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1808 Another edition. 12mo. pp. 155, paper. St. Louis, 1852. 75 1809 Heroes and Hunters of the West. Comprising Sketches and Adventures of Boone, Kenton, Logan, Whetzel, and others. 12mo. pp. 300. Philadelphia, 1869. 75 1810 Hesperian (The); or, Western Monthly Magazine. Edited by William D. Gallagher and Otway Curry. 3 vols. 8vo. half morocco. Columbus, O., 1838. 11.00 1811 Hildreth (S. P.) Contributions to the Early History of the North-west, including the Moravian Missions in Ohio. 16mo. pp. 210. Cincinnati, 1864. 100 1812 Hildreth (S. P.) Early History of the North-west. 16mo. pp. 340 Cincinnati, 1864. 100 1813 [Hoffman (C. F.)] A Winter in the West. 2 vols. 12mo. new half sheep. New York, 1835. 3 50

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1824 Jones (J. B.) Wild Western Scenes. A Narrative of Adventures in the Western Wilderness, wherein the Exploits of Daniel Boone are particularly described. 12mo. pp. 263. Philadelphia, 1871.

1 00

1825 Kelly (Wm. D.) The New North1814 Another edition. 12mo. pp. 64, paper. west. 8vo. pp. 32, paper. n. p., 1871. 25 Chicago, 1882. 50 1826 Kimball and James' Business Di1815 Howe (Henry). Historical Collec-rectory for the Mississippi Valley. With a tions of the Great West. Containing Nar- Brief Notice of the Discovery and Occuparatives of the Great Events in the History tion of the Mississippi Valley, etc. 8vo. of the West, from the Discovery of the pp. 546, half bound. Cincinnati, 1844. 1 25 Mississippi to the Opening of the Pacific Railroad; together with Histories and Descriptions of the new States and Territories. Maps and illustrations. 8vo. pp. 564. Cincinnati, 1873.

2 00

1816 Another edition. 2 vols. in 1. Cincinnati, 1855.

1827 Knight (Geo. W.) History and Management of Land Grants for Education in the North-west Territory (Ohio, Ind., Ill., Mich., Wis.). 8vo. pp. 175, paper. New York, 1885. 100

1828 Legends of a Log Cabin. By a 1 50 Western Man. 12mo. pp. 277. New York, 1835. 1 00

1829 Lilly (Lambert). The History of the Western States. Illustrated by Tales, Sketches and Anecdotes. 16mo. pp. 156, half bound. Boston, 1835.


1830 Lloyd (James). Steamboat Directory, and Disasters on the Western Waters. Containing the History of the first Application of Steam as a Motive Power, the Lives of John Fitch and Robert Fulton, Likenesses and Engravings of the first Steamboats, Early Scenes on the Western Waters, from 1798 to 1812. Maps of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers, etc. 8vo. pp. 326. Cin4.00 cinnati, 1856.

1817 Imlay (G.) A Topographical Decription of the Western Territory of North America. Containing an Account of its Climate, Population, Manners and Customs, etc. 8vo. pp. 247, half bound. London, 1792. 3.00 1818 Another edition. 18mo. pp. 247. Dublin, 1793. 2 50 1819 The same. Second edition. To which are added the Discovery, Settlement, and Present State of Kentucky, by John Filson; the Adventures of Col. Daniel Boone; the Minutes of the Pianshaw Council, 1784; and an Account of the Indian Nations. Map and index. 8vo. pp. 432, half bound. London, 1793. 4.00 1820 Another edition. 2 vols. 18mo. sheep. New York, 1793. 6 50 1821 The same. Third edition. To which are added: The Culture of Indian Corn, Hemp, Flax, etc.; Heart's Observations on the Ancient Works; Hutchins' Description of Louisiana and West Florida; Account of the Soil, Growing Timber, and other Productions, etc.; Franklin's Remarks; 1833 McClung (John A.) Sketches of Hutchins' Description of Virginia, Penn- Western Adventures. Containing an Ac

1831 Log Cabin (The); or, World Before You. Also, a New Home-Who'll Follow; or, Glimpses of Western Life. By Mary Clavers. 18mo. London, 1844. 1.50

1832 Lorraine (E.) The Central Water Line from the Ohio River to the Virginia Capes, connecting the Kanawha and James Rivers. 8vo. pp. 95, paper. Richmond, Va., 1868.


count of the most interesting Incidents
connected with the Settlement of the West,
from 1755 to 1794, with an Appendix. Also,
additional Sketches of Adventure. Illus-
trated. 12mo. pp. 398. Louisville, Ky., paper. Andover, 1815.

1846 Mills (S. J.) and Smith (D.) Report of a Missionary Tour through that Part of the United States which lies West of the Allegheny Mountains. 8vo. pp. 64, 3 50


1834 McConnell (J. L.) Western Characters; or, Types of Border Life in the Western States. Illustrated. 12mo. pp. 378. New York, 1853. 1 50


1847 Mississippi River (The), from St. Paul to New Orleans. Illustrated and Described, with Views and Descriptions of Cities connected with its Trade and Commerce. 8vo. pp. 120, paper. New York, n. d.


1835 McDonald (John). Biographical Sketches of General Nathaniel Massie, 1848 Monette (John W.) History of the General Duncan McArthur, Captain Will- Discovery and Settlement of the Valley of iam Wells and General Simon Kenton, who the Mississippi by the Great European were Early Settlers in the Western Coun- Powers, Spain, France, Great Britain, etc. New York, 1846. 15.00 try. 16mo. pp. 267, sheep. Cincinnati, 2 vols. 8vo. 4.00 1849 Northwest Territory. Laws of the 1836 McKnight (Charles). Our Western Territory Northwest of the Ohio River. Border. Its Life, Combats, Scouts, Mas- Containing the Laws of the Governor and sacres, etc., One Hundred Years Ago. Con- Judges, under the Ordinance of 1787, for taining the Cream of all the rare old Border the Years 1788, 1790, 1792, and 1795; and Chronicles, together with a large Amount the Acts of the First and Second General of fresh and original Matter. Illustrated. Assemblys, held at Cincinnati and Chilli8vo. pp. 756. Philadelphia, 1876. 3 00 cothe, 1799, 1800, and 1802. (The only form in which these Laws can be found). 1837 Mc Mechen (J. H.) Legends of the 8vo. pp. 350, paper. n. p., n. d. Ohio Valley. 24mo. pp. 110, paper. Wheeling, 1881.


1838 Macy (Jesse). Institutional Beginnings in a Western State. 8vo. pp. 38, paper. Baltimore, 1884.


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1840 Map of the Rock Island Rapids, Mississippi River. Surveyed by Lieut. R. E. Lee. 2 x 5 feet. 25

1841 Mason (A. L.) The Romance and Tragedy of Pioneer Life. A Popular Account of the Heroes and Adventurers, who, by their Valor and War-craft, beat back the

Savages from the Borders of Civilization. and gave the American Forests to the Plow and Sickle, etc. With an Introduction by J. C. Ridpath. Numerous illustrations. 8vo. pp. 1032. Cincinnati, 1883.


1842 Meeker (N. C.) Life in the West; or, Stories of the Mississippi Valley. 12mo. pp. 360. New York, 1868. 150

1843 Milburn (W. H.) The Pioneer Preachers and People in the Mississippi Valley. 12mo. pp. 465. N. Y., 1860. 1 50

1844 Milburn (W. H.) The Rifle, Axe, and Saddlebags, and other Lectures. Portrait.

12mo. pp. 309. N. Y., 1857. 150 1845 Milburn (W. H.) Ten Years of Preacher-Life. Chapters from an Autobiography. Portrait. 12mo. pp. 363. New York, 1859.

3. 00 1850 Navigator (The). Containing DiAllegheny, Ohio and Mississippi Rivers, etc., rections for Navigating the Monongahela, and a concise Description of the Towns, Villages, Settlements, etc. 16mo. pp. 304, half bound.. Pittsburg, 1818. 2.50

1851 Ohio Valley Historical Miscellanies. I. A Tour in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana Territory, in 1805. By Josiah Espy. II. Two Western Campaigns in War of 1812: 1. Expedition of Captain Henry Brush with Supplies for General Hull; 2. Expedition of Governor Meigs for the Relief of Fort The Leatherwood God; an Account of the Meigs, 1813. By Samuel Williams. III. Appearance and Pretensions of Joseph C. By R. H. Dylks in Eastern Ohio in 1828. Taneyhill. 8vo. cloth, uncut, or gilt top, $2.50. Large paper, imperial 8vo. 5.00

1852 Ohio Valley Historical Series. for descriptive list, see Appendix For full titles, see under the author's names, and

1. Bouquet's Expedition against the Ohio Indians, 1764. 3.00

2. Walker's Athens County, Ohio, and the First Settlement in the State. 6.00 3. Clark's Campaign in the Illinois, 1778-9. 2.00 4. McBride's Pioneer Biographies. 2 6 50


5. Smith's Captivity with the Indians, 1755–9. 2.50 6. Drake's Pioneer Life in Kentucky. 3 00 7. Ohio Valley Historical Miscella2.50

1 00 nies.

1 25 1865 Schermerhorn (John F.) and Mills (Samuel J.) A Correct View of that Part of the United States which lies West of the Allegheny Mountains. 8vo. pp. 52, paper. Hartford [Conn.], 1814. 275

1866 Shea (John G.) Discovery and Exploration of the Mississippi Valley. With the Original Narratives of Marquette, Allouez, Membre, Hennepin, and Anastase Douay. Map. 8vo. pp. 268. New York, 1852.

1853 Olden Time (The). A Monthly 1864 Ross (Lieut.) [A Map of the] Publication, devoted to the Preservation of Course of the Mississippi River from the Documents and other Authentic Infor- Balise to Fort Chartres; taken on an Expemation in Relation to the Early Explora-dition to the Illinois in the latter end of tions and the Settlement and Improvement the year 1763. Colored. Size, 13x44 inches. of the Country around the Head of the London, 1775. Ohio. Edited by Neville B. Craig, Esq. 2 vols. 8vo. pp. 583-580. Pittsburg, 1846; Cincinnati, reprinted, 1876. 8 00 1854 Another copy. Hf. mor., extra. 12 00 1855 Parker (Nathan H.) Illustrated Hand Book to the Great West. Maps. 8vo. pp. 162, boards. New York, 1869. 75 1856 Parry (C. C.) Historical Address on the Early Explorations and Settlement of the Mississippi Valley. 8vo. pp. 36, paper. Davenport, Iowa, 1873. 50 1857 Patterson (A. W.) History of the 1867 Shea (John G.) Early Voyages up Backwoods; or, The Region of the Ohio. and down the Mississippi, by Chevalier, Authentic, from the Earliest Accounts. St. Cosme, Le Sueur, Gravier, and Guignas. Embracing many Events, Notices of Prom-With Introduction, Notes, and an Index. inent Pioneers, Sketches of Early Settle- 4to. pp. 191, paper. Albany, 1861. ments, etc., not heretofore published. Map. 1868 Steele (Mrs.) A Summer Journey 12mo. pp. 311, half bound. Pittsburg in the West. 12mo. pp. 278. New York, Printed for the author. 1843. 12 00 1841. 1858 Peck (J. M.) A New Guide to the West. Containing Sketches of Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, etc. 18mo. pp. 381, boards. Boston, 1843. 100

1859 Pioneer Life in the West. Comprising the Adventures of Boone, Kenton, Brady, Clarke, the Whetzels, and others, in their Fierce Encounters with the Indians.

Illustrated. 12mo. pp. 332. Philadelphia,


1860 Pittman (Captain Philip) The Present State of the European Settlements on the Mississippi, with a Geographical Description of that River. Illustrated by Seven Plates and Draughts. 4to. pp. viii+ 99, paper. London, 1770.

1869 Stewart (Catherine). in the West. 16mo. pp. 198.


6 00


1 00 New Homes Nashville,


1870 Strickland (W. P.) The Pioneers of the West: or, Life in the Woods. 12mo. pp. 403. New York.



1871 Tuttle (Charles R.) and Pennock (A. C.) The Centennial North-west. 100 Illustrated History of the North-west. Being a Full and Complete Civil, Political, of the United States, from its Earliest Setand Military History of this Great Section tlement to the Present Time. Comprising Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, a General and Condensed History of Ohio, Minnesota, Iowa, etc., including Kansas and Nebraska. The whole forming a Complete Encyclopædia of the Great North-west. Illustrated. 8vo. pp. 656. Madison, Wisconsin, 1876.

10 00

1861 Porter (R. P.), Gannett (H.), and Jones (W. P.) The West, from the Census of 1880. A History of the Industrial, Commercial, Social, and Political Development of the States and Territories of the West, from 1800 to 1880. Maps, etc. 630. Chicago, 1882.

8vo. pp. 300 1862 Pritts (J.) Mirror of Olden Time Border Life. Embracing a History of the Discovery of America; History of Virginia; History of the Early Settlements of Pennsylvania, and Personal Narratives of Captivities and Escapes, together with Sketches of Frontier Men. Illustrated. 8vo. pp. 700, 6 00 sheep. Abingdon, Va., 1849.

1863 Regan (John). The Western Wilds of America; or, Backwoods and Prairies, and Scenes in the Valley of the Mississippi. 12mo. pp. 408. Edinburgh, 1859. 1 50

4. 00

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1875 Another edition. 8vo. 1879.

pp. 752. 1887 Hayes (A. A., Jr.) New Colorado 4 00 and the Santa Fe Trail. Illustrated. 8vo. 2.50 Pp. 200. New York, 1880. 1888 Hollister (0. J.) The Mines of Colorado. Map. 12mo. pp. 450. Springfield, 1867.

1876 Walker (James B.) Experiences of Pioneer Life in the Early Settlements and Cities of the West. 12mo. pp. 310. Chicago, 1881. 100 1877 West (Goldsmith B.) The Golden North-west. A Historical, Statistical, and Descriptive Account of Northern Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Dakota, Montana, and Manitoba. 8vo. pp. 117. Chicago,



1878 Western Journal and Civilian. Devoted to Agriculture, Manufacture, Mechanical Art, Internal Improvements, Commerce, Public Policy, and Polite Literature. (Contains all of Mann Butler's "Valley of the Ohio, its Conquest and Settlement by Americans," running through several volumes, and numerous articles on Western History, Geology, etc.) First series, 6 vols.; new series, 9 vols. (including the five scarce numbers of Vol. 15)-15 vols. 8vo. half bound, neat. 50 00 St. Louis, 1848-55. **Some odd volumes of this periodical can be supplied.

1879 Western Monthly Magazine. Conducted by James Hall. Vol. 2, 1834. half bound. Cincinnati.


8vo. 2 CO

1880 Blackmore (William). Colorado. Its Resources, Parks, and Prospects, as a Field for Emigration. With an Account of the Trenchara and Costilla Estates and

the San Luis Park. Map and portrait. 4to. pp. 217. London, 1869. 3 00 1881 Bowles (Samuel). A Summer Vacation in the Parks and Mountains of Colorado. 16mo. pp. 166. Springfield, 1869. 75 1882 Colorado. Its Mineral and Agricultural Resources. 8vo. pp. 20, paper. 1864. 15

1883 Colorado. Its Resources and Advantages. 8vo. pp. 47. Denver, 1873.


1884 Colorado Springs. Tenney (E. P.) The New West, as related to the Christian College, Colorado Springs. Map and illustrations. 8vo. pp. 106. Cambridge, 1878. 50 1885 Crofutt (Geo. A.) Grip Sack Guide of Colorado. A Complete Encyclopædia of the State. Illustrated. Maps. Photo. of "Belles of Colorado," etc. 4to. pp. 183. Omaha, 1881. 150 1886 Gordon (S. A.) Camping in Colorado, with Suggestions to Gold Seekers, Tourists, and Invalids. 12mo. pp. 201 New York, 1879. 1 00

1 50 1889 Lavin (Martin). Sketch of the Assassination of, at River Bend, Colorado. 8vo. paper. Toledo, O., 1871.

1890 Leadville. Bauman (D.) Carbonate, Leadville and its Mines. pp. 66, paper. Chicago, 1882.


King 12mo.


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1894 Barber (John W.) Connecticut Historical Collections. Comprising a General Collection of Interesting Facts, Traditions, Biographical Sketches, Anecdotes, etc., relating to the History and Antiquities of every Town in Connecticut, with Geographical Descriptions. Illustrated and map. 8vo. pp. 560, sheep. New Haven, n. d. 5 00

1895 Bishop (Abraham). Connecticut Republicanism. An Oration on the Extent and Power of Political Delusion. 8vo. pp. 80, boards, uncut. Philadelphia, 1800. 1 25

1896 Blue Laws. The Code of 1650. Being a Compilation of the Earliest Laws and Orders of the General Court of Connecticut; to which is added some Extracts from the Laws and Judicial Proceedings of New Haven Colony, commonly called Blue Laws. Frontispiece. 12mo. pp. 119, boards. 1 25 Hartford, 1825.

1897 Another edition. 18mo. pp. 119, paper. Cincinnati, n. d.


1898 Blue Laws. Trumbull (J. H.) The True Blue Laws of Connecticut and New Haven, and the False Blue Laws invented by the Rev. Samuel Peters. To which are added Specimens of the Laws and Judicial Proceedings of other Colonies, and some Blue Laws of England in the Reign of James I. 12mo. pp. 360. Hartford, 1876. 1 50 1899 Bushnell (Horace). Speech for Connecticut. Being an Historical Estimate

of the State. 8vo. pp. 43. paper. ford, 1851.

Hart- October 14, 1868, on the Two Hundredth
50 Anniversary of the Settlement of the Town.
Map and portraits. 8vo. pp. 102. New
Haven, 1870.

1900 Calhoun (George A.) Letters to the Reverend Leonard Bacon in Reply to

1 50

1913 French (H. W.) Art and Artists in Connecticut. Numerous fine steel engravings and portraits. Small 4to. pp. 176. Boston, 1879.

3 00

1914 Glastenbury. Chapin (Alonzo B.) Glastonbury for Two Hundred Years. Containing Historical and Statistical Papers of Interest. Map. 8vo. pp. 252. Hartford, 1853.

his Attack on the Pastoral Union and Theological Institute of Connecticut. 8vo. pp. 84, paper. Hartford, 1840. 30 1901 Carpenter (W. H.) and Arthur (T. S.) The History of Connecticut, from its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time. 16mo. pp. 287. Philadelphia, 1872. 75 1902 Congregational Churches in Connecticut (Address to the) on the Present State of their Religious Concerns. By an 1915 Greenwich. Mead (Daniel M.) A Observer. 8vo. pp. 58, paper. Hartford, History of the Town of Greenwich, Fair50 field County. With many Important Sta1903 Connecticut Historical Society. tistics. 12mo. pp. 318. N. Y., 1857. 2 25 Collections. Vol. 2, containing Trumbull's 1916 Hartford. Clark (Rt. Rev. T. M.) Composition of Indian Geographical Names, Farewell Sermon, Christ Church, February etc. 8vo. pp. 380, boards, uncut. Hartford, 25, 1855. 8vo. pp. 23, paper. Hartford,



4 00 1855.

1904 Connecticut Register (The). Being a State Calendar of Public Officers and Institutions in Connecticut, for 1850, 1851, 1853, 1855, and 1862. 5 vols. 16mo. Hartford, 1850-62.

1 25 1905 Contributions to the Ecclesiastical History of Connecticut. Prepared under the Direction of the General Association to Commemorate the Completion of One Hundred and Fifty Years since its first Annual Assembly. 8vo. pp. 562. New Haven, 2 50


1906 Durham. Fowler (William C.) History of Durham, from the First Grant of Land, in 1662, to 1866. 8vo. pp. 444. Hartford, 1866. 3 75 1907 Dwight (Theodore). History of Connecticut, from the First Settlement to the Present Time. 18mo. pp. 450. New York, 1841.

1917 Hartford. Directory, for 1851. Hartford. 1851.

1 50


Geer's Hartford City Map. 16mo. pp. 228. 75

1918 Hawks (F. L.) and Perry (W. S.) History of Protestant Episcopal Church in Connecticut. Parts 1 to 12, vol. 1. 8vo. New York, 1862. 1 00

1919 Hinman (R. R.) Antiquities of Connecticut. Letters from the English Kings and Queens to the Governors of Connecticut, with their Answers, from 1635 to 1749, and other Original Curious Documents. 12mo. pp. 372. Hartford, 1836. 1 75

1920 Hinman (R. R.) A Historical Collection, from Official Records, Files, etc., of the Part sustained by Connecticut during the War of the Revolution. 8vo. pp. 643. Hartford, 1842.

4.50 75 1921 Hollister (G. H.) The History of Connecticut, from the First Settlement of the Colony to the Adoption of the Present Constitution. Portraits. 2 vols. 8vo. New 6.00 Haven, 1855.

1908 East Granby. Phelps (Richard H). A History of Newgate of Connecticut, at Simsbury, now East Granby; its Insurrections and Massacres, the Imprisonment of the Tories in the Revolution, and the Working of its Mines; also some Account of the State Prison at Wetherhead. Small 4to. pp. 151. Albany, 1860.

1922 Johnston (Alex.) The Genesis of a New England State (Connecticut). 8vo. paper. Baltimore, 1883.


2.00 1923 Litchfield County Centennial Cele1909 Another copy. Half morocco. 3 00 bration. Held at Litchfield, Connecticut, 1910 Farmington. Porter (Noah). Half August 13 and 14, 1851. 8vo. pp. 212, paCentury Discourse, November 12, 1856. 8vo. per. Hartford, 1851. pp. 54. Farmington, 1857.


50 1924 Litchfield County. Proceedings of 1911 Franklin. History of. The Cele- the North and South Consociations, July 7 bration of the 150th Anniversary of the and 8, 1852. 8vo. pp. 154, paper. HartPrimitive Organization of the Congrega-ford, 1852. 1 50 tional Church and Society, in Franklin. 1925 Medfield. Bi-centennial CommemMap. 8vo. pp. 151. New Haven, 1868. 175 oration of the Burning of Medfield by In1912 Franklin. Woodward (Ashbel). A dians, in King Philip's War. 8vo. pp. 56, Historical Address delivered in Franklin, paper. Medfield, 1876. 1 00

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