Country. 12mo. pp. 492. New York, 1861. 175

5556 Olmsted (F. L.) A Journey in the Sea-Board Slave States. With Remarks on their Economy. 12mo. pp. 723. New York, 1856. 2. 00

5557 Olmsted (F. L.) Journeys and Explorations in the Cotton Kingdom. A Traveler's Observations on Cotton and 2 vols. Slavery in the United States. 2 25

12mo. 1861.

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London, 1 50

5562 Parkman (Francis). Historic Hand- 12mo. pp. 259, half bound. book of the Northern Tour: Lakes George and Champlain, Niagara, Montreal, Quebec. Portraits and plans. 8vo. pp. 180. Boston, 1885. 150 5563 Payne (E. J., Editor). Voyages of the Elizabethian Seamen to America, with Historical Notices. 12mo. pp. 396. London, 1880. 2 00 Alleghe Personal

5576 Reid (Samuel C.) Scouting Expeditions of the Texan Rangers. With Sketches of the Celebrated Partisan Chiefs, Hays, McCullough, and Walker. Illustrated. 12mo. pp. 251. Phila. 1 00

Over the

5577 Revere (Jos. W.) Keel and Saddle; A Retrospect of Forty Years in the Military and Naval Service. 12mo. pp. 360. Boston, 1872.

5564 Peyton (J. L.) nies and Across the Prairies. 1 50 Recollections of the Far West, one and 5578 Richardson (Albert D.) Beyond twenty years ago. 12mo. pp. 377. Lon- the Mississippi; from the Great River to don, 1870. 1 50 the Great Ocean. Life and Adventures on the Prairies, Mountains, and Pacific Coast. With more than two hundred illustrations. 8vo. pp. 620. Hartford, 1869. 3 50

5565 Pike (Zebulon M.) An Account of Expeditions to the Sources of the Mississippi, and through the Western Parts of Louisiana, to the Sources of Arkansaw, La Platte, etc. Portrait and charts. pp. 482, sheep. Philadelphia, 1810. 5566 Another copy. Without map. 2 00 5566A Another edition. Maps. 4to. 436. London, 1811.

8vo. 4.50


5 00

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5580 Rideing (W. H.) A Saddle in the Wild West. A Glimpse of Travel Among the Mountains. Lava Beds, Sand Deserts, Adobe Towns, Indian Reservations, and Ancient Pueblos of Southern Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona. 16mo. pp. 165. London, 1879. 1 00

5581 Rideout (Mrs. J. B.) Six Years on the Border; or, Sketches of Frontier Life. 16mo. pp. 221. Philadelphia, 1884. 483. 1 00

2 25

5568 Portlock (Nathaniel). A Voyage Round the World; but more particularly to the North-west Coast of America; performed in 1785-6-7-8. Portrait, maps, and plates. 4to. pp. 424, half bound. London, 1789. 4 00 5569 Power (Tyrone). Impressions of America during the Years 1833, '34, and '35. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1836. 2 25 5570 Another edition. 2 vols. in 1. 12mo. Philadelphia, 1836. 1 25

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5584 Ross (Alexander). The Fur Hunters of the Far West. A Narrative of 5571 Prentice (Archibald). A Tour of Adventures in the Oregon and Rocky the United States. With Two Lectures on Mountains. Map. 2 vols. Emigration. Portrait. 16mo. pp. 217. Man- don, 1855. chester, 1850.


5572 Another edition. 12mo. pp. 156. London, 1848. 50

5573 Price (R. L.) The Two Americas. An Account of Sport and Travel. With Notes of Men and Manners in North and South America, Illustrated. 8vo. pp. 368. Philadelphia, 1877. 2.00 5574 Raleigh (Sir Walter). His Exploits and Voyages. By Geo. M. Towle. lomo. pp. 273. Boston, 1882. 1 25

5575 Rambles in the United States and Canada during the year 1845. With a short Account of Oregon. By Rubio.

5585 Ruxton (George F.) in Mexico and the Rocky 12mo. pp. 332. London, 1847. 5586 Ruxton (George F.) Far West. 12mo. pp. 235. 1849.

12mo. Lon

3 00 Adventures Mountains.

150 Life in the New York, 1 50

5587 Saint Maurice (F. de). De Quebec a Mexico. Souvenirs de Voyage, de Garrison, de Combat, et de Bivouac. 2 vols. 12mo., boards. Montreal, 1874. 1 50 America

5588 Sala (Geo. Augustus). Revisited, from the Bay of New York to the Gulf of Mexico, and from Lake Michigan to the Pacific. Illustrated with nearly

400 engravings. 8vo. pp. 587. London, maps. 8vo. pp. 161, paper. Washington. 1885. 4 00 1866.

5589 Saxe-Weimar Eismach (Bernhard). Duke of. Travels through North America; during 1825-26. 2 vols. in 1. 8vo., boards. Philadelphia, 1828. 1 25

5590 Scenes in the Rocky Mountains and in Oregon, California, New Mexico, Texas and the Grand Prairies. By a New Englander. Map. 12mo. pp. 303. Philadelphia, 1846.


5601 Simpson (James H.) Journal of a Military Reconnaissance, from Santa Fé, New Mexico, to the Navajo Country. Numerous plates, some colored. 8vo. pp. 140. Philadelphia, 1852. 4. 00

An Account of

5602 Smyth (J. F. D.) A Tour in the
United States of America.
the Population, Customs, Manners, etc.
With a Description of the Indian Nations,
etc. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1784. 5 00

Rocky Mountains, and Spring in Mexico.
5603 South by West; or, Winter in the
Edited by Charles Kingsley. Illustrated.
8vo. pp. 411, half bound. London,
3 50

1 50 5591 Schoolcraft (H. R.) Narrative of an Expedition through the Upper Mississippi to Itasca Lake. Embracing an exploratory trip through the St. Croix and Burntwood (or Broule) River, in 1832. Map. 8vo. pp. 307. N. Y., 1834. 250 5604 Steele (James W.) Frontier Army 5592 Schoolcraft (H. R.) Narrative Sketches. 12mo. pp. 329. Chicago, Journal of Travels, extending from Detroit 1883. through the Great Chain of American Lakes, to the Sources of the Mississippi River, in the year 1820. Map and Plates. 8vo. pp. 424. Albany, 1821.

3 50

5593 Schoolcraft (H. R.) Summary Narrative of an Exploratory Expedition to the Sources of the Mississippi River in 1820. Resumed and Completed by the Discovery of its origin in Itasca Lake in 1832. With Appendices. 8vo. pp. 596. Philadelphia, 1855.

3.00 5594 Another copy. Hf. mor., extra. 5 00 5595 Shields (G. O.) ["Coquina."] Rustlings in the Rockies, Hunting and Fishing by Mountain and Stream. 12mo. pp. Chicago, 1883.


tion of a Route for the Pacific Railroad, 5605 Stevens (I. I.) Report of Explorafrom St. Paul to Puget Sound. 8vo. pp. 615, paper. Washington, 1854.


5606 Stuart (James). Three Years in North America. Map. 2 vols. 12mo. Edinburgh, 1833. 2.50

5607 Another edition. 2 vols. 12mo. New York, 1833. 1 75

5608 Sutcliff (Robert). Travels in some parts of North America in 1804-6. 16mo. pp. 309. York, 1815. 1 50 5609 Taylor (Bayard). Eldorado; or, Adventures in the Path of Empire. Com305.prising a Voyage to California, via Panama. 100 Life in San Francisco and Monterey. Pic5596 Short American Tramp in the Fall tures of the Gold Region, and Experiences of 1864 by the Editor of Life in Nor- of Mexican Travel. Illustrated. 2 vols. mandy." Illustrated. 8vo. pp. 427. Ed- 12mo. New York, 1850. 2.00 inburgh 1865. 2.00

5597 Shultz (Christian, Jr.) Travels on an Inland Voyage through the States of New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee, and the Territories of Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi and New Orleans in 1807-8. Map and Plates. 2 vols. 8vo., half calf. N. Y., 1810. 5 00


5610 Another copy. 12mo. pp. 444. New York, 1855.

1 25 5611 Ten Days on the Plains with General Sheridan. Map. 8vo. pp. 68, half bound. N. Y. Privately printed. 1 25 5612 Tice (J. H.) Over the Plains and on the Mountains; or, Kansas and Colorado, Agriculturally, Mineralogically, and Aesthetically Described. 8vo. pp. 262. St. Illus- Louis.

1 25 5613 Todd (Rev. John). The Sunset Land; or, the Great Pacific Slope. 16mo. pp. 322. Boston, 1870. 1700 5614 Townshend (F. Trench). Ten Thousand Miles of Travel, Sport, and Adventure. Svo. pp. 271. Lon. 1869. 3 00

5598 Sidney (Magaret). The Golden West, as seen by the Ridgway Club. trated. Square, 8vo. pp. 388. Boston, 175 1885. 5599 Simpson (George). Narrative of a Journey Round the World, during the Years 1841-2. Portrait and map. 2 vols. 8vo., half calf. London, 1847. 5 00 5600 Simpson (James H.) Report on the Union Pacific Railroad, and branches, 5615 Townsend (J. K.) Sporting ExCentral Pacific Railroad of California, cursions in the Rocky Mountains. IncludWagon Roads in the Territories, etc. 4ing a Journey to the Columbia River, and

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5623 Victor (Frances F.) Eleven Years in the Rocky Mountains, and Life on the Frontier. Also a History of the Sioux War, and a Life of Gen. George A. Custer. 8vo. Pp. 581. 2 50

Hartford, Conn., 1877.

5624 Victor (Francis F.) The River of the West. Life and Adventures in the Rocky Mountains and Oregon, Embracing events in the lifetime of a Mountainman and Pioneer, with the Early History of the Northwestern Slope. Illustrated. 8vo. 602, half morocco. Hartford,



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5636 Whitefield (Geo.) A Continuation of the Rev. Mr. Whitefield's Journal, from Savannah, June 25, 1740, to his Arrival at Governments of New England, to his DeRhode Island; his Travels in the other parture from Stamford for New York. 12mo. pp. 96, half morocco, gilt top, uncut. Boston, 1741. 2.50

5637 Wilkes (Charles). Narrative of 3 00 the United States Exploring Expedition years 1838, 1839, 1840, 1841, fine plates. 15 00

5625 Vigne (Godfrey T.) Six Months during the
1842. 5 vols. Numerous

in America. 2 vols. 12mo., calf, neat.
London, 1832.


5626 Volney (C. F.) View of the Climate and Soil of the United States of America. With Supplementary Remarks on Florida, etc. 8vo. pp. 503. London, 1804. 2.00 5627 Another edition. 8vo. pp. 505, boards. London, 1820. 2 00 5628 Voyage dans La Haute Pensylvanie et dans L'Etat de New York, Par un Membre adoptif de la Nation Oneida. Portrait and plates. 3 vols. 12mo. half calf extra. Paris, 1801. 10 00

8vo. New York.

5638 Winser (H. J.) The Great NorthWest; a Guide book and Itinerary over the lines of the Northern Pacific Railroad, the Oregon Railway and Navigation Co., and the Oregon and California Railroad. Maps and illustrations. Square 16mo. pp. 276. New York, 1883. 1 25

5639 Winthrop (Theodore). The Canoe and the Saddle. Adventures among the Northwestern Rivers and Forests, and Isthmiana. 12mo. pp. 375. Boston, 1866.

1 00

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