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2 25 6320 Catlin (George). Illustrations of the Manners, Customs, and Condition of the North American Indians. With Letters and Notes written during eight years' travel and adventure among the wildest and most remarkable Tribes now Existing. 360 engravings. 2 vols. Royal 8vo. London, 1857. 8 00 Royal 8vo. 10 00

6321 Another edition. 2 vols. half morocco. London, 1851.

6322 Catlin (George). Notes of Eight Years' Travels and Residence in Europe

By Col. Garrick Mallory, etc. 2 maps, and Peters. Illustrated. 8vo. pp. 567. Boston, 53 fine plates, some colored, and 307 woodcuts. Imp. 8vo. pp. 603. Washington, 5 00 6312 The same. Second Annual Report, 1880-81. Containing Zuni Fetiches, by F. H. Cushing; Myths of the Iroquois, by E. A. Smith; Animal Carvings from the Mounds, by H. W. Henshaw; Navajo Silversmiths, by W. Matthews; Art in Shell of the Ancient Americans, by W. H. Holmes; Catalogues of the Collections made in New Mexico and Arizona, in 1879 and 1880, by J. Stevenson. 77 fine plates, some colored. 714 wood-cuts, and 2 Imp. 8vo. pp. 477. Washington, 1883. 5 00, with his North American Indian Collection. Illustrated. 2 vols. 8vo. half mo6313 The same. Third Annual Report, rocco. London, 1848. 4.00 1881-82. Containing Notes on Maya and 6323 Catlin (George). O-Kee-Pa. A Mexican Manuscripts, by C. Thomas; On Marks, Labrets, etc., by W. H. Dall; Omaha Religious Ceremony, and other Customs of Sociology, by J. O. Dorsey; Navajo Weav- the Mandans. ers, by Dr. W. Matthews; Pre-Historic Textile Fabrics, by W. H. Holmes; Catalogue of Collections made in 1881, by W. H. Holmes: Catalogue of Collections made in New Mexico and Arizona in 1881, by J. Stevenson. 45 fine plates, some colored, and 200 wood-cuts, Imp. 8vo. pp. 606. Washington, 1884.


4 00 6314 Butler (James). Pre-Historic Wis consin. Westphalian Medal, 1648. Five heliotype plates. 8vo. pp. 31, paper.


13 colored illustrations.

Royal 8vo. pp. 52. Phila.. 1867.

4 50

6324 Century of Dishonor. A Sketch of the United States Government's Dealings with some of the Indian Tribes. By H. H. [Helen Hunt Jackson.] 12mo. pp. 457. New York, 1881. 1 50

6325 Charency (H. de). Le Mythe de Votan, Etude sur les Origines Asiatiques de la Civilization Americaine. 8vo. pp. 144, paper. Alencon, 1874.

sheep. St. Louis, 1868.



6326 Cherokee Nation, Laws of, passed 1876. during the Years 1839-1867. Compiled by 6315 Carli (M. le Comte J. R) Lettres the Authority of the National Council. Americaines, dans lesquelles ou examine 8vo. pp. 208 (one leaf of contents torn), l'Origine l'Etat Civil, Politique, les Science, les Moeurs, les Usages des anciens Habitans de l'Amerique, etc. Avec des Observations and Additions du Traducteur [Jean Bapt. Lefebure Villebrune]. 2 vols. 8vo., old calf. Paris, 1788.


6316 Carr (L.) The Mounds of the Mis-
sissippi Valley, Historically Considered.
4to. pp. 107, paper. Cincinnati, 1883. 1 50
6317 Carr (L.) and Shaler (N. S.) On
the Pre-Historic Remains of Kentucky. 7
plates. 4to. pp. 31, paper.

6327 Cherokees. Relations between the Cherokees and the Government of the United States. 8vo. pp. 15. n. P.,

n. d.

25 6328 Cherokee Indians. Memorial to Congress, June 18, 1831. 8vo. pp. 8. 25

6329 Cherry (P. P.) The Grave Creek Mound. Its History and its Inscribed Stone, with its Vindication. With a Cut of the Stone. 8vo. pp. 14, paper. WadsCincinnati, worth, 1877.



2.50 6330 Chickasaw Nation. Contitution 6318 Carrington (Mrs.) Ab-sa-ra-ka. and Laws. 12mo. pp. 76. Tishomingo Land of Massacre. Being the Experience City, 1857. of an Officer's Wife on the Plains. With 6331 Church (Benjamin). The History an outline of Indian Operations and Con- of King Philip's War. With Introduction ferences, from 1865 to 1878. By Col. H. B. and Notes by Henry Martyn Dexter. 2 Carrington. Maps and illustrations. 12mo. vols. Small 4to. boards, uncut. Maps. pp. 378. Philadelphia, 1879. 150 Boston, 1867. 6.00

6319 Carson (Kit). Pioneer Life and Frontier Adventures. An Authentic Record of the Romantic Life and Daring Exploits of Kit Carson and his Companions, from his own Narrative. By D. C.

6332 Church (Thomas). The History of the Great Indian War of 1675 and 1676, commonly called Philip's War. Also, the Old French aud Indian Wars, from 1689 to 1704. 8vo. pp. 360. Hartford, 1854. 2 25

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6335 Citizen of Nature (The) in a Series of Letters from an American Indian in London to his Friend at Home. [By Henry Horne.] 12mo. pp. 238, half calf. London, 1824. 1 25 6336 Colden (Calwallader). The History of the Five Indian Nations of Canada, which are dependent on the Province of New York in America, and are the Barrier between the English and French in that Part of the World. With Accounts of their Religion, Manners, Customs, Laws, etc. Map. 8vo. pp. 283, full bound. London, 1747. 5 00 6337 Another edition. 8vo. pp. 40+17+14, boards, uncut. New York, 1866. 6 00

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6342 Conant (A. J.) Footprints of Vanished Races in the Mississippi Valley; being an Account of some of the Monuments and Relics of Prehistoric Races Scattered over its Surface. With Suggestions as to their Origin and Uses. 113 engravings. 8vo. pp. 122. St. Louis, 1879.

6349 Cusick (David). Sketches of Ancient History of the Six Nations. A Tale of the Foundation of the Great Island (North America). Account of the Early Settlers of North America, and Origin of the Kingdom of the Five Nations. 4 Plates, 8vo. pp. 35. Lockport, 1848.

6360 the Ori

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the Mer



pp. 142


la Baie



tion of




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6351 Dall (W. H.) On the remains of later Prehistoric Man, obtained from Caves in the Catherina Archipelago, Alaska Territory, and especially from the Caves of the Aleutian Islands. 10 plates. 4to. pp. 40, paper. Washington, 1878.


6352 Davis (A.) Antiquities of America.
The First Inhabitants of Central America,
Lectures. 8vo. pp 32, paper. Boston,

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6353 Davis (J.) Captain Smith and Princess Pocahontas. An Indian Tale. 16mo. pp. 90, boards. Philadelphia,


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6355 Day-Breaking (The), if not the 150 Sun-Rising of the Gospel with the Indians 6343 Copway (George). The Life, His- in New England. 4to. pp. 32, half morocco. tory, and Travels of Ka-ge-ga-gah-bowh, London, 1647. Reprinted, New York, a Young Indian Chief of the Ojebwa Nation, etc. 18mo. pp. 158. Philadelphia, 1847. 1 00

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6346 Cremony (John C.) Life Among the Apaches. 12mo. pp. 322. San Francisco, 1868. 2 25 6347 Croghan (Col. George). Journal 6359 De Hass (Willis). History of the Who was sent, after the Peace of 1763, Early Settlement and Indian Wars of West by the Government to Explore the Coun- Virginia. Embracing an Account of the try adjacent to the Ohio River, and to con- various Expeditions in the West previous ciliate the Indian Nations who had hith- to 1795. Also, Biographical Sketches erto acted with the French. 8vo. pp. 38, of Zane, McCulloch, Wetzel and others.

paper, uncut. (One hundred copies pri- Illustrated. SVO. pp. 416. Wheeling, vately printed. Burlington, N. J.) 1 00 1851.






perience among the Red Men of the Great
West; their Social Life, Religion, Habits,
Traits, Customs, etc. 8vo. pp. 653.
York, 1883.


3 50 6372 Donnelly (Ignatius). Atlantis; The Antediluvian World. Illustrated. 12mo. pp. 490. New York, 1882. 2.00 6373 D'Orbigny (Alcide). L'Homme Americain (de Amerique Meridionale) consideree sous ses Rapports. Physiologiques et Moraux. 2 vols. 8vo., boards. Paris, 1839. 4 25

6360 Delafield (John). An Inquiry into the Origin of the Antiquities of America. With an Appendix, containing Notes and a View of the Causes of the Superiority of the Men of the Northern over those of the Southern Hemisphere. By James Lakey. Colored plates and long folding plate. 4to. pp. 142. New York, 1839. 10.00 6361 Delessert (Eward). Les Indiens de la Baie d' Hudson. 16mo. pp. 273, paper. Paris, 1861. 1 50 6362 Del Rio (Don Antonio). Description of the Ruins of an Ancient City, dis- 6374 Dorman (Rushton M.) The Origin covered near Palenque, in the Kingdom of of Primitive Superstitions and their DevelGuatemala, in Spanish America. Trans-opment into the Worship of Spirits, and lated from the original Manscript Report of the Doctrine of Spiritual Agency among Captain don Antonio Del Rio. Followed the Aborigines of America. Four colored


6375 Drake (Benj.) Life of Tecumseh and of his Brother, the Prophet. With an Historical Sketch of the Shawanoe Indians. 12mo. pp. 235. Cin., 1841. 1 50


by Theatro Critico Americano, or a Critical plates and 21 wood-cuts. 8vo. pp. 398. Investigation into the History of the Amer- Philadelphia, 1881. icans. By Paul F. Cabrera. Plates. 4to. Pp 128. London, 1822. 750 6363 De Smet (P. J.) Letters and Sketches, with a Narrative of a Year's Residence among the Indian Tribes of the Rocky Mountains. Plates. 16mo. Pp. 252, half calf, neat. Phila., 1843. 3 00 6364 De Smet (P. J.) New Indian Sketches. 16mo. pp. 175. New York, 1863. 6365 De Smet (P. J.) Western Missions and Missionaries. A Series of Letters. Portrait. 12mo. pp. 532. New York, 1881. 2 00


6376 Drake (Francis S. Editor). Indian Tribes of the United States; their History, Antiquities, Customs, Religion, Arts, Language, Traditions, Oral Legends and Myths. Illustrated with 100 fine engravings on steel, some colored. 2 vols. Royal 4to., half morocco. Philadelphia, 1884. 25 00

6377 Drake (Samuel G.) The Aborigi nal Races of North America; comprising 6366 Dobrizhoffer (Martin). An Ac- Biographical Sketches of Eminent Indicount of the Abipones, an Equestrian Peo-viduals, and an Historical Account of the ple of Paraguay. Translated from the different Tribes, with a Dissertation on Latin. 3 vols. 8vo., half bound. London, their Origin, Antiquities, Manners and Cus6 00 toms. Revised, with valuable additions by Prof. H. L. Williams, 8vo. pp. 787. New York, 1880.


6367 Doddridge (Joseph). Notes on the
Settlement and Indian Wars of the West
ern Parts of Virginia and Pennsylvania,
from the year 1763 to 1783. Together with
a View of the State of Society and Man-
ners of the First Settlers of the Western
Country. 16mo. pp. 316, sheep. Wells
burgh, Va., 1824. Title page mended. 5 00
6368 Another edition. With a Memoir of
the Author by his Daughter.
Edited by
Alfred Williams. 12mo. pp. 400. Albany,
6369 Doddridge (Joseph). Logan, the
Last of the Race of Shikellemus, Chief of
the Cayuga Nation. To which is added the
Dialogue of the Backwoodsman and the
Dandy. Reprinted from the Virginia edi-
tion of 1823. 4to. pp. 76, sewed, uncut,
rubricated title. Cincinnati, 1868. 1 50
6370 Another copy.
Half morocco. 2 25
6371 Dodge (Richard I.) Our Wild In-
dians. Thirty-three Years Personal Ex-

3 00

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10 00

6382 Eastman (Mrs. Mary H.) Chicora, Christian Frederic Post, by whose negotia and other Regions of the Conquerors and tions, among the Indians on the Ohio, they the Conquered. [Indians.] Numerous were withdrawn from the Interest of the fine steel engravings. Royal 8vo. pp. 126. French, and thereupon abandoned the Philadelphia, 1854. 4 00 Fort and Country. [By Chas. Thompson]. 6383 Eastman (Mrs. Mary H.) Dahco Map. Small 8vo. pp. 184, half morocco. tah; or, Life and Legends of the Sioux London, 1759. around Fort Snelling. Illustrated. 12mo. 6395 Events in Indian History. Begin pp. 268. New York, 1849. 200 ning with an Account of the Origin of the 6384 Eaton (John). Are the Indians American Indians and Early Settlements in Dying Out? Preliminary Observations re- North America, and embracing concise Bilating to Indian Civilization and Educa-ographies of the Principal Chiefs, etc. tion. 8vo. 42, paper. pp. With Narratives and Captivities. [By Washington, 1877. 25 Mr. Wimer.] Numerous folding plates. 8vo. pp. 633, sheep. Phila., 1842. 600

6385 Eells (Rev. Myron). History of Indian Missions on the Pacific Coast, Oregon, Washington and Idaho. 12mo. pp. 270. Philadelphia, 1882. 1 25 6386 Eggleston (Edward) and Seelye (Lillie E.). Brant and Red Jacket. Including an Account of the Early Wars of the Six Nations and the Border Warfare of the Revolution. Map. Illustrated. 12mo. pp. 370. New York, 1879. 1 00 6387 Eggleston (Edward) and Seelye (Lillie E.). Pocahontas. Including an Account of the Early Settlement of Virginia and of the Adventures of Captain John Smith. Illustrated. 12mo. pp. 310. New 100

York, 1879.

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6392 Ellis (George B.) The Red Man and the White Man in North America, from its Discovery to the Present Time. 8vo. pp. 642. Boston, 1882. 3 50

6396 Everett (Edward). Speech on the Bill for Removing the Indians. 8vo. pp. 46, paper. Boston, 1830.


6397 Falconer (Capt. Richard). Voyages, Dangerous Adventures and Imminent Escapes, containing the Laws, Customs and Manners of the Indians in America. 18mo. pp. 226. London, 1764.


6398 Fessenden (John). Sermon delivered in the hearing of several Indians, supposed descendants of Eunice Williams, daughter of Rev. John Williams, First Minister of Deerfield, Mass. 8vo. pp. 15, paper. Greenfield, 1837.


6399 Filley (William). Life and Ad ventures of. Who was Stolen from His Home, in Jackson Michigan, by the Indians, 1837, and his safe Return from Captivity, 1866, after an absence of 29 years. Illust. 8vo. pp. 112, boards. Chicago, 1867.

1 50

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6402 Fletcher (Robert.) On Prehistoric Trephining and Cranial Amulets. 4to. pp. 32. Washington, 1882. 2.00

6403 Flint (Timothy.) Indian Wars of the West, Containing Biographical Sketches of those Pioneers who headed the Western Settlers in repelling the Attacks of the Savages. Together with a View of the Character, Manners, Monuments, and Antiquities of the Western Indians. 12mo. PP. 240. Cincinnati, 1833.

6393 Emerson (Ellen R.) 'Indian Myths; or, Legends, Traditions, and Symbols of the Aborigines of America. Illustrated. 8vo. pp. 677. Boston, 1884. 5 00 6394 Enquiry into the Causes of the Alienation of the Delaware and Shawnee Indians from the British Interest. To- 6404 Force (M. F.) Some Early Notices gether with the Remarkable Journal of of the Indians of Ohio. To what Race did


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the Mound Builders belong? 8vo. pp. 75, tral America, and on the Western Coast of paper. Cincinnati, 1879. 50 South America. 8 plates. 4to. pp. 90, 6405 Foster (J. W.) Pre-Historic Races paper. Washington, 1878. of the United States of America. 8vo. pp. 415. Chicago, 1878.


6417 Haldeman (S. T.) On a Poly3 00 chrome Bead from Florida. 2 wood cuts. 6406 Frost (John). Illustrated Histori- 8vo. pp. 6, paper. Washington, 1878. 10 cal Sketches of the Indians. Exhibiting 6418 Hale (Horatio). Indian Migrations, as Evidenced by Language. 8vo. pp. 27, paper. Chicago, 1883.

their Manners and Customs on the Battlefield and the Wigwams. 12mo. pp. 400. New York, 1857. 1.00

6407 Frost (John). Indian Battles, Captivities, and Adventures, from the Earl iest Period. 12mo. pp. 408. New York. 1 75


6408 Further Manifestation (A) of the Progress of the Gospel among the Indians in New England, 1659. Reprinted, New York, 1865. 4to. pp. 21, sewed, uncut. 2 00 6409 Gardiner (Capt. A. F.) A Visit to the Indians on the Frontiers of Chili. 12mo. pp. 195, boards. Lon., 1841. 1 25 6410 Gardiner (Lieut. Lion). A History of the Pequot War; or, a Relation of the War between the Powerful Nation of Pequot Indians, once inhabiting the Coast of New England, and the English Inhabitants in 1688. 4to. pp. 36, boards. uncut. Cincinnati, 1860. 1 00 6411 Gibbs (George). Notes on the Tinneh or Chepewyan Indians of British and Russian America. 1. The Eastern Tinneh, by Bernard R. Ross. 2. The Loucheaux Indians; by Wm. L. Hardesty. 3. The Kutchin Tribes; by Strachan Jones. Woodcuts. 8vo. pp. 25, paper. Washing ton, 1866.


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6424 Hathaway (Benj.) The League of the Iroquois, and other Legends. From the Indian Muse. Portrait. 316. Chicago, 1882.

12mo. pp. 150

25 6412 Giles (John). Memoirs of the Odd Adventures, Strange Deliverances, etc., in the Captivity of. Commander of the Garri6425 Haven (Samuel F.) Archeology of son on St. George River, Maine. Written the United States; or, Sketches, Historical by Himself. Svo. pp. 64, paper, uncut. and Bibliographical, of the Progress of InCincinnati, 1869. formation and Opinion respecting the Vestiges of Antiquities in the United States. 4to. pp. 168, paper. Washington,


6413 Gillman (Henry). The Mound-
Builders and Platycnemism in Michigan;
and Certain Characteristics pertaining to
Ancient Man in Michigan. Woodcuts.
pp. 41, paper. Washington, 1874-7. 25
6414 Gray (W. H.) The Moral and Re-
ligious Aspect of the Indian Question. 8vo.
pp. 35+32, paper. Astoria, 1879.


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6426 Heard (I. V. D.)
Sioux War and Massacre in
Portraits and illustrations.
New York, 1864.

4 50

History of the 1862 and 1863. 12mo. pp. 354. 1.50

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