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whose productions are examples of strength, force, and manliness of style. Such are most controversial writings, that have been called forth in times of political or religious revolution. And whenever the nature of the subject, or the circumstances of the individual, have been such as deeply to interest the feelings,-to stir up the soul, and put into powerful action the faculties of the mind, we have writings, in which these qualities are prominent. The extracts from Milton, Barrow, and Sidney, are examples of this manner of writing.

8. The only remaining class of writers, to whom I shall refer, includes those who have given elevation, richness, and every noble quality to style. They are those, who by their contemporaries, and by succeeding ages, have been esteemed intellectually great, and who, from their originality, their rich flow of thought and expression, and the strength, comprehensiveness, and clearness of their views, were well fitted to instruct and improve their race. A few such names are found in English literature; and as they have appeared at successive periods, it is easy to discern their powerful influence on the advancement of their native style. Such men were Bacon and Milton and Dryden.


G. Norman, Printer, Maiden Lane, Covent Garden.

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