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PRE-COLUMBIAN DISCOVERY OF 7 Hardy (M.) Les Scandinaves dans AMERICA.

l'Amerique du Nord au dixième siecle.

8vo. pp. 7. Dieppe, 1874. 1 Anderson (R. B.) America not Discov

8 Jones (George). History of Ancient ered by Columbus. An Historical Sketch America anterior to the time of Columbus: of the Discovery of America by the Norse- proving the Identity of the Aborigines with men in the Tenth Century. 12mo. pp. 120. the Tyrians and Israelites and the IntroChicago.

1 09 duction of Christianity into the Western 2 Antiquites Americaines d'apres les Hemisphere by the Apostle St. Thomas, Monuments Historiques des Islandais et Part I: The Tyrian Ara. 8vo. pp. 461. des Anciens Scandinaves. Publiees sous London, 1843.

3 00 les auspices de la Société Royale des An

9 Another copy. Half calf.

3 50 tiquaires du Nord, par Charles Christian Rafn. Containing Articles in Danish, Latin, Discovery of America by Chinese Buddhist

10 Leland (Chas. G.) Fusang; or,

The French, and English on the Discovery of

Priests in the Fifth Century. 12mo. pp. 241, America by the Scandinavians in the Tenth

1 75 Century, etc.

New York, 1875. 17 plates and maps. Large 4to. pp. 42+479+6, half calf. Hafniae,

11 Rafn (C. C.) Memoire sur la Decou1815. 12 50 verte l'Amerique. Plates. 8vo. pp. 52,

1 25 3 Beamish (N. L.) The Discovery of paper. Copenhagen, 1843. America by the Northmen in the Tenth 12 Royal Society of Northern AntiCentury, and Notices of the Early Settle- quaries. Memoirs for 1840-41. Containments of the Irish in the Western Hemi-ing Antiquities at Fall River, Runic Inscripsphere. Maps. 8vo. pp. 239. London, tions found in America, etc. pp. 439+. 1811.

50) Memoire sur le Deconsorte de l'Amerique 4 Bowen (Benj. F.) America Discovered au dixième siecle, par C. C. Rafn, pp. 52+. by the Welsh in 1170 A. D. 12mo. pp. 184. Account of the Ancient Structure in NewPhiladelphia, 1876. 1 25 port, R. I., by T. H. Webb, pp. 27. Plates.

5 00 5 Davis (A.) The Discovery of America 8vo. Copenhagen, 1843-4. by the Northmen. 8vo. pp. 53, paper. New 13 Smith (J. Toulmin). The Discovery York, 1859.

75 of America by the Northmen in the Tenth 6 De Costa (B. F.) The Pre-Columbian Century. Maps and plates. 12mo.


344. Discovery of America by the Northmen. London, 1839.

2 00 Illustrated by Translations from the Ice- 14 Another copy, under the title of The landic Sagas. Edited with Notes and a Northmen in New England, or America in General Introduction. 8vo. pp. 118. Al- the Tenth Century. 12mo. pp. 364. Bos. bany, 1868. 3 001 ton, 1839.

1 75 30 complete sets.

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15 Vining (Edward P.) An Inglorious 31 Adams (Herbert B.) Saxon Tithing. Columbus; or, Evidence that Hwyi Sban Men in America. 8vo. pp. 23. Baltimore, and a Party of Buddhist Monks from Af- 1883.

25 ghanistan Discovered America in the Fifth

32 Adams (H. C.) Taxation in the Century A. D. 8vo. pp. 788. New York, United States. 8vo. pp. 79, paper. Balti1885.

5 00
more, 1884.

50 16 Weise (Arthur J.) The Discoveries

33 Adams (John). Authentic Copies of of America to the Year 1525. Maps. 8vo. the Correspondence of Charles Cotesworth pp. 380. New York, 1884.

4 00 Pinckney, John_Marshall, and Elbridge 17 Another copy. Halfmorocco, neat. 5 00 | Gerry, Esqrs., as Presented to both Houses 18 Wheaton (H.) History of the North of Congress, April 3, 1798. 8vo. pp. 78,

1 00 men, from the Earliest Times to the Middle half bound. London, 1798. of the Eleventh Century. Including the 34 Adams (John). A Defense of the Discovery of America by the Northmen. Constitution of Government of the United 8vo. pp. 367. London, 1831.

4 00 States of America. 3 vols. 8vo. sheep. Philadelphia, 1797.

3 75

35 Another edition. 3 vols. Svo. old calf, AMERICA IN GENERAL AND THE

London, 1794.


36 Adams (John). The History of the 19 Abbott (Jacob). History of the Dis- Administration of John Adams. By John covery of America. Illustrated. 12mo. Wood. (Suppressed.) 8vo. pp. 506, boards, pp. 288. New York, 1862. 1 00 uncut. New York, 1802.

8 00 20 Abbott (Jacob). History of the 37 Adams (J. Q.) The Duplicate Letters, Northern Colonies. Illustrated. 12mo. The Fisheries and the Mississippi, Docupp. 288. New York, 1862.

1 00 ment Relating to Transactions at the Ne21 Abbott (Jacob). History of the gotiation of Ghent. 8vo. pp. 259, boards. Southern Colonies. Illustrated. 12mo. Washington, 18:22.

1 25 pp. 286. New York, 1862.

1 00 38 Adams (J.Q.) A Letter to the Hon. 22 Abbott (Jacob). History of the Re- Harrison Gray Otis, on the Present State volt of the American Colonies. Illustrated of our National Affairs. With Remarks 12mo. pp. 288. New York, 1862. 1 00 upon Mr. Pickering's Letter to the Gov

ernor of Massachusetts,

12mo. pp. 24, 23 Abbott (Jacob). History of the Wars



Walpole, N. H., 1808. of the Colonies. Illustrated. 12mo. pp. 288. New York.

1 00

39 Address (An) to the People of the

United States on the Policy of Maintaining 24 Abbott (Jacob). History of the War

a Permanent Navy. By an American Citiof the Revolution. Illustrated. 12mo. pp.

50 8vo. pp. 51, paper. Phila., 1802.

1 00 288. New York, 1862.

40 Advice to the Officers of the British 25 Abbott (Edward). A Paragraph llis

Army. With Introduction and Notes. Re

18mo. tory of the American Revolution.

printed by the Agathinian Club.

50 pp. 111. Boston, 1876.

xx+136+7. New York, 1867.

2 25 26 Abingdon (Earl of). Thoughts on

41 Alcedo (Col. Don Antonio de). Geothe Letter of Edmund Burke on

the Affairs of America.

With dedi- graphical and Historical Dictionary of cation. 8vo. pp. 91, paper. Oxford, n.d: Additions and Compilations from Modern

America and the West Indies. With large (1780)

1 25

Voyages and Travels, by G. A. Thompson. 27 Account (An) of a Late Conference 5 vols. 4to. half calf. Lon., 1812–15. 10 00 on the Occurrences in America. 8vo. pp: Almanacs 40, paper. London, 1766.

50 28 Account of the Receipts and Expen. itory of Useful Knowledge, for the years

42 AMERICAN ALMANAC (The) and Reposditures of the United States for 1826–27. 1830 to 1861, inclusive. Comprising a Cal2 vols. folio, half bound. Washington, endar for each year.

Astronomical Infor1827-8.

2 00

mation, Miscellaneous Directions, Hints, 29 Account (An) of the Society for the and Remarks, and Statistical and Other Encouragement of the British Troops in Particulars respecting Foreign countries Germany and North America. 8vo. pp. and the United States. 32 vols. 12mo. 91 +55, old calf. London, 1760. 1 50

paper, uncut. Boston, 1830–61. A com30 Adams (Herbert B.) Norman Con-plete set.

10 00 stables in America. 8vo. pp. 38. Balti- *** Some odd volumes can be supplied to


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8vo. PP.

60 pages.

more, 1883.

43 Citizen's ALMANAC for 1832. 12mo. 60 American Register (The); or, Sumpaper. Philadelphia, 1832.

15 mary Review of History, Politics, and 44 FARMER'S ALMANAC, 5 in 1, for the

Literature. 2 vols. 8vo. boards, uncut. years 1836-40. 12mo. N. Y., 1836-40. 1 00 Philadelphia, 1817.

2 50 45 FATHER TAMMARY'S ALMANAC for 1788.

61 American Remembrancer (The); or, 12mo. paper. Philadelphia, 1788. 35 An Impartial Collection of Essays, Resolves, 46 HARRISON ALMAXAC for 1841. 8vo.

Speeches, etc., Relative or having Affinity paper. New York.

to the Treaty with Great Britain. 3 vols. 40

8vo. sheep. Philadelphia, 1795. 3 00 47 NATIONAL ALMANAC and Annual Rec

62 American Review (The) of Ilistory crd for 1863 and 1861. 12mo. Each, 50

and Politics, and General Repository of 43 OLD FRANKLIN ALMANAC. 10 for 1860- Literature and State Papers. 4 vols. 8vo. 68, 1871. 8vo. paper. Phila., 1 50 half bound. London, 1811–12. 6 50 49 PRESBYTERIAN HISTORICAL ALMANAC

63 American Revolution (Personal Reand Annual Remembrances of the Church for 1858–9. By Joseph M. Wilson.

collections of). A Private Journal. Pre

Portraits. 8vo. pp. 316, boards, uncut. Phila

pared from Authentic Domestic Records.

Together with Reminiscences of Washingdelphia, 1859.

1 00

ton and Lafayette. Edited by Sidney 50 Uncle Sam's Almanac for 1831. 12mo: Barclay. 12mo: pp. 251. N. Y., 1859. 1 25 paper. Philadelphia, 1831.


64 American Revolution. Pictorial Ulis51 WARNER'S ALMANAC for 1823. 12mo.

tory, with a Sketch of the Early History paper. Philadelphia, 1823.


of the Country, the Constitution of the 52 WASHingtor's Citizens' AND Farmers' United States, etc. Illustrated. 8vo. pp. ALMANAC for 1810. 12mo. paper. Philadel. 433. Boston, n. d.

1 50 phia, 1810.

30 53 WASHINGTON ALMANAC for 1820. 12mo. Documents, 1789-1815. 8 vols. 8vo. boards,

65 American State Papers and Publick paper. Philadelphia, 1820.

uncut. Boston, 1815.

5 00 54 America. The First Three English Documents, 1789-1815. Including the Con

66 American State Papers and Publick Books on America. (1511?-1555.) Being fidential Documents. 10 vols. 8vo. sheep. chiefly Translations, Compilations, etc., by

8 00 Richard Eden, from the Writings, Maps,

Boston, 1817. etc., of Pietro Martre, Sebastian Munster, 67 American State Papers. Foreign and Sebastian Cabot; with Extracts, etc., Relations, 6 vols.; Indian Affairs, 2 vols.; from the Works of other Spanish, Italian Finance, 5 vols.; Commerce and Navigaand German Writers of the Time. Edited tion, 2 vols.; Military Affairs, 7 vols.; Naval by Edward Arber. 4to. pp. 48+408.

Bir- Affairs, 4 vols ; Post Office, 1 vol.; Public mingham, 1885.

8 00 Lands, 8 vols.; Claims, 1 vol.; Miscellaneous, 55 American Archives. Consisting of sia. Washington, v. d.

2 vols.; together, 38 vols. Folio, half rus

80 00 Authentic Records, State Papers, etc., the whole forming a Documentary History of 68 Ames (Fisher). Works of. With a the Origin and Progress of the North Selection from his Speeches and CorreAmerican Colonies. 4th and 5th series. spondence. Edited by his son, Seth Ames. All published, 9 vols. folio, half russia Portrait. 2 vols. 8vo. Boston. 1854. 4 00 Washington, 1837–53.

30 00

69 Anderson (Alex. D.) The Silver 56 American Historical Record and Country; or, The Great South West. A Repertory of Notes and Queries. Edited Review of the Mineral and other Wealth, by Benson J. Lossing. Vol. I. 8vo. haif the Attractions and Material Development morocco. Philadelphia, 1872. 3 00 of the former Kingdom of New Spain.

57 American Loyalists (The Case and Comprising Mexico and the Mexican CesClaim of) Impartially Stated and Consid sions to the United States, in 1848 and ered. 12mo. pp. 38, paper. (London,

1853. DIap. 12mo. pp. 221. New York, 1783.2)

1 75 58 American Museum (The); or, Re.

70 Andrews (1. W.) Manual of the pository of Ancient and Modern Fugitive Constitution of the United States. 8vo. Pieces, Prose and Poetical. 13 vols. 8vo. pp. 408. Cincinnati, 1873.

1 50 Philadelphia, 1790–4.

13 00

71 Andrews (John). History of the War 59 American Oratory; or, Selections with America, France, Spain, and Holfrom the Speeches of Eminent Americans. land. 1775 to 1793. Portraits, Maps, and &vo. pp. 531, sheep. Phila., 1836. 1 50 Charts. 4 vols. 8vo. calf. Lon. 1785. 7 50

50 | 1878.

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