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with an Introduction and Notes by Rev.
William C. Reichel. Large 8vo. pp. 465,
uncut edges. Philadelphia, 1881. 4 00
6430 Heckewelder (John). A Narra
tive of the Mission of the United Brethren
among the Delaware and Mohegan Indians,
from 1740 to 1808, comprising all the Re-
markable Incidents that took place at
their Missionary Stations during that pe-
riod, etc. Portrait. 8vo. pp. 429. Phila-
delphia, 1820.
8 00
6431 Hempstead (G. S. B.) Antiquities
of Portsmouth (Ohio,) and Vicinity. With
some Speculations upon the Origin and
Destiny of the Mound Builders. 8vo. pp.
20, paper. Portsmouth, 1875.

mouth, 1879.

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6443 Hunt (Helen). A Century of Dis-
bonor. A Sketch of the United States
Government's Dealings with some of the
Indian Tribes. 12mo. pp. 457. New York,
50 1881.
1 50

6432 Hempstead (G. S. B.) Archæol- 6444 Hunter (John D.) Manners and
ogy. Development of the North Ameri- Customs of Several Indian Tribes located
can Continent.
8vo. pp. 10, paper.. Ports- west of the Mississippi. Including some
25 Account of the Soil, Climate, and Vege-
table Production, and the Indian Ma
teria Medica. 8vo. pp. 402. Philadelphia,

6433 Hempstead (G. S. B.) The Mound Builders. A Particular and Minute Description of the Ancient Earthworks of Portsmouth, Ohio. Folded plan. 8vo. pp. 8, paper. Portsmouth, 1883. 50

6434 Hilder (F. F.) Notes on the Archæology of Missouri. Wood cuts. 8vo. pp. 17. St. Louis, 1882.


6435 Holmes (John). Historical Sketches of the Missions of the United Brethren, for propagating the Gospel among the Heathen. 8vo. pp. 472. Dublin, 1818. 3 50

6436 Hope (Ascott R.) The Men of the Backwoods. True Stories and Sketches of the Indians and Indian Fighters. Illustrated. 12mo. pp. 488. N. Y., 1880. 2 25 6437 Hopkins (Sarah W.) Life Among the Piutes; their Wrongs and Claims. Edited by Mrs. Horace Man. 12mo. pp. 268. Boston, 1884. 100 6438 Horn (Mrs.) An Authentic and Thrilling Narrative of the Captivity of Mrs. Horn, and her two Children, with Mrs. Harris, by the Comanche Indians. 8vo. pp. 32, paper. Cincinnati, 1851.

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6445 Hunter (John D.) Memoirs of a Captivity among the Indians of North America, from Childhood to the Age of Nineteen, with Anecdotes descriptive of their Manners and Customs. 8vo. pp. 447. boards. London, 1823.

6446 Another edition. 8vo. pp. 468, half calf, extra.

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6439 Howard (Oliver O.) Nez Perce 6449 Irving (John T.) Indian Sketches Joseph. Account of his Ancestors, his taken during an Expedition to the Pawnee Lands, his Confederates, his Enemies, his and other Tribes of American Indians. 2 Murders, his War, his Pursuit, and Cap-vols. 12mo. London, 1835.


ture. Maps and portraits. 12mo. pp. 288. 6449a. Another copy. Half calf, neat. 4 00

Boston, 1881.


6440 Hoyt (E.) Antiquarian Researches, Comprising a History of the Indian Wars in the Country bordering Connecticut River and parts adjacent, and other Interesting Events. With Notices of Indian Depredations in the Neighboring Country. 8vo. pp. 312. Greenfield, 1824. 8 00 6441 Hubbard (William). A Narrative


6450 Ish-noo-ju-lut-sche; or, The Eagle of the Mohawks. A Tale of the Seventeenth 2 vols. 16mo. New York, Century. 150 6451 Jacobs (Rev. Peter). Journal of. From Rice Lake to the Hudson's Bay Ter ritory and returning, commencing May, 1852. With a brief account of his Life,

nal a

and of the Wesleyan Mission. 8vo. pp. 33. Toronto, 1853.

the Life, Character, and Genius of Shakes75 peare. 1 vol. 8vo.

6452 Jewett (J. R.) Narrative of the Adventures and Sufferings of, only Survivor of the Ship Boston, during a Captivity of Three Years among the Savages of Nootka Sound. Illustrated. 16mo. pp. 166, sheep. Ithaca, N. Y., 1851.



pp. 242. London, 175 6465 Jones (James A.) Traditions of the North American Indians. 3 vols. 12mo. boards, uncut. London, 1830. 7 50

6466 Jones (Joseph). Explorations of the Aboriginal Remains of Tennessee. Il6453 Jewitt (L.) Grave Mounds and lustrated. 4to pp. 171, paper. Washingtheir Contents. A Manual of Archæology. ton, 1876. Nearly 500 illustrations. 12mo. pp. 306. London, 1870.

3 00

3 00 6467 Jones (Peter). History of the Ojebway Indians, with especial reference to their Conversion to Christianity. Portrait. 12mo. pp. 278. London, 1861. 1 50 6468 Jones (W. P.) The Myth of Stone A Love Legend of Dakota. Small 1.00

6454 Johnson (Elias, a Native Tuscarora Chief). Legends, Traditions and Laws of the Iroquois, or Six Nations, and History of the Tuscarora Indians. 8vo. pp. 234. | Idol. Lockport, 1881. 2 00 4to. Chicago.

6455 Johnson (Charles). Narrative of the Incidents attending the Capture, Detention, and Ransom of Male Prisioners by the Indians on the Ohio River, 1790. With a Sketch of Indian Character, Manners, etc. 12mo. pp. 204, boards, uncut. New York, 2.00


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3 00
6457 Johonnot. The Remarkable Ad-
ventures of Jackson Johonnot, of Massa-
chusetts, who served in the Western Army
under Gen. Harmar and Gen. St. Clair.

Containing an Account of his Captivity,
Suffering and Escape from the Kikapoo
Indians. 8vo. pp. 24, boards, uncut. Green-
field, Mass., 1816.


6469 Kanda (T.) Notes on Ancient Stone Implements, etc., of Japan. With map and 24 folded plates, containing hundreds of figures. Imp. 8vo. pp. 8. Tokio, 1884. 2 00 6470 Kane (Paul)). Wanderings of an Artist among the Indians of North America, from Canada to Vancouver's Island and Oregon, through the Hudson Bay Company's Territory, and back again. Map and colored plates. 8vo. pp. 463. London, 5 00 1859.

6471 Another copy. Half calf.

6 50

6472 Kelley (Fanny). Narrative of my Captivity among the Sioux Indians. IIlustrated. 12mo. pp. 285. Hartford,

1 25 1872. 6473 Kinzie (Mrs. John H.) Wau-Bun, 6458 Jones (Charles C., Jr.) Aboriginal the Early Day" in the North-west. IllusStructures in Georgia. Wood cuts. pp. 13, paper. Washington, 1878.


4.00 trated. 8vo. pp. 498. N. Y., 1856. Historical Scenes 6474 Kip (Wm. I.)

12mo. pp. 1975

6459 Antiquities of the Southern from the Old Jesuit Missions.
Georgia 375. New York, 1875.

Indians, particularly of

York, 1873.


Tribes. Illustrated. 8vo. pp. 532. New

5.00 6475 Kip (Wm. I.) The Early Jesuit Missions in North America; compiled and 6460 Historical Sketch of Tomo- translated from the letters of the French chichi, Mico of the Yamacraws. 8vo. pp: Jesuits. With Notes. 12mo. pp. 321. New 133, half calf, neat. Albany, 1868. 275 York, 1846. Indian Remains of Southern

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Monumental Remains of
Georgia. Plate. 8vo. pp. 119, paper.
Savannah, 1861.
1 50
6463 Jones (David). A Journal of Two
Visits made to some Nations of Indians on
the West Side of the River Ohio, in the
years 1772 and 1773. With a Biographical
Notice of the Author. By Horatio G.
Jones. 8vo. pp. 127, paper uncut. New
York, 1865.
2 00

6464 Jones (Geo.) Tecumseh, the
Prophet of the West; Life and History of
Gen. Harrison; and the First Oration on

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ages Ameriquains, comparees aux Moeurs vocabulary of the Chippeway Language, etc.
des Premiers Temps. Numerous plates. Map. 4to. pp. 295. London, 1791. 750
vols. 4to. Paris, 1724.
10 00
6481 Lahontan (Baron de). Dialogues
de, et d'un Sauvage dans l'Amerique. Con-
tenant une description exacte des Moeurs et
des coutumes de ces Peuples Savages, etc.
Maps and plates. 18mo., old calf. Amster-
dam, 1704.


chitecture of America, its Historical Value
6491 Long (R. Cary). The Ancient Ar-
and Parallelism of Development, with the
Architecture of the Old World. 9 plates.
8vo. pp. 37. Half bound. New York,


of a To

and Cus of the I of Fond Algic

494, sh
















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6494 Lubbock (Sir John). The Origin
of Civilization and the Primitive Condition
of Man; the Mental and Social Condition
of Savages.
Svo. pp. 548.
New York, 1882.

6492 Loskiel (George Henry). History 6482 Lambert (L'Abbé). Curious Ob- of the Mission of the United Brethren servations upon the Manners, Customs, among the Indians in North America. Usages, different Languages, Mythology, Translated by Christian Ignatius La Trobe. Government, Chronology, Ancient and Map. Modern Geography, Ceremonies, Religions, 1794. 8vo. pp. 647, half bound. London, Mechanics, Astronomy, Medicine, Physics, 6493 Another copy. Without the Natural History, Commerce, Arts, and Sciences, of the several Nations of Asia, Africa, America. 2 vols. in 1. 8vo. sheep. London, [17-] 3 00 6483 Lang (John D.) Origin and Migrations of the Polynesian Nation; demonstrating their Original Discovery and Progressive Settlement of the Continent of America. 12mo. pp. 328. London, 2 25 6484 Lapham (I. A.) The Antiquities of Wisconsin, as Surveyed and Described on behalf of the American Antiquarian Society. Illustrated with 55 large plates. 4to. pp. 95, paper. Wash., 1853. 8 00


6485 Lapham (I. A.) On the Number, Locality, and Times of Removal of the Indians of Wisconsin. Map. 8vo. pp. 27, paper. Milwaukee, 1879. 50 Ancient Man


6495 Lubbock (Sir John). Pre-Historic Times, as illustrated by Ancient Remains, and the Manners and Customs of Modern Savages. Illustrated. 8vo. pp. 655. New York, 1878.


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6497 McCoy (Isaac). History of the Baptist Indian Missions; embracing remarks on the Former and Present Condi6486 Larkin (Frederick). tion of the Aboriginal Tribes; their Settlein America, including Works in Westernment within the Indian Territory and their New York and portions of other States, toFuture Prospects. 8vo. pp. 611. Washgether with Structures in Central America. ington, 1840. Illustrated. 12mo. pp. 276. Randolph, 6498 McCoy (Isaac). Periodical Account N. Y., 1880. 150 of the Baptist Missions within the Indian 6487 Last Refuge (The) of the Red Man. Territory. No. 1, for 1836. No. 3, May. Territory,

The Church and our Western Tribes. 8vo. pp. 12, paper. New York, 1872. 20

6488 Le Beau (Sr. C.) Avantures du, ou Voyage curieux et nouveau parmi les Savages de l'Amerique Septentrionale. Ои trouvers une Description du Canada, etc. Map and plates. 2 vols. 18mo. boards. Amsterdam, 1738. 4 00 6489 Leland (C. G.) The Algonquin Legends of New England; or, Myths and Folk-Lore of the Micmac, Passamaquoddy and Penobscot Tribes. 12mo. pp. 379. Boston, 1884. 2 00

6490 Long (J.) Voyages and Travels of an Indian Interpreter and Trader, describing Manners and Customs of the North American Indians. With an account of the Posts situated on the River St. Lawrence, Lake Ontario, etc. To which is added a

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6500 McCulloh (J. H.) Researches, Philosophical and Antiquarian, concerning the Aboriginal History of America. Map. 8vo. 2.50 pp. 535, stained. Balt., 1829. 6501 McKenney (Thomas L.) Memoirs, Official and Personal. With Sketches of Travel among the Northern and Southern Indians; embracing a War Excursion and Descriptions of Scenes along the Western Borders. Plates. 2 vols. in one. 340-136. New York, 1846. 6502 Another copy. Half morocco. 6503 McKenney (Thomas L.) Sketches

8vo. pp. 3.00


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6516 Mason (John). A Brief History of the Pequot War; especially of the memorable taking of their Fort at Mistick, Connecticut, in 1637. With an Introduction and Explanatory Notes, by the Rev. Thos. Prince. 8vo. pp. 20, paper, uncut edges. Boston, 1736. Reprinted. New York, 1869.

of a Tour to the Lakes, of the Character M. D.
and Customs of the Chippeway Indians, and 1884.
of the Incidents connected with the Treaty
of Fond Du Lac. Also a Vocabulary of the
Algic or Chippeway Language. 8vo. pp.
494, sheep. Baltimore, 1827.
3 50
6504 Another copy. Hf. mor., extra. 5 00
6505 McKenney (Thomas L.) and Hall
(James). History of the Indian Tribes of
North America, with Biographical Sketches
and Anecdotes of the Principal Chiefs.
Embellished with one hundred and twenty
colored portraits from the Indian Gallery at
Washington. 3 vols. folio. In parts as
published. Philadelphia, 1842. 60 00
*** A few odd parts can be furnished to
complete sets.

6506 Another edition. Colored plates. 3
vols. Imp. 8vo., full morocco, gilt edges.
Philadelphia, 1858.

28 00

6507 MacLean (J. P.) The Mound
Builders. Being an Account of a Remark-
able People that once inhabited the Valleys
of the Ohio and Mississippi. Together with
an Investigation into the Archæology of
Butler County, Ohio. Illustrated with nu-
merous woodcuts, and a map of Butler
County. 12mo.
233. Cincinnati,
1 50
6508 MacLean (J. P.) A Manual of the
Antiquity of Man. Illustrated. 12mo. pp.
158. Cin., 1880.

6509 MacLean (J. P.) Mastodon, Mam-
moth and Man. Illustrated. 12mo. pp.
84. Cin., 1880.
6510 MacMahon (R. R.) The Anglo
Saxon and the North American Indian.
8vo. pp. 50.
Baltimore, 1876.

1 25

6517 Mason (Otis T.) Anthropological Investigations in 1879, 1880, 1881, 1882, 1883, 1884. 8vo. Washington. Each. 20

6511 Mannypenny (Geo. W.) Our In-
dian Wards. A History and Discussion of
the Indian Question. 8vo. pp. 436. Cin-
cinnati, 1880.
3 00
6512 Markham (R.) A Narrative His-
tory of King Phillips War, and the Indian
Troubles in New England. 12mo. pp. 336.
New York, 1883.

6518 Mason (Otis T.) Miscellaneous papers on Anthropology for 1880, 1881, 1882, 1883, 1884. Washington. Each. 25

1 25

6519 Mason (Otis T.) The Latimer Collection of Antiquities from Porto Rico. 14 plates. 8vo. pp. 23, paper. Washington,




6520 Matthews (Cornelius). and other Legends of the Indians. 12mo. 150 344. London, n. d.


6521 Matthews (Washington). nology and Philology of the Hidatsa Indians. 8vo. pp. 245. Wash., 1877.

6513 Marshall (0. H.) Historical Writ ings of. Including Champlain's Expedition in 1613-15 against the Onondagas. Expedition of Marquis De Nouville in 1689 against the Senecas. Expedition of De Celeron to the Ohio in 1749. La Salle's First Visit to the Senecas in 1699. Historical Sketches of the Niagara Frontier. The Building and Voyage of the Griffin in 1679, etc. Small 4to. Albany, 1885. 6 00

6514 Marshe (Withan). Journal of the Treaty at Lancaster, (Pa.) in 1744 with the Six Nations. Annotated by W. H. Egle,

2 00

6522 Mayer (Brantz). Observations on Mexican History and Archæology, with a Special Notice of Zapotic Remains, as delineated in J. C. Sawkin's Drawings of Milta, etc. 4 plates. 4to. pp. 33, half 3 50 bound. Washington, 1856.

6523 Mayer (Brantz). Tah-gah-jute; or, A Logan and Captain Michael Cresap. Discourse delivered before the Maryland. Historical Society, May 9, 1851. 8vo. pp. 86, half morocco. Baltimore, 1851. 1 50

6524 Mayer (Brantz). Tah-gah-jute; or, Logan and Cresap. A Vindication of Captain Cresap against the charge of Murdering the Family of Logan. 8vo. pp. 204. Albany, 1867. 2.00

6525 Mercer (H. C.) The Lenape Stone; or, the Indian and the Mammoth. Illustrated. 12mo. pp. 95. N. Y., 1885. 1 25

6526 Metcalfe (Samuel L.) A Collection of some of the most interesting Narratives of Indian Warfare in the West, containing an Account of the Adventures of Daniel Boone, one of the first Settlers of Kentucky. Comprehending the most impor tant Occurrences relative to its Early History, etc. To which is added an Account of the Expeditions of Harmer, Scott, Wilkinson, St. Clair, and Wayne. 8vo. pp. 270, full bound. Lexington, Kentucky,


18 00 6527 Meye (H.) and Schmidt (J.) The Stone Sculptures of Copan and Quirigua. Drawn by H. Meye; with Historical and

Les a athert




Descriptive Text, by J. Schmidt. 20 plates. George Gibbs. 4to. pp. 370. Washington,
Folio. Half morocco. N. Y., 1883. 12 50 1877.


6528 Mickley (Jos. J.) Brief Account of Murders by the Indians, and the Causes by Stephen thereof, in Northampton County, Pa., Oct. 4to. pp. 615. 8, 1763. Map. 12mo. pp. 37. Philadelphia, 1875.


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6531 Milleroux (J. F.) Apercus sur les Institutions et les Moeurs des Americaines. 8vo. pp. 173, paper. Paris, 1862.


glish C


ada. 8

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Vol. 3-Tribes of California,
Powers. 1 map, 44 plates.
Washington, 1879.
6541 Vol. 4-Houses and House
life of the American Aborigines, by Lewis
H. Morgan. 31 plates. 4to. pp. 281.
Washington, 1881.

6 00

6542 Vol. 5-Observations on Cupthe Old World, and in America, by Charles shaped and other Lapidarian Sculpture in Rau. 35 plates, pp. 112. +On Pre-Historic Trephining and Cranial Amulets, by Dr. Robert Fletcher. 9 plates, pp. 32. + A Study of the Manuscript Troano, by Cyrus Brinton. 9 plates, pp. 37+237, and nuThomas, with Introduction by Dr. D. G. merous wood cuts. 4to. Washington, 1881-2.

5 00

Being Results of Recent Ethnological Re
6543 North-west Coast of America.
searches from the Collections of the Royal
Museums at Berlin, published by the
Directors of the Ethnological Department.
13 plates (5 colored). Folio, half morocco.
New York, 1883.

12 50

6532 Missouri. Contributions to the Archæology of. By the Archeological Section of the St. Louis Academy of Science. Part 1-Pottery. 5 maps and 24 plates. 4to. pp. 30, paper. Cambridge, 1880. 2 50 6533 Moore (William V.) Indian Wars of the United States, from the Discovery to the Present time. Illustrated. 12mo. 6544 Nott (J. G.) and Gliddon (Geo. R.) pp. 321. Philadelphia, 1840. 1 25 Indigenous Races of the Earth; or, New 6534 Morgan (Lewis H.) Ancient So- Chapters of Ethnological Inquiry. Illus ciety; or, Researches in the Lines of trated. 8vo. pp. 656. Philadelphia. 5 00 Human Progress from Savagery, through 6545 Nott (J. G.) and Gliddon (Geo. R.) Barbarism, to Civilization. 8vo. pp. xvi, Types of Mankind; or, Ethnological Re 560. New York, 1877. 4 00 searches, based upon the Ancient Monu6535 Morgan (Lewis H.) League of ments, Paintings, Sculptures, and Crania the Ho-de-no-sau-nee; or, The Iroquois. of Races. Illustrated. 8vo. pp. 738. Maps, plates, and wood-cuts. 8vo. pp. 477. Philadelphia, 1871. Rochester, 1881.

10 00

5 00

6546 Ohio. Final Report of the Board of Centennial Managers. Containing the Report on the Antiquities of Ohio, by M. C. Read and Chas. Whittlesey. With 15 plates. 8vo. pp. 167. Columbus, 1877. 1 00

6536 Morse (Jedediah). A Report of the Secretary of War of the United States on Indian Affairs. Comprising a Narrative of a Tour performed in the Summer of 1820. Maps, and portraits of Pawnee In- 6547 Ojibways. History of the Ojib dians. 8vo. pp. 400. New Haven, ways, based upon Traditions and Oral 2 50 Statements, by Wm. W. Warren; and 6537 Nadaillac (Marquis de). Pre- History of the Ojibways, and their Connechistoric America. Translated by N. D'An- tion with Fur Traders, based upon Official vers. Edited by W. H. Dall. 219 illus- and other Records, by Edward D. Neill. trations. 8vo. pp. 566. New York, 8vo. pp. 535. St. Paul, 1885.


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