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Natural, Civil, and Ecclesiastical History,


3 00 2047 Whitefield (Geo.) A Journal of a Voyage from Gibraltar to Georgia. 12mo. pp. 34, paper. London, 1738. 1 00 2048 Whitefield (Geo.) A Continuation of the Rev. Mr. Whitefield's Journal, from his arrival at Savannah to his return to London. 12mo. pp. 38, paper. London. 100

2059 Chicago. Balestier (Joseph N.)

and a Particular Description of each The Annals of Chicago. A Lecture deCounty. Map. 8vo. pp. 701. Savannah, livered in 1840, with an Introduction, written in 1876, etc. 12mo. pp. 48, paper. Chicago, 1876. (Fergus Series, No. 1.) 25 2060 Bar Association Lectures. I. Recollections of Early Chicago and the Illinois Bar, by Hon. Isaac N. Arnold. II. Recollections of the Bench and Bar of Central Illinois, by Hon. Jas. C. Conkling. III. The Lawyer as a Pioneer, by Hon. Thos. Hoyne. 8vo. pp. 106, paper, Chicago, 1882. (Fergus Series, No. 22). 1 00 2061 Board of Public Works of Chicago, Ninth Report, March, 1870. Maps and plates. 8vo. pp. 193, paper. Chicago,



2049 Adams County. The History of Its Cities, Towns, etc. 8vo. pp. 971, half bound. Chicago, 1879.

2050 Alton. Beecher (E.)



4.00 2062 Bross (William). History of

Narrative of


Chicago, 1876. 75

Riots at Alton in connection with the Statistics, and What I Remember of Early Death of Rev. Elijah P. Lovejoy. 12mo Chicago. 8vo. pp. 126. 2.00 2063

pp. 159. Alton, 1838.

Letters from

2051 Birkbeck (Morris). Illinois. 8vo. pp. 112, boards. London,


Brown (Henry). Present and Future Prospects of Chicago. Marshall (J. A.) Rise and Progress of Chicago. Martineau (Harriet). Chicago in 1836; 150 "Strange Early Days." 12mo. pp. 48, 2052 Birkbeck (Morris). Notes on a paper. Chicago, 1876. (Fergus Series, Journey in America, from the Coast of Vir-No. 9.) ginia to the Territory of Illinois. 8vo. pp. 2064 163. London, 1818. 2053 Blanchard (Rufus). History of With Illinois, to accompany an Historical Map 528. 8vo. pp. 128, half bound.

of the State. Chicago, 1883.

125 (E.)

3 00 2054 Breese (Sidney). The Early History of Illinois, from its Discovery by the

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2065 Fergus (Robert). Chicago River and Harbor Convention. An Account of its Origin and Proceedings, together with Statistics concerning Chicago. Portrait. 12mo. pp. 208, paper. Chicago, French in 1673, until its Cession to Great 1882. (Fergus Series, No. 18). 1 00 Britain in 1763, including the Narrative of Marquette's Discovery of the Mississippi. Fergus (Robert). Directory With Biographical Memoir, by M. W. of the City of Chicago, 1839, with City and Fuller. Edited by Thos. Hoyne. Portrait County Officers, List of Purchasers of Lots


and maps. 8vo. pp. 438. Chicago, in Fort Dearborn Addition, with Prices

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52, paper. Chicago, 1877. (Fergus Series, pp. 98, paper.
No. 10.)
25 Series, No. 16.)

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2071 Chicago. Hoffman (Chas. Fenno). 2085 Chicago. Wilkie (F. B.) Walks A Winter in the West. Letters, Descriptive about Chicago, and Army and Miscellaof Chicago and Vicinity in 1833-4. 12mo. neous Sketches. pp. 64, paper. Chicago, 1882.


50 1869.

Hyde (Dr. James N.) Early Medical Chicago. First Practitioners, Colleges, etc. 12mo. pp. 78, paper. Chicago, 1879. (Fergus Series, No. 11.)


2073 Laws and Ordinances of the City of Chicago. With an Appendix, containing the former Legislation of the City Compiled by Joseph E. Gary. 8vo. pp. 691, full calf. Chicago, 1866. 2 50

2074 Luzerne (F.) The Lost City. Drama of the Fire Fiend; or, Chicago as it was, and as it is, and its Glorious Future. Illustrated. 8vo. pp. 316. New York, 1872. 2.00

2075 Marquis' Hand-Book of Chicago. A Complete History, Reference Book, and Guide to the City. Illustrated. 12mo. pp. 336. Chicago, 1885. 150

2076 New Chicago. A Full Review of the Work of Reconstruction, for the year [1872], embracing a mention of every Structure Built and Being Built in the City. Map. 8vo. pp. 146, paper. [Chicago, 1872.] 100 Ogden (Wm. B.) and Early By Isaac N. Arnold. Chicago, 1882. (Fer 40


Days in Chicago. 12mo. pp. 72, paper. gus Series, No. 17.)

2078 Reception to the Settlers of Chicago prior to 1840, by the Calumet Club, May 27, 1879. 12mo. pp. 90, paper. Chicago, 1879. 2079


Seven Days in Chicago. A Complete Guide to the City. Map and illustrations. 8vo. pp. 64, paper. Chicago, 60


2080 Sewell (Alfred L.) Scenes, Incidents, and Lessons of the Great Chicago Fire. Мар. 12mo. pp. 100. Chicago, 1871.

12mo. pp. 307. Chicago,


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2087 Clark (Col. George Rogers). Sketch of his Campaign in the Illinois, in 1778-1779, with an Introduction by Hon. Henry Pirtle, of Louisville; and an Appendix, containing the Public and Private Instructions to Colonel Clark; and Major Bowman's Journal of the Taking of Post St. Vincents. Svo. pp. 119, $2.00; large paper, imperial 8vo. Cincinnati, 1869. 4.00

2088 Coles (Edward). Sketch of. Second Governor of Illinois, and of the Slavery Struggle of 1823-4. By E. B. Washburne. Portrait and Fac-simile Letters. 8vo. pp. 253. Chicago, 1882. 1 75

2089 Dana (E.) A Description of the Bounty Lands in the State of Illinois. Also the Principal Roads and Routes, by Land and Water, through the Territory of the United States. 12mo. pp. 47, half morocco Cincinnati, 1819. Stained. 2.50

2090 Davidson (Alex.) and Stuve (B.) A Complete History of Illinois, from 1673 to 1873. Embracing its Early Explorations; Aboriginal Inhabitants; French and British Occupation; Conquest by Virginia, and Subsequent Events. 8vo. pp. 944, half bound. Springfield, Ill., 1874. 5.00


2091 Early Illinois. Porter (Rev. J.) Earliest Religious History of Chicago. Brown (W. H.) Early History of Illinois. Patterson (Rev. R. W.) Early Society in Southern Illinois. Arnold (I. N.) Illinois Bar Forty Years Ago. First Murder Trial. 12mo. pp. 164, paper. Chicago, 1881. (Fer gus Series, No. 14.) 75 2092 East St. Louis. Tyson (R. A.) History of East St. Louis. Map. 8vo. pp. 152, paper. East St. Louis, 1875. 20 2093 Edwards (Ninian W.) History of Illinois from 1778 to 1833. Also the Life and Times of Gov. Ninian Edwards. 8vo. pp. 552. Springfield, 1870. 4.00

2081 Shaw (James). The Military Occupation of Chicago. 8vo. pp. 18, paper. Springfield, 1872.

2082 Short Biographical Sketches of some of Chicago's Early Settlers. Parts 1 and 2. 12mo. paper. Chicago, 1876. (Fergus Series, Nos. 5 and 6.) Each,



Wentworth (John). Early Chicago. Two Lectures, with Supplemental Notes. 12mo. paper. Chicago, 1876. (Fergus Series, Nos. 7 and 8.) Each,


2094 Edwards County. Flower (Geo.) History of the English Settlement in Edwards County, Illinois: founded by Morris Birkbeck and George Flower in 1817-18. 35 With Preface and Notes by Hon. E. B. 2084 Wentworth (John). Early Washburne. 8vo. pp. 408. Chicago, Chicago. Fort Dearborn. Portrait. 12mo. 1882. 5 00

of the County. 8vo. pp. 692. Springfield,
4 00

2109 McLean County. Duis (E.) The
Good Old Times in McLean County, Illinois.
Containing two hundred and sixty-one
Sketches of Old Settlers; a Complete His-

2095 Edwards Papers (The). Being a Portion of the MSS. of Ninian Edwards, Governor of Territory of Illinois, etc. Edited by Hon. E. B. Washburne. Portraits and fac-similes. 8vo. pp. 631. Chicago, 1884. 6 00 2096 Ford (Gov. Thomas). A History of torical Sketch of the Black Hawk War, and Illinois, from its Commencement as a State, Descriptions of all Matters of Interest rein 1818, to 1847. Containing a full Account | lating to McLean County. Svo. pp. 865. of the Black Hawk War, the Rise, Progress, Bloomington, 1874. 4 00 and Fall of Mormonism, the Alton and Lovejoy Riots, and other important and interesting Events. 12mo. pp. 447. Chicago, 1854.

2097 Another copy.

Half morocco.

7 00

2110 Madison County. Gazetteer of with Historical and Descriptive Sketches of Alton City, Upper Alton, Edwardsville, and other Cities. 8vo. pp. 292. Alton, 1866. 1 25 2111 Marest (P. Gabriel). Lettre aux

18mo. pp.

1 25

2112 Mason (E. G.) Illinois in the Eighteenth Century. Kaskaskia and its Parish Records: Old Fort Chartres: and Col. John Todd's Record-Book. 12mo. pp. 68, paper. Chicago, 1881. (Fergus Series, No. 12.)

2098 Galena. City Directory, for the Cascaskias. Village Illinois autrement dit Years 1855 and 1858. Boards. Each, 50 de l'Immaculée Conception de la Sancte Vierge le 9 Novembre, 1712 2099 Galesburg. Rights of Congrega-303 to 389, old sheep. Paris, 1715. tionalists in Knox College. 18mo. pp. 93, paper. Chicago, 1859. 40 2100 Geneseo. Memorial Address, etc., Thirtieth Anniversary of its Settlement. 8vo. pp. 30, paper. Chicago, 1867. 50 2101 Gerhard (Frederick). Illinois as it is. With plates and 3 colored maps, show- 2113 Matson (N.) The Pioneers of Illiing woods, prairies, etc. 12mo. pp. 451. nois; containing a Series of Sketches relatChicago, 1857. 150 ing to Events which occurred previous to 2102 Gillespie (Jos.) Recollections of 1813: also, Narrative of many Thrilling InEarly Illinois and her Noted Men. 12mo. cidents connected with the Early Settlepp. 50, paper. Chicago, 1880. (Fergus ment of the West, drawn from History, Series, No. 13.) 50 Tradition, and Personal Reminiscences. 12mo. pp. 306. Chicago, 1882.

2103 Illinois in 1837. A Sketch Descriptive of the Situation, Face of the Country, Prairies, Rivers, Minerals, etc. With Sketches of Counties, Cities, and Towns. (Being Sketches from the Letters of a Rambler in the West.) Map. 8vo. pp. 143, boards. Philadelphia, 1837. 1 50 2104 Jersey County. Hamilton (B. B.) Historical Sketch of Jersey County. 8vo. paper. Jacksonville, 1876.


1 50 2114 Morris. Turner (E. B.) Reminiscences of Morris and History of the Congregational Church. 8vo. pp. 16, paper. Chicago, 1865.


2115 Organic Laws of Illinois, from Act of Cession, 1783, to the Constitution of 1870 50 8vo. pp. 64. Springfield, 1872. 2116 Peck (J. M.) Gazetteer of Illinois: Containing a General View of the State; a General View of each County, and a Par ticular Description of each Town, etc. 16mo. 2.00 pp. 376. Jacksonville, 1834. 2117 Another edition. 16mo. pp. 388. 1 50 Philadelphia, 1837. 2118 Peoria. Ballance (C.) The Hispp. 200 tory of Peoria. 12mo. pp. 271. Peoria, 1870. 2 25

35 2105 Joliet. Rowell (Hopkins). The Great Resources and Superior Advantages of the City of Joliet. Map and plan. 8vo. 35 pp. 32, paper. Joliet, 1871.

An Illi


2119 Peru. tory of Peru.

2106 Long (Enoch). Sketch of. nois Pioneer. By Harvey Reed. 112. Chicago, 1884. 2107 Lovejoy (Elijah P.) The Martyrdom of Lovejoy. An Account of the Life, Beebe (Henry S.) The HisTrials, and Perils of, who was killed by a 16mo. Peru, 1858. 2 25 Pro-slavery Mob at Alton, Ills., Nov. 7, 1837. 2120 Quincy. Holmes (Joseph T.) By an Eye-witness. Portrait. 8vo. pp. 233. Quincy in 1857; or, Facts and Figures exChicago, 1881. 200 hibiting its Advantages, Resources, Manu2108 McDonough County. Clarke (S. factures, and Commerce. 16mo. pp. 69. 1 00 J.) History of McDonough County, Illi- Quincy, 1857. nois: its Cities, Towns, and Villages. With 2121 Reynolds (John). History of IlliEarly Reminiscences, Personal Incidents, nois. My Own Times, embracing also the and Anecdotes. With a Business Directory History of my Life. Portrait. Finely

printed on heavy paper. 8vo. pp. 395, un-
7 50
cut edges. Chicago, 1879.
2122 Reynolds (John). The Pioneer
History of Illinois: Containing the Discov-
ery, in 1673, and the History of the Coun-
try to the Year 1818, when the State Gov-
ernment was organized. 12mo. pp. 348.
Belleville, Ill., 1852.
12 00


2133 Jackson (A. P.) and Cole (E. C.) Oklahoma, Politically and Topographically Described. A History and Guide to the Indian Territory. With Biographical Sketches of Capt. D. L. Payne and Others. Map and illustrations. 12mo. pp. 150, paper. Kansas City, 1885.


2123 Rockford. Lemley (John). The 2134 Loughridge (R. H.) Report on the Weeping Pilgrim; or, the Early Life of John Lemley, the Editor of the Golden Cotton Production in the Indian Territory, Censer, published at Rockford, Illinois. with a brief description of its Agricultural Features. 4to. pp. 34. Wash., 1884. 8vo. pp. 64, paper. Rockford, Ill., 1869. 50

2124 St. Clair County. History of. By E. W. West. 8vo. pp. 41. Belleville, 1876. 75 2125 Sangamon Country. Henderson (John G.) Early History of the "San-or, gamon Country.' Being Notes on the First Settlements in Morgan, Scott, and Cass Counties. 8vo. pp. 33, paper. Davenport, 1873. 75 2126 Sangamon County. Power (John C.) History of the Early Settlers of Sangamon County. By John Carroll Power, assisted by his wife, Mrs. S. A. Power. Portraits. Imp. 8vo. pp. 797. Springfield,




2135 Beste (J. Richard). The Wabash; Adventures of an English Gentleman's Family in the Interior of America. 2 vols. 12mo. London, 1855. 3.50 2136 Boone County. Neal (S.) and Bishop (J. M.) An Address, containing the History of Boone County, Indiana, from its Organization to the Present. By Stephen Neal. And a Sermon on the History and Growth of Presbyterianism in Boone County. By Rev. J. M. Bishop. 8vo. 500pp. 16, paper. Lebanon, 1876.

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2129 Welby (Adlard). A Visit to North America and the English Settlements in Illinois. With a Winter's Residence in Philadelphia. Numerous illustrations. 8vo. pp. 224. London, 1821. 4.00

2130 Williamson County. Erwin (Milo). The History of Williamson County, Illinois, from the Earliest Times down to the Present. With an Account of the Secession Movement, Ordinances, Raids, etc. Also a Complete History of its "Bloody Vendetta," including all its Recondite Causes, Results, etc. 12mo. pp. 286, cloth. Marion, 1876. 1 25

2131 Another copy. Paper.


2132 Woods (John). Two Years' Residence in the Settlement on the English Prairie in the Illinois Country, United States. With an Account of the Principal Towns, Villages, etc., and the Habits and Customs of the Backwoodsman. 8vo. pp. 310, boards, uncut. London, 1822. 5 00


2137 Cass County. Helm (Thomas B.) History of Cass County. With Personal Sketches of Prominent Men and Pioneers. 4to. pp. 63, paper. Chicago, 1878.


[blocks in formation]

2144 Dillon (John B.) A History of Indiana, from its Earliest Explorations by the Europeans to the close of the Territo rial Government in 1815, including the Discovery, Settlement, etc., of the Territory North-west of the Ohio River, etc. 8vo. pp. xii, 637, sheep. Maps and plates. Indianapolis, 1859. 4.50 2145 Another copy. Half morocco. 6 00 2146 Dillon (John B.) The History of Indiana. Vol. 1, all published of this edition. 8vo. pp. 456, sheep. Indianapolis,


3 00

2147 Elkhart County. Illustrated Historical Atlas of. 22 maps, with historical and statistical text and plates. Royal 4to. pp. 105. Chicago, 1874. 4 00

2148 Ellsworth (II. W.) Valley of the Upper Wabash, Indiana. With Hints on its Agricultural Advantages, etc. Map. 12mo. pp. 175. New York, 1838. 1 75 2149 Evansville and its Men of Mark. Portraits. 12mo. pp. 420. Evansville, 1873. 100

2150 Evansville. Robert (Charles E.) Evansville. Her Commerce and Manufactures. A Descriptive Work of the Business Metropolis of Indiana. 8vo. pp. 557. Evansville, 1874. 2.00

2151 Fayette County. Illustrated Historical Atlas of. 15 maps, with historical and statistical text. Royal 4to. pp. 53. Chicago, 1875. 4.00

tory, from the Settlement of Vincennes to the Organization of the State Government, with a Cyclopædia of Legislation and Political Events, an Account of the Commercial, Agricultural, and Educational Growth of the State, etc. Edited by W. S. Haymond. 8vo. pp. 978. Indian's, 1879. 4 50

2157 Indianapolis. Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis. The Origin, Organization, and Management of. With Lists of Officers, etc. Numerous photographic illus1. 00 trations. 8vo. pp. 65. 2158 Jay County. Montgomery (M. W.) History of Jay County, Indiana. 12mo. pp. 288. Map. Chicago, [1864].


3 00 2159 La Grange County. Illustrated Historical Atlas of. 14 maps, with Historical and Statistical Text. Royal 4to. pp. 69. Bottom of title page cut off. 3 50 2160 Lake County. Ball (T. H.) Lake County, Indiana, from 1834 to 1872. 12mo. pp. 364. Chicago, 1873.

Map. 2.00

[blocks in formation]

2162 Noble County. Illustrated Historical Atlas of. 18 maps, with Historical and Statistical Text and Plates. Royal 4to. pp. 83. Bottom of title page cut off. 350

Ohio County. See Dearborn County. 2163 Parke County. Atlas Map of. 18 Maps, with Historical and Statistical Text and Plates. Royal 4to. pp. 91. Chicago, 1874. 4 00

2164 Richmond. Annals of Pioneer Set

2152 Fort Wayne. Brice (Wallace A.) History of Fort Wayne, Indiana, from the Earliest Known Accounts to the Present Period. With Biographical Sketches of General Anthony Wayne and others. Illustrated. 8vo. pp. 357. Fort Wayne,tlers on the White Water and its Tributaries, in the vicinity of Richmond, Ind., from 1804 to 1830. Embracing many Biographical Sketches, with Historical Remi



2153 Another copy. Half morocco. 3 00 2154 Goodrich (De Witt C.) and Tuttle (Charles R.) An Illustrated History of the State of Indiana. Being a Full and Authentic Civil and Political History of the State, from its First Exploration down to 1875, with Historical and Descriptive Sketches of the Cities, Towns, and Villages. Embracing Interesting Narratives of Pioneer Life. 8vo. pp. 736. 1875. 3 50

2155 Henry County. Pleas (Elwood). Henry County, Indiana, Past and Present. A Brief History of the County from 1821 to 1871. 16mo. pp. 148. Newcastle, 1871. 1 25 2156 Indiana. Illustrated History of the State of Indiana, complete and authentic, from its First Exploration to the Present Time. Embracing a Narrative of the Events in the Early History of the Terri

niscences of their Privations and Hardof Early Times and the Era of Log Cabins. ships, including Incidents, Anecdotes, etc., By a Native. 8vo. pp. 59, paper. Rich

mond, 1875.


2165 Richmond. Plummer (John T.) A Directory to the City of Richmond, containing Names, Business and Residence of the Inhabitants. Together with a Historical Sketch. Мар. 12mo. pp. 168. Richmond, 1857. 2.50 2166 St. Clair County. History of. 8vo. pp. 41, Belleville, 1876. paper. 2167 St. Joseph County. Illustrated. Historical Atlas of. 22 Maps, with Historical and Statistical Text and Plates. Royal 4to. pp. 101. Chicago, 1875.


4 00

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