Observations on Reversionary Payments: On Schemes for Providing Annuities for Widows, and for Persons in Old Age; on the Method of Calculating the Values of Assurances on Lives; and on the National Debt. Also Essays on Different Subjects in the Doctrine of Life-annuities and Political Arithmetic ...

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T. Cadell and W. Davis, 1812 - Annuities
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Page 127 - ... it is by no means strictly proper to consider our diseases as the original intention of nature. They are, without doubt, in general our own creation. Were there a country where the inhabitants led lives entirely natural and virtuous, few of them would die without measuring out the whole period of...
Page 51 - Afterwards it was calculated that more left them than went to them. In the year 1760 they were increased to half a million. They had, therefore, all along doubled their number in 25 years.
Page 84 - This rule can want no explication or proof, after what has been already said. If, therefore, the number of annual settlers in a town at every age could be ascertained ; a perfect Table of Observations might be formed for that town, from Bills of mortality containing an account of the ages at which all die in it. But no more can be...
Page 155 - By this means the houses being kept up, did of necessity enforce a dweller; and the proportion of land for occupation being kept up, did of necessity enforce that dweller not to be a beggar or cottager, but a man of some substance, that might keep hinds and servants, and set the plough on going.
Page 153 - ... state. It is no uncommon thing for 4 or 5 wealthy graziers to engross a large enclosed lordship which was before in the hands of 20 or 30 farmers, and as many smaller tenants and proprietors. All these are hereby thrown out of their livings with their families and many other families who were chiefly employed and supported by them.
Page 75 - In such a series of numbers, the excess of each number above that wbfich immediately follows it, will be the number dying every year, out of the particular number alive at the beginning of the year ; and these excesses set down regularly, as in the third column of the...
Page 213 - Observations on the Difference between the Duration of Human Life in Towns and in Country Parishes and Villages.
Page 185 - The handcuffs and fetters in which the hero commonly appears at the end of the second, or the beginning of the third...
Page 127 - From this comparison, it appears, with how much truth great cities have been called the graves of mankind. It must also convince all who consider it, that according to the observation, at the end of the...
Page 97 - Secondly, the bills give the number dying annually between 20 and " 30 greater than between 30 and 40 ; but this being, a circumstance which '' does not exist in any other register of mortality, and, undoubtedly, owing to "some accidental and local causes, the decrements were made equal between ' 22 and 40; preserving, however, the total of deaths between 20 and 40 ' the same that the bills give them.

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