Catalogue of the Ames Free Library, North Easton, Massachusetts, Volume 1

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Page 2 - George Washington John Adams Thomas Jefferson James Madison James Monroe John Quincy Adams Andrew Jackson Martin Van Buren William Henry Harrison * John Tyler James K.
Page 185 - Narratives of Richard Coeur de Lion, by Richard of Devizes and Geoffrey de Vinsauf; and of the Crusade at Saint Louis, by Lord John de Joinville.
Page 440 - Education, and where to find it; Scientific Education; on the Educational Value of the Natural History Sciences; on the Study of Zoology; on the Physical Basis of Life; the Scientific Aspects of Positivism; on a Piece of Chalk ; Geological Contemporaneity and Persistent Types of Life ; Geological Reform ; the Origin of Species ; Criticisms on the " Origin of 'Species ;" on Descartes' " Discourse touching the Method of using one's Reason rightly and of seeking Scientific Truth.
Page 333 - Contents : — First Impressions of Rome — The Illyrian Emperors and their Land — Augusta Treverorum— The Goths at Ravenna — Race and Language — The Byzantine Empire— First Impressions of Athens — Mediaeval and Modern Greece — The Southern Slaves — Sicilian Cycles — The Normans at Palermo.
Page 50 - A Guide to English Literature— Falkland — A French Critic on Milton — A French Critic on Goethe— George Sand. LITERATURE AND DOGMA : an Essay towards a Better Apprehension of the Bible. Popular Edition, with a new Preface. Crown 8vo. 2s. 6d. GOD AND THE BIBLE : a Sequel to 'Literature and Dogma.
Page 146 - Tibullus, and the Vigil of Venus. Trans, with Notes and Biographical Introduction. To which are added, Metrical Versions by Lamb, Grainger, and others. Frontispiece. CICERO'S Orations. Trans, by CD Yonge, BA 4 vols.
Page 333 - Edition. 8vo. ios. 6d. Contents :— The Mythical and Romantic Elements in Early English History — The Continuity of English History — The Relations between the Crown of England and Scotland — St. Thomas of Canterbury and his Biographers, &c. HISTORICAL ESSAYS. Second Series. Second Edition, with additional Essays. 8vo.
Page 25 - Peaks, Passes, and Glaciers: a Series of Excursions by Members of the Alpine Club. Edited by JOHN BALL, MRIA, FLS, President of the Alpine Club.
Page 333 - Ancient Greece and Mediaeval Italy:" "Mr. Gladstone's Homer and the Homeric Ages : " " The Historians of Athens : " " The Athenian Democracy : " "Alexander the Great : " " Greece during the Macedonian Period:" " Mommsen's History of Rome:" "Lucius Cornelius Sulla:

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