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586 Another edition. Portraits, plates. 4to. pp. 588, sheep. 1817.

585 Another edition. 8vo. pp. 435, sheep. 596 Ryder (Wm. H.) Our Country. ILondon, 1803. 1 50 lustrated. 12mo. pp. 252. Bost., 1854. 1 00 maps and 597 Ryerson (Egerton). The Loyalists London, of America and their Times, from 1620 to 4 00 1816 (British View). 2 vols. 8vo. Toronto, 1880. 6 00 2 vols. 3 00 598 Saffel (W. T. R.) Records of the Revolutionary War. Containing the Military and Financial Correspondence of Distinguished Officers, etc. New York, 1858. 12mo. pp. 554.

587 Another edition. Illustrated. 8vo. New York, 1856.

588 Robertson (Wm.) The History of America. Books 9 and 10. Containing the History of Virginia to the Year 1688; and of New England to the Year 1652. 16mo. pp. 192, sheep. Walpole, 1800. (With Isaiah Thomas' Bookplate.) 1 50 589 Robinson (Conway). An Account of the Discoveries in the West until 1519, and of Voyages to and along the Atlantic Coast of North America from 1520 to 1573. 8vo. pp. 491. Richmond, 1848. 200

590 Rogers (Major Robert). A Concise Account of North America. Containing a Description of the Several British Colonies, as to their Situation, Extent, Climate, Products, etc.; also of the Interior or Westerly Parts. With an Account of the Nations and Tribes of Indians, their Customs, Governments, etc. 8vo. pp. 264, calf. London, 1765. 3 50

591 Rogers (Major Robert). Journals of. Containing an Account of the several Excursions he made under the Generals who commanded upon the Continent of North America during the Late (1755-60) War, from which may be colleccted the most material Circumstances of every Campaign upon that Continent from the commencement to the conclusion of the War. 8vo. pp. 236, calf. London, 1765. Printed for the author.


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604 Schoepff (Johann D.) The Climate and Diseases of America during the Revolution. Translated by J. R. Chadwick. 4to. pp. 31, boards. Boston, 1875. 50 605 Scott (Belle); or, Liberty Over592 Another edition. With Introduction thrown. A Tale for the Crisis. and Notes, by Franklin B. Hough. 12mo. 426. Columbus, 1856. pp. 297. Albany, 1883.

6 00


12mo. pp.

1 00

606 Scott (Joseph). A Geographical 593 Romance of the Revolution. Be- Dictionary of the United States. Map. ing True Stories of the Adventures, Roman- 8vo. sheep. Philadelphia, 1805. 1 00 tic Incidents, etc., of the Days of '76. Illustrated. 12mo. pp. 444. Philadelphia, 607 Sealsfield (Charles). The Cabin [1870]. 1 00 Book; or, National Characteristics. pp. 273, paper. New York, 1871.

594 Rush (Richard). Occasional Productions, Political, Diplomatic, and Miscellaneous. Portrait. 8vo. pp. 535. Philadelphia, 1860. 1 75

595 Rush (Richard). Memoranda of a Residence at the Court of London, comprising Incidents Official and Personal, from 1819 to 1825, including Negotiations on the Oregon Question. 8vo. pp. 640. Philadelphia, 1845.

595A Another edition. 3 vols. 8vo. calf. London, 1833.




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611 Shea (John Gilmary). Cramoisy Half Series of Relations, relative to French 4 50 America. All, except the last, printed


from the original manuscript. A complete
Uncut and unbound. 25 vols. 50 00
* We have duplicate copies of each of
the volumes, priced separately.

1. GRAVIER. Relation de ce qvi s'est passé dans
la Mission de l'Immaculee Conception au Pays
des Illinois, depuis le Mois de Mars 1693, jus-
Par le R. Père Jaques Gra-
qu'en Fevrier 1694.
vier, de la Compagnie de Jésus. pp.65. 1857.
2. BIGOT. Relation de ce qui s'est passé de plvs
remarqvable dans la Mission Abnaquise be
Sainct Joseph de Sillery, et dans l'Etablisse-
ment de la Nouuelle Mission de Sainct François
de Sales, l'année 1634. Par le R. Jaques Bigot,
de la Compagnie de Jésus. pp. 61. 1857.
3. BIGOT, Relation de ce qvi s'est passé de plvs
remarqvable dans la Mission Abnaquis de Sainct
Joseph de Sillery et de Sainct François de Sales,
l'anée 1685. Parle R. Père Jacque Bigot, de la
Compagnie de Jésus. pp. 21. 1858.

4. BIGOT. Relation de ce qvi s'est passé de plvs
remarqvable dans la Mission des Abnaquis à
l'Acadíe l'année 1701. Par le Père Vincent Bigot,
de la Compagnie de Jésus. pp. 34. 1858.

Relation du Voyage entrepris par 5. CAVELIER. feu M. Robert Cavelier, Sieuer de la Salle, pour decouverir dans le golfe du Mexique l'embouchere du Fleuve de Missisipy. Parson Frère M. Cavelier, prêtre de St. Salpice, l'un des compagnons de ce voyage. pp. 54. 1858.

6. CHAUMONOT. La Vie du R. P. Pierre Joseph Marie Chaumonot, de la Compagnie de Jésus, Missionaire dans le Nouvelle France, Ecrite par lui-même par ordre de son Superieur l'an 1688. 12mo. pp. 108. 1858.


7. CHAUMONOT. Suite du la Vie du R. P. Pierre Joseph Marie Chaumonot, de la Compagnie de Jésus. Par un Père de la même Compagnie avec la manière d'oraison du vénérable Père 3.00 écrite par lui-même. 12mo. pp. 66. 1858.

8. TRANCHEPAIN. Relation du Voyage des pre-
mières Ursulines à la Nouvelle Orléans et de
Mère St. Augustine de Tranchepain, Supérieure.
Avec les lettres Circulaires de quelques unes de
ses Soeurs et de la dite Mère. 12mo. pp. 62.
3 00
9. REGISTRES des Baptesmes et Sepultures qui se
sont faits au Fort Duquesne pendant les années
1753, 1754, 1755 and 1756. pp. 51. 1859.
10. JOURNAL de la Guerre du Micissippi contre les
Chicachas, en 1739 et finie en 1740, le ler d'Avril.

leur établissement en cette ville Par la Rev.

Par un Officier de l'Armee de M. de Nouaille.
pp. 92. 1859.

11. GRAVIER. Relation, ou Journal du Voyage du
R. P. Jacques Gravier, de la Compagnie de
Jésus, en 1700, depuis le pays de Illinois jusqu'a
l'embouchure du Mississipi. pp. 68. 1859.
12. DABLON. Relation de ce qui s'est passé de
plus remarquable aux missions des Peres de la
Compagnie de Jésus en la Nouvelle France les
années 1673 à 1679. Parle R. P. Claude Dablon,
Recteur du College de Quebec et Superieur des
Missions de la Compagnie de Jésus en la Nou-
velle France. 8vo. pp. xiii. +290.
13. DABLON. Relation de ce qui s'est passé de
plus remarquable aux Missions des Peres de la
Compagnie de Jésus en la Nouvelle France, les
Par le R. P. Claude Dablon,
annés 1672 et 1673.
Recteur, etc. 8vo. pp. 219. 1861.
14. RELATIONS Diverses sur la Bataille du Malan-
gueulé Gagné le 9 Jouillet, 1755. Par les Fran-
cois sous M. le Beaujeu, Commandant du Fort
du Quesne sur les Anglois sous M. Braddock.
Général en Chef des troupes Angloises. pp. XV.
9-51. 1860. Portrait. 8vo.


[blocks in formation]

612 Shinn (C. H.) Mining Camp. Study in American Frontier Government. 8vo. pp. 316. New York, 1885.


A Detail of Some 613 Ship Rainbow. Particular Services performed in America, during the years 1776 to 1779. Compiled from Journals and Original Papers taken from the Journal kept on board the Ship Rainbow, commanded by Sir George Collier. Printed for Ithiel Town, 12mo. pp. 117. New York, 1835.

1 25 A Familiar His

614 Siddons (J. H.) tory of the United States of America, from the Date of the Earliest Settlements down to the Present Time. 18mo. pp. 243. don, 1864.



Southern 12mo. pp. 228. 1.00

615 Simms (W. Gilmore).
Passages and Pictures.
New York, 1839.

616 Singleton (Arthur). [H. C. Knight.]
Letters from the South and West.
Pp. 159, boards. Boston, 1824.


617 Sketch of the Internal Condition of the United States, and of their Political By a Russian. Relations with Europe. 3.00

15. RELATION de la Mission du Missisipi du Semi-
naire de Quebec en 1700. Par M. M. de Mon-
tigny, de St. Cosme, et Thaumur de la Soure

8vo. pp. 66. 1861.


8vo. pp. 163, half calf. Balt., 1826.


618 Sketches of Scenery and Manners in the United States. [By Theo. Dwight.]

12mo. pp. 188. Boards, uncut. New York, 100


619 Skinner (J. E. H.) After the Storm; or, Jonathan and his Neighbors in 1865-6. 2 vols. 12mo. London, 1866.

620 Smalley (E. V.) Brief History of the Republican Party, from its Organization to the Presidential Campaign of 1884. 50 12mo. pp. 133. New York, 1884. 621 Smalley (E. V.) History of the Northern Pacific Railroad. Map and illus3 00 trations. 8vo. pp. 437. N. Y., 1883. 622 Smith (Eugene A.) A General Description of the Climate. Geological and Agricultural Features of the Cotton-Producing States. 2 maps. 8vo. pp. 24, paper. 40 Washington, 1884. 623 Smith (Godwin). The Relations between America and England. A Reply to the late Speech of Mr. Sumner. 58, boards, uncut. London, 1869. 624 Smith (Horace W.) Nuts for Future Historians to Crack. Containing the Cadwalader Pamphlet. Valley Forge Letters, etc. 8vo. pp. 90. Philadelphia, 1856. 1 25 625 Smith (Captain John). The Adven

16mo. pp.

The Southern Map. 8vo. 1 50

632 Somers (Robert). States since the War, 1870-1. pp. 284. London, 1871.

633 South-west (The). By a Yankee. 2 vols. 12mo. [Rev. J. H. Ingraham.] 2.00 New York, 1835.


634 Southern Historical August 1873, with Address of Gen. Jubal A. Early. 8vo. pp. 44, paper. Balt. 40 635 Sparks (Jared). Correspondence of the American Revolution; being letters of eminent men to George Washington, from the time of his taking command of the 6 00 Army to the end of his Presidency. 4 vols. 8vo. Boston, 1853.

636 Speech (A) intended to have been spoken on the Bill for altering the Charters of the Colony of Massachusetts Bay. [By Jonathan Shipley.] 8vo. pp. 36, boards. London, 1774.


A Sermon in

50 637 Sprague (W. B.)
Behalf of the Polish Exiles lately arrived
in this Country. 8vo. pp. 16, half morocco.
Albany, 1834.

Some time Presi
tures and Discoveries of.
dent of Virginia and Admiral of New Eng-
land. By John Ashton.
1 25
12ino. pp. 309. London, 1883.
626 Smith (J. J.) and Watson (J. F.)
American Historical and Literary Curiosi-
ties. Consisting of fac-similes of Original
Documents relating to the Events of the
Revolution, etc. With a Variety of Re-
liques, Antiquities, and Modern Auto-
4 00
graphs. 4to. Philadelphia, 1847.
627 Smith (Robert, late Sec'y of State).
An Address to the People of the United
States. 8vo. pp. 47. London, 1811.
Theatrical Manage-
628 Smith (Sol.)
ment in the West and South for Thirty
with Anecdotal
Years, interspersed
Sketches. Illustrated. 8vo. pp. 275. New
1 50
York, 1868.
629 Smith (T. Marshall). Legends of
the War of Independence and of the Early
8vo. pp. 397.
Settlements in the West.
Louisville, 1855.

Discourses on
630 Smith (William).
Public Occasions in America, during the
Ravages of the French and Indians. Brad-
8vo. half calf. Lon-
dock's Defeat, etc.
don, 1762.

631 Snowdon (Richard).


638 Stanwood (E.) A History of Presidential Elections. 12mo. pp. 407. Boston,



The Ad639 Statesman's Manual. dresses and Messages of the Presidents of the United States. Inaugural, Annual, and Special, 1789 to 1854, with Memoirs of each Compiled by Edwin Administrations. of the Presidents and a History of their Williams. Portraits. 4 vols. 8vo. York, 1854.

New 7.00

640 Stean ship President. Fate of the, which sailed from New York., March 11, 1841. 8vo. pp. 31, paper, stained. Boston,



641 Stedman (C.) The History of the Origin, Progress, and Termination of the American War. Maps and plates. 2 vols. 4to. sheep. London, 1794. 642 Steele (Jas. W.) 12mo. pp. Sketches. 1883.

5.00 Frontier Army 329. Chicago, 1 50

643 Sterne (Simon). Constitutional History and Political Development of the 1 25 United States. 12mo. pp. 323. New York, 1882. 644 Stevens (John A.) The Burgoyne New York, Campaign. 8vo. pp. 43. 50


The United

645 Stewart (Robert). States of America; their Climate, Soil, Pro

The History
of North and South America, from its Dis-
covery to the Death of Washington. Maps.
2 vols. in 1. 16mo. sheep. Philadelphia, Allies.

75 Our French Rochambeau and His Army, 75 Lafayette and his Devotion.

ductions, etc. 16mo. London, 1843. 646 Stone (Edwin M.)


Barras, De Grasse, and their Fleets in the 660 Tanner (H. S.) Memoir on the ReGreat War of the American Revolution, cent Surveys, Observations, and Internal from 1778 to 1782. Illustrated. 8vo. pp. Improvements in the United States. 12mo. 632. Providence, 1884. pp. 108, half bound. Phila., 1829.

500 647 Stone (Wm. L.) Border War of the American Revolution. 2 vols. 16mo. New York, 1845. 100 648 Stone (W. L.) The Campaign of Lieut-Gen. John Burgoyne, and the Expedition of Lieut. Col. Barry St. Leger. Portraits. Map. 12mo. pp. 461. Albany, 1577. 2.00

649 Story (Joseph). The Miscellaneous Writings of. Edited by his son, W. W. Story. 8vo. pp. 828. Boston, 1852. 2.50 650 Straus (Oscar S) The Origin of Republican Form of Government in the United States. 16mo. pp. 149. New York,



661 Tarleton (Lieut.-Col.) A History of the Campaigns of 1780 and 1781, in the Southern Provinces of North America. Maps. 4to. pp. 518. London, 1787. 9.00 662 Another edition. 8vo. pp. 533, boards. Dublin, 1787. 3.00

663 Taxation no Tyranny. An Answer to the Resolutions and Address of the

American Congress. [By Samuel Johnson.] 8vo. pp. 91, paper. London, 1775. 1 00

664 Ten Brook (Andrew). American State Universities, their Origin and Progress. A History of Congressional University Land Grants; a Particular Account of 100 the University of Michigan, etc. 8vo. pp.

651 Subdued Southern Nobility. A 410. Cincinnati, 1875. Southern Ideal. By one of the Nobility. 18mo. pp. 392. New York, 1882. 75 652 Sunny South; or, The Southerner at Home. Embracing Five Years Experiience of a Northern Governess in the Land of Sugar and Cotton. 12mo. pp. 526. Philadelphia, 1860. 1 25

2.00 665 Thacker (Page [Lettie M. Burwell]). Plantation Reminiscences. 8vo. pp. 69, paper, n. p., 1878.


666 Thatcher (James). Military Journal during the American Revolutionary War, 1775-1783, with Biographical Sketches, etc. 8vo. pp. 487. Boston, 1827. 2.50

667 Thomas (E. S.) Reminiscences of the last Sixty-five Years, commencing with the Battle of Lexington. Also Sketches of his own Life and Times. 2 vols. 12mo. Hartford, 1840. 1 75

653 Symmes' Theory of Concentric Spheres; demonstrating that the Earth is Hollow, habitable within, and widely open about the Poles. By a Citizen of the United States [James McBride]. 12mo. pp. 168, sheep. Cincinnati, 1826. 7 00 668 Thompson (Jos. P.) The United 654 Symmes (Americus). The Symmes States as a Nation. 12mo. pp. 323. Boston, Theory of Concentric Spheres. Demon- 1877. strating that the Earth is Hollow, habitable Within, and widely open at the Poles, as proven by the Explorations of Greeley, Nordenskiold, Wiggins, Seebohm and Tuttle. 8vo. pp. 69. Louisville, 1855.


669 Tiffany (Osmond). Brandon; or, a Hundred Years Ago. A Tale of the American Colonies. 12mo. pp. 285, half calf, neat. New York, 1858. 2.00

50 670 Tilden (Samuel J.) Writings and Edited by John Bigelow. 2 vols. 8vo. New York, 1885. 600

655 Symzonia. A Voyage of Discovery. Speeches. By Captain Adam Seaborn. [A Satire on Symmes' Theory of Concentric Spheres ] 12mo. pp. 248, half bound, uncut. New York, 1820. 3 00 656 Tait (J. S.) The Cattle Fields of the Far West: their Present and Future. 8vo. pp. 71. Edinburgh, 1884.


657 Tales of the Revolution, being Rare and Remarkable Passages in the History of the War of 1775. 18mo. pp. 216. New York, 1878.


671 Towle (N. S.) A History and Analysis of the Constitution of the United States. Third edition, revised and enlarged. 12mo. pp. 449. Boston, 1871.


672 Transportation Routes to the Seaboard. A Report of the Select Committee on. 8vo. 2 vols. Washington, 1874. 1 50

Treaties of Peace, Alliance and Commerce, 673 Treaties. A Collection of all the between Great Britain and other Powers, 658 Talleyrand-Perigord (Le Marquis from the Revolution in 1688, to the Presde). Etude sur la Republique des Etats- ent Time. 2 vols. 8vo. sheep. London, Unis d'Amerique. 1776-1876. 8vo. pp. 1772.


227, boards, uncut. New York, 1876. 1 50 674 Treaties and Conventions concluded 659 Talvi's History of the Colonization between the U. S. and other Powers since of America. Edited by William Hazlitt. July 4, 1776. 8vo. pp. 912, sheep. Wash2 vols. 12mo.

London, 1851.

2 00ington, 1871.


[blocks in formation]

676 Treaty of Peace and Friendship. (The Definitive) between his Britannic Majesty and the United States of America. Signed at Paris, September 3, 1783. 4to. pp. 12, half calf. London, 1783. 2 25 677 Trescot (W. H.) The Diplomatic History of the Administrations of Washington and Adams, 1789-1801. 12mo. pp. 283. Boston, 1857. 1 50

678 Trescot (W. H.) The Diplomacy of the Revolution. An Historical Study. 12mo. pp. 169. New York, 1852. 1 25 679 Trollope (Mrs. Frances). Domestic Manners of the Americans. Portrait and plates. 12mo. pp. 384. London, 1839. 2 00 680 Trumbull (B.) A General History of the United States of America, from the

Discovery in 1492, to 1792. 8vo. pp. 442, boards, uncut, 3 vols. Vol. I. only (all ever published). Boston, 1810.

2.00 681 Tucker (Beverly). The Partisan Leader. Secretly printed in Washington, in 1836, by Duff Green, for circulation in the Southern States, but afterwards pressed. 12mo. pp. 392. N. Y., 1861. 1 50


[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

690 Vespucius (Americus). Researches Respecting, and his Voyages. By the Viscount Santarem. 12mo. pp. 221. Boston, 1850.

2.00 691 Vespucci (A.) Amerigo Vespucci, son caractere, ses ecrits, sa vies et ses Navigations, par Varnhagen. Map and two facsimiles. Lima, 1865. Le Premier Voyage de Vespucci definitivement explique dans ses Details. Vienna, 1859. Nouvelles Recherches sur les derniers Voyages du Navigateur Florentin, et le reste des documents et eclaircissements sur lui. Map from the 1513 Ptolemy, and a fac-simile of Vespucci's Letter. Vienne, 1870. 3 pieces in one volume. Folio, half morocco, extra, gilt top, uncut. By Bradstreet.

10 00

[blocks in formation]


685 United States. Journal of the Ex- 697 Walcutt (Thomas). Journal of in ecutive Proceedings of the Senate, from the 1790. With Notes by George Dexter. Svo. Commencement of the First to the Ter- pp. 42, paper. Cambridge, 1879. mination of the Nineteenth Congress, 17891828. 3 vols. 8vo. Washington, 1828. 3 50

686 United States. One Hundred Years' Progress. By Eminent Literary Men. Illustrated. 8vo. pp. 546. Hartford, 1870. 2 00

687 United States Service Magazine. Vols. 1 to 5. 5 vols. 8vo. half morocco. New York, 1864-66. 10 00 688 Vallandigham (C. L.) Speeches, Arguments, Addresses and Letters of. With a Biographical Memoir. 8vo. pp. 580. New York, 1864. 3 00

the Judgments of Great Britain respecting 698 Walsh (Robert). An Appeal from the United States of America. Containing an Historical Outline of their Merits and Wrongs as Colonies and Strictures upon the Calumnies of British Writers. Svo. PP. 505, boards, uncut. London, 1819. 1 75 699 Another edition. 8vo. pp. 512, sheep. Philadelphia, 1819.

1 50 700 Walton (Geo. E.) The Mineral Springs of the United States and Canada. With Analysis and Notes on the Prominent Spas of Europe, and a List of Seaside Re

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