Economic Growth, Climate Crisis and Natural Disasters

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IMPRI Impact and Policy Research Institute, Apr 13, 2022 - Science - 190 pages

Today, almost all countries of the world are facing the scourge of natural disasters caused by global warming. Rising temperature is increasing the frequency and intensity of natural disasters and the severity of their effects. The increase in the average global temperature has not happened all of a sudden, the real reason for this increase is the pro-capitalist/corporate world economic development model adopted by the governments of different countries. Most of the countries around the world, especially developed countries, have indiscriminately squandered natural resources in a blind race of economic growth.

The research articles in this book are an attempt to analyze the global climate crisis, natural disasters, and economic growth. They trace the extent to which human beings have destroyed natural resources such as forests, water, land, and air in the name of economic development. The average temperature of the earth began to rise after the Pre-Industrial Revolution Period. Rapid global warming has caused the world's oldest and most developed countries to be affected by floods, heatwaves, droughts, and wildfires. Every day, one or another region of India is suffering from natural calamities, with the state of Uttarakhand and six states in the Western Ghats being on the brink of ruin. They also explain which countries around the world are now planning to overcome the climate crisis caused by global warming.

The time to look at the facts and act on Climate Change is now, if every country takes bold steps for the pressing issues at hand, we can still change the trajectory of where humanity is headed. Everyday small acts by vigilant citizens can look like drops of water, but we should remember many tiny drops can make an ocean, these many small acts can surmount to something bigger. We must put in the time, though, and effort quickly and boldly. Here's to leaving our planet better than how we found it for the future generations to come.


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Delhi is Responsible for its own Pollution Mess not the Farmers
Goa will be Destroyed All in the Name of Economic Development
A wakeup Call
Environmental Concern for India
Rise in Temperature Amidst Lockdown Means We did Activities that are Warming Atmosphere
The United States Skepticism Towards Climate Agreement
A WakeUp Call to Revise the Economic Development Model
Lessons for Himachal Pradesh from the Other Himalayan States Supreme Courts Forestland Ruling
Uttarakhand Engulfed in Wildfires
The United States Climate Summit Redefined Promises of the Paris Climate Agreement
Time to Take on the Increasing Air Pollution in Indian Cities
Protecting India from Maritime Disasters
Yaas and Tauktae Show Our Economy Must Change
India Lags in Sustainable Development
A Wakeup Call
Floods and Recurring Natural Disasters in India

A Path of Recovery and Well Being
Valuing Water
Climate Change to Save Earth
Threat of the Anthropocene Summit on Climate Change in April 2021
The Safe Limit for Temperature Rise is Slipping Out of Reach Disclosure of the First Part of the Sixth Report of IPCC
How to Avoid Air Pollution in India?

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Gurinder Kaur is a Professor in the Department of Geography at Punjabi University, Patiala, and a Visiting Professor at IMPRI Impact and Policy Research Institute, New Delhi.

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