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Innervation, functional disorders Muscular electrization, direct, 67.

indirect, 72.
Instruments, 20.

rule to be observed in, 71.
Insulating stool, 22.

irritability, 94.
Internal organs, electrization of, 88. sensibility, 94.
Intra-muscular electrization, 62. Myelitis, electrization in, 141.
Irritability, increased, 96.

increased to voltaism and di- Nail, electric, 87.

minished to faradism, 97. Neck, electrization of, 74.
in cerebral paralysis, 98. Nerve, electrization of crural, 84.
in hysterical paralysis, 98.

facial, 73.
in spinal paralysis, 98.

hypoglossal, 76
in traumatic paralysis, 128. internal intercostal, 82.
in wasting palsy, 98.

median, 80.
mode of testing, 84.

musculo-cutaneous, 80.
normal, 86.

obturator, 84
to voltaism increased, 115.

of Willis, 75.

peroneal, 85.
Larynx, electrization of, 86.

radial, 81.
Lead palsy, 149.

sciatic, 85.
Leyden jar, franklinization by, 64. superior gluteal, 84.
Limitation of electricity in diag- tibial, 84.
nosis, 94.

ulnar, 80.
of electricity in therapeutics, Nerves of taste, electrization of, 93.

phrenic, electrization of, 76.
Locol paralysis, 149.

Nervous system, electrization of
Locomotor ataxy, 153.

central organs of, 86.

Neuralgia, electrization in, 111.
Magneto-electricity, see Faradism. facial, electrization in, 104.
Micturition, electrization in, diffi- Nomenclature, 19.

culty of, 157.
Migraine, electrization in, 113. Olfactory nerves, electrization of,
Moderator, water, 39.

Mouth, electrization of nerves of Organs of the senses, electrization
cavity of, 75.

of, 91.
Moxa, electric, 88.
Muirhead's battery, 23.

Pain, relief of, 111.
Muscles, electrization of buccinator, Paralysis, 114.

atropic, of hand, 135.
digastric, 73.

of shoulder muscles, 135.
external oblique, 83.

diphtheritic, 135.
frontal, 73.

glosso-labio-laryngeal, 153.
latissimus dorsi, 83.

hysterical, 148.
orbicularis oris, 74.

rheumatic, 149.
orbicularis palpebræ, 73.

infantile, 128.
splenius capitis, 83.

local, 149.
stylo-hyoid, 73.

of ocular muscle, 151.
transversalis, 83.

traumatic, 120.
zygomaticus, 84.

faradism in, 121.
abdominal, 82.

vcltaism in, 127.
developed by electrization, 124, Paraplegia, 141.
129, 135, 136.

constipation of, 158.

Pedal commutator, Dr. Gower's,140. Sympathetic, electrization of, 110.

Duchenne's 40.
Phrenic nerves, electrization of, 76. Therapeutics of electricity, 100.
Primary coil, 37.

Threads, metallic, 88.

Torticollis, 144.
Radcliffe's, Dr., positive charge, 66, Traumatic paralysis, 120.

Tremor, 143.
Rectum, electrization of, 88. Trunk, electrization of, 82.
Respiration, artificial, by electriza-

tion of phrenic nerves, 76, 154. Uterus, electrization of, 89.
Retina, electrization of, 92.
Rheophore, aural, 92.

Voltaism, 23.
conical, 69,

Voltaization, 66.
disk, 68.

and faradization, differential
laryngeal, 91.

use of, 109.
olivary, 69.

in amaurosis, 152.
rectal, 88.

in atrophic paralysis, 116, 119.
urethral, 88.

in electrolysis, 158.
uterine, 90.

in facial paralysis, 151.
vesical, 89.

in hemiplegia, 139.
Rheophores, method of holding, 68. in infantile paralysis, 136.
solid metallic, 87.

in local paralysis, 149.
Rheumatism, muscular, 154.

in locomotor ataxy, 153.
Rhomboid, contraction of, 145.

in neuralgia, 111.
Rigidity in hemiplegia, 139.

in torticollis, 144.

in traumatic paralysis, 128.
Sciatica, Franklinization in, 104. in vesical spasm, 157.
Secondary coil, 38.

in wasting palsy, 142.
Sensibility, electric, abolition of, of great nervous centres, value

of, 111.
Shock from Leyden jar, 64. Voltao-contractility, mode of test-
Sparks, franklinization by, 64. ing, 94,

in aphonia, 105.
in facial neuralgia, 104. Wasting palsy, 142.
in facial spasm, 104.

Weiss' battery, 28.
in hyperæsthesia, 106. Wire, conducting, 59.
Spasm, facial, Franklinization in, ground, 67.

Writer's cramp, 144.
Sponge-holder, 68.
Static electricity, see Franklinism. Zincs, to amalgamate, 33.
Stöhrer's induction instrument, 54.


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AITKEN'S Science and Practice of Medicine. The Third American, from the Sixth

London Edition. 2 Volumes, Royal Octavo. SANDERSON'S Hand-Book for the Physiological Laboratory. Exercises for Students

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Executed Microscopical Illustrations. MEIGS & PEPPER'S Practical Treatise on the Diseases of Children. Fourth Edition. TANNER’S Practice of Medicine. Fifth American, from the Sixth London Edition: TANNER & MEADOW’S Diseases of Infancy and Childhood. Third American

Edition. BIDDLE'S Materia Medica, for Students. Fifth Revised Edition. With Illustrations. HARRIS' Principles and Practice of Dentistry. The Tenth Revised Edition. PAGET'S Surgical Pathology. By TURNER. Third London Edition. SOELBERG WELLS on Diseases of the Eye. Second London Edition. BYFORD'S Practice of Medicine and Surgery, applied to the Diseases of Women.

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KIRKE'S Hand-Book of Physiology. Eighth London Edition.
DILLNBERGER'S Hand-Book of the Treatment of Women and Children's Diseases.
CHEW'S Lectures on Medical Education.
MENDESHALL'S Medical Student's Vade-Mecum. The Tenth Edition. 224

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DIXON'S Practical Study of the Diseases of the Eye. Third Edition.
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HILL'S Pocket Anatomist for the use of Students.
TAXXER'S Memoranda of Poisons. From the Third London Edition.
RIGBY'S Obstetric Memoranda. Fourth Edition.




Professor of Pathology in the Army Medical School, &c.

American, from the Sixth London Edition. Thoroughly Revised,
Remodelled, many portions Rewritten, with Additions almost equal to
a Third Volume, and numerous additional Illustrations, without any
increase in bulk or price. Containing a Colored Map showing the
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Two volumes, royal octavo, bound in cloth, price,

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14.00 For eighteen months Dr. Aitken has been engaged in again carefully revising this Great Work, and adding to it many valuable additions and improvements, amounting in the aggregate almost to a volume of new matter, included in which will be found the adoption and incorporation in the text of the “ New Nomenclature of the Royal College of Physicians of London;" to which are added the Definitions and the Foreign Equivalents for their English names; the New Classification of Disease as adopted by the Royal College of Physicians, &c.

The American editor, MEREDITH CLYMER, M. D., has also added to it many valuable articles, with special reference to the wants of the AMERICAN PRACTITIONER.

The work is now, by almost universal consent, both in England and the United States, acknowledged to be in advance of all other works on The Science and Practice of Medicine. It is a most thorough and complete TEXT-BOOK for students of medicine, following such a systematic arrangement as will give them a consistent view of the main facts, doctrines, and practice of medicine, in accordance with accurate physiological and pathological principles and the present state of science. For the practitioner it will be found equally acceptable as a work of reference.


Surgeon to St. Mark's Hospital for Fistula, &c. FISTULA, HÆMORRHOIDS, PAINFUL ULCER, STRICT

URE, PROLAPSUS, and other Diseases of the Rectum, their Diagnosis and Treatment. Second Edition, Revised and Enlarged by the Author. Price

$2.00 This book has been well received by the Profession; the first edition sold rapidly; the present one has been revised by the author, and some additions made, chiefly as to the mode of treatment.

The Medical Press and Circular, speaking of it, says: “No book on this special subject can at all approach Mr. Allingham's in precision, clearness, and practical good sense.”

The London Lancet : “As a practical guide to the treatment of affections of the lower bowel, this book is worthy of all commendation."

The Edinburgh Monthly:“We cordially recommend it as well deserving the careful study of Physicians and Surgeons.”


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