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A Collection of Poems. [By W. Gilmore 5936 Southern Passages and Pictures. Simms.] 12mo. pp. 228. New York, 1839. 1.00

5937 Stanton (Henry T.) Jacob Brown and other Poems. 12mo. pp. 155. Cincin nati, 1875.

5938 Stanton (Henry T.) less Man and other Poems. Cincinnati, 1884.

5921 Kettell (Samuel). Specimens of American Poetry, with Critical and Biographical Notices. 3 vols. 12mo. Boston, 5939 Street (Alfred B.)


3 50

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5924 Lincoln (A.) Poetical Tributes to the Memory of Abraham Lincoln. Portrait. 12mo. pp. 306. Philadelphia, 1865. 1 25 5925 Lord (W. W.) Andre. A Tragedy 12mo. pp. 138. New York,

in Five Acts. 1856.


150 The Money12mo. pp. 185. 1 50 Frontenac; or, the Atotarno of the Iroquois. A Metrical Romance. 12mo. pp. 324. New York, 1 50


5940 Thomas (Frederick W.) The Emigrant; or, Reflections while descending the Ohio. A Poem. 8vo. pp. 48, boards. Cincinnati, 1872. 75

5941 Token (The) and Atlantic Souvenir. Edited by S. C. Goodrich. Contributions by Hawthorne, Pierpont, Mrs. Sigourney and others. All first publications. Illustrated. 12mo. pp. 312, morocco. Boston, 1838.


5942 Tom Crib's Memorial to Congress. With a Preface, Notes and Appendix. By 5926 Mead (Chas.) Mississippi Scenery. One of the Fancy. 18mo. pp. 120. New A Poem. 16mo. pp. 113, water stained. York, 1819. Philadelphia, 1819.


75 5943 Trumbull (John). The Poetical 5927 Miller (Joaquin). The Danites Works of. Containing M'Fingal, a Modern in the Sierras. 18mo. pp. 258. Chicago, Epic Poem, etc. Portrait. 2 vols. half bound, uncut. Hartford, 1820.




1881. 5928 Miller (Joaquin). Songs of the 5944 Wheatley (Phillis). Poems on VaSierras. 18mo. pp. 299. Boston, 1880. 1 50 rious Subjects, Religious and Moral, by 5929 Moore (Frank). Songs and Ballads John Wheatley, of Boston, in New EngPhillis Wheatley, Negro Servant to Mr. land. Portrait. 16mo. pp. 124. London, 1773.

of the American Revolution. With Notes
and Illustrations. 12mo. pp. 394. New
York, 1856.
1 50

5930 Nason (Elias). A Monogram on our National Song. 8vo. pp. 69. Albany, 1869.


5945 White (Richard Grant). National Hymns. How they are Written and how New they are not Written. 8vo. pp. 152. 1.00 York, 1861. 1 00

5931 Pike (G. D.) The Jubilee Singers and their Campaign for Twenty Thousand Dollars. 12mo. pp. 219. Boston, 1875. 1 25 COINS, CURRENCY, ETC. 5932 Saffell (W. T. R.) Hail Columbia, 5946 Breck (Samuel). Historical Sketch The Flag, and Yankee Doodle-Dandy. of the Continental Paper-Money. 8vo. PP. 16mo. pp. 123. Baltimore, 1864. 40, paper. Philadelphia, 1843. 5947 Another edition. 8vo. pp. 34. delphia, 1863.


5933 Seward (Miss). Monody on Major Andre. To which are added Letters Addressed to her, by Major Andre, in the year 1869. 4to. pp. 47, half bound. Lichfield, 1781. 2 50 5934 Sketches in Verse. Dedication

5948 Another copy. Folio.



75 1 25

5949 Burchard (H. C.) Report of the Director of the Mint upon the Statistics of Production of the Precious Metals in the

United States for 1880. 8vo. pp. 443, fects on Landowners, Farmers, Traders, Washington, 1881. and on all the Industrial Classes of the Community. With an Introduction by Wm. Cobbett. 16mo. pp. 200, boards. Lon1 50 don, 1833.

1 00 5950 The same. For 1881, 1882, 1883 and 1884. Each. 1.00 5951 Carey (H. C.) Currency Inflation. How it has been Produced and how it may be profitably Reduced. 8vo. pp. 20. Philadelphia, 1874. 30 5952 Colonial, Continental, Confederate Currency. Their present Market Value. To which is added a complete Price List of U. S. Fractional Currency. Fac-similies. 8vo. pp. 35, paper. New York. 50 5953 Currency (The) of the British Colonies. 8vo. pp. 247. London, 1848 2 25 5954 Coin Book (The). A History of Coinage. A Synopsis of the Mint Laws of the United States. Statistics of Coinage from 1792 to 1870. List of Current Gold

and Silver Coin and their Custom-house Value. Gold and Silver Products of each State to 1870. Daily price of Gold from 1-62 to 1877, etc. With 32 plates of the Principal Coins. 8vo. pp. 145. Philadelphia, 1878.


5955 Comstock (J. L., M.D.) A History of the Precious Metals from the Earliest Periods to the Present Time. With Direc


tions for testing their Purity. 16mo. pp. 222. Hartford, 1849. 5956 Dickeson (M. W.) The American Numismatic Manual of the Currency or Money of the Aborigines, and Colonial, State, and United States Coins. With Historical and Descriptive Notices of each coin or series. Illustrated by Twenty Plates of Fac-similes. 4to. pp. 270. Philadelphia, 1860. 8 00

5957 Eckfeldt (J. R.) and Du Bois (W. E) New Varieties of Gold and Silver, Counterfeits, etc., with Mint Values. plates. 8vo. pp. 73. N. Y., 1851. 150


5958 Elder (Wm.) Debt and Resources of the United States, and the Effect of Secession upon the Trade and Industries of the United States. 8vo. pp. 32. Philadelphia, 1863.


5959 Gallatin (Albert). A Sketch of the Finances of the United States. Folding Tables. 12mo. pp. 206, sheep. New York, 1796. 2.00

5960 Gholson (W. Y.) Address on the Subject of the Payment of the Bonds of the United States in Coin. 8vo. pp. 32, paper. Cincinnati, 1868. 25

5961 Gouge (Wm. M.) The Curse of Paper Money and Banking; or, a Short History of Banking in the United States of America, with an account of its ruinous ef

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5965 Haseltine (J. W.) Description of the Paper Money issued by the Continental States Congress of the United and the Several Colonies. similes. Five plates of fac 4to. pp. 30, paper. Philadelphia, 1872. 1 00 the Bills of Credit or Paper Money issued 5966 Hickcox (John H.) A History of by New York, from 1709 to 1789. With a Description of the Bills, and Catalogue of the various Issues. 8vo. pp. 103, half call, uncut. Albany, N. Y., 1866. 3.00

5967 Another copy. Imp. 8vo., sewed, uncut, large paper. 4.00 Silver, an Issue 8vo.

5968 Horton (S. Dana). of International Politics. Cincinnati, 1886.

pp. 58.


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English Money. 8vo. pp. 464, full bound. London, 1761.

1 75


5986 Another edition. 8vo. pp. 326. London,

the Coinage Legislation of the United
States. 8vo. pp. 25. Cincinnati, 1877. 25
5974 Phillips (Henry, Jr.) Historical
Sketches of the Paper Currency of the 1765.
American Colonies, prior to the Adoption
of the Federal Constitution. 2 vols. 4to.,
boards, Roxbury, 1866.
8 00
Medals, and Seals,
Illustrated and De-

5975 Prime (N. C.)
Ancient and Modern.
scribed. With a Sketch of the History of
Coins and Coinage Tables. Price List, etc.
Illustrated. Square 8vo. pp. 292. New

York, 1861.

6 00

5976 Schuckers (J. W.) Brief Account of the Finances and Paper Money of the Revolutionary War. 8vo. pp. 128, paper. 1 50 Philadelphia, 1874.

5977 Seyd (Ernest). Suggestions in reference to the Metallic Currency of the United States. 8vo. pp. 253. London, 2 00 5978 Snowden (James R.) A Descrip


tion of Ancient and Modern Coins in the Cabinet Collection of the Mint of the United States. 27 Metallic Plates of Coins. 8vo. 412. Philadelphia, 1860.


6 00

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5980 Sumner (W. G.) A History of American Currency, with Chapters on the English Bank Restriction, and Austrian Paper Money, to which is appended "The Bullion Report." 12mo. pp. 391. New York, 1878. 3 00

5981 Trotter (Alexander). Observations on the Financial Position and Credit of such of the States of the North American Union as have contracted Public Debts; comprising an account of the manner in which the sums raised by each State have been applied, and a consideration of the probable effects of such application upon the general Wealth and Prosperity of the Country. 8vo. pp. 456. London,




Trial of, by

5987 Abbott (Lieut. Joel). General Naval Court Martial, on Allegations made against him by Capt. David Porter. 8vo. pp. 237. Boston, 1822.


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2.00 5990 Arnold (Rev. S.) An Astonishing Affair. Tried for his Cruelty, Rev. Samuel Arnold Cast and Tried for his Cruelty. By Philandros. 18mo. pp. 168. Concord, 1830. 75

5991 Avery (Rev. Ephraim K.) Trial for the Murder of Sarah M. Cornell. By B. F. Hallett. pp. 191. + Supplementary Edition by B. F. Hallett. pp. 40. + Arguments of Counsel, Hon. J. Mason for the Prisoner, Albert C. Greene for Prosecution, and the Medical Testimony. A Vindication of the Result of the Trial. pp. 84+13. pp. 74. 8vo. Boston. 1833-4. The four. 6 00

5992 Barnes (Rev. Albert). Trial of, by the Second Presbytery and the Synod of Philadelphia. 12mo. pp. 159, half bound. Philadelphia, 1836.

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5982 Another copy. Full calf, neat. 3 50 5983 Webster (Daniel). Speech on the Currency, at the Merchants Meeting, New York, Sept. 28, 1840. 8vo. pp. 24. New mony. York, 1840.


5984 Williams (C. P.) Review of the Financial Situation of Our Country. 8vo. pp. 46, paper. Albany, 1868.


1860. 5996 Beecher (H. W.) Trial. A Review of the Evidence from the New York Times. 34. New York, 1875.



5985 Wright (J.) The American Nego

pp. 25 5997 Beecher-Tilton Case. History of,

tiator; or, The Various Currences of the with all the Documents, and Letters, etc. British Colonies in America Reduced into | 8vo. pp. paper. New York, 1874.


commit A. Burr, H. Blennerhassett, and I.
Smith. Taken in short-hand by David
Robertson. 2 vols. 8vo. Philadelphia,
8 00

6009 Another edition. Taken in short-
hand by T. Carpenter. 3 vols. in 2.
Sheep. Washington, 1807.
10 00

5998 Beecher (Lyman). Trial and Acquittal of, before the Presbytery of Cincin nati, on Charges preferred by Joshua L. Wilson, D. D. Imperial 8vo. pp. 108, paper. Cincinnati, 1835. 1 25 5999 Bible (The) in the Public Schools; Arguments in the Case of J. D. Minor et al., versus The Board of Education of the 6010 Busteed (Richard, U. S. District City of Cincinnati et al., in the Superior Judge for Alabama. Review of the EviCourt of Cincinnati, with the Opinions and dence taken on Charges against, with the Decision of the Court. 8vo. pp. 420. Cin-Charges. By R. H. Smith. 8vo. pp. 60. 2 00 Mobile, 1869. Arguments in faBible in the Public Ramsey, George R. 8vo. pp. 159, paper.

cinnati, 1770.

6000 The Same Case. vor of the use of the Schools, by Wm. M. Sage and Rufus King. Cincinnati, 1870.

50 6001 The Same Case. Arguments against the Use of the Bible in the Public Schools, by J. B. Stallo, George Hoadly and Stanley Matthews. 8vo. pp. 177, paper. Cincinnati, 1870.


6011 Chase (Hon. Samuel). Report of the Trial of, one of the Associated Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States, before the High Court of Impeachment, for High Crimes, and Misdemeanors. 8vo. pp.


336, boards, uncut. Baltimore,

2 25

6012 Chester (Chas. A.) Life and Adventures of, the Notorious Leader of the 50 Philadelphia "Killers." 8vo. pp. 36, paper. Philadelphia, 1850.

6002 Bingham (John A.) Argument in the Trial of the Conspirators for the Assassination of President Lincoln, etc. 8vo. pp. 122, paper. Washington, 1865.




6012 Child (David Lee). Trial for Libel on Hon. John Keyes. Reported by John W. Whitman. 8vo. pp. 119. Boston, 1829.


6003 Black Rolf; or, the Red Witch of Wissahickon, Secret Crimes, and Hidden 6014 Church (The) Belfry Murder in Mysteries of Quakerdom. By H. S. War-Boston. Little Mabel H. Young cruelly den. 8vo. pp. 96. Phila. [1856]. butchered by the Sexton of the Warren Avenue Baptist Church. pp. 31. The Heidenblut Murder. pp. 28. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1875.

6004 Black Warrior. Case of the, and other violations of the rights of American Citizens by Spanish Authorities. 8vo. pp. 380. Washington, 1854. 1.00

6005 Bowlsby (Miss Alice). The Trunk Tragedy; or, Late Mysterious Murder in New York, in the Vile Den of an Abortionist, etc. 8vo. pp. 60, paper. Philadelphia, n. d.


6006 Burch (J. H.) Report of the

Burch Divorce Case, with all the Testi-
8vo. pp. 116. N. Y., 1860.

6007 Burns (Anthony). The Boston
Slave Riot and Trial of Anthony Burns.
Report of the Faneuil Hall Meeting. Mur.
der of Bachelder, etc., etc.
Boston, 1854.

8vo. pp.

6008 Burr (Aaron). An Examination of the various Charges exhibited against Aaron Burr, and a Development of the Characters and Views of his Political Opponents. By Aristides [W. P. Van Ness.] 8vo. pp. 77. Philadelphia, 1803. 2 00 6008A Burr (Aaron). Reports of the Trials of, for Treason and for a Misdemeanor, in the Circuit Court of the United States. An Appendix, containing the Arguments and Evidence of a motion made by the Counsel for the United States to


6015 Clem (Mrs. Nancy E.) Trial for the Murder of Jacob Young and Wife, and the Confession and Suicide of Silas W. Hartman, her Accomplice. 8vo. pp. 128, paper. Indianapolis, 1869. 1.00

6016 Cramer (Jennie E.) Full and Complete Account of the Life and Death of. 8vo. pp. 48, paper. New York, 1881. 50

6017 Davis (Judge, of Maine). Arguments on his Removal. By Rufus Choate and others. 8vo. pp. 77, n. p., n. d. (1856).


6018 Dred Scott. Benton (Thomas H). Historical and Legal Examination of that part of the Decision of the Supreme Court of the United States in the Dred Scott Case, which declares the Unconstitutionality of the Missouri Compromise Act, and the Self-Extension of the Constitution to Territories, carrying Slavery along with it. 8vo. pp. 193. New York, 1858. 1 00

6019 Dred Scott. Report of the Decisions of the Supreme Court, and the Opinions of the Judges in the Case of Dred Scott versus John F. Sandford. 8vo. pp. New York, 1857. 1 00 244, paper. 6020 Fair (Laura D.) Official Report of

her Trial for the Murder of Alex. P. Crittenden. 8vo. pp. 342, paper. San Francisco, 1871. 100 6021 Farmer (Daniel D.) Trial for the Murder of Widow Anna Ayer. 8vo. pp. 72. Concord, 1821. 1700 6022 Ferris (Capt. David). Court of Inquiry to Investigate Charges against. 8vo. pp. 88, paper. New York, 1808. 75. 6023 Fisk (Col. James J.) Life of, by his Mistress, Josie Mansfield, and Sketches of his Assassin, Edward S. Stokes. 8vo. pp. 65, n. p., n. d.

6032 Guiteau, the Assassin. Full Details of his Trial for the Murder of President Garfield. The Crime, its Causes, and Consequences. By G. R. Herbert. 12mo pp. 736. Cincinnati, 1881.

1 50 6033 Harrington (Kate). The Sad, SorLove and Death in a Barn. rowful Life of. 25 8vo. pp. 30. Philadelphia, 1876.

6034 Hayden (Rev. H. H.) Arrest and Trial of, for Mary Stannard's Murder. 8vo. pp. 47, paper. New Haven, 1879. 30 6035 Hicks (Albert W.) Life, Trial, 50 Confession, and Execution of. 8vo. pp. 84, 6024 Forest (Edwin). Report of the paper. New York, 1860. Forest Divorce Case, with all the Suppressed Testimony. 8vo. pp. 187, paper. New York, n. d. 50


8vo. pp.

6036 Howard (Brig.-Gen. Oliver O.) Proceedings, Findings, and Opinion of the Court of Inquiry in the Case of. 1009, sheep. Washington, 1874. 6037 Hughes (Dr. John W.) Execution, for the Murder of Parsons. 8vo. pp. 58.

2.50 Trial and Miss TamCleveland,


6025 Foster. Some of the Papers laid before the Governor [John A. Dix, of New York,] in Support of the Petition for the Commutation of the Sentence of Wil-zen liam Foster, [who murdered Avery D. 1866. Putnam, with a car-hook in a street-car in 6038 Hunter (Benj. F.) Life, Trial, and New York City] to Imprisonment for Life. Execution, for Murder of J. F. Armstrong. 8vo. pp. 78, paper. New York, 1873. 60 8vo. pp. 52. Philadelphia, 1879. 6026 Frazier (Judge Thomas N.) Proceedings of the High Court of Impeachment, begun at Nashville Tenn., May 11, 1867; with the Evidence, and Argument of Counsel. 8vo. pp. 132+207, law sheep. Nashville, 1867. 2 00

6027 Friends. Gould (Marcus T. C.) Report of the Trial of Friends at Steubenville, Ohio, from the 15th to the 26th of October, 1828. 8vo. pp. 340. Philadeldelphia, 1829. 250

6028 Friends. Report of the Trial of the Friends in the City of Philadelphia; or, The Case of Edmund Shotwell, Joseph Lukens, Chas. Middleton, and others. 8vo. pp. 154, sheep. Philadelphia, 1828. 150

6028 Gardnier (Geo. A.) Trial for False Swearing. Argument of Philip R. Fendall. 8vo. pp. 180. Wash'ton, 1853. 1 00 6029 Giddings (Daniel). Trial, for Shooting Benjamin Wiltshire. The Complete Record, by the Official Stenographer, N. F. Dean. 8vo. pp. 436, paper. Hillsboro, O., 75


6030 Goodwin (Robert W.) Report of the Several Trials of, for Manslaughter. 8vo. pp. 58, boards. New York, 1821. 1 00


6039 Hunter (John W.) Record of his Examination before K. G. White, U. S. Commissioner, in relation to the Forged Checks upon the U. S. Assistant Treasurer at New York. 8vo. pp. 264, paper. New York, 1864.


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6031 Goss-Udderzook Tragedy (The). 6045 Johnson (Andrew). Trial. Argu8mo. pp. 39. Being a History of a Strange Case of Dement of Geo. S. Boutwell. ception and Murder. Including the Great Washington, 1868. Life Insurance Case, and the Trial of Wm. E. Udderzook for the Murder of W. S. Goss. 8vo. pp. 60, paper. Baltimore, 53


6046 Jones (Arthur T.) A Horse Story, by an Old Gray Horse. Narrative of the Case of the Impeachment of John Orser, High Sheriff of the City and County of

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