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pages, Text. 119 plates, representing upwards of 700 Different Species and Varieties, drawn and colored from Life. Vol. 2, Scientific. 152 pages, Text, and 37 tinted plates. 2 vols. royal 4to., half morocco. Columbus, 1878.

6958 Ingersoll (Ernest). The Oyster Industry of the United States. Woodcuts. 4to. pp. 251. Washington, 1881. 1 50 6959 Inter-Oceanic Canal. Davis (Rear Admiral Chas. H) Report in relation to the various proposed lines for Inter-oceanic 50 00 Canals and Railroads between the waters 6969 Johnson (Walter E.) Report on of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. 13 American Coals applicable to Steam Navilarge folded maps. 8vo. pp. 28. Washing- gation, and to other Purposes. 8vo. pp. ton, 1866. 607. Washington, 1844.

1 50

3 00

6970 Johnston (Lt.-Col. J. C.) and oth

6960 Selfridge (Com. Thos. O.) Report of Explorations and Surveys to ascer-ers. tain the practicability of a Ship Canal between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, by way of the Isthmus of Darien. 17 large folded maps, 13 plates of Views. 4to. pp. 268. Washington, 1874. 2 50


Report, with Roconnoissances of
Routes from San Antonio to El Paso, with
Capt. R. B Marcy's Route from Fort Smith to
Sante Fe, and of Lieut. J. H. Simpson of
an Expedition into the Navajo Country.
Maps and 64 plates. 8vo. pp. 250. Wash-
Re-ington, 1850.
4 00

Shufeldt (Capt. R. W.) ports of Explorations and Surveys to ascertain the practicability of a Ship Canal between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, by way of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec. 20 large folded maps, 10 plates of views. 4to. pp. 151. Washington, 1872. 2 50

6971 Jordan (David S.) Catalogue of the Fishes known to inhabit the waters of North America, north of the Tropic of Cancer. With Notes on the Species discovered in 1883 and 1884. 8vo. pp. 185. Washington, 1885.


6962 Iowa. Owen (David D.) Report 6971A Jordan (David S.) Notes on Colof a Geological Exploration of parts of lidæ, Etheostomatidæ, Percida, CentrarIowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois in 1839. chida, Aphododeridæ, Dorysomatidæ, and Maps and plates. 8vo. pp. 191. Washing- Cyprinidae, with revisions of the genera, ton, 1844. 1 75 and descriptions of new or little known 6963 Hall (James) and Whitney (J. species. And Synopsis of the Siluride of D.) Report of the Geological Survey of the Fresh Waters of North America. 45 Iowa. Result of Investigations during plates. 8vo. pp. 120. Wash., 1877. 1855-56-57. Part I.-Geology, maps, etc. pp. 484; Part II.-Paleontology. 29 plates of Fossils. pp. 471 to 728. 2 vols. royal 8vo. n. p., 1858. 6 00


6971в Jordan (David S.) Review of Rafinesque's Memoirs or North American Fishes. 8vo. pp. 56. Washington, 1877. 50

6972 Jordan (David S.) and Brayton (A. W.) On the Distribution of Fishes in the Alleghany Region of South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee. With a Synopsis

6964 White (Chas. A.) Report of the Geological Survey of Iowa. Results of Examinations and Observations made in the years 1866-1869. Maps, sections, and of the Family Catestomida, by D. S. Jorviews. 2 vols. royal 8vo. Des Moines. dan. 8vo. pp. 237. Washington, 1878. 50 6972A Jordan (David S.) and Gilbert (C. H.) Synopsis of the Fishes of North America. 8vo. pp. lvi.+1018, half bound. Washington, 1882.


6 00

6965 Irving (R. D.) and Van Hise (C. R.) On Secondary Enlargements of Mineral Fragments in certain Rocks. 6 colored plates. 8vo. pp. 56. Wash., 1884.



Annual Report on the Geology of Kansas. 6973 Kansas. Mudge (B. F.) First 8vo. pp. 56. Lawrence, 1866.


6966 Ives (Lieut. Joseph C.) Report on the Colorado River of the West, Explored in 1857 and 1858. 2 maps. Profile. S Panoramic views. 11 fine steel plates Mudge (B. F.) Tertiary and of the cañons. 7 colored plates of Indians, Cretaceous Periods of Kansas. 8vo. pp. 11. and 41 wood cuts. With Scientific Appen- Washington, 1876.



dix. 3 plates views, 3 plates Fossils, and 6975 Swallow (G. C.) Report of wood cuts. 4to. pp. 131+14+154+30+6+ the Geological Survey of Miami County. 32. Washington, 1861, 5 00 Map. 8vo. pp. 24. Kansas City, 1865. 75


Swallow (G. C.) The Rocks and New Permain Fossils. St. Louis, 1858. Stained. 6977 Kentucky. Mather (W. W.) Report of a Geological Reconnoissance of

6967 Jackson (W. H.) Descriptive Cat- 6976 alogue of Photographs of North American of Kansas, Indians. 8vo. pp. 124. Wash., 1877. 75 8vo. pp. 30. 6968 Jasper (Theodore). The Birds of North America. Vol 1, Popular. 182

Kentucky in 1838. 8vo pp. 40. n. n. d.

p..tucky. 7 Heliotype plates, containing 52 100 specimens. pp. 31,

6978 Kentucky. Yandell (L.P.) and Shumard (B. F) Contributions to the Geology of Kentucky. Flate. 8vo. pp. 36. Louisville, 1847. 1 25



6991 Davis (William J.) Kentucky Fossil Corals. A Monograph of the Polypi of the Silurian and Devonian Formations. Illustrated with 139 Artotype plates containing 900 specimens representing 41 genera and 310 species, of which 7 genera and 168 species are new and hitherto undescribed, with a Glossary of Technical Terms. Part 1, Text, over 700 pages, nearly ready. Part 2, plates, with Classified Index, ready. 2 volumes. 25 00 Garman (Samuel). On the 2 50 Reptiles and Batrachians of North America. New Geological Survey, N. S. Shaler, Introduction, pp. 31, and Part 1 OphidiaDirector. Succeeded by J. R. Proc-Serpents, with Index. 9 plates. pp. 185.

6979 Owen (David D.) Report of the Geological Survey of Kentucky, made during the years 1854 to 1859. Maps, sections, and plates of Fossils. 4 vols. royal 8vo., and atlas. Frankfort, 1856-61. 16 00 6980 Lyon (S. S.), Cox (E. T.), and Lerquereux (Leo.) The Paleontological Report. 10 plates of Fossils. Royal 8vo. Frankfort, 1857.


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4 00

Brachiapods of the Ohio Valley. 7 Alber-
Shaler (N. S.) On the Fossil
type plates of 202 specimens.
pp. 44,
2 50
County Geologicel Maps. Colored Topography
by J. B. Hoeing and others-
6994 Bath and Fleming, 202X3.
Geology by W. M. Linney.



6995 Boyd, Carter and Greenup, 23 X23. Geology by A. R. Crandall. 6995

Boyle and Mercer, 15X192.


6997 Clinton, 131X5. Geology by R. H. Loughridge.


(Volumes 2 and 4 are out of print.) 6984 A Peter (Robert). Chemical Analysis. Vol. 1 being the first, second Geology by W. M. Linney and J. H. and third Chemical Reports and Chemical Fales. Analyses of the Hemp and Buckwheat Plants. Royal 8vo., cloth. 1884. 2 00 6985 A2 The same. Vol. 2 being the fourth, fifth and sixth Chemica! Reports, and Comparative Views of the Composition of Soils, Coals, Ores, Limestones, Clays, Marls, Mineral Waters, etc. Royal 8vo., cloth. 1885.

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Timbers and Botany, com-

prising Seven Reports on the Forests and
Botany of Different Parts of the State.
Royal 8vo., cloth. 1884.
6987 C Eastern Coal Field. Com-
prising Eight Reports on the Resources of
some of the counties located in the Eastern
Coal Field. Maps and sections. Royal
8vo., cloth. 1884.
Western Coal Field, com-
6988 D
prising Six Reports on the Resources of
some of the counties located in the Western
Coal Field. 8vo. cloth. 1884

Memoirs, 4to

6989 Carr (Lucien). The Mounds of the Mississippi Valley Historically Considered. pp. 107, paper. 150 6990 Carr (Lucien) and Shaler (N. S.) On the Prehistoric Remains of Ken

6998 Garrard, 15×16. Geology by W. M. Linney.


25 Jackson Purchase, Ballard, McCracken, Marshall, Graves, Calloway, Hickman and Fulton Counties, 31X44. Geology by R. H. Loughridge.



Jackson Purchase, Agricultural map, 13X26. By R. H. Loughridge.

Lincoln, 15X16).

25 Geology by


W. M. Linney.

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7007 Kentucky. Bulletin No. 1. Contain- ored map. Royal 8vo. pp. 24. 1882. ing Notes on Petrolium; Improvement of 7023 Linney (W. M.) Report on the Rivers of Kentucky; Improvement of the Timbers of Boyle and Mercer Counties. the Kentucky River; Iron ores and Coals of Royal 8vo. pp. 36. (V. 5.) Western Kentucky; Yellow Fever at Hick7024 -Moore (P. N.) Report on Coal man. 2 plates. 8vo. pp. 99. 25 Washing, for the Separation of Coal from 7008 Crandall (A. R.) Report on its Impurities. 7 plates. Royal 8vo. pp. the Chinn's Branch Canal Coal District. 40. (V. 6.) Map. Royal 8vo. pp. 10. (V. 5.) 7009 Crandall (A. R.) Report on the Geology of Menifee County. 4 sections. Royal 8vo. pp. 15. (V. 4.) 20 7010 De Friese (L. H.) Report on a Belt of Kentucky Timbers, extending East and West along the South-Central part of the State, from Columbus to Pound Gap. Royal 8vo. pp. 62. (V. 5.)

7011- De Friese (L. H.) Report on the Timbers of Grayson, Breckenridge, Ohio and Hancock Counties. Royal 8vo. pp. 20. (V. 2.)



7025 Moore (P. N.) Report on the Geology of a Section from near Compton, Wolfe County, to the Mouth of Troublesome Creek, Breathitt County. Folded Royal 8vo. pp. 30. (V. 4.) 25 7026 Moore (P. N.) Report on the Iron Ore in the Vicinity of Cumberland Gap Section. Royal 8vo. pp. 14. (V.4.) 20 25 7027 Norwood (C. J.) Report of a Reconnoissance of a part of the Breckenridge Cannel Coal District. Royal 8vo. pp. 26. (V. 4.) 15 7028 Peter (Robert). Chemical Report of the Soils, Coals, Ores, Iron Furnace Products, Clays, Marls, Mineral Waters, Rocks, etc., of Kentucky. 1 Heliotype. Royal 8vo. pp. 91. (V. 5.) 7029 Peter (Robert). Comparative Views of the Composition of the Soils, Limestones, Clays, Marls, etc., of the Several Geological Formations of Kentucky, as shown by their Chemical Analyses, with Remarks on their Characters and Practical Uses. Royal 8vo. pa. 62. 1883. 7030

7012 De Friese (L. H.) Report on the Timbers of the North Cumberland. Bell and Harlan Counties. Royal 8vo. pp. 24. (V. 4.)


7013 Hussey (John). Report on the Botany of Barren and Edmonson Counties, with an Introduction by N. S. Shaler. Royal 8vo. pp. 32. (V. 1.) 15 7014 Knott (W. T.) Report on the Geology of Marion County. Colored Royal 8vo. pp. 43, paper, 1885. 7015

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50 Linney (W. M.) Notes on the Rocks of Central Kentucky, with list of Fossils. Royal 8vo. pp. 19. 1882.


7016 Linney (W. M.) Report on the Botany of Madison, Lincoln, Garrard, Washington and Marion Counties. Royal 8vo. pp. 57. 1882. 25 7017

Linney (W. M.) Report on the Geology of Clark and Montgomery Counties. Colored map. Royal 8vo. pp. 76. 1884.

60 Report on Colored 50

7018 Linney (W. M.) the Geology of Garrard County. map. Royal 8vo. pp. 32. 1882. 7019 Linney (W. M.) Report on the Geology of Lincoln County. Colored map. Royal 8vo. pp. 37. 1882.



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Proctor (J. R.) The Southeastern Kentucky Coal Fields, including A. R. Crandall's Report on the Pound Gap 7020 Linney (W. M.) Report on Region, and J. H. Hodge's Report on the the Geology of Mercer County, Colored Geology of parts of Letcher, Harlan, Leslie, map. Royal 8vo. pp. 29. 1882. Perry, Breathitt and Knott Counties, with a map of the South-eastern Coal Field, and map showing the relation of the Transportation Routes and Iron Ores of the South the Distribution of Iron Ores in the United Appalachian Region, and a map showing States by Raphael Pumpelly. 12 plates 7022 Linney (W. M.) Report on views. 20 plates of sections. Royal 8vo. the Geology of Washington County. Col-1886.

7021 Linney (W. M.) Report on the Geology of Spencer and Nelson Counties, including Notes on the Birds of Nelson County by C. W. Beckham. Colored map: Royal 8vo. pp. 59+58, paper. 1885.


1 00

7034 Kentucky. Schenck (C.) On the Use of the Telemeter in Topographical Surveys. Royal 8vo. pp. 19. (V. 5.) 15

7035 Account of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Colored map. Royal 8vo. pp. 99. (V. 2.) 50 7036 Wayman (James). Impressions of Kentucky by an English Editor8vo. pp. 20, 1883. 10

Shaler (N. S.) A General

Territory, on the Upper Missouri, to the Yellowstone National Park and return, made in 1875. 3 maps. 2 plates of Fossils. 4to. pp. 145. Washington, 1876. 4.00 7050 Maclure (William). Observations on the Geology of the United States. Map and section. 8vo. pp. 127. Philadelphia, 150 1817.

7051 Another copy. Without map and



7052 McMurtrie (Wm.) Report on the Culture of the Sugar Beet and the Manufacture of Sugar therefrom in France and the United States. Maps and plates. 8vo. pp. 294. Washington, 1880.

1 25

7053 Macomb (Capt. J. N.) Report on the Exploring Expedition from Santa Fe, New Mexico, to the Junction of the Grand and Green Rivers of the Great Colorado of the West, with Geological Reports by Prof. J. S. Newberry. Map. 14 plates views (11 tinted). 8 plates of Fossils. 4to. pp. 152. Washington, 1876. 4.00

7937 Kidder (J. H.) and Coues (Elliott). Oology, Botany, etc., of Kerguelen Island. 8vo. pp. 124. 50 7038 Kumlien (L.) Contributions to the Natural History of Arctic America. 8vo. pp. 179. Washington, 1879. 50 7039 Laidley (Lieut-Col. T. T. S.) and others. Report of the United States Board, appointed to Test Iron and Steel and other Metals. Numerous plates and diagrams. 2 vols. 8vo. Washington, 1878-81. 7 50 7040 Lawrence (B.) Concise Descrip- 7054 Maine. Holmes (E.) and Hitchtion of the Geological Formations and cock (C. H.) Preliminary Report upon the Mineral Localities of the Northern States. Natural History and Geology of Maine, 18mo. pp. 48. Boston, 1843. 1 00 1861. (From the Agricultural Report.) 7041 Lea (Isaac). A Synopsis of the Map. Svo. pp. 91 to 477. Augusta, Family of Naiades. Colored plate. 8vo. 1861. 2.50 pp. 61. Philadelphia, 1836. 7055 Jackson (C. J.) First Report on the Geology of Maine. No plates, paper. 8vo. pp. 127, 1837.

7042 Another edition. (3d). Philadelphia, 1852.


1 25

The same. Second Report. paper, 1838.

4to. pp. 88.
3 00


8vo. pp. 168,

1 00

pp. 276+1xiv,

The same.
paper, 1839.

7043 Lee (Lieut. S. P.) Report and Charts of the Cruise of the U. S. Brig " Dolphin." 8vo. pp. 331. With atlas. Washington, 1854.


2.00 Third Report. 8vo.

2 25

Another copy. Cloth. 2.50
Holmes (E.) Report of an

7044 Lesquereux (L.) Enumeration, with Descriptions of some Tertiary Fossil Plants procured by Dr. Hayden in the Ex- Exploration and Survey of the Territory plorations of 1870. 8vo. pp. 22. Wash- on the Aroostook River in 1838. 8vo. pp. ington, 1872.

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7049 Ludlow (William). Report of a 7064 Marestier (M.) Memoire sur les Reconnoissance from Carroll, Montana Bateaux a Vapeur des Etats-Unis d'Amer

ique, avec un Appendice sur diverses Machines relatives a la Marine. 4to pp. 290. Paris, 1824.

7077 Michigan. Miles (M.) Report on the Zoology of Michigan for 1859-60. 8vo. pp. 2 50 31. Lansing 1861.


7078 Winchell (A.) First Report

7065 Marshall (Humphrey). Catalogue Alphabetique des Arbres et Arbrisseaux, of Progress of the Geological Survey of qui croissent Naturellement dans les Etats- Michigan, embracing the Geology, Zoology, Unis de l'Amerique Septentrionale. Tra- and Botany of the Lower Peninsula duit avec des Notes et Observations fur la pp. 339. Lansing, 1861. Culture, par M. Lezermes. 8vo. pp. 278, paper. Paris, 1788. 250

7066 Maryland. Ducatel (J.T.) Annual Report of the Geologist of Maryland. Map. 8vo. pp. 59. n. p., n.. d.

2 25



7079 Winchell (A.) Report on the Grand Traverse Region, Lower Peninsula Geological and Industrial Resources of the of Michigan, with Appendix. Map. 8vo. pp. 97. Ann Arbor, 1866. Winchell (A.)


1.00 Report of Progress of the Geographical Survey, 1870. 8vo. pp. 64. Lansing, 1871. 5 00 7081 Winchell (A.) Michigan:


7067 Massachusetts. Hitchcock (Edw.) Report on the Geology, Mineralogy Botany, and Zoology of Massachusetts. 8vo. pp. 70, with Atlas of Plates. Amherst, 1833. 7068 Hitchcock (Edward). Report Popular Sketches of its Topography, Cliof a Re-examination of the Economical mate, and Geology, with a package of Geology of Massachusetts. 8vo. pp. 139. Charts. 8vo. pp. 121. 1873. 1 00 Boston, 1828. 7082 Geological Survey of MichiI. Iron-Bearing Rocks (Economic), by T. gan, Upper Peninsula, 1869-1873. Vol. 1— B. Brooks; II. Copper-Bearing Rocks, by R. Pumpelly; III. Palæozoic Rocks, by C. Rominger. Vol. 2-Appendices to Brook's Iron-Bearing Rocks. 2 vols. Royal 8vo. New York, 1873. 6 00 Paleozoic


i 50 Jackson (C. T.) Second Annual Report of the Geology of the Public Lands belonging to the States of Massachusetts and Maine. 8vo. pp. 94. Boston, 150



Rocks of
8vo. pp. 100.


Upper Peninsula. No maps.
Rominger (C.)
New York, 1872.

1 00

Burt (W. A.) and Hubbard (B.) Report on the Geography, TopograLake Superior, for 1845. Map. 16mo. pp. phy, and Geology of the South Shore of

109. Detroit, 1846.

1 50

7070 Mease (James). A Geological Account of the United States; their Animal, Vegetable, and Mineral Productions, Antiquities, and Curiosities. 24mo. pp. 510, binding broken. Philadelphia, 1807. 1 25 7071 Mexico. Egloffstein (Baron F. W. Von). Contributions to the Geology and Physical Geography of Mexico. With a Geological and Geographical Map, Profiles, etc. 8vo. pp. 40. New York, 1864. 3.00 7072 Lawrence (Geo. N.) Birds of South-western Mexico. 8vo. pp. 56. Wash7085 Irving (Roland D.) The Copington, 1875. 50 per-Bearing Rocks of Lake Superior. 29 7072A Smith (M. L.) and plates, Microscopic Sections, Maps, etc., castle (E. L. F.) Report, with Map, 4to. pp. 464. WashingSurveys of the Valley of Mexico. 3 00 13. Washington, 1849. 50 Irving (R. D.) and Chamber7073 Michigan. Houghton (D.) Fourth lain (T. C.) Observations on the Junction between the Eastern Sandstone and the Report of the State Geologist. 8vo. PP. Keweenaw Series, on Keweenaw Point, 184, paper. n. p. 1841. Lake Superior. 17 plates. 8vo. pp. 124. 7074 Jackson (C. T.) Report on Washington, 1885. the Geological and Mineralogical Survey of the Mineral Lands of the United States in

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7087- St. John (John R.) A True Description of the Lake Superior Country, with Bayfield Chart, and a Minute Account of the Copper Mines, with a map of the Mineral Regions. 16mo. pp. 118. New York, 1846.

2.00 7088 Miller (S. A.) The American Palaeozoic Fossils; a Catalogue of Genera and Species, with names of Authors, Dates, 7 50 Places of Publication, Groups of Rocks in The same, without Atlas. 3 00 | which found, and the Etymology and Sig.

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