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the common support. They are lodgers the islanders had suffered great privations in the house, occupying the upper apart by the abolition of smuggling; and that ments. The assassin, William Hetch, was should the importation of silks and lace be married to the deceased (a young woman put a stop to, it would reduce many to poof but 18 years of age), in November last, verty and distress. The court further orand basely deserted her after five days co- dered, that a bumble representation shoald habitation; shortly after which the un be made to the Privy Council of all these bappy woman had to learn that the wretch circumstances, and praying that the order had been previously married, and his wife might not be put in force in Guernsey. and three children living. She was taken The late George Rose.-On Sunday the home by her parents, and had had no com first inst. the Rev. F. Compton preached a munion with her murderer since that pe- suitable discourse, at Lyndhurst Church, riod. On Saturday the 14tb, a letter was

on the death of the Right Hon. George addressed by Hetch to Mary Ann Phillips, Rose, to an attentive andience, at the close appointing the deceased to meet him in

of which be delivered a written paper to Tottenham-place, the contents were told

the clerk, and left the church. The clerk to the deceased, and she wrote to say she then read aloud, that, from a codicil to the could not give the relief he asked, namely, deceased's will, every male person then a trifle of money to enable bim to leave

present was entitled to 10s. provided it the country. About eight o'clock, how

was thought worth acceptance! Many ever, the assassin called at the house, and

others, could they have known the cirstated that he wished to see her. She came

cumstance, would, doubtless, have given down with her youngest sister, who was their attendance that day at church! going out to market, and the deceased and this wretch were left together in the pas

Edinburgh. - Feb. 4. The commissioners sage of the house.

appointed to examine the crown-room A strange noise being afterwards heard by some people below,

and chest in this Castle, directed the latthey were induced to come up, when

ter to be forced open, which was found they found the deceased on the floor, pre

to contain the crown, sceptre, and sword senting a spectacle too horrid to describe,

of state of Scotland, answering in the this monster having nearly severed her

most minute particulars to their descriphead from her body. From the marks of tion in the instrument of deposition, 26th blood upon the wall, it appeared as if she

March, 1707. There was also a silver had been thrust against it while the dia

rod of office, of which the peculiar use is bolical deed was committed.

not yet ascertained. The workmanship At half-past eight o'clock information

of the crown and sceptre are highly elewas received, that the assassin was attend.

gant and in good taste. The sword being ing divine service at a chapel in Lisle

a present from Pope Julius to James IV. street, the very place where he had be

is of a pattern corresponding to the excelcome acquainted witb her. Atkins was

lence of the arts of Italy at that classical therefore in waiting while service was over

period. Nothing else was found in the when on coming out, he was seized, and

chest, excepting a copy of the act of detaken to Bow street, where he was searched

position. The regalia were placed in the and handicuffed. He was a good-looking

chest, which was again properly secured. man of 35. On the morning of the day

Bakewell.- A Savings Bapk for the High (Feb. 20.) in which he was to be brought

Peak district, was established here on the to the Old Bailey for trial, he committed

16th instant. President, His Grace the suicide by cutting his throat with a razor.

Duke of Bedford ; Vice-President, His An inquest was held the following day.

Grace the Duke of Rutland.
Verdict felo de se.


Murder.-On the morning of the 11th Guernsey.-The Prince Regent in coun

ult, Mr. Tiffany, the constable of Deighcil lately sent an order to the Royal Court

ton, was found murdered, on the floor of of Guernsey, to prohibit the importation

a barn adjoining the house of John Blackof French silks, lace, &c. into that island. burn, alias Marsden, of Deighton. Mr. After the order had been read in open

Tiffany had gone to apprehend Blaekburn court by the King's Treasurer, the court

on a charge of robbery, and strong suspirefused to register it, alledging, that it mi. cions exist that he was killed by the cullitated against the long-established customs, prit, who has absconded. rights, and privileges of the island ; that Longevity.There are now living in

the opper part of Wensleydale, in this the top of the stairs, (which were only a county, tbree women, whose ages amount few yards from the door) and some of them 10 294 years; and at the small village of were dragged down when the stairs were Gayle, near Hawes, in the same Dale, ten on fire: the remainder, it is supposed, persons are now living, the aggregate of were so terrified, that they ran back to whose ages is 880 years.

the mill, and were instantly suffocated ; Sheffield. — Feb, 6. A public meeting for as soon as it was known they had rewas this day held at the Town Hall in turned, a ladder was immediately placed Sheffield, when the draft of a proposed Bill to a window at the opposite side of the mill, for the better cleansing, lighting, and

to which it was tbought they would flee watching the town was submitted to the for safety (and near which piace fourteen inhabitants there assembled ; and after were afterwards foand), which was forced some discussion it was unanimously re: open; but the smoke and flames issuing solved that the same should be presented out with such violence, totally precluded to parliament in order that it might be all possibility of any assistance being girpassed into a Law.

en, nor could any thing be heard of them, Climbing Boys. - A general meeting of although every exertion was made to stithe inhabitants of the city of York and its mulate them to approach the window. Afneighbourhood was held Feb. 9, the Right could be formed what point the poor chil

ter this attempt to save them, no idea Hon. the Lord Mayor in the chair, when it was resolved, that a petition be pre- ensued amongst those without, which is

dren had fled to, and immediately a scene sented to the House of Lords, and another to the House of Commons, praying, that beyond description, as the floors gave way, the present practice of cleansing chimneys and all in an instant was one volume of

fire. ' Fifteen bodies are found, and a by means of climbing boys, be wholly abolished.

number of persons are employed in searchMost calamitous Fire.-We are very

ing for the rest. Insurances on the promuch concerned to state, that the cotton

perty had been effected in the Sun and

Phønix Fire Offices. factory at Coln Bridge, near Huddersfield, occupied by Mr. T. Atkinson, caught fire Singular occurrence.—Last week, as a about five o’elock on Sunday morning, young man was blowing his cottage-fire the 14th. instant, and raged with such ra with the bellows, at Hornsea, he was surpidity and violence, that it destroyed the prised by the appearance of a live animal whole, with the machinery and stock in descending the chimney; he attacked it the same, in balf an hour. But what is with his bellows, which he broke, and most tragical to relate, there were about then followed the intruder with the fire26 persons at work, and only nine escaped. poker, and soon laid him lifeless on the Seventeen (all girls, the eldest about 19 spot. While he was engaged with the first, years of age ) fell victims to the devouring another of the same species had come flaines. The manner in which this awful down the same way unperceived ; this he and melancholy disaster took place, is re also attacked with his poker and killedlated as follows, by a boy, about ten years They proved to be two female Foxes, which of age, who was the unfortunate instru- had most likely mistaken their way and ment of so calamitous an event. He intended to get amongst the poultry in an says, that about five o'clock, he was sent adjoining apartment, and as the eves of into the card-room, (which is on the the cottage were low, they had found no ground floor, but not worked in the night) difficulty in reaching the top of the house. with a lighted candle, to fetch some rov Bishop Blaze.—Tuesday. Feb 3, was ceings, and in taking them, some loose cot. lebrated at Bradford, the Septennial Fes. ton, lying near, caught fire. He says, he tival of Bishop Blaze. The procession was Fan up stairs to inform those at work that planned, and conducted with great skill. the factory was on fire, and then ran to In point of respectability and bombers, it the top of the mill, under the idea of greater far exceeded that of any preceding pesafety; but finding such intense heat and riod. The morning was propitious, and smoke, he again descended, and when he at the early hour of nine o'clock, the whole came to the stairs, under which the fire of the cavalcade, amounting to npwards was, he laid himself down, and rolled to

of a thousand horse and foot, were in mothe bottom, and appears to be the last per- tion. We are sorry to add, that one person wbo escaped. The two overlookers son lost his life on this occasion, by the succeeded in getting all the children to accidental discharge of a gun.

Słonthly Register.

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Derbyshire, Charles Hoghes May, esq. to Jan. 17. At Darlington, Mr. John Over- Ann Elizabeth, daughter of J. D. Bower, end of Bentham, to Miss Parker of Hough- esq. of Whitecoates. ton le Skerne.

11. Mr. Joshua Ingledew, of Holtby, to 20. Mr.W. Blanchard, of York, to Miss Miss M. Wood, of Ainderby Myers, near Ann Ashley, of Huntingdon.

Bedale. 22. At Brayion, near Selby, Mr. Thos. 12. Mr. Benjamin Burbeary, of Sheffield, Pape, of Leeds, chemist and oil-merchant, solicitor, to Miss E. Pashley, of East Retto Miss Monusey, of New Biggin, Cum- ford. --At Scarbrough, Mr. Thos. George, berland. - Mr. Thos. Hornby, of Hull, gro- dyer, Leeds, to Miss Taylor, of Beverley. cer, to Miss Ford. 26. At Scorby, Mr. Wm Rowland, of

DEATHS. Hull, to Miss E. Smithson.

Jan. 14. At Leeds, aged 80, Mrs. Close, 28. Ai Acomb, Mr. John Boulton, jun. relict of John Close, esq. of New Malton, to Catharine, daughter 17. Aged 32, Capt. Smart, of the Albion, of G. Siddall, esq. of the former place.- of Hull. Mr.J. Clifford, of Hull, to Mary, daughter 19. Wm. Colling. esq. of Stapleton, near of Mr. Henry Townson, of York.

Darlington, aged 67.- Mrs. Mawson, wile 29. At the Friends' Meeting House, in of Mr. Mawson, agent to the Union Com. Leeds, Mr. N. Cash, stuff-merchant, to pany, at Leeds.-Aged 75, the Rev. Thos. Mary, second daughter of the late Mr.J. Fawcet, minister at Oldham church. Walker, of the same place, merchant.- At 20. At Newton-Grange, near Darling. Sheffield, Mr. John Curwen, of London, ton, Mrs. Wrightson, wife of W. Wrightto Miss Mary Twigg.

son, esq. 31. Mr. Ben. Bower, of Carr-house, 21. Aged 50, John Rhodes, esq. of HaHuddersfield, to Miss Margaret Saile. lifax, banker, and a deputy-lieutenant for Mr. Joseph Hinchiff, of Holmfirth, to Ann, the West-Riding. In his u-ual health and daughter of John Roberts, esq. Linfits. spirits, he sat down, with his family and

Feb. I. Mr. Joseph Handley, of Ponte visitors, to breakfast, but retired hastily fract, currier, to Miss Ann Brown.- At from the table, a crumb of bread irritatPocklington, Mr. George Wardell, drug. ing his windpipe, and producing a fit of gist, to Miss Jane Gibson.

violent coughing, which broke a blood 5. Mr. Heaton to Miss Banks, both of vessel, and, in half an hour, closed bis Rotherham.

mortal career. 6. At York, Mr.T. Rooke to Miss Morley. 23. Sincerely lamented by his family 8. Mr. Ralph Jackson, grocer, to Miss and friends, Mr. John Shaw, of the WickMartha Williams, both of Hull.

er, Sheffield, partner in the firm of Shaw, 9. By special licence, at Lambeth Pa- Cutler, and Co. saw-makers. His death lace, by his Grace the Archbishop of CAN was occasioned by attempting to save a TERBURY, the Right Hon. Lord Clive, person from drowning, when he broke his eldest son of the Earl and Countess Powis, thumb, which occasioned a locked Lady Lucy GRAHAM, third daughter In the Asylum at York, from her clothes of the Duke and Duchess of MONTROSE. having caught fire, Charlotte Francing At the ceremony were present the Dukes Lucretia Ratcliffe, aged 23, only daughter of MONTROSE and NORTHUMBERLAND, of the late Charles Ratcliffe, Esq. of SmithMarquis GRAHAM, the Earl and Countess house, near Selby. of Powis, and Lady CAROLINE GRAHAM. 24. Of a paralytic stroke, Mr. HepThe happy couple left town for the Duke worth, of Osset, aged 64.--of an apoplecof NORTHUMBERLAND's seat, Sion House, tic fit, aged 58, Mr. J. Whitaker, of Pawhere they intend residing some time.- radise-place, Hull. Mr. John Hall to Miss Robinson, daughter 25. At Bishopton, near Ripon, of the of the late Mr. James Robinson, Ripon.- cramp in his stomach, the Rev. Thos. PickMr. Wm. Robinson, of Hunslet, to Miss ersgill, A.B. aged 41.- After one day's illAddingley, of Leeds.

ness, at his brother's house in Halifax, Jo10. Mr. C. F. Gothardt, of Wakefield, seph Watkinson, esq. of Ovenden, aged 02. woolstapler, to Miss S. Trotter of Newing - At Cross-street, near Manchester, 24 ton-Green, London.

At Whittington days after she had witnessed the sudden

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decease of her husband, mentioned in our Sheffield, Mrs. Kitchen, wife of Mr. G.K., last, Elizabeth, relict of Joseph Atkinson, silver plater.–At Leeds, Mr. F. Aldock eeq. -At Huil, aged 69, Mr.C. Coggan. formerly a woolstapler.

26. Robert Houseman, esq. of York, in 3. Mrs. Eleanor Todd of Wakefield, his 56 6 year.–At Hull, Mr. W. Siminson, aged 73.- Mr. J. Wordsworth of Sheffield,

aged 86.-At Castleton, Derbyshire, aged 27. At Barnbro'Grange, Fran. Fawkes, 97, Mr. Isaac Ashton.-At Housham, in esq. ageu 70.–At Wakefield, aged 74, Ele- the 66th year of her age Mrs. Cholmley of anor Todd, daughter of the late Wm. Todd, Whitby and Housham, widow of the late esq. of Newstead.- At Northallertop, Mr. Henry Cholmley, esq. Samuel Hanman.

5. Aged 56, Mary Ann, the wife of T. 28. Mr. Edward Sykes, of Wakefield, Walker, esq. of Melmorby, near Ripon. Rel.

formerly an eminent linen-draper: he 6. Mr. L. Dundas, second son of the

completed his 95th year on the day of his Hou, L. Dundas, member for the city of ey. death.

York. He was found dead on Parker's 29. At Thorp-Arch, Mrs. Hemington, Piece, a field close to the town of Camwife of the Rev. Robert Hemington, vicar bridge, it appears from the darkness of of that place.—At Stoke-Green, near Wind- the night, he fell into the ditcb which sesor, Mrs. Ellerker, widow of the late Ma- parates the field from the public road, jor-General Ellerker, of Ellerker in this and that being unable to extricate himcounty.

self, he died by the inclemency of the wea30. At Howden, at an advanced age, ther. Mrs. Blanchard, wife of Mr. John Blanch 11. In the 65th year of his age, Mr. R. ard.

Emmet, of Halifax; a man of great bene31. At Warnsworth, in his 5th year, volence, strict integrity, and diligent at.

Thomas, eldest son of T. D. Bowker, esq. tention to the duties of private life.- At lin? -Elizabeth, wife of the Rev. J. Cleaver, Snaith, aged 62, Mr. Johu Pottage, late of izbi D.D. of Malton.-Mr. Hepworth, of Os- Armin. set, near Wakefield, aged 64.

12 Mr John Jackson, of Morley, near Feb. I. At bis seat, Ampthill Park, Bed- Leeds.-- Ju the 93rd year of his age, Philip fordshire, the Right Hon. John Fitzpa- Smelter, esq. of Goddard Hall, near Sheftrick, Earl of Upper-Ossory, Baron Gow- field.- At Wentworth House, in the 69th ran, and a peer of England. His Lord- year of his age, Mr L. Langley, who bad ship was born May 7. 1745, succeeded his been game - keeper, to Earl Fitzwilliam father, the late Earl, in 1755, and mar upwards of 35 years.

ried, in 1769, the Duchess of Grafton, by 13. At his house in Bedford Square, Sir blow

whom, who died in 1804, he had issue W. Frazer. Sir William was betwcen two daughters, Anne and Gertrude. His eighty and pinety years of age, and marLordship was elder brother to the late Ge- ried his lady when fifty-six, by whom he

deral Fitzpatrick. M.P. who had he sur had twenty - eight children, seventeen of Tick!

vived, would have inherited the peerages, whom are living-three sons and fourteen which are now, we believe, become ex- daughters.-Sir Richard Croft, aged 57. tinct. The death of this venerable and Sir Richard had heen called in to attend patriotic nobleman was occasioned by an the accouchement of Mrs. Thackery, wife apoplectic fit, while in the bosom of his of the Rev. Dr. Thackery, who had come family. He only survived the stroke a to London to be delivered at the house of bout three hours, to the inexpressible grief her sister. The labour of Mrs ¡Thackery of his distinguished relatives, and of all was greatly protracted; and on Thursday who knew him.

morning her situation became so critical, At Doncaster, aged 60, M. Deronssiere, that Sir Richard wished to have further many years a teacher of the French lan- medical aid. Another gentleman having

guage at that place.- At Whitby, aged 90, been called up, it was their joint opinion nlet

Mrs. Yeoman, relict of T. Yeoman, esq. that the result was uncertain.
At Radley-house, near Barnley, Henry Sir Richard became more and more
Aspinall, esq.-At his mansion, Coxlodge, alarmed every moment; for ever since the
aged 73, Job. Balman, esq. partner in the lamented event at Claremont he had suf-
bank of Messrs. Lambton and Co. New-

fered greatly in his spirits. He manifested

considerable agitation of mfnd, and hav2. At Bentley Priory, Stanmore, aged ing been shewn into a room to repose him64, John James Hamilton, the most noble

self, in a moment of frenzy seized a loaded thie Marquis of Abercorn, K. G. &c.-At pistol and put a period to his existence.

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January and 20th February, 1818.


Edward Nash, Westminster Road, SurWilliam Hyle, Tidd St. Mary's, Lincoln rey, stable-keepers. (Boot, Clifford's shire, wool-bu yer.


Feather, Robert, Romford, Essex, car penArnett, John George, and John Christo ter (Knight and Freeman, Basinghall

pher Moessner, Coleman-street, toy etreet. merchants.-- (Leigh and Co. New Goldspink, Richard, Brooke, Norfolk, Bridge-street.)

butcher. (Bigaald and Baightwell, Batt, William, Wedmore, Somerset, horse Norwich.

dealer.-(Reeves, Glastonbury.) Grace, Edward, Seaton Cottage, NorthumBradfield, Fisher, Wymondham, Norfolk, berland, farmer, (Carr, Newcastle upon

grocer (Hine, Essex Court, Temple, Tyre. London.

Green, Samuel, Mill-street, Lambeth, Brown, Hannah, Doncaster, dealer in Surrey, blacking manufacturer. (Mille, clothes (Fisher, Doncaster.

New North-street, Red Lion-square. Barker, Richard, John and James, Lane. Griffin, Thomas, Pedlar’s Acre, Lambeth,

end, Stafford, potters [Prowse, Hanley, Surrey, timber mercbant. (Pitman, $y. Staffordshire.

mond's Inn, London, Baynton, Thomas and William, Kidder Hanson, Joseph, Louthwick, Southamp.

minster, Worcestershire, grocers- ton, victualler. (Paddon, Fareham. (Emery, Kidderminster.

Hillear, Wm. Winchester, Southampton, Bailey, John, Reading, Berks, linen dra brewer. (Woodham, Winchester. per (Biggs, Reading.

Hinscliffe, Lightcliffe, near Halifax, YorkBrown, Henry, Ruddington, Nottingham shire, dealer. (Scatcherd, Halifax.

shire, butcher (Hall, Nottingham. Hurrey, Samuel, Angel-court, ThrogmorBottrell, Thomas, Katcliffe Highway, Mid street, broker. (Buckle, Sise Lane.

dlesex, victualler (Marson, Newing, Hyde, Wm. Earl-street, Blackfriars, mer. ton Butts, Surrey.

chant. (Robinson and Hammond, Au. Bray, Robert, Gosport, Hants, haber stin Friars. dasher (Amory and Coles, Lothbury, Irving Peter, Liverpool, merchant. (Orred London.

and Brookes, Liverpool. Buckley, John, Lawrence Lane, London, Irwing, Washington, Liverpool, merchant.

warehouseman (Wilde, Warwick (Orred and Brookes, Liverpool. square, Newgate.street.

Jones, Thomas, Deritend, near Birming. Cooke, James, Stamp Sutton, Golden bam, picture-frame-maker. (Meredith,

Lane, London, cheesemonger (Con Birmingham. stable, Symonds Inn.

Jorden, Thomas, Bristol, dealer (Frankis, Calverley, Richard, Kegworth, Leicester Bristol.

sbire, miller, (Dalby, Ashby-de-la-Zouch Jones, John, Billingsley, Herefordshire, Cartea, Richard, New Woodstock, Oxford corn-dealer. (Walkyns, Hereford.

shire, irop monger (Dudley, Oxford. Jump Jobn, and Thomas Hargoves, Fcre. Coates, William, Skipton, Yorkshire, gro street, hat-manufecturers. (Phipps, Ba.

cer (Wilson, Greville-street, Hatton singhall-street. garden, London.

Jenden, Charles, Worthing, Sussex, sadler Cox, William Henry, Bread-street, Lon

(Reilly, Clement's Inn don, warebouseman (Swain and Co. Keene, Tyson, Fulham, Middlesex, victuFrederick's Place.

aller. (Shute, Millbank-street, WestCrowther, John, Huddersfield, Yorkshire,

minster. wood-turner (Brown, Huddersfield. Knigbt, Benjamin, Stafford, baker. (Flint, Cross, Richard, Abergavenny, Monmouth Uttoxeter.

shire, victualler (Hugh Jones, Aber. Lega, Thomas, Cooper’s-row, mercbant. gavenny.

(Martin and Son, Mincing-laue. Champion, Thomas, West-Ham, Essex, Legeyt, John, Lugwardine, Herefordshire, farmer (Argill, Whitechapel-road.

farmer. (Reece, Ledbury. Dawks, Thomas, Bath, horse-dealer- Long, Henry, James Valentine, and F. B. (Cruikshanks, Bath.

Feltoe, Great Tower-street, wine-merDavies, William Neston, Chester, draper

chants. Sherwood and Son, Cantero aud grocer (Peter Williamson Dum bury-square, Southwark. vile, Piccadilly, Manchester.

Lock John, Woolwich, Kent, victualler, Everitt, Joseph, Samuel Everitt, and

C. and R. Parker, Greenwich.
Lloyd, Wm, the younger, Thames-street,

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