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FREEMAN. FRENCH VERB. accompany every French Course.


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A Manual of the French Verb, to
By ELLEN FREEMAN. 16mo. Paper. 25

POEMS. "Miami Woods," "A Golden Wedding

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on the Rolling Fork of Hardin," In Exaltis," "Life Pictures," and "Miscellaneous Poems." By WILLIAM D. GALLAGHER. 12mo. Cloth. 2.00 It is fully time that Mr. Gallagher's audi- the ideal, and not one of those unhappy ence should be induced to take in all lovers ones who are cursed with an aspiration.-of poetry. Mr. Gallagher is a true poet, a Philadelphia American. man with a spirit subdued yet vivified by



A Report made to the Geological Survey of Kentucky, but covering the Reptiles and Batrachians of the United States and Territories, Mexico and Central America. This volume contains a General Introduction of 31 pages and Part I: Ophidia-Serpents, with a full Index. pp. 185, and nine fullpage plates, exhibiting numerous characteristic specimens.


Tables for ascertaining the Present Value of Vested and Contingent Rights of Dower and Curtesy and of other Life Estates; based upon the Carlisle Tables of Mortality. Computed and Compiled by FLORIEN GIAUQUE, A. M., and B. H. MCCLURE, A. M.



1. A brief account of Tables of Mortality, Annuity, and similar tables, showing how these tables are used in ascertaining the values of such life estates, and pointing out some erroneous methods sometimes followed.

2. Tables, compiled from single-life annuity tables, for ascertaining the present value of a widow's vested dower and of a widower's vested curtesy, or other life estates, on the basis of 3, 3, 4, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 per cent, the owner of such life estate being of any age from ten to 103 years, inclusive.

3. Tables, computed from single-life and joint-life annuity tables, for ascertaining the present value of a wife's contingent right of dower, or of a husband's contingent right of curtesy, or of other life estates which begin after the death of one or two joint lives, on the basis of 3, 4, 5, and 6 per cent, and for all possible ages of either wife or husband from 15 to 90, inclusive.

GIAUQUE. THE ELECTION LAWS OF THE UNITED STATES. Being a Compilation of all the Constitutional Provisions and Laws of the

United States relating to Elections, the Elective Franchise, to Citizenship, and to the Naturalization of Aliens. With Notes of Decisions affecting the Same. By FLORIEN GIAUQUE. 8vo. Paper, 75c. Cloth, 1 00

CONTENTS: 1. Constitutional Provisions of the United States; 2. The Elective Franchise, including the United States Supervisor Law; 3. Jurisdiction of the United States Courts; 4. Crimes against the Elective Franchise and Civil Rights of Citizens; 5. Citizenship; 6. Naturalization; 7. Crimes relating to Naturalization; 8. Presidential Elections; 9. Election of Senators; 10. Apportionment and Election of Representatives and Delegates; 11. Contested Elections; 12. Index.



It is written in a free, animated, and often very condensed and vigorous style. It was a bold attempt for any man to treat upon such a theme, so soon after the masterly effort of De Tocqueville, who seemed to have left little even for the gleaner where he had reaped. But Judge Grimke acted wisely in not being deterred by such a consideration, for his views strike us with the same feeling of freshness and originality as if the "Democracy in America" had not been written.


And while there is much in the extreme radicalism of many of the doctrines from which we entirely dissent, we can, nevertheless, do justice to the ability with which they are presented and enforced.-Western Law Journal.

It is a work full of thought, fair, tolerant, and based on much study; a series of sensible, deeply meditated essays, well worth reading.-North American Review.

GRISWOLD. KANSAS PILOT. Kansas, her Resources and Developments; or, the Kansas Pilot, giving a direct Road to Homes for Everybody, and the Effects of Latitude on Life Locations, with important Facts for all European Emigrants. By WAYNE GRISWOLD, M.D. Illustrated. 8vo. Paper.


HALL. LEGENDS OF THE WEST. Sketches Illustrative of the Habits, Occupations, Privations, Adventures, and Sports of the Pioneers of the West. By JAMES HALL, author of "The Wilderness and War Path," "Tales of the Border," etc. 12mo. Cloth. 2.00

HALL. ROMANCE OF WESTERN HISTORY; Or, Sketches of History, Life, and Manners in the West. By JAMES HALL. 12mo. Cloth. 2.00

Mr. Hall's tales are characterized by a certain amenity and ease of narrative, a poetic appreciation of the beauties of nature, and the gentler moods of the affections; while the author's pleasant narrative has softened the rudeness without abating the interest of the wild border strife. The Indian subjects are handled with peculiar delicacy; the kindly sentiment of the author dwelling on

their virtues, while his imagination is unkindled by their spiritual legends. His style, pure in sentiment and expression, may be aptly compared with the calm, tranquil aspect of his own Ohio river, occasionally darkened by wild bordering woods, but oftener reflecting the beauty of the azure heavens.-Duyckinck's American Literature.

HANOVER. A PRACTICAL TREATISE ON THE LAW OF HORSES. Embracing the Law of Bargain, Sale, and Warranty of Horses and other Live Stock; the Rule as to Unsoundness and Vice, and the Responsibility

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of the Proprietors of Livery, Auction, and Sale Stables, Innkeepers, Veterinary Surgeons, and Farriers, Carriers, etc. Second edition, revised and enlarged. By M. D. HANOVER. 8vo. Law sheep.


In this work, the author has chiefly sought to investigate the principles which constitute the law of warranty in the sale of horses, and to present them in a clear and concise form.

Contracts, frauds, carriers, negligence, and other branches of the law have also been treated of, so far as they relate to horses and other live stock. The rule as to unsoundness and vice in horses, and the responsibility of innkeepers, livery-stable keepers, and others having the care of horses, have been carefully presented.

The aim of the author has been to afford assistance to the lawyer, and at the same time to enable the unprofessional reader to gain a general acquaintance with the law on the subject. He has also given full notes of the decisions of the American and English courts.

Such a work as this, in which the law re- derstand, has long been needed; and we belating to live stock is carefully collated and lieve this work will be generally sought arranged, and presented in a popular form after by all who deal in this description of which non-professional readers could un- property.-National Live Stock Journal.

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A Syllabus of Anglo

Saxon Literature. By Prof. J. M. HART, of the Cincinnati University. 8vo. Paper.


Prof. Hart's short sketch may be recom- sible to the English reader.-London Acadmended as, on the whole, the best introduc- emy. tion to old English literature that is acces

HASSAUREK. THE SECRET OF THE ANDES. A Romance. By Hon. FREDERIC HASSAUREK, author of "Four Years among the Spanish Americans." 12mo. Cloth.

THE SAME. In German. 8vo. Paper, 50c. Cloth,

1 50


The author has blended the elements of give pleasure whenever it is read, and must history, of tradition, and of imagination, in his powerful narrative, with admirable skill, showing an equally consummate command of the resources of knowledge and the gift of invention.-New York Tribune.

In a brief notice it is impossible to touch upon, much less to do justice to, the many points of beauty, power, and pathos with which the book abounds. It can not but


cause astonishment that one absorbed in the common-place, every-day, business-like duties of the daily editor, can still retain so much that is poetic, so much that is beautiful, and so much that is imaginative, in spite of cares that ordinarily put fancy to flight and make sentiment ridiculous.-Cancinnati Commercial.

SPANISH AMERICANS. Four Years among Spanish

Americans. By Hon. FRED. HASSAUREK, late United States Minister to the Republic of Ecuador. Third edition.




There is scarcely any point as to which tive legends, the history of the conquest, the average or the cultivated reader might the history of independence, glimpses of desire to be informed, that the author has omitted in these graphic pages; the scenery, the cities and towns, the streets, the people, their domestic habits, their religion and politics, their divisions by caste and race, the natural products of the soil, the peculiar botany, the height of mountains, the statistics of earthquakes and eruptions, the na

the present, guesses at the future state of the republic, etc. All these topics are managed without confusion and without dryness. The author is not only cognizant of his subject, but has it well in hand, knows especially what to select and what to reject, and withal is a capable observer and a trustworthy narrator.-The Nation.

HATCH. WAR OF 1812 IN THE NORTHWEST. A Chapter of the History of the War of 1812 in the Northwest. Embracing the Surrender of the Northwestern Army and Fort, at Detroit, August 16, 1813; with a Description and Biographical Sketch of the celebrated Indian Chief, Tecumseh. By Colonel WILLIAM STANLEY HATCH, Acting Assistant Quartermaster-General of that Army. 18mo. Sheep. 1 25

A new chapter of an old history. An old man's story, told while fighting his battles over again, concerning the operations of the Northwestern army. As the author was acting assistant quartermaster-general of the army, and in close communication with the various officers in command, his narrative possesses more than ordinary interest. Nearly one-half of this volume is occupied with an elaborate memoir of Tecumseh, evidently prepared with unusual

advantages for securing accuracy of information, and with great care; and this is not, in our estimation, the least important portion of the volume.-Historical Magazine.

This unpretending little volume is quite an interesting addition to the history of the events referred to. It deals mainly with the operations of General Hull, and his surrender, and gives additional facts in regard to the character and death of Tecumseh.N. E. Hist. and Gen. Register.


Mr. J. Q. Howard's compact little volume is prepared with a good taste and moderation unusual in campaign documents, and it gives abundant materials for forming a fair estimate of the man for whom, probably, a little over half of a nation of forty millions will vote for its chief officer next November.-New York Tribune.

1 25

The volume is published especially with reference to the political campaign, but is, nevertheless, a correct biography, written in a spirit of entire fairness, and its selection from Governor Hayes' speeches are very judiciously chosen.-New York Post.


WARD. 18mo. Paper.


HAZEN. OUR BARREN LANDS. The Interior of the United States, west of the One-Hundredth Meridian, and east of the Sierra Nevada. By General W. B. HAZEN. 8vo. Paper.

This is one of the most interesting works concerning the topography, sterility, and climate of an immense tract in our western country that we have ever seen, and the author of it has earned the thanks of every honest man for having written it. Informing the world that from the hundredth meridian line to the mountains, and from the British possessions to Mexico, the


country is a barren wilderness, utterly worthless for either agricultural or grazing purposes, because of its want of water, intense heat during summer, and intense cold during winter, and denouncing those who attempted to carry emigrants thither to meet certain dfsappointment and ruin.—Historical Magazine.

HENSHALL. CAMPING AND CRUISING IN FLORIDA. By DR. JAMES A. HENSHALL, Author of "The Book of the Black Bass." Profusely illustrated. 12mo. 1 50

It contains Graphic Sketches of Camping, Sailing, Fishing, and Hunting in the Wonderland of Southern Florida, embodying Faithful Descriptions of its Natural Features, Scenery, and Climate; Interesting and Amusing Experiences with its Settlers, "Crackers," and Indians; Pleasing and Instructive Accounts of its Animals, Birds, Fishes, and Reptiles, and

Reliable Information regarding its Soil and Products; being a full account of the Perils and Pleasures, Joys and Tribulations of a Life in the Wilds and on the Waters of Florida, as described by a Naturalist, Yachtman, Sportsman, and Physician.

HENSHALL. BOOK OF THE BLACK BASS. Comprising its Complete Scientific and Life History, together with a Practical Treatise on Angling and Fly-Fishing, with a Full Account of Tools, Implements, and Tackle. By Dr. JAMES A. HENSHALL. Illustrated. 12mo. Cloth. 3 00

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Dr. J. A. Henshall's "Book of the Black Bass will, doubtless, meet the highest expectation of those who have so long and anxiously awaited its appearance. It is a work evidently written con amore, by one who has made black bass a special study for many years, and the ripe fruits of his research are displayed in the volume just is sued. It will take rank as the undisputed authority on the subject of which it treats, and fills a niche too long vacant in the literature of field and flood. As a practical treatise on black bass, and the mode of capture, style of tackle, and all that pertains to the subject, the book may be safely recommended to the angling fraternity of America. -Turf, Field and Farm.

Dr. Henshall has given the angler a book which, as the oystermen say, is full “measure and solid meat.'


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The angling portion of the book is, without doubt, the best thing ever written upon these fishes. . . It is clear, and covers the whole ground of the different modes of fishing, and is accompanied by cuts of the manner of holding the rod, castings, and diagrams of the mode of throwing the fly that it seems to us as if the merest tyro could soon become an expert by carefully reading this book and following its instructions. Not only is it a book for the beginner, but it is one that no angler can afford to do without..

A great charm in the book is the author's freedom from conventionality, and from the echoing of sentiments which have become in sort orthodox opinions of angling writers. Taking it as a whole, we can not speak too highly of it.-Forest and Stream.


An Address delivered at

the Request of the American Social Science Association, at its Meeting in Cincinnati, May 21, 1878. With an Appendix containing: I. The Prussian Anti-Silver Theory, and its Origin in an Historical Error; II. General Restoration of Silver a Condition Precedent to Successful Cancellation of Paper Money; III. A Vindication of the Practicability of Bi-Metallic Union. By S. DANA HORTON. 8vo. Paper.




HORTON. SILVER AND GOLD, and their Relation to the Problem of Resumption. By S. DANA HORTON. Second edition, revised and enlarged. 8vo. Cloth. 1 50 Perhaps no writer in this country on the His opinion is worthy of the highest consilver question has more forcibly

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sideration.-North American Review.

A work of considerable general interesand a contribution of value to the discust sion of the subject in its largest aspects. The book is an extremely interesting one from every point of view. It examines minutely the existing monetary situa

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