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At Olonitz, two Ships of Fir are building of forty Guns, and may be ready this Summer.

At Ladinople, two by Mr. Brown of fifty Gun* were to be ready the last Summer, the Knee, Timbers, Stem and Stern are of Oak, brought from Casan by Land.

One Ship of eighty Guns was to be set up last Year.

All the other Ships at Petersturgh and Archangel are of Fir, those of Veronitz and Casan are of Oak. In 1710, Orders were given for fitting up twentythree Sail of Ships on the Don, being those built, or building by the Englijh, which are like to be the main Force of the Czar's Fleet, the rest being. Show and Number.

The Fleet at Petersturgh has only hitherto been manned in any tolerable Regularity ; each Pa'Jfar t Frigate there had a Captain, Lieutenant, Master, Boatswain, Boatswain's-Mate, Seamen, and eighty Mariners ; but, on any Expedition, they were always re-inforced by the Soldiers of the Garrison.

On the thirty-six Sail of Dutch Ships on the Don are thirty-five Dutch Ossicers and SeaCo tit D<m. men, and about two hundred Rusians.


At Taveroff) are about fifteen Ossicers and Seamen.


At Tagnarok is Commodore Beckham, an Englijhman, with about three foreign Oificet-s and Seamen, and sixteen Ruffians on board each Ship: When the Vessels fail for Salt, they are manned by the Soldiers of the Garrison.

At Archangel was a Commodore, a Hollander; the Frigates there were better manned by Ruffian Pilots and Watermen, and foreign Seamen, which were yearly debauched out of the Fleets; These Vessels are now pirating in the Baltic.

A Sea Captain has thirty-nine Rubles, a Month; a Lieutenant seventeen ; an under Lieutenant and Master eleven: The Ruffian Seamen and F^' Marines are paid on the fame Footing with the Land Forces, viz. each Man a Ton of Corn, the eighth Part of a Ton of Pease or Oatmeal, and ten Pounds of Bacon, a Month., and eleven Rubles a Year in Money. The Foreigners have something extraordinary for their Encouragement,

On the Don are three Yards on the following Establishment.

In the First YARD.

Yearly Salary.

Pounds Ster, Rubles

Master Builder, Richard Cosens, 500 120

Under Master, Hadley, ioo IOO

Assistant, Rob. Davenport, 70' 80 First Prentice, Francis Kitchen, 128

Second Prentice, Jfm. Snelgrove, \

sent to Peter/burgh, J *3°

A Dutch Smith for the Ship-work, 260 Five hundred Carpenters and La- ]

1 12 ^Q2

bourers, one with another, J ,3"


Tflfsl/, 14,794

In the Third YARD.

Yearly Salary.

Pounds Ster. Rubles.

Master Builder, Henry Nye, 25O 100

Under Master, Henry Johnson, ;oo 12O

Assistant, Wm. Gardner, 80 100

Three Ruffian Prentices, at 130 1

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Rubles each, A Dutch Smith, 260

Five Hundred Carpenters, 13e. '2>592

. —.

Total, 430 13,562

Note, The Men dying in the Yards, and theif Places not being supplied, no Yard has at present above two hundred Men. The Czar's Yard for these three last Years has only built Brigantines and small Craft, he being in the Army, and his Under Master at Peter/burgh, but he regularly receives his Proportion of Timber, by Lot, with the rest, nor will he suffer the other Yards to make tisc of his Stuff, but on Obligation to repay him the next Receipts. He allows no Foreigners to work in his Yard, but has the Draughts of his Ships from the Britijh Masters.

Mr. Cofens and Nyt have the Inspection of the Dutch Ships on the Dan, which are most decayed; under1 them for this Service *»*«•*«• are,

Assistant, Henry Bird,
Prentice, Leonard Chapmdnt
An Italian Callcer,

Three hundred Carpenters, Calkers |
and Labourers

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^/STUPENA, to take Care of the old Dutch Ship]

Yearly Salary. Pounds Ster. Rubles A Dutch Builder* 220

Under him a sew Men taken out 1 of the other Yards. J

For building and taking Care of the GALLIES. Master Builder, a Greek, 300

His Assistant, . 130

Fifty Carpenters, 912

Majl-makers and other Artificers.

Master Mast-maker, Henry Wrights 100 220

Two Prentices, at 130 Rubles each, 260

Interpreter, 18

Eighty Carpenters, 1423

Master Block-maker, Baggs, 100 220

Two Assistants, at 195 Rubles each, 390

One hundred Carpenters and Turners, 2190

Master Carver, Mansfeldt, 460

Under Carver, a Pole, 195

Two Assistants, at 195 Rubles each, 390

Seventy Men, 1533 Master Calker, H. Atherley, 50

One hundred and fifty Calkers, 2737 Master Painter, S. Hopkins, 100

Under Painter, a Ruffian, 260

Japanner, Brunqua/s, 325

• Joiner,

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