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2168 Smith (O. H.) Reminiscences. Being a Treatise on the Resources of Iowa, Early Indiana Trials and Sketches. His- and giving Useful Information with regard torical, Biographical, Political, etc. Portrait. to the State, for the Benefit of Immigrants 8vo. pp. 640. Cincinnati, 1858. 3 50 and others. 8vo. pp. 96, paper. Des 2169 Steele (Jas. P.) The Wyandotte Moines. 1870. Cave of Crawford County, Indiana. 4 2181 Keokuk. Clemens (Orion). City plates. 12mo. pp. 52. Cin., 1864. 1 00 of Keokuk in 1856. A View of the City 2170 Switzerland County. History of Containing Statistical Local Information. its Townships, Cities, Towns, Villages, Also, a Sketch of the Black Hawk War, Schools, and Churches, with Biographical and History of the Half-Breed Tract. 8vo. Sketches, etc. Illustrated. 8vo. pp. pp. 44, paper. Keokuk, 1856. Chicago, 1885.

6 00

2171 Vigo County. Atlas Map of. 22 Maps, with Historical and Statistical Text and Plates. Royal 4to. pp. 110. Chicago,




2182 Lyon County. Hyde (S. C.) Historical Sketch of Lyon County, and a Description of the Country and its Resources. 12mo. pp. 40, paper. Sioux City, 1873. 40

2183 Northern Iowa. Containing Hints and Information of Value to Emigrants. By a Pioneer. 8vo. pp. 39, paper. Dubuque, 1858.


2184 Northwestern Review and Commercial and Real Estate Reporter. From June, 1857, to April, 1858. Edited by H. H. Belding. 8vo. pp. 690, half bound. Keokuk.


2185 Nourse (C. C.) Iowa and the Centennial. The State Address at Philadelphia, 1876. 8vo. pp. 42, paper. Des Moines, 1876.


2172 Vincennes. Law (John). The Colonial History of Vincennes, under the French, British, and American Governments, from its First Settlement down to the Territorial Administration of Gen. W. H. Harrison. Being an Address before the Vincennes Historical and Antiquarian Society, with additional notes and illustrations. 8vo. pp. 157. Vincennes, 1858. 1 00 2173 Wayne County. Atlas of. 31 Maps, with Statistical Text. Royal 4to. pp. 77. Philadelphia, 1874. 4 00 2174 Wayne County. Young (Andrew W.) History of Wayne County, Indiana, from its First Settlement to the Present Time, with numerous Biographical and Family Sketches. Embellished with up- 2187 Another edition, for 1857. Chicago, ward of fifty portraits and views of build75 ings. 8vo. pp. 459. Cincinnati, 1872. 2 00 2188 Parker (N. H.) The Iowa Hand2174A Another copy. Half morocco. 3 00 book, for 1856. Map. 12mo. pp. 188. 2175 Woolen (Wm. W.) Biographical | Boston, 1856. and Historical Sketches of Early Indiana. Portraits. 8vo. pp. 568. 1883.



3 00

2176 Black Hawk County. The History of, its Cities, Towns, etc. 8vo. pp. 602, half bound. Chicago, 1878. 4.00 2177 Council Bluffs. Burke (W. S.) An Outline History of Council Bluffs. 8vo. pp. 31, paper. Chicago, 1867.


2178 Davenport. Wilkie (Franc B.) Davenport, Past and Present. Including the Early History and Personal and Anecdotal Reminiscences. Views and portraits. 8vo. pp. 333. Davenport, 1858. 200

2179 Hyatt (H. S.) Manufacturing, Agricultural, and Industrial Resources of Iowa. 8vo. pp. 151, paper. Des Moines,

2186 Parker (N. H.) Iowa as it is in 1855, a Gazetteer for Citizens, and a Handbook for Immigrants. Illustrated. 12mo. pp. 264. Chicago, Ill., 1855. 75

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2190 Brewerton (G. D.) The War in Kansas. A Rough Trip to the Border, Among New Homes and a Strange People. 12mo. pp. 400. New York, 1856. 1 50 2191 Covode (The) Investigation. Lecompton Constitution, etc. 8vo. pp. 838. Washington, 1860. 1 25

2192 Gihon (John H.) Governor Geary's Administration of Kansas, with a complete History of the Territory until July, 1857. 1.00 12mo. pp. 348. Phila., 1857. 2193 Another copy. Paper. 75 2194 Gladstone (T. H.) Kansas; or, 2180 Iowa. The Home for Immigrants. Squatter Life and Border Warfare in the



Far West. Illustrated. Map. 12mo. pp. 2209 Spring (Leverett W.) Kansas: the 100 Prelude to the War for the Union. 16mo.

295. London, 1857.

1 25 2195 Griswold (Wayne). Kansas. Her pp. 334. Boston, 1885. Resources and Developments; or, The 2210 Three Years on the Kansas BorKansas Pilot. Giving a Direct Road to der. By a Clergyman of the Episcopal Homes for Everybody. Also, the Effect of Church. 12mo. pp. 240, paper. New York, Latitudes on Life Locations, with Impor- | 1856. tant Facts for all European Emigrants. Illustrated. 8vo. pp. 95, paper. Cincin nati, 1871. 50

2196 Hale (E. E.) Kansas and Nebraska. The History, Physical Characteristics, and Political Position of those Territories, with an Account of the Emigrant Aid Companies. Map. 12mo. pp. 256. Boston, 1854.

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2211 Tomlinson (William P.) Kansas in 1858. Being chiefly a History of the Recent Troubles in the Territory. 12mo. pp. 304. New York, 1859.

1 50

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2214 Allen (William B.) A History of Kentucky. Embracing Gleanings, Reminiscences, Antiquities, Natural Curiosities, Statistics, etc., of the State, with Numerous Biographical Sketches. 8vo. pp. 449. Louisville, 1872. 4 00

By H.) The History of Kentucky, from its 2215 Arthur (T. S.) and Carpenter (W.



2201 Kansas. Report of the Special Committee appointed to Investigate the Troubles in Kansas; with the Views of the Minority of said Committee. 8vo. pp. 1338. Washington, 1856.

1 50

2202 Kansas. The Struggle In. Seventeen Speeches, by Douglas, Colfax, Wilson. and others. Svo. 1856. 1.00 2203 Parker (N H.) The Kansas and Nebraska Hand-book for 1857-8. Map 12mo. Boston, 1857.

1 25

Earliest Settlement to the Present Time. 16mo. pp. 316. Philadelphia.


2216 Biographical Encyclopædia of Kentucky, of the Dead and Living Men of the Nineteenth Century. Numerous Steel Portraits. 4to. pp. 792, full turkey morocco, gilt edges. Cincinnati, 1878. 10 00

2217 Breckenridge County. Breckenridge (Wm. C. P.) Address at the Centennial Celebration, Nov. 2, 1882. 8vo. pp. 40. Frankfort, 1882. 40

2218 Butler (Mann). A History of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, from its Exploration and Settlement by the Whites to A the Close of the North-western Campaign in 1813. 12mo. pp. 396, sheep. Louisville, 1 25 1834.

2204 Phillips (William). The Conquest of Kansas by Missouri and Her Allies. History of the Troubles in Kansas to 1856 12mo. pp. 414. Boston, 1856.

2205 Prentis (Noble L.) A Kansan Abroad. 12mo. pp. 240. Topeka, 1878. 1 00 2206 Robinson (Sarah T. L.) Kansas: its Interior and Exterior Life. Including a Full View of its Settlement, Political History, etc. 12mo. pp. 366. Boston, 1857. 1 25

2207 Six Months in Kansas. By a Lady. 12mo. pp. 231. Boston, 1856. 1 25

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3 50

2219 Another copy. Half morocco. 4.00 2220 Another euition. 12mo. pp. 551. Cincinnati, 1836. 5 00

2221 Campbell County. Jones (M. K.) History of Campbell County, Kentucky, as read at the Centennial Celebration of July 4, 1876. 8vo. pp. 16, paper. Newport, Ky., 1876. 35

2222 Collins (Lewis). Historical Sketches of Kentucky, embracing its History. Antiquities, and Natural Curiosities, Geograph

the book. The map, being engraved at Philadelphia, was evidently not ready when the book was bound in Wilmington. Only two copies of the map are known, and they are separate from the book.

2230 Filson (John). Histoire de Kentucke. Nouvelle Colonie a l'ouest de la Virginie. Traduit par M. Parraud. Map. 8vo. pp. 234. Paris, 1785.

3. 00


ical, Statistical, and Geological Descriptions. With Anecdotes of Pioneer Life, Biographical Sketches, etc. Illustrated. Svo. pp. 560, sheep. Maysville, 1848. 400 2223 Another edition. Revised, enlarged four-fold, and brought down to the Year 1874, by his son, Richard H. Collins, embracing: Pre-historic Annals for 331 years, by Counties, Sketches of Courts, Churches, Freemasonry, etc, Pioneer Incidents, and 2231 Filson (John). Fac-simile of the nearly 500 Biographical Sketches of Dis-map in the above edition. tinguished Citizens. Map, portrait, etc. 2 2232 Filson Club Publications. vols. 8vo. Covington, 1874. Durrett (Reuben T). John Filson. First Historian of Kentucky. An Account of his Life and Writings, prepared from Original Sources. Illustrated by a reproduction of a newly discovered portrait, a fac-simile of one of his letters, and a photolithographic fac-simile of his original map of Kentucky, which was issued with his History of Kentucke," in 1784. 4to. pp. 132, paper. Louisville, 1884.

8 00 2224 Another copy. Half morocco. 10 00 2225 Davidson (Robert). History of the Presbyterian Church in the State of Kentucky. With a Preliminary Sketch of the Churches in the Valley of Virginia. 8vo. pp. 371. New York, 1847. 6 00

2226 Drake (Daniel). Pioneer Life in Kentucky. A Series of Reminiscential Letters addressed to his Children. Edited. with Notes and Biographical Sketch, by his Son, Hon. Charles D. Drake, of St. Louis. Portrait. 8vo. pp. 263. Cin., 1870. 3 00 2227 The same. Large paper, imperial 6 00 2228 Fayette County. George (W.) A Memorial Sermon, delivered on the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Organization of Mount Horeb Church, in Fayette County, Kentucky, April 22, 1877. 8vo. pp. 30, paper. Cincinnati, 1877.



2229 Filson (John). The Discovery, Settlement, and Present State of Kentucke: and an Essay towards the Topography and Natural History of that Important Country: To which is added an Appendix containing, I. The Adventures of Col. Daniel Boon, one of the First Settlers, comprehending every Important Occurrence in the Political History of that Province; II. The Minutes of the Piankashaw Council, held at Post St. Vincents, April 15, 1784; III. An Account of the Indian Nations inhabiting within the Limits of the Thirteen United States, their Manners and Customs, and Reflections on their Origin; IV. The Stages and Distances between Philadelphia and the Falls of the Ohio; from Pittsburg to Pensacola, and several other Places. The whole illustrated by a new and accurate Map of Kentucke, and the Country adjoining, drawn from Actual Surveys. 12mo. pp. 118. Wilmington. Printed by John Adams, 1784.


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No. 2.

2233 Filson Club Publications. Speed (Thomas). The Wilderness Road. A Description of the Routes of Travel by which the Pioneers and Early Settlers first came to Kentucky. Map. 4to. pp. 85. Louisville, 1886.


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2230 Mammoth Cave and its InhabiThis is a tall, clean copy, measuring 8 by a tants; or. Description of the Fishes, Insects, little over 5 inches. It has a fac-simile of the and Crustaceans found in the Cave. original map, photo-lithographed for Col. Dur-S. Packard, Jr. and F. W. Putnam. rett's Life of Filson; in which work it is clearly cuts and two plates. 8vo. pp. 62. shown that Filson sold the map separate from 1872.



1 25

2240 Mammoth Cave. Binkard (A. D.) of the whole Earth. 8vo. pp. 39, paper. The Mammoth Cave and its Denizens. A Frankfort. Printed for the author, complete Descriptive Guide. 8vo. pp. 95, 1824. paper. Cincinnati, 1869.




75 2252 Robertson (George). Scrap Book Forwood (W. S.) An His-on Law and Politics, Men and Times [in torical and Descriptive Narrative of the Kentucky]. 8vo. pp. 402. Lexington, Mammoth Cave of Kentucky. Including 150 Explanations of the Causes concerned in 2253 Shaler (N. S.) A General Account its Formation, etc. Illustrated. 12mo. pp. of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Large 241, paper. Philadelphia, 1875. 125 Geological Map. Royal 8vo. pp. 99. Frank2242 Hovey (Horace C.) Guide fort, 1877. Book to the Mammoth Cave. Historical, Scientific, and Descriptive. Map and engravings. 8vo. pp. 70, paper. Cincinnati,



2243 Hovey (Horace C.) Celebrated American Caverns, especially Mammoth, Wyandot, and Luray. Historical, Scientific, and Descriptive, with Notices of Caves and Grottoes in other Lands. Finely illustrated. 8vo. pp. 228. Cincinnati, 1882.


2254 Shaler (N. S.) Kentucky. A Pioneer Commonwealth. Map. 16mo. pp. 433. Boston, 1885.

1 25

2255 Sharp (Solomon P.) The Spirit of '76, a paper published at Frankfort. No. 1, March 10, to No. 22, August 4, 1826. Containing a large number of Articles and Letters relating to the Murder of Col. Sharp, etc. 8vo. pp. 352, half bound. 6 00 2.00 2256 Sharp (Solomon P.) Vindication 2244 Rambles in Mammoth Cave of the Character of the late Col. Solomon during the year 1844. By a Visitor. 16mo. P. Sharp, from the Calumnies Published pp. 101. Map and plates. Illustrated. against Him since his Murder by Patrick Louisville. 1845. Darby and Jeroboam O. Beauchamp. By Frankfort, 1827. L. G. Sharp. 8vo. pp. 140, sewed, uncut.


2245 Map of the State of Kentucky, by Edmund J. Lee, 1851, in six large sheets, colored. 1 50

10 00

This book was suppressed by the family after it had been printed. All were destroyed, except twenty-five copies, which were hidden in a recess in the wall of the Sharp dwelling discovered in 1877-fifty years afterward. We at Frankfort, in 1827. They were accidentally secured a few of these copies. All of them are slightly stained.

2246 Marshall (Humphrey). The History of Kentucky. Including an Account of the Discovery, Settlement, and Present State of the Country. Vol. I., 1st edition, all published. 12mo. Frankfort, 1812. 4 00 2247 Marshall (Humphrey). The History of Kentucky. An Account of the Modern Discovery, Settlement, Progressive of A Member of the Owen and Henry 2257 Shuck (Richard H.) Confession Improvement, Civil and Military Transactions, and the Present State of the County Marauders, of the State of KenCountry. 2 vols. 8vo., sheep. Frankfort, tucky. Written by Jesse Fears. 8vo. pp.



2248 Morehead (James T.) An Address in Commemoration of the First Settlement of Kentucky. Delivered at Boonesborough, May 25, 1840. 8vo. pp. 181, paper. Frankfort, 1841.



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2259 Todd (Col. Charles S.) Memoir of 2249 Powell (Lazarus W.) and Helm (of Kentucky), at one time United States (John L.) Governors of Kentucky. Bio- Minister to Russia. By G. W. Griffin. graphical Sketches. Portraits. 8vo. 12mo. pp. 174. Philadelphia, 1873. pp. 135+144. Frankfort, 1868.

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2251 Rafinesque (C. S.) Ancient History; or, Annals of Kentucky. With a Survey of the Ancient Monuments of 2262 Wilson (Samuel R.) Reply to the North America, and a Tabular View of the Attack of Rev. R. J. Breckinridge, D. D., Principal Languages and Primitive Nations | LL. D., upon the Louisville Presbytery, and

Defense of the "Declaration and Testi-Sketch of the Manners, Customs, Character, mony,' made in the Synod of Kentucky. and the Civil and Religious Ceremonies of 8vo. pp. 52, paper. Louisville, 1865. 25 the People. Translated from the French. 8vo. pp. 108, paper. London, 1807.


2263 Account of Louisiana. Being an Abstract of Documents in the Offices of the Departments of State. 8vo. pp. 50, boards. Philadelphia, 1803. 1 00 2264 Acts Passed at the First Session of the First Legislature of the Territory of Orleans, begun at New Orleans, 28th Jan'y, 1806. pp. x+221+ix. Acts of Second Session. pp. 207. Acts of Congres srelative to Land Claims in the Territory of Orleans. pp. 63. Farewell Address of Gen. George Washington. pp. 47. All in French, and English on opposite pages. 8vo. old sheep. New Orleans, 1807. 10 00 2265 Barde (Alexandre). History des Comites de Vigilance aux Attakapas. 12mo. pp. 428, paper. Saint-Jean-Baptiste,


2 25 2266 Baudry Des Lozieres. Voyage a la Louisiane et sur le Continent de l'Amerique Septentrionale fait dans les Annees 1794 a 1798. Continant un Tableau Historique de la Louisiane, des observations sur son Climat, des riches Productions, le caractere et le nom des Sauvages, etc. Map. 8vo. pp. 382, paper, uncut. Paris, 1802. 3 00

2267 Brackenridge (H. M.) Views of Louisiana Containing Geograpical, Statistical, and Historical Notes of that Vast and Important Portion of America. 16mo. pp. 323, sheep. Baltimore, 1817. 2 00


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2279 The same. Part 2. Biedma's Account of De Soto's Expedition into Florida: Narrative of the same by a Gentleman of Elvas: Daniel Coxe's English Province of Carolina: Marquette and Joliet's Voyage to Discover the Mississippi in 1673, etc. Map. 8vo. pp. 301. Philadelphia, 1850. 2.00

2280 The same.

2268 Brackenridge (H. M.) Views of Louisiana. Together with a Journal of a Part 5. Containing DuVoyage up the Missouri River in 1811. 8vo. mont's Memoir, Champigny's Memoir. pp. 304, sheep. Pittsburgh, 1814. 200 With Historical Documents and Elucida2269 Bunner (E.) History of Louisiana, tions. 8vo. pp. 291. N. Y., 1853. 2.00 from its First Discovery and Settlement 2281 Gayarre (Charles). History of Louto the Present Time. 16mo. pp. 267. New isiana. The French Domination to 1769. York, 1861.

2270 Darby (Wm.) Geographical Description of the State of Louisiana, with an

752 vols in 1, pp. 540+380. The Spanish Domination, 1769 to 1803. pp. 649. The 693. 3 vols. 8vo. New York, 1866. 12 00 American Domination, 1803 to 1861. pp. 2282 Gayarre (Charles). Louisiana: its History as a French Colony. 8vo. pp. 380. New York, 1852.

Account of the Character and Manners of
the Inhabitants, etc. 8vo. pp. 288. Phila-
delphia, 1816.
1 50
2271 Dimitry (John). Lessons in the
History of Louisiana, from its Earliest Set-
tlement to the Close of the Civil War.
12mo. pp. 216. New York, 1878.

2.50 Louisiana: its

2283 Gayarre (Charles). Colonial History and Romance. New York, 1851.

75 546.

Svo. pp.


2272 Du Lac (M. Perrin). Travels 2284 Gayarre (Charles). Romance of through the Two Louisianas, and among the History of Louisiana. 12mo. pp. 265. the Savage Nations of the Missouri; also in New York, 1848. the United States, along the Ohio and the 2285 Hennepin. A Description of LouisAdjacent Provinces, in 1801-3. With a liana. By Father Louis Hennepin, Recol

1 25

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