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sorts. Maps. 12mo. pp. 390. New York, Webster. Portrait. 2 vols. 8vo. Boston, 1873. 1 25 1857. 4.00

701 War in Disguise; or, The Frauds 715 Webster (Daniel).

The Speeches,

of the Neutral Flags, [By James Stephen.] Forensic Arguments, and Diplomatic Papers 8vo. pp. 215, half morocco. London, of. With a Notice of his Life and Works, 1805. by Edward Everett. 6 vols. 8vo. cloth. Boston, 1872. 18 00

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50 720 Whiting (William). War Powers 706 Watson (Henry C.) Camp-Fires of under the Constitution of the United the Revolution; or, The Star of Independ-States. 8vo. pp. 342. Boston, 1864. 2 00 ence. Illustrated by Thrilling Events and Stories. 8vo. pp. 447. N. Y., 1865. 2.00 707 Watson (Winslow C.) Men and Times of the Revolution; or, Memoirs of Elkanah Watson, 1777-1842. 8vo. pp. 460. New York, 1856.

2 00

721 Whittlings from the West, with some account of Butternut Castle. By Abel Leg. 12mo. pp. 442. Edinburgh, 1854. 1 50

722 Who Goes There? or, Men and Events. (Washington to Taylor.) By 288. New York, 1866.

708 Another edition. 12mo. pp. 557. New "Sentinel' [W. H. Bogart.] 12mo. pp.

York, 1856.

2 00 Oddities in Illustrated. 125

709 Watterson (Henry). Southern Life and Character. 12mo. pp. 485. Boston, 1883. 710 Webber (C. W.) Tales of the Southern Border. 8vo. pp. 400. Philadelphia, 1853.


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712 Webster (Daniel). _ Great Speeches and Orations, with an Essay on Daniel Webster as a Master of English Style, by Edwin S. Whipple. 8vo. pp. 707. Boston, 1880. 3 00

713 Webster (Daniel). Newly Discovered Fourth of July Oration by the Illustrious Orator and Statesman. Delivered at Fryeburg, Me., in the year 1802, and now for the first time given to the Public. 8vo. pp. 16, paper. Boston, 1882.


1 25 723 Wildnerness (The); or, Braddock's Times. A Tale of the West. 12mo. 2 vols. 1 25 Pittsburgh, 1848.

724 Wilkinson (Eliza). Letters of. During the Invasion and Possession of Charlestown, S. C., by the British in the Revolutionary War. Arranged from the Original Manuscripts by C. Gilman. 12mo. pp. 108. New York, 1839.


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727 Winsor (Justin, Editor). Narrative 714 Webster (Daniel). The Private and Critical History of America, with Correspondence of. Edited by Fletcher Bibliographical and Descriptive Essays on

its Historical Sources and Authorities. To Conduct in that Engagement.
be completed in 8 vols. Royal 8vo. Bos- 132. Philadelphia, 1839.
ton, 1886. Per vol. cloth, $5.50; sheep,
$6.50; half morocco,

728 Winsor (Justin). Readers' book of the American Revolution. pp. 328. Boston, 1880.

12mo. pp.


740 Brackenridge (H. M.) History of 7 50 the Late War between the United States Hand- and Great Britain. 12mo. pp. 289, boards. 16mo. Philadelphia, 1836.

1 25

729 Winterbotham (H.) An Historical, Geographical, Commercial, and Philosophi cal View of the American United States, with Descriptions and Statistics of each State Separately. Plates and maps.

vols. 8vo. calf. London, 1795.


741 Brenton (Edward P.) The Naval History of Great Britain, from 1783 to 1836. (Including the War of 1812-15.) Portraits and Plans. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1834. 600 742 Coffin (W. T.) 1812; The War and 4 50 its Moral. A Canadian Chronicle. 8vo. pp. 296. Montreal, 1864.


730 Another copy. 4 vols. uncut. Plates and maps in folio atlas. 6 00

731 Wirt (William). The Letters of the British Spy. To which is prefixed a Biographical Sketch of the Author. Portrait. 16mo. pp. 260, half bound. New York, 1832. 100 732 Wood (Wm. B.) Personal Reminiscences of the Stage, embracing Notices of Actors, Authors, and Auditors during a period of 40 years. Portrait. 12mo. pp. 477. Philadelphia, 1855. 1975

733 Wynne (Mr.) A General History of the British Empire in America. An Historical, Political, and Commercial View of the English Settlements. 2 vols. 8vo. sheep. London, 1770.

WAR OF 1812-1815.


1 75

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746 Dwight (Theodore). History of the Hartford Convention, with a Review of the Policy of the Government which led to the War of 1812. 8vo. pp. 447. N. Y., 1833. 1 75

734 Account (An) of the Organization and Proceedings of the Battle of Lake Erie 747 Elliott (Com. Jesse D.) A BiographMonument Association, and the Celebra- ical Notice of, containing a Review of the tion of the Forty-fifth Anniversary of the Controversy between him and the late Battle of Lake Erie. 8vo. pp. 49, paper. Commodore Perry, and a History of the Sandusky, 1858. Figure-head of the U. S. Frigate Constitu735 Allen (Joseph). The Battles of the tion. 12mo. pp. 480, half sheep. PhilaBritish Navy. (Including the War of 1812).delphia, 1835.


1 50


Portraits. 2 vols. 12mo. London, 1878. 3 00 748 Elliott (Com. Jesse D.) Speech 736 American Marines (The). A Moral [containing an Extended Account of the Poem; to which are added Naval Annals, Battle of Lake Erie], delivered in Ilagersor an Impartial Summary of the Actions town, Md., November 14, 1843. 8vo. pp. Fought between the Ships of Great Britain | 55+82, half morocco. Phila., 1844. and the United States. 18mo. pp. 384, 749 Another copy. Paper. boards. London, n. d. 1 50 737 Armstrong (Gen. John). Notices of the War of 1812. 2 vols. 12mo. New York, 1840. 3 50

738 Atherton (Wm.) Narrative of the Suffering and Defeat of the North-western Army, under General Winchester; Massacre of the Prisoners; Sixteen Months' Imprisonment of the Writer and Others with the Indians and British. 18mo. pp. 152, boards. Frankfort, 1842. 1 50

739 Burges (Tristam). Battle of Lake Erie, with Notices of Commodore Elliot's

1 25

750 Exposition of the Causes and Character of the Late War with Great Britain. Published by the authority of the American Government. 8vo. pp. 101, paper. London, 2.00 1815.

751 Fay (H. A.) Collection of the Official Accounts, in detail, of all the Battles fought by Sea and Land, between the United States and Great Britain, during the years 1812, 1813, 1814, and 1815. 8vo. pp. 295. New York, 1817. 3.00

752 Gifford (C. H.) History of the Wars occasioned by the French Revolution,


1792-1816, including the American War. between the United States and Great Portraits and Maps. 2 vols. 4to. calf, bind- Britain, June, 1812 to February, 1815. ing broken. London, 1817. 4 00|12mo. pp. 334, sheep. N. Y. 1816. 1 50 753 Gilleland (J. G.) History of the Late War, interspersed with Geographical Sketches. 18mo. pp. 151. Baltimore, 150


12mo. pp. 208.

754 [Gleig (G. R.)] Narrative of the Campaigns of the British Army at Washington, Baltimore, and New Orleans, under Generals Ross, Packenham, and Lambert, in the Years 1814 and 1815; with some account of the Countries visited. 8vo. pp. 377, boards. London, 1826. 2.00 755 Another edition. 12mo. pp. 387, boards. London, 1827. 1 25 756 Another edition. London, 1847. 100 757 Hatch (W. S.) War of 1812 in the North-west. A Chapter of the History of the War of 1812 in the North-west. Embracing the Surrender of the Northwestern Army and Fort at Detroit, August 16, 1813; with a Description and Biograph ical Sketch of the celebrated Indian Chief, Tecumseh. By Colonel William Stanley Hatch, Acting Assistant QuartermasterGeneral of that Army. 18mo. pp. 156, sheep. Cincinnati, 1872. 1 25 758 Headly (J. T.) The Second War with England. Illustrated. 2 vols. 12mo. New York, 1853. 3 50 759 Hull (Gen. W.) Defense of, with an Address to the Citizens of the United States. Written by himself. To which is prefixed the charges against Brig.-Gen. Hull, as specified by the Government. 12mo. pp. 215, boards, uncut. Boston, 2 50



760 Another copy. Half morocco. 761 Hull (Gen. W.) Memoirs of the Campaign of the North-western Army, 1812, with a Sketch of the Revolutionary Services of the Author. 8vo. pp. 239, boards. Boston, 1824. 4.00

762 Hull (Gen. W.) Report of the Trial of, by a Court-martial held at Albany, 3d January, 1814, and succeeding days. Taken by Lieut.-Col. Forbes. 8vo. pp. 148, boards. New York, 1814. 6 50 763 Hull (Gen. W.) Revolutionary Services and Civil Life of, prepared from his Manuscripts, by his Daughter, Mrs. Maria Campbell; together with the History of the Campaign of 1812 and Surrender of the Post of Detroit, by his Grandson, James Freeman Clarke. 8vo. pp. 432. New York, 4 00 764 Hunt (Gilbert J.) The Late War


765 Ingersoll (Charles J.) Historical Sketch of the Second War between the United States of America and Great Britain. 1812-1815. Vols. 1 and 2. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1845–52. 6.00

766 Another edition. Events of 1814. 8vo. boards. 1849. 1.00

767 Impartial and Correct History of the War between the U. S. of America and

Great Britain, declared June 18, 1812, and concluded by a Ratification and Exchange of a Treaty of Peace, at the City of Washington, Feb. 17, 1815. Comprising a particular detail of the Naval and Military Operations, and a faithful record of the events produced during the conquest. IIlustrated. 18mo. pp. 312, paper. New York, 1815.


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771 James (William). The Naval History of Great Britain, 1793-1820. (Includ ing the War of 1812) New edition, with additions and notes, numerous diagrams and portraits. 6 vols. 8vo. Lon., 1837. 12 00

the War of 1812-15, between the United 772 Johnson (Rossiter). A History of States and Great Britain. 12mo. pp. 360. New York, 1882. 1 25

773 Lossing (Benson J.) The Pictorial Field Book of the War of 1812; or, Illustrations by Pen and Pencil of the History, Biography, Scenery, Relics, and Traditions of the Last War of Independence. 8vo. New York, 1868. 6.00

774 [M'Afee (Robert B.)] History of the Late War in the Western Country. Comprising a full Account of all the Transactions in that Quarter, from the Commencement of Hostilitics, at Tippecanoe, to the Termination of the Contest, at New Orleans, on the Return of Peace. 8vo. pp. 536, half bound. Lexington, Ky., 1816. 15 00

775 Mann (James).

Medical Sketches tion in 1812, with Biographical Notices of of the Campaign of 1812, '13, '14. 8vo. pp. Distinguished Military and Naval Com317, boards. Dedham, 1816. 200 manders. 8vo. pp. 496, sheep. Rutland,

5 00

787 Subaltern in America: comprising his Narrative of the Campaigns of the British Army at Baltimore, Washington, etc., during the Late War. [By E. R. Gleig]. 12mo. pp. 266. Philadelphia,

776 Map Exhibiting the Frontiers of Vt., 1815. Canada and the United States, to illustrate the Operations of the British and American Armies. Colored. 20 x 31, on linen, folded. London, 1813. 2 25 777 Muster-Roll of Citizen Soldiers at North Point and Fort McHenry, September, 1814. 16mo. pp. 96. Baltimore.


778 Naval Monument, containing official and other Accounts of all the Battles fought between the Navies of the United States and Great Britain during the Late Boston, War. Illustrated. 8vo. pp. 327. 1836.

2 50

779 Official Letters of the Military and Naval Officers of the United States, during the War with Great Britain in the Years 1812, '13, '14, and '15. With some Additional Letters and Documents elucidating the History of that Period. Compiled by John Brannan. 8vo. pp. 510, full bound. Washington, 1823.

250 780 Palmer (T. H., Editor). The Historical Register of the United States. Part I. From the Declaration of War in 1812, to January 1, 1814. Part II. For 1814. 4 vols. 8vo. half bound. Phila., 1814-16. 8 00

781 Perkins (Samuel). History of the Political and Military events of the Late War between the United States and Great Britain. 8vo. pp. 512, sheep. New Haven, 1825.

2 25



788 Symons (John). The Battle of Queenstown Heights, being a Narrative of the Opening of the War of 1812. With Notices of the Life of Maj.-Gen. Sir Isaac Brock, etc. 8vo. pp. 39. Toronto, 1859. 1 00

789 Van Rensselaer (Solomon). Narrative of the Affair of Queenstown; in the War of 1812. With an Appendix of Letters, Orders, etc. Map. 12mo. pp. 41+95. New York, 1836.


790 Williams (John S.) History of the Invasion and Capture of Washington, and of the Events which preceded and followed. Map. 12mo. pp. 371. N. Y., 1857. 1 50


791 Bayliss (Francis). Narrative of Maj.Gen. Wool's Campaign in Mexico in 1846, 47, and '48. 8vo. pp. 78. Albany, 1851. 1 00 792 Brackett (A. G.) General Lane's Brigade in Central Mexico. 12mo. pp. 336. Cincinnati, 1854.

1 25 793 Carleton (J. H.) The Battle of Buena Vista, with the Operations of the "Army of Occupation." 12mo. pp. 238. New York, 1848.

2. 00

3 00 782 Report of the Committee to whom was referred so much of the Message of the President as relates to the Spirit and Man- 794 Furber (Geo. C.) The Twelve ner in which the War has been waged by Months' Volunteer; or, Journal of a Prithe Enemy. 8vo. pp. 190, paper. Wash-vate in the Tennessee Regiment of Cavalry, ington. 1813. in the Campaign in Mexico, 1846, 1847. Illustrated. 8vo. pp. 624. Cin'ti, 1847. 2 50 795 Gallatin (Albert). Peace with Mexico. 8vo. pp. 16, paper. Cin'ti, 1848. 10 796 Henry (Capt. W. S.) Campaign Sketches of the War with Mexico. Map and illus. 12mo. pp. 331. New York,

783 Roosevelt (Theodore). The Naval War of 1812; or, the History of the United States Navy during the Last War with Great Britain. 8vo. pp. 498, New York, 1882. 250

784 Russell (J., Jr.) History of the War

between the United States and Great Britain, 1812-1815. With Correspondence of the Commissioners, Treaty of Peace, etc. 8vo. pp. 402, old sheep. Hartf., 1815. 4 00

785 Sketch of the Events which preceded the Capture of Washington by the British, on the 24th August, 1814. [By E. D. Ingraham.] Map. 8vo. pp. 66, half morocco. Philadelphia. 1849.


786 Sketches of the War between the United States and the British Isles. Intended as a faithful History of all the Material Events from the Time of the Declara


797 History of the War United States and Mexico. paper. Philadelphia, 1847.

175 between the 8vo. pp. 168,


1 50

Causes and Consequences of the Mexican
798 Jay (William). Review of the
War. 12mo. pp. 333. Boston, 1849. 1 25
799 Another copy. Half calf.
800 Kenly (John R.) Memoirs of a
Maryland Volunteer in the War with Mex-
ico, 1846-7-8. 8vo pp. 521. Philadelphia,
3 00

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801 Ladd (Horatio 0.) History of the War with Mexico. Map and illus. 12mo. pp. 328. New York, 1883. 1 25 802 McSherry (Dr. Richard). El Pulchero: or, a Mixed Dish from Mexico, embracing Gen. Scott's Campaign, Sketches of Military Life, Manners and Ways of the People, etc. 12mo. pp. 247. Philadelphia, 1850.

803 Mansfield (E. D.) War. A History of its Origin tailed Account of the Battles. illustrations. 12mo. pp. 365. 1850.

816 Treaty between the United States and Mexico. Proceedings of the Senate thereon, etc. 8vo. pp. 384, half sheep. Washington, 1848. 1 50 817 War (The) and its Warriors: a complete History of all the Operations of the American Armies in Mexico. 12mo. pp. 319, paper. Philadelphia, 1848. 1 25


818 Abbott (John S. C.) The History of the Civil War in America. Comprising a full and impartial account of the Origin and Progress of the Rebellion, and the various Naval and Military Engagements, etc. Maps and illustrations. 2 vols. in 8vo. New York, 1883. 5 00 Siege of WashSquare 16mo.


1 50 The Mexican and a DeMaps and New York, 1 25 804 Another copy. Half morocco. 1 75 805 Maps of the War with Mexico. Vera Cruz, Sacramento, Rio Grande, Cerro Gordo, and Valley of Mexico. 1847. 75 806 Message from the President Rela- 819 Adams (Capt. F. C.) tive to the Occupation of Mexican Terri-ington, D. C. Illustrated. tory. 8vo. pp. 111, paper. Washington, PP. 129. New York, 1867. 50 820 Alabama 60th A. R. Shaver (L. A.) History of the Sixtieth Alabama Regiment (Gracie's Brigade). Svo. pp. 110, sewed. Montgomery, 1867. 821 Allan (Col. Wm.) Jackson's Valley Campaign. 8vo. pp. 30, paper. Richmond, 1878. 50 822 A'Lord (Corp. G.) A Short Narra18mo. tive and Military Experience of. pp. 72, paper. N. p., n. d.


807 Message of the President on the Mexican War, First Session, Thirtieth Congress, with accompanying Documents, and Appendix-Report of the Secretary of War. 17 maps. 8vo. pp. 1369+249, unbound. Washington, 1847. 4 00 808 Messages of the President, with Correspondence, etc., on the Subject of the Mexican War. 8vo. pp. 1277, boards. Washington, 1848.


809 Mexican War and its Heroes: being a complete History of the Mexican War, embracing all the Operations under Generals Taylor and Scott. 12mo. pp. 224. Philadelphia, 1857.

1 25




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823 American Cyclops (The). The Hero of New Orleans, and Spoiler of Silver Spoons. Dubbed L. L. D. By "Pasquins.' Illustrated. Small 4to. pp. 27. Baltimore, 1868.

1 25

824 Anderson (Thos. M.) The Political Conspiracies preceding Rebellion; or, The True Stories of Sumter and Pickens. 8vo. pp. 100. New York, 1882. 1.00


826 Andrews (Sidney). The South since the War, as shown by Fourteen Weeks of Travel and Observation in Georgia and the Carolinas. 12mo. pp. 400. Boston, 1866. 1 00

810 Ramsey (A. C.) The Other Side; or, Notes for the History of the War between Mexico and the United States. 12mo. pp. 458. New York, 1850. 175 825 Andrews (Israel W.) Why is Alle811 Reid (Sam'l C.) The Scouting Ex-giance Due? and Where is it Due? 8vo. peditions of McCulloch's Texas Rangers; PP. 30, paper. Cincinnati, 1863. or, the Summer and Fall Campaign of the Army of the United States in Mexico, 1846. 12mo. pp. 251. Philadelphia, 1859. 1 50 812 Ripley (A. S.) The War with Mexico. Plans. 2 vols. 8vo. N. Y., 1849. 12 00 813 Semmes (Lieut. Raphael). The paign of General Scott in the Valley of Mexico. 12mo. pp. 367. Cin., 1852. 200 828 Bailey (Geo. W.) A Private Chap814 Semmes (Lieut. Raphael). Service ter of the War, 1861-5. Portraits. Afloat and Ashore during the Mexican pp. 271. St. Louis, 1880. War. Plates. 8vo. pp. 480. Cincinnati, 1851.

2 25

815 Stevens (Isaac I.) Campaigns of the Rio Grande, and of Mexico. With notices of the Recent Work of Major Ripley. 8vo. pp. 108, paper. New York, 1851.

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830 Another edition. 12mo. pp. 398. Phila75 delphia, 1874.

1 25

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