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Joiner, a Swede, 65

Master Boat-Builder, a Russ> 260

Master Sail-Master, a Russ, 260

Master Sawyer, a Dutch-man, 390

Twenty Men, 219

All the Czar's Anchors are made at Dobrove, about an hundred EngUJh Miles from Veronhz, Hearer Mosco.

Pounds Ster. Master Anchor-smith, R. Halley, 150

Under Master, Robert Davis, 80

Loc]g.-(m\tb,.Thomas Daniel, 100

Smiths and Prentices under them.

Purveyors in the Woods.

Yearly Rubles. A Dutchman, 260

A Greek, who has been in England, chuses 1 ,

good Timber, J

A Greek, who sends down any Stuff" that 1 ,

comes to Hand, J


The Labourers are Peafants, obliged to work in the Woods for Nothing, which Hardship has made several Hundreds desert the Country.

Yearly Rubles. Dock-builder, Annifee Miketoivick, a Pole, 700 Assistant, a Ruffian, 260

Two hundred Carpenters, 3650

Q. 2 Several

Several hundred Labourers, which the neighbouring Provinces are obliged to send in by Turns, and furnish them with Bread and Subsistence for so many Months.

jit OLONITZ, in the Ladoga-Sea.

Yearly Salary. Pounds Ster. Rubles. Master Builder, Rich. Brent, 200 150

Assistant, Edward Hill, 100 120

Two hundred and fifty Carpenters 1 6106

and Labourers, i


Master Builder, Brown, 150 100

Two hundred and fifty Carpenters \ 6206

and Labourers, J

Master Boat-builder, Hunty 150 iao

Master Joiner, Evans, 80.

Master Carver,. Mallard, 80

The Communications which the Czar has ordered

between the several Rivers, with a Pro

Camumcat**, fpe# of advancing his Trade an*

between the Don-J; . °

tr.dWoiga. shipping, are between the Von and IVolga.

This Passage was first endeavoured to be cut by
Sultan Selim, for the better Transpor-

DonaniWolga. ta{jon qc h[s Army ^ /ljlracan and th«

Cushion Sea against the Per/tans, in 1560, but his



Design was deseated by the continual Irruptions of the Cojsacks and Ruffes. This Enterprize lay dead till about 1693, when the Czar employed an Engineer,. Col. Breckel, to Work on the Communication, but being very ill used by Prince Boris Alexewitz Galliezyn Governor of the Province, who openly opposed the Work, and who would neither furnish Men or Materials in Pursuance of the Czar's Orders, the Engineer, to avoid his Persecution, fled away to Perjia. In 1699, another Engineer, Captain Perry, was employed in this Service, but met with the fame Discouragement from Prince Galliczyn as his Predecessor; notwithstanding which, the Work was carried on with pretty good Success till the End of December 1710, when the Czar ordered it to be laid aside till after the War, since he could not so well spare the Number of Men required in the present Juncture, The digging Work is about half finished ; twelve thoufand Men and about five Years Time, would serve to persect the Whole; the Channel was to be large and deep enough for Ships of eighty Guns to pass; it is to be dug through near three Englijh Miles, in which Space there is a large Mountain, between the Rivers Lavala and CamiJhinka; the first falls into the Don about one hundred and thirty Englijh Miles from the Canal, and the last into the Wolga, about nine Englijh Miles from the Canal; six Sluices are begun but none finished, and six more are to be made in the CamiJhinka: In all from the Lavala to the Place where the Camijhinka falls into the Wolga, are sixty-two thoufand three hundred Englijh Feet.

Q_3 The

The second Communication is by a Canal near the Ivan Ozero, between a Branch of the River Dan and the Tula, which falls into the Occa; this Work is above eight Englijh Miles long, and has several Stone Sluices, though not quite brought to Persection, and is only designed for a Passage for large Boats,

The third Communication is between the JVolga and the tVolchow, a River which runs Tfi"a-si by Novogrod and falls into the LadogaSea: This Canal is cut near IVisnei Woloczok, I think not above an Englijh Mile long, and quite finished ; a Mathematician was sent down this Spring to take an exact Survey of it and the upper Parts of the two Rivers; and another Engineer was at the fame time dispatched to view the Rivers about the Bid Ozora, and other Lakes, to see whether he cannot find a more convenient Passage into , the Ladoga Sea; the River Wolcho-w below Novogrod having two or three dangerous Falls. This Con- munication seems to be more for Curiosity than Use, for the Frigates now bringing from Casan, have been three Years in their Passage i they are frozen up the six Winter Months; during the Spring Floods f©r five or six Weeks it is scarce possible for them to mount the IVolga against the Current; towards the Autumn the Waters are very low, and they are often forced to warp round the Points of Land and Sand Banks; This last Winter a Carpenter was


sent to cut down Oak for six Fifty-gun"Ships at Casan, the Timbers were to be rough hewn there, and transported in flat-bottom Boats to Peter/burgh; by the Time these will be on the Road, it will be certainly known whether this Communication can be of any Use to Commerce.

These Observations on the State of Rujsta are all that occur to me as necessary, till the Influence of this Nation in the present ""'" War, and its Share in the general Affairs of Europe, makes this Country better known to Strangers.

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