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I Description of Gaul, 2 the Helvetii, 3, 4 intrigues and death of Orgetorix, 5, 6 plans of the Helvetii, 7, 8 Caesar's precautions, 9 the Helvetii failing in their attempt have recourse to the Aeduan Dumnorix, 10 action of Caesar, 11 advance and ravages of the Helvetii, 12 Caesar attacks them by the Saône, 13, 14 negotiations, 15 cavalry engagement, 16-20 negotiations between Caesar and the Aedui, 21, 22 a false alarm, Caesar continues his pursuit of the Helvetii, 23-28 he marches towards Bibracte followed by the enemy who attack him and are defeated in a great battle, 29 statistics, 30—32 deputation of Gauls, 33-36 negotiations with Ariovistus, 37, 38 Caesar hastens to Besançon which he occupies, 39-41 panic in Roman camp allayed by Caesar, 42—46 conference with Ariovistus, 47 Gallic envoys seized by Ariovistus, 48 who approaches nearer; cavalry engagement, 49, 50 skirmishing, 51-53 decisive battle, 54 arrangements for the winter.


1-3 Conspiracy of the Belgae, the Remi only excepted, 4 statistics, 5 Caesar encamps on the Aisne, 6—11 siege of Bibrax raised by Caesar, decisive battle and defeat of the Belgae near Berry-au-Bac, 12 Caesar marches to Soissons, 13 and Breteuil, 14, 15 colloquy, 16-28 battle with the Nervii at Hautmont; the enemy almost annihilated, 29—33 the Aduatuci besieged at Huy, 34 expedition to the coast, 35 arrangements for the winter.




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