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Disastrous Effects of the Destruction of
Fruit Trees in Wisconsin. 8vo. pp. 104.
Madison, 1867.


7390 Norris (P. W.) Fifth Annual Report of the Superintendent of Yellowstone National Park. Map and illustra50 7388 Wright (G. F.) The Glacial Boun- tions. 8vo. pp. 81. Wash., 1881. dary in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. 7391 Raynolds (Brig. Gen. W. F.) Maps. 8vo. pp. 86. Cleveland, 1884. 75 Report on the Exploration of the Yellow7389 Wyoming. Jones (Capt. W. A.) stone River. Map. 8vo. pp. 174. WashReport on the Reconnoissance of North-ington, 1868. western Wyoming in 1873. Large Geological Map, and 49 route maps. 8vo. pp. 210. Half bound. Washington, 1874.



7392 Another copy. Half bound. 2.00



7393 California. Van Dyke (Theodore 7403 Harvey (Rev. M.) Text-book of S.) Southern California: Its Valleys, Hills Newfoundland History. Map and woodand Streams; its Animals, Birds and Fishes; cuts. 16mo. pp. 202. Boston, 1885. its Gardens, Farms and Climate. 12mo. 7404 Howe (Daniel W.) The Laws and pp. 233. New York, 1886. Courts of Northwest and Indian Territories. 7394 Carnegie (Andrew). 12mo. pp. 25. Indianapolis, 1886. Democracy; or, Fifty Years' Republic. 8vo. pp. 519.


1 50 Triumphant March of the


7405 Hudson (Ja. F.) The Railways and New York, the Republic. 8vo. pp. 489. New York,

2.00 1886.


7395 Charnay (Désire). Les Anciennes 7406 Hutchinson (T.) Diary and LetVilles de Nouveau Monde. Voyages d'Ex-ters of Thomas Hutchinson, Esq., Captainplorations au Mexique et dans l'Amerique General and Governor-in-Chief of His Late Centrale, 1857-81. 214 engravings and 19 Majesty's Province of Massachusetts Bay, maps and plans. Royal 4to. pp. 469, paper. in North America; with an account of his Paris, 1885. 17 50 Government of the Colony during the pe7396 Childs (Emery E.) A History of riod preceding the War of Independence, the United States, in chronological order, etc.; compiled from original documents; from the discovery of America in 1492 to edited by his grandson, Peter Orlando Hut1885. 12mo. pp. 254. N. Y., 1886. 1 00 chinson. 2 vols., 8vo. Boston, 1886. 7397 Clay (Cassius M.) The Life of. Memoirs, Writings and Speeches, showing his conduct in the Overthrow of American Slavery, the Salvation of the Union, and the Restoration of the Autonomy of the States. Written and compiled by himself. 2 vols., 8vo. Cincinnati, 1886. Vol. 1 now ready. Per vol.

tries of South America. Philadelphia, 1866.

12mo. pp.

5 00


7407 Illinois 112th R. V. I. Thompson (B. F.) History of the 112th Regiment Illinois Volunteer Infantry, 1862-65. 8vo. pp. 480. Toulon, 1885. 3 00

7408 Keim (De B. R.) Sheridan's Troopers on the Borders: a Winter Campaign on the Plains. 12mo. pp. 308. Philadelphia, 1886. 1 00

7398 Clemens (E. J. M.) La Plata Coun- 7409 Lincoln (Abraham). Reminiscences 511. of, by Distinguished Men of his Time. Col1 50 lected and edited by Allen T. Rice. Portraits. 8vo. pp. 856. N. Y., 1886. 4.00 7410 McClure (A. K.) The South: its Industrial, Financial and Political Condition. Philadelphia, 1886. pp. 257.


7399 Crawford (Captain Jack). The Poet Scout; a Book of Song and Story. Illus. Sq. 12mo. pp. 181. N. Y., 1886. 2 00 7400 Cruise (The) of the Alabama. By One of the Crew [P. D. Haywood], with 7411 McConkey (Miss Rebecca). Notes from Historical Authorities. 16mo. Hero of Cowpens (Gen. Daniel Morgan): a pp. 150, paper. Boston, 1886. 50 Revolutionary Sketch. 12mo. pp. 295. New York, 1885. 1.00

7401 Eells (Rev. M.) Ten Years of Missionary Work among the Indians at Skokomish, Washington Territory, 1874-84. 12mo. pp. 271. Boston, 1866. 1 25

7402 Gilmore (J. R.) ["Edmund Kirke," pseud.] The Rear-Guard of the Revolution. Map. 12mo. pp. 317. N. Y., 1886. 1 50

7412 Merriam (Clinton H.) The Vertebrates of the Adirondack Regions, in Transactions of the Linnean Society of New York. Vol. 1, pp. 1-106. Vol. 2, pp. 1-214. Royal 8vo. paper, 1882-4.

4.00 7413 Moore (Frank). Songs and Ballads

of the Southern People. 1861-1865. 18mo.
pp. 524. New York, 1886.
1 00

7414 North Carolina. Zeigler (W. G.) and Grosscup (B. S.) The Heart of the Alleghanies; or, Western North Carolina, its Topography, History, Resources, People, Narratives, Incidents, and Pictures of Travels, Adventures in Hunting and Fishing, and Legends of its Wilderness. Map and illustrations. 12mo. pp. 374, paper. Cleveland, 1883.

1 00

7415 Ohio 4th R. V. I. Kepler (Wm.) History of the Three Months and Three Years Service, 1861-64, of the Fourth Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry. Maps and plates. 8vo. pp. 287. Cleveland, 1886. 3 00 7416 Plongeon (Augustus Le). Sacred Mysteries among the Mayas and Quiches 11,500 Years Ago. Their Relation to the Sacred Mysteries of Egypt, Greece, Chaldea and India. Freemasonry in Times Anterior to the Temple of Solomon. Portrait, woodcuts and 16 mosstypes. 8vo. pp. 163. New York, 1886.

2 50

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61, 63, 65 West Fourth St.



A MANUAL OF UNIVERSAL CHURCH HISTORY. By Rev. JOHN ALZOG, D.D., Professor of Theology at the University of Freiburg. Translated from the ninth enlarged and improved German edition, and edited and brought down to the present time, by Rev. F. J. Pabisch, D.D., President, and Rev. Thomas S. Byrne, Professor, of Mount St. Mary's of the West, Cincinnati. 3 vols. Vol. I. Early Church History. Vol. II. The Middle Ages. Vol. III. To the Present Time. 8vo. Cloth. (The volumes are sold separately.)

To the publishers we can not sufficiently express our obligations for the generous and able manner in which, regardless of expense, they have presented the History to the public.-Extract from the Preface to the Third Volume, by J. B. Purcell, Archbishop of Cincinnati.

At last we have a history of the Church in English, and in such English as reflects infinite credit on the scholarship of the Rev. Thomas S. Byrne, just as the uncommon accuracy and number of references to standard German authors attest the vast learning of Dr. Pabisch. It is a scholarly performance, brought to a most successful issue by two devoted men, at the cost of how much toil and painstaking, scholars alone can tell. We thank the two reverend authors for a priceless boon. They have filled a void in English literature, and satisfied a want long and deeply felt. To the publishers, also, a just meed of praise is due. The style in which these volumes are issued, and the very beauty of the colored maps, so scrupulously prepared by Dr. Pabisch, will, we trust, be fully appreciated by the Protestant and Catholic public alike.-N. Y. Tablet.

15 00

We have to thank our American brethren in the faith for a most valuable addition to our libraries, and for a book which will be most useful as a book of reference to every English priest, as well as an indispensable manual for the student of ecclesiastical history.-London Tablet.

It has long occupied a high rank among histories in the leading universities of the world. On critical points, its authority is We have no doubt the unimpeachable. translation will be cordially welcomed, and be universally adopted in the Catholic colleges in the United States. Dr. Pabisch is eminently fitted by his great and varied learning for the difficult task he has assumed.-Catholic Telegraph.

One great charm of Alzog's work is the perfect and systematic arrangement. Every thing is in its place, and easily found. The book is enriched with an admirable table of contents. It is concise without being dry; and, from the mass of authorities cited, may easily be made the foundation for immense research.-Catholic Standard, London.


ANDERSON. SIX MONTHS IN NORWAY. By E. L. ANDERSON, author of " Northern Ballads." Sq. 16mo. Cloth.

1 00

ANDRE. THE COW CHACE: An Heroic Poem in Three Cantos. Written at New York, 1780. By the late MAJOR ANDRE, with explanatory notes by the Editor. London. Printed for John Fielding, No. 23 PaterNoster Row, 1781. Reprinted from this rare quarto edition, with the original preface, notes, etc. 8vo. Paper, 75 cents. Large paper, imp. 8vo. Paper.

The poem is a humorous description of the defeat of the "rebel generals, Wayne and Irving," and is a candid expression of the contempt and ridicule in which our brave Revolutionary fathers were held by their British foes. Of the poem itself we reproduce only the last stanza, which, if not pathetic, seems certainly to have been prophetic of the sad fate of the author:


"And now I've closed my epic strain, I tremble as I show it, Lest this same warrio-drover, Wayne, Should ever catch the poet." Additional interest is lent to the poem, from the fact that the above stanza was printed on the very day that Major Andre was taken prisoner.-Cincinnati Gazette.

ANTRIM. THE HISTORY OF CHAMPAIGN AND LOGAN COUNTIES, OHIO, from Their First Settlement. By JOSHUA ANTRIM. 12mo. Clo. 1 50 An unpretending sketch of pioneer times in these counties, with an account of their progress; early adventures, biographical sketches, notices of the churches, township organizations, etc.


Small. 4to. Cloth.

A Twofold Gift for Mothers and Children.

1 25

A handsome little volume of 96 pages, illustrated, and arranged for a record of the baby's life, its sayings and doings, with apt quotations and suggestions.



BALLARD. INSECT LIVES, OR BORN IN PRISON. By Mrs. JULIA P. BALLARD. Illus. Sq. 12mo. There are many young persons who are interested in butterflies and moths, but need instruction as to beginning-how to capture and how to prepare and preserve them. Also, how to obtain perfect insects by rearing the caterpillars that produce them. This little book gives reliable information on these points. It is pleasantly written, and fully and admirably illustrated.-W. H. Edwards, author of Butterflies of North


One of the very best children's books comes from Cincinnati-the admirable little study of "Insect Lives," by Mrs. Ballard. It is written with the most agreeable simplicity and good sense, which the young naturalist, a little oppressed with the weight and volume of adult scientific works, will gratefully appreciate. He will find in it ex

cellent suggestions for observation, and a due amount of well-founded information, enlivened by a delightful enthusiasm for his pursuit. No book could be more acceptable to a boy with a taste for entomology, and the love for nature which must grow with such a taste. The volume is abun dantly illustrated with well-engraved studies of insects in their different stages of transformation; and it is to be as cordially praised for these as for the graceful, unaffected, and interesting quality of its literature.-Atlantic Monthly.

This attractive little book deserves com. mendation, from the fact that the authoress has evidently the zeal of a genuine naturalist, has studied insects in the field and closet, and describes what she has seen in a clear and admirable manner. The first

and best lesson in the study of insects is the rearing of a butterfly from the egg; one learns more of entomology in this than by any other method. This book will, we feel sure, induce boys, and, we hope, girls, to

gather caterpillars and rear butterflies, just for the fun of the thing, while, unconsciously, they will be learning valuable lessons in observing natural objects.-American Naturalist.

BASSLER. THE WEATHER: A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO ITS CHANGES. Showing Signal Service System, and How to Foretell Local Weather. By S. S. BASSLER. Illustrated by Plates and Weather Maps. 8vo. Paper. 25. Mr. S. S. Bassler, the meteorologist, has published a very able and instructive pamphlet of fifty-four pages, large octavo, thoroughly illustrated, entitled "The Weather: A Practical Guide to Its Changes. Showing Signal Service System, and How to Foretell Local Weather." It is the first of the kind we ever saw or heard of; and as it instructs any body who can read how to become a "weather prophet," it should have a large sale among farmers, and all others

whose occupation, curiosity or interests lead to the desire to know whether or not we shall have a "goodly day to-morrow." Mr. B.'s work is "Indications" and "Old Probabilities" brought within the popular comprehension-simply reduced to a "dot," so to speak. The author is the recipient of much praise for the general correctness of his predictions.-Cincinnati Commercial Gazette.

BELL. CINCINNATI WATER WORKS. A History of the Cincinnati Water Works. By THOMAS J. BELL, Assistant Superintendent. 13 plates. 8vo. Paper.


A complete history of the water supply of Cincinnati, from the first water cart, in 1802, to the present time; with descriptions and illustrations of the machinery used, and in use, reservoirs, etc.

BENNER. PROPHECIES IN FUTURE UPS AND DOWNS IN PRICES. What Years to make Money on Pig-Iron, Hogs, Corn, and Provisions. By SAMUEL BENNER, an Ohio farmer. Third edition, giving the results for 1876-1884, and "Prophecies" to 1900. 24mo. Cloth. 1 00

Bankers, pork-packers, farmers, merchants, and speculators, will find it to their advantage to study the facts as presented in this book, and the theories and prophecies based on them.

sophic course of reasoning which can not fail to impress all and convince many.-N. Y. Commercial Pathfinder.

This is a book of books, and should be in prices of pig-iron. pork, etc., with a philothe hands of every business man. In a clear, plausible and truthful way it reveals in what years to make money on pig-iron, hogs, corn, provisions, etc., and will be found of great value to persons engaged in the industries to which it is dedicated. The author reasons from analogy, as well as statistics compiled from close observations through many years. and supports his predictions regarding future panics and future

This is a peculiar little volume, and the information is most invaluable, as it furnishes us with rules by which we can foretell the future rise and fall of prices of commodities, and gives us a basis for calculation where guessing was the only dependence before.-Iron World.

BIBLE (THE) IN THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS. Records, Arguments, Opinions, and Decisions in the case of John D. Minor et als. v. The Board of Education of the City of Cincinnati et als., in the Superior Court of Cincinnati. 8vo. Cloth.


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