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Aim of Life, The, by Rev. James Smith, Cheltenham, Christ Walking on the Waves, (from the German of

Afflicted, For the, 214, 256.

Julius Muller, D.D.,) 157.

Afflicted, Thoughts for the, by Norman M‘Leod, D.D., 184. Christian at Summer Retreats, The, 349.

Afflicted, Thoughts from the, by Norman M'Leod, D.D., Christian Cheerfulness, 250.


Christian Consolation, 289.

Affliction, Uses of, 454.

Christian Energy, 454.

Allegory, An, 418.

Christian, What Death brings to the, (from John Foster,) 95.

American Revival, The: Its Origin, Method, and Object, 7. Christian Workman, A, 467.

Amusements, 407.

Christianity in Advance of Science, 227.

Anxious Inquirer, The, by Rev. C. H. Spurgeon, 73. Christian's Duty in a Time of Revival, The, 241.

Arrow from the Bow, An, 460.

Christian's Heritage, The, by Rev. John Caird, 2.

Are You Sure You are Right? by Rev. James Smith, Christian's Strength, The,
Cheltenham, 39.

Church in the House, The, with Living Preachers-

Armour, The Whole, 525.

What is needed for Salvation, 8.

Arts before the Flood, 218.

Atonement, 8.

Atheism-A Dream, 129.

The Sympathy of Jesus, 32.

Australia, The Gold Diggings of, 391.

“Return unto thy Rest, O my Soul,” 33.

An Important Question, 56.

BAXTER, Richard, Deathbed of, 380.

Diligence in the Use of the Means of Grace, 91.

Be Gentle, 238.

The Chief of Sinners, 92.

Believer Looking to Christ, The,

The Divine Sufferings of Jesus, 127.

Believer's Golden Chain, A, 142.

The Bruised Reed and Smoking Flax, 127.

Bethany, A Home Scene

at, by Rev. J. R. Macduff, 169. Churchyard, A Walk in a, 191.

Bible, The, on Physical Science, 424.

Cities, The Moral Aspect of our Great, 248.
Bible Study? What is, 27.

Clergy, Meditations for the, 479.
Bible and Řeforms, The, 141.

Closet, The, 251.

Bible, The Books of thé,-Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Cloud, A Black, 191.

Nahum, 34.

Coat, Story of a, 351.

Biblical Illustrations, by W. M. Thomson, D.D., 434. Commentators, Sketches of the

Biblical Miscellanies-Apparent Discrepancies in the Matthew Henry, 160.

Gospel Narratives, 105.

John Gill, D.D., 178.

Blighted Life: A True Story, 531.

Clarke and Scott, 207.

Blind Bartimeus, 121, 181.

Common Sense, The Religion of, 217.

Blessedness in Sorrow, 238.

Consider Now, by Bishop M'Ilvaine, 177.

Boy, The Poor Widow's, 413.

Convenient Season, A, by B. C. Cutler, D.D., 13.
Bringing our Sheaves with us," 103.

Conversion, A Pauline, 212.
Bruce the Reformer, Deathbed of, 527.

Conversion, The Probabilities of, 10.
Bunting, Dr, The Conversion of, 331.

Conversion, by Rev. D. E. Ford, 505.
Bunyan, The Last Days of, 415.

Copy-Line, The, 9.
Burmah, Habits and Customs in, by Mrs Ingalls, 510. Crippled William : A True Narrative, 3.
Burmah, The Gospel in, 194.

“Cry Aloud and Spare Not,” 470.
Burmese Customs, Illustrative of Scripture, 290.

“Cut it Down," 368.
CAREY, William, the Father of Modern Missionaries, 337, DANISH Parsonage, Visit to a, 304.

Death, The Lessons of, by G. B. Cheever, D.D., 542.

Cast your Cares upon Him, by Mrs H. B. Stowe, 28. Death's Visit to the Village, 259.

Catacombs of Rome, The, 51.

Delight in the Word, 58.

Certain Rich Men, 270.

Directions for Reading the Scriptures, 87.

Change, A Memorable, 274.

District Visitor's Note-Book, A, 447.

Character, Purity of, 442.

Do not be Hurried, by Dr Malan, Geneva, 423.

Cheer, Words of, 407.

Dressmaker, The, and the Actress, by Rev. James Smith,

Cherish, 488.

Cheltenham, 416.

Child, The Lost, by Rev. John Todd, D:D., 109.

Domestics, Duties to, 153.

Children, Teachings for the-

Dwelling in Tents, 333.

Dependence on God, 11.

Dying Boys, Two, 16.

The Security of those who Trust in God, 35.

Faithful Performance of Duty under Trying Circum- EARLY Piety, 208.

stances, 59.

Egypt-Its People and Missions, 520.

On Instinct, 83.

Encouragement, 418.

The Soul, 119.

“End there is None,” 130.

The Trinity, 151.

Enoch, How to be Like, 407.

China, 94.

Evangelists of Last Century, The

Christ in the Garden, 357.

James Hervey, 294.

Christ Revealing Himself, 286.

Augustus Toplady, 294.

Christ's Teachings: A Paper for Sabbath-School Teachers, William Grimshaw, 427.


Henry Venn, 427.

Christ, The Fulness of, 466.

William Romaine, 428.

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