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5640 Wise (Lieut.) Los Gringos; or, an Inside View of Mexico and California, with wanderings in Peru, Chili and Polynesia. 12mo. pp. 453. New York, 1850. 150 5641 Wislizenus (Dr. A.) Memoir of a Tour to Northern Mexico, connected with Col Doniphan's Expedition in 1846-47. With Scientific Appendix and 3 maps. 8vo pp. 141, paper. Wash., 1848. 200 5642 Wortley (Lady). Travels in the United States. 12mo. pp. 463. New York, 1851. 1.00


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5656 Brown (Rev. Isaac V.) A Historical Vindication of the Abrogation of the Plan of Union by the Presbyterian Church, in the United States. 8vo. pp. 325. Philadelphia, 1855 1 25

5643 American Bible Society. Thirteen Annual Reports of the American Bible So5657 Brown (Thomas). An Account of ciety. From 1817-29. In three 8vo. volthe People called Shakers; their Faith, umes, half bound. N. Y., 1817-29. 3 00 Doctrines, and Practice, exemplified in the 5644 Ancient Testimony (The) of the Life, Conversations, and Experience of the Religious Society of Friends, commonly Author. To which is affixed a History of called Quakers. 16mo. pp. 84, paper. their Rise and Progress to the Present Day. Philadelphia 1855. 25 12mo. pp. 372, sheep. Troy, 1812. 4.00

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1 75

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5662 Cooke (Parsons). A Century of Puritanism, and a Century of its Opposites. 12mo. pp. 444. Boston, 1855. 1 25

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States. 1851.


12mo. pp. 5668 Declaration and Testimony for the Doctrine and Order of the Church of Christ. To which is prefixed a Narrative concerning the Maintenance of the Reformation-Testimony. By the Associate Presbytery of Pennsylvania. 12mo. pp. 135, Printed at Philadelphia, 1784. Edinburgh Reprinted, 1786.



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1 50

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10 00

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12mo. pp.

5674 Gorrie (Rev. P. D.) History of the Methodist Episcopal Church in the United States. 12mo. pp. 359. Philadelphia, 1 00 5675 Gorrie (Rev. P. D.) Lives of Eminent Methodist Ministers. Incidents, Anecdotes, Records of Travel, etc. 408. Auburn, 1853. 75 5676 Gouch (John). History of the People called Quakers from their First Rise to the Present Time. 4 vols. 8vo. Dublin, 1789. 4 00 5677 Griffith (John). Journal of the Life, Travels and Labours in the Work of the Ministry. Formerly of Darby, Penn. pp. 426.+Griffith's Brief Remarks Addressed to the People called Quakers. 12mo. pp. 112. Phila., 1781.


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tions, Declarations and Arguments. 8vo. pp. 169. Chicago, 1874.

5709 Rupp (I. Daniel). An Original 100 History of the Religious Denominations at 5695 Penn (William). A Brief Account present Existing in the United States. of the Rise and Progress of the People Containing an Authentic Account of their called Quakers. 12mo. pp. 95, boards. Rise, Progress, Statistics, and Doctrines. Philadelphia, 1816.

50 8vo. pp. 734, sheep. Philadelphia,

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Perry (William Stevens). Historical Collections relating to the American Colonial Church. (250 copies printed.) Large

4to. volumes.

5697 Vol.



Virginia. pp. 585.


5698. Vol. 2. Pennsylvania. 1871.

5699 Vol. 3. Massachusetts. 1873.



2.00 5710 Shakers. Investigator; or, A De fense of the Order, Government and Economy of the United Society called Shakers. Also some Account of the Proceedings of the Legislature of New Hampshire in relation to the People called Shakers, in 1828. 12mo. pp. 103, paper. Lexington, 1828. New York, 1846. 1 25

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1 15

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1788. 8vo. pp. 548. Philadelphia,

n d.

1 25 5702 Pulpit and the Pew. Being the History of a Struggle for Justice between the Two, and Embracing the Trials and Triumphs of a Year in the Old Parsonage. [Rev. Geo. B. Cheever.] 12mo. pp. 361. N. Y., 1858. 75

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5706 Roll and Book. A Holy, Sacred and Divine Roll and Book, from the Lord

God of Heaven to the Inhabitants of the
Earth. 8vo. pp. 402, sheep. Canterburg,
N. H.,

5707 Royce (M. S.) A Series of Brief Historical Sketches of the Church of England, and of the Protestant Episcopal

Church in the United States. 198, half bound. N. Y. 1860.

5713 Shane (J. D.) A Sketch of the Immigrant Church. 8vo. pp. 27, paper.

Cincinnati, 1858.


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1 25 Sprague (W. B.) Annals of the American Pulpit; or, Commemorative Notices of Distinguished American Clergymen, from the Earliest Settlement of the Country to


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16mo. pp.
5721 Taneyhill (R. H.) The Leather-
50 wood God. An Account of the Appearance



and Pretensions of Joseph C. Dylks in East- Biographical Sketches, Facts, Anecdotes, ern Ohio, in 1828. 12mo. pp. 59, paper. etc. Portraits. 8vo. pp. 504. Manchester, Cincinnati, 1880. 1 75 5734 Benezet (Anthony). A Caution to Great Britain and her Colonies, in a Short Representation of the Calamitous State of the Enslaved Negroes in the British Dominions. 8vo. pp. 46. London, 1767. 1 00

5722 Thompson (Jos. P.) Church and State in the United States, with an Appendix on the German Population. 16mo. pp. 166. Boston, 1873. 50

5723 Thornton (J. W.) The Pulpit of the American Revolution; or, The Political Sermons of the Period of 1776. With an Historical Introduction, Notes, and Illustrations. 8vo. pp. 537. Boston, 1860. 1 25 5724 Tuke (Henry). The Principles of Religion, as Professed by the Society of Christians called Quakers. 12mo. pp. 142, half bound. New York, 1819. 50


5725 Webster (Richard). History of the Presbyterian Church in America. 8vo. Pp. 720. Philadelphia, 1857. 5726 White (Wm.) Memoirs of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America. 8vo. pp. 474, sheep. Philadelphia, 1820. 2.00

5727 Wise (John). A Vindication of the Government of New England Churches. pp. 80. The Churches' Quarrel Exposed. pp. 96. + A Platform of Church Discipline. pp. 68. 12mo. All. Boston, 1772.


3 00

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5735 Benton (Thomas H.) Historical and Legal Examination of that part of the Decision of the Supreme Court of the United States in the Dred Scott Case, which declares

the Unconstitutionality of the Missouri
Compromise Act, and the Self-extension of
the Constitution to Territories, carrying
Slavery along with it. With an Appendix.
8vo. pp. 193. New York, 1858.
1 00

Its Character, Career, and Probable Designs.
5736 Cairnes (J. E.) The Slave Power.
Being an Attempt to Explain the Real Is-
sues involved in the American Contest.
171. New York, 1862.

8vo. pp.

1 00

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5733 Armistead (Wilson). A Tribute for the Negro; being a Vindication of the Moral, Intellectual, and Religious Capabilities of the Coloured Portion of Mankind, 1863.

1 50 Results Boston,


5747 Cochin (Augustin). The Results Platform; or, Manual of Southern Sentiof Slavery. 12mo. pp. 413. Boston, ment on the Subject of Slavery. 8vo. pp. 1 00 80. Boston, 1858.


5748 Controversy between Caius Gracchus and Optimus in reference to the Colonizing the Free People of Colour. 8vo. pp. 218, paper. Georgetown, 1827. 50 5749 Conway (Moncure D.) The Golden Hour. 12mo. pp. 160. Boston, 1862. 75 5750 Conway (Moncure D.) The Rejected Stone; or, Insurrection v. Resurrection in America. 12mo. pp. 131. Boston,



5762 Goodwin (D. R.) Southern Slavery in its Present Aspects, containing a Reply to the late Work of the Bishop of Vermont on Slavery. 12mo. pp. 343. Philadelphia, 1864. 1.00

5763 Gregoire (H.) An Enquiry concerning the Intellectual and Moral Faculties, and Literature of Negroes; followed with an Account of the Life and Works of 100 Fifteen Negroes and Mulattoes distinguished in Science, Literature, and Arts. Translated by D. B. Warden. 8vo. rp. 253, boards. Brooklyn, 1810.

5751 Drayton (Daniel). Personal Me

moir. For Four Years and Four Months a Prisoner (for Charity's Sake) in Washington Jail, with the Voyage and Capture of the Schooner "Pearl." Portrait. 12mo. pp. 122. Boston, 1855. 75 5752 Eldridge (Elleanor). Memoirs of 48mo. pp. 128. Providence, 1842. 75

5764 Griffiths (Julia, Editor). graphs for Freedom. 12mo. pp. 309. burn, 1854.


1 25 Auto

Au1 00

5765 Grimke (Sarah and Angelina) The First American Women Advocates of Abolition and Woman's Rights. By Catherine H. Birney. 16mo. pp. 319. Boston, 1 25 5765A Grosvenor (C. P.) A Review of the Correspondence of Messrs. Fuller and Wayland, on the Subject of American Slavery. Also a Discourse by Roger Wil1652. 2 50 liams, 18mo. pp. 187. Utica, 50

5753 Elliott (E. N.) Cotton is King, and Pro-Slavery Arguments; comprising the Writings of Hammond, Harper, Christy, Stringfellow, Hodge, Bledsoe, and Cartwright, on this Important Subject, with an Essay on Slavery in the light of International Law. 8vo. pp. 908, roan. Augusta, Ga., 1860.

5754 Elmwood (Elnathan). A Yankee among the Nullifiers. An Autobiography. 18mo. pp. 142, half calf. New York,



5766 Hopkins (J. H., Bishop of Vermont). A Scriptural, Ecclesiastical, and Historical View of Slavery. 12mo. pp. 376. New York, 1864. 1.00

100 5755 Fitzhugh (George). Cannibals, All; or, Slaves without Masters. 12mo. 5767 Ingersoll (Charles). A Letter to 125 a Friend in a Slave State. By a Citizen of Pennsylvania. 4to pp. 60., paper. Large paper. Philadelphia, 1862.

pp. 379. Richmond, 1857.

Studies on

5756 Fletcher (John). Slavery, in Easy Lessons. Compiled into Eight Studies, and subdivided into Short Lessons for the convenence of Readers. 8vo. pp 637, sheep. Natchez, 1852.


5757 Garrison (W. Lloyd) and his Times; or, S ketches of the Anti-Slavery Movement in America. By Oliver Johnson, with an introduction by John G. Whittier. 8vo. pp. 490. Boston, 1881. 200

5758 Garrison (W. Lloyd). Lectures of George Thompson, and History of his Connection with the Anti-Slavery Cause in England. 12mo. pp. 190. Boston, 1836. 50

5759 Garrison (W. Lloyd). Thoughts on African Colonization. 8vo. pp. 160+76, boards. Boston, 1832.

1 00 5760 Godwin (B.) The Substance of a course of Lectures on British Colonial Slavery. 8vo. pp. 171, boards. London, 1830.


[blocks in formation]

5772 Livermore (George). An Histor torical Research respecting the Opinions of the Founders of the Republic, on Negroes, 5761 Goodloe (D. R.) The Southern as Slaves, as Citizens, and as Soldiers.


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