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case very remarkable is this, that if Mr. K.

YORKSHIRE, had not instantly quitted his chair when Accident.- On the afternoon of Feb. 28, be heard the noise, he must have been kil- the boiler belonging to the steam-engine led; and, if the assistant had quitted his, used in conveying coals from Middleton he would also have been killed.

to Leeds, burst with a dreadful explosion, About the same hour the following oc and killed the man who had the care of it, currence took place at the house of Lady and to whose imprudence in neglecting to Hayes, Somerset-street :- The servants had unfasten the safety-valve when the majust sat down to supper, when the door chine was not moving, the accident apbell rang. The footman rose for the pur- pears entirely to be attributed. pose of opening it; but had proceeded only

Inland Navigation.-By the intended a short distance along the passage, when

extension of inland navigation northward he was alarmed by a lond crash, resembling of Boroughbridge, by the rivers Swale and that of the falling of a house. He instantly Wiske to Smeaton-Bridge, nearly half ran back, but was unable to proceed fare way betwixt Northallerton and Darlingther than the end of the passage ; for where ton, a communication by water will be the kitchen stood a moment before, was

opened thence to York, Hull, Gainsbo. now one mass of ruins. Three of the fe- rough, Leeds, Manchester, and Liverpool, "male servants could not be found. After

also to Shetfield and Birmingham, and by some time, the body of M. Mauntie, the the Grand Junction Canal to Paddington, cook, was taken out, the head dashed to

and to all parts of the south-west. atoms, and the body greatly disfigured : she was quite dead.

Fire. On the morning of March 5. the The bodies of the woollen-mill, belonging to the proprietors house-maid and laundry-maid were also of the Bradford Canal Company, in the ocdug out, but some signs of life were appa- cupation of Messrs. Hargreaves, at Frizrent in both, although they were mosť dan- zingley, near Bradford, was completely gerously bra ised.

Öne had her thigh bro destroyed by fire. The atmosphere, over ken, and was barnt about the shoulder; Holbeck and Beeston, appeared like lightthe other was worse burat, but had no limb ning. We have not heard that any lives fractured.

have been lost, but both the owners and Base Coinage. - The immense quantity occupiers were insored. of base coinage forced into circulation in

York Assizes commenced on the 7th Birmingham tothe great loss of shopkeep- inst. and concluded at the crown bar on ers, has of late become a most serious evil.

the 14th, when 25 persons received senThe police officers, finding that persons

tence of death ; 3 to be transported for 14 opening new shops, and more particu- years; 3 for seven years ; 5 to be imprilarly those retailing provisions, were pe- . soned two years ; two one year and three culiarly exposed to the designs of persons

6 months. One hundred and ninety-six utter ing base metal; a small shop of the

causes were entered for trial, of which kind was lately opened ander the di.

eight had special juries. rection of Mr. Payn, on a Saturday, in which, with assistants, he concealed him

Effects of the late storm.- Mar. 4, at midself from view; the stratagem succeeded so

night, the wind-mill at Hillam, near Selby, well, that they were epabled to detect no

in the occupation of Mr. E. Stead, was set less than 13 potosious dealers in bad money

on fire upder the following extraordinary -the whole of whom were immediately circumstances:--The occupier and his serapprehended, and committed to Warwick

vants after taking every precaution to fasgaol, to take their trials at the ensuing ten the mill-stones, and even to chain the assizes.

sails, retired to rest. The storm, however,

was not to be ruled: it soon forced the sails Dissenters.- At Wilts assizes, an action

loose, and swept them with such velocity was tried, by which it was decided, that protestant dissenters are exempt from and it was not until a part of it was carried

as to set the upper story of the mill on fire, turnpike tolls, on Sundays, when attend. ing their places of religious worship. At away by the fury of the winds, that the

progress of the flames could be etřectually the same assizes, the Rev. W. Easton, cu

checked. rate of the parish of Anstey, James fer

At Hull, also, the storm raged with terrard, tythingman, and seven other persons, rific violence; but we are bappy to state were convicted of riotously disturbing a

that much less mischief bas been sustained dissenting congregation in the said parish

on our coast than might have been ex- They will receive sentence in the Court

pected. of King's Bench.

Montöly Register.


DEATH. Feb. 18. Mr. J. F. Gardiner to Miss Han Lately at Novotscherkask, the celebrated pah Gill, both of Hull.

Hetman of the Cossacks, Count Platoff. 19. At snaith, Mr. E. Barker, of Pol

Feb. 20. In London, Lady Impey, relict lington, to Miss Ann Greaves, of Heck.

of the late Sir Elijab Impey, Knight.- Mr. Mr. B. Naylor, of Hightown, to Miss A. Wm. Cooling, of Lanebam, near Retford, Firth, of Lane-end, near Heckmondwike. farmer, and Sarah, bis wise, each aged 77. At Louth, Mr.' A. Cowley, aged 26, to Mr. C. bad for soine time been so much Widow Wright, aged 70 !!!

indisposed, that scarcely the faintest hope 20. At Whitby, Capt. Mennell, of the of his recovery could be entertained; but Regent, to Miss Hayes.

Mrs. C, was apparently enjoying good 21. At Hull, Mr. H. Myers to Miss Ann Coultas.

health, even to the last moment, and 25. At Huddersfield, Mr. E. Stead to mighty, by, the bed of ber langoishing bus,

whilst in the act of worshipping the AlMrs. Wrigglesworth, widow of the late W. band, was summoned to obey the awful Wrigglesworth, esq. of Halifax.

mandate of death. The distress and grief March 1: Mr. John Sbores, druggist, of their surviving relatives may more easi. to Miss E. Topping, both of Hull. 3. At Burnley, Mr. David Smithwaite,

ly be comprehended than described. of Wakefield, cloth-merchant, to Susey,

22. At Beverley, aged 55, Mr. Thomas fourth daughter of Sagar Veavers, esq. of Buckles, tander. Coal-Clough.-Mr. W. Brambles, of Brid 23. 'Aged 21, Ann Margaret, youogest lington Qaay, merchant, to Mrs. Jordan, daughter of Josiah Oates, esq. of Burley, of the same place.

near Leeds, -Aged 58, Mr. Horsman of March 4. At London, the Rev. E. J. Leeds, who, so uncertain are all human Townsend, rector of Rawmarsh, near Ro- prospects, was interred on the day be bad therham, to Mary Catberine, only daugh- appointed for his marriage. ter of Jobo Hambrough, esq. of Hereford 25. At' his bouse in South Audley-street, street, London.-Mr. John Upton, of Admiral Sir George Berkeley, G. C. B. Leeds, to Catherine, daughter of the 27. Mr. T. Beardmore, of Sbefield, the late Samuel Lapage, esq. of Long Balk aged 90. House.-- Mr. Samuel Dawson, Wakefield, March 2. John Dobson esq. of Hudderswoolstapler, to Miss Robinson, eldest field, banker.- At Leeds, aged 50, Mr. daughter of Mr. Wm. Robinson, of Kaares- William Crosley, merchant. bro', flax-mercbant.- Sir Charles Egerton 3. At Doncaster, aged 72, Mr. Timotby Kent, bart. of Little Ponton House, Lin Clark, one of the Society of Friends; coloshire, to Lady Sophia Lygon, daugh- 'bis death is generally regretted, for this ter of the late and sister of the present conduct through life had insured bim the Earl of Beauchamp;

regard of all who knew him. 5. (apt. Monkmant to Miss Boyle, 4. Aged 47, Jane. the wife of the Rev. daughter of Mr. Wm. Boyle, all of Hull. W. Wood, of Tingley-Honse, near Leeds.

8. At Beverley, Mr. F, Taylor to Miss - Mr. Cockroft, of May-Royd, near HaliHunsley.

fax. 12. Mr. Joseph Taylor, of Sheffield, car 5. At Doncaster, aged 48, Mr. Joseph pet-manufacturer, to Miss M. A. Drake, of Hopkinson, cornfactor. the same place.---Lord Viscount Newport, 6. At Weil-Close-House, near Leeds, at eldest son of the Earl of Bradford, to an advanced age, Thomas Strother, esq. Georgiana Elizabeth only daughter of Sir formerly a merchant in that town.-Aged Thomas Moncrieffe, bart. of Moncrieffe, 33, Emina Georgiana Elizabeth, second Pertbshire,

daeghter of the late Erasmus Darwia, 14. At London, John Borkworth, esq. M. D. F.R.$.-At Gawthorpe-Hall, near of Hull, to Emna, eldest daughter of Jo- Padisham, Robert Shuttleworth, esq. aged seph Boulderson, esq.

32.- aged 63, Mr. John Dixon, of Black. 18. Mr. Thomas Barlow to Miss Eliza- er, near Barnsley. beth Parkin, botb of Sheffield.

7. Mr. John Walker, of Sheffield, steel 10. At Borough-Bridge, aged 23, Jane refiner. – In London, the Right Hon. Lady second daughter of the late Rev. L. Sedge Caroline Wrottesley, wife of Sir John Wick, vicar of Bratferton. Wrottesley, of Wrottesley-Hall in the 12. Aged 69, Mr. Thomas Tillotson, of county of Stafford, and eldest daughter of Warley, near Halifax. the Earl of Tankerville.

13. The Rev. Joseph Wilson, Head 8. Aged 32, universally respected and Master of the Sheffield Grammar-School..: deeply lamented, Mr. John Satcliffe, of William Hutton, esq. of Whiteley Wood Lee, near Heptopstall, worsted-manufac- "Hall, near Sheffield.- Aged 80, Mr. Wm.

turer.-In London the Hon. J. A. Stuart Hill of Sheffield.- Mrs. Jessop, wife of Mr. Wortley Mackenzie, brother to the late James Jessop, of the same place. Marquis of Bute.

16. The Rey. Thomas Eglin, aged 80, 9. At an advanced age, John Gee, esq. vicar of Stillingfleet god Riccall, and of Haldenby Park near Howden.- Mr. perpetual curate of Whitby, and one of Joseph 'Popplewell, of Heckmondwicke, his Majesty's Justices of the peace for the aged 65.

East Riding.

METEOROLOGICAL RESULTS Of the Atmospherical Pressure and Temperature, Evaporation, Rain, Wind, and Cloudaa Deduced from Diurnal Observations made at Manchester, in the month of February,

1817. By THOMAS HANSON, Surgeon. Latitude, 530, 25' North Longitude 20. 10° West of London. Monthly mean pressure 29.53 maximum 30.04 minimom28.92 range 1.12 inches. Montbly mean temperature 389.8 maximum 520. minimum 190. range 330. Greatest variation of pressure in 24 hours 60 of an inch, which was on the 21th Greatest variation of temperature 140, which was on the 4th. Spaces described by the curve formed from the mean daily pressure 3.90 inches, changes 8. Monthly quantity of water evaporated of an inch. Monthly fall of rain 3.170 inches- rainy days 14---foggy 1 --snowy 9---baily 5.


1 3

Brisk winds 2

-Boisterous ones 0.

CLOUDS. Cirrus. Cumulus. Stratus. Cirro-cumulus. Cirro-stratus. Cumulo-stratus. Nimbar. 1





S. W

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An Alphabetical List of English Bankruptcies, announced between 21st February and 21st March, 1818.

Coleman-st. merchants (Leigh and Co. Hugh Venables, Greenwich, merchant. New Bridge-street. Fisher Bradfield, Wymondham, grocer. Baker, John, Bath, tailor (Hodgson, Bath. Tbomas Dovey, Worcester, builder. Bates, Ely, Halifax, manufac. (ScatchJohn Bürges, Bugett, Somerset, brewer.

Halifax. Wm. Norton, Marsden, Salford, coru-dealer Bassett, Michael, Greenwich, shoemaker, James Dimond, Bath, perfumer.

(Parker, Greenwich. Benj. Walton, Birmingham, merchant. Boss, Wm. George-st. Euston-sq. Middle

sex, gunmaker (Oates, Basinghall-st. Ablitt, Nathaniel, Yarmouth, Norfolk, corn Bone, George, Kent-road, mercbant dealer (Palmer, Yarmouth.

(Holt, Threadneedle-street, London. Almond, Richard, Dartmouth, grocer Brown, John, York, woollen-draper (Wbite and Son, Lincoln's Inn.

(Atkinson and Bolland, Leeds. Alleu Matthew, Aisgarth, Yorkshire, dealer Brown, Christopher, Kentish-town, jew(Lodge, Askrigg.

eller (Hamilton, Covent-Garden. Allport, Edw. Birmingbam, silver-plater, Brush, James Apland, Liverpool, merch.

(Spurrier & Ingleby, Birmingham, (Orred and Brooke, Exchange Alley. Andras, Penelope, Melcombe-Regis, Dor. Brewer, John Andrew, Bath; priater set, milliner (Empson, Bath.

(Hodgson, Bath. Aro itt, John Geo, &Joba Christ. Moessner,


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Broughall, Richard. Shrewsbury, grocer, Hawkins, John, Huddersfield, butcher (Maddock and Co. Shrewsbury.

(Browne, Huddersfieid. Brain, William, Snodland, Kept, miller Hill, John, Bristol, ironmonger (Bigg [Constable, Symond's Inn.

and Son, Bristol. Bush, Wm. Saffron Walden, Essex, carpen- Hill, Isaac, Hope, Derby, baker (Harri

ter (Grimaldi & Co. Throgmorton-st. son, Tideswell. Brooke, Jas. &Christ. Bowstead, Nantwich Hinde, John, Liverpool, money-scrivener

brewers (Crump and Co, Liverpool. (Liece, Liverpool. Byrn, Geo. Hughes, Cannon-street, wine- Hoffman, Leopold, Liverpool, brewer,

mercbant (Mayhew & Co. Chancery-la. (Gurner, Liverpool. Boycott, Richard, jun. Newport, butcher Houlding, John, Liverpool, cotton-broker (Stanley, Newport.

(Bird, Liverpool, Coben, Jacob, Manchester, hat-manafac. Holmes, John, Birmingham, dealer (Ward, (Cunliffe and Kay, Manchester.

Burslem, Staffordshire. Cheetbam, James, Oldham, Lancashire, Hopkins, Wm. Aldersgate-street, cooper shoemaker (Chew, Manchester.

(Bourdillon & Co. Bread-streel. Constantine, Joseph, Kendal, Mich. Robin- How kios, John, Penny-fields, Th. Morris,

son, and And. Tyson, Crookmill, flax and Wm. Constable, Blackwall, builders

spioners (Tillotson, Colne, I ancashire. (Michell, Bread-street. Churchill, Samuel, Oxford-street, Middle- Hughes, Hugb, Liverpool, joiner (Morsex, distiller (Martin and Son, Min row, Liverpool. cing-lane.

Howie, John, Liverpool, grocer (RadCotsford, Wm. F. Upper Clapton , plomber cliffe, Liverpool.

(Orrell, Windsey-street, Oxford-street, James, Robt. Bristol, cabinet maker (Hare Cowell, Benja. Bates, Shoreditch, oilman and Winwood, Bristol.

(Lindsay, St. Thomas-st. Southwark. Jenkins, Joseph, Dudley, mercer (Wilson, Collins, James, Gosport, grocer (Bourdil Worcester. lon, Broad-street.

Joseph, Simeon, and Wm. Hughes, WinCracklow, Ch. Tho. Spital-fields. marble chester-st. merchts (Clarke, Chap. Lane.

merchaat (Castle, Cursitor-street. King, Jobn, Swaffham, farmer (Cooper. Corme, Geo, and Tho. Brighton, drapers, East Dereham, Norfolk. (Bourdillon and Co. Cheapside.

Latchman, Charles, Bristol, money-scriveDancy, Nathaniel, Bristol, linen-draper. ner (Sinith, Bristol. (Clarke, Bristol.

Lloyd, Baldwin, Llanasa, clerk (Roberts, Dawson, T. and J. Dawson, Reith, York. Coed-dû, near Mold.

drapers (Barlow, Rhodes House, near Marsden, Wm. Norton, Mancbester, cornOldham.

dealer (Hadfield, Manchester. Davies, Thomas, jun. Chorlton, Cheshire, Marshall, John, Great Grimsby, corn-merfarmer (Bird, Liverpool.

chant (Burton, Weldon. Davies, John, Llanc onway, spirit-dealer Mercer, James, Graystoneley, Lancashire, (Bird, Liverpool

lime-burner (Troughton & Co. Preston Eardley, Charles, Stockport, Cheshire, Moore, Geo. Liverpool, grocer

(Crump cotton-spinner (Halstead and Ains and Lodge, Liverpool worth, Manchester.

Moore, Joseph, Armitage, Staffordsbire, Eeles, T. Collier’s Rents, South. fellmonger victualler (Platts, Penkridge. (H. and F. Bull, Holles-street.

Nutt, Tbos. Manchester, cottop-manufac. Evans, David, Liverpool, grocer (Lace & (Atkinson, Manchester. Co. Liverpool.

Phinmer, Thos. Brailsford, Derbysh. innFearnley, Thomas, Portsmouth, slopseller keeper (Hull, Chiswell-street.

(Templar & Co. East Smithiieid. Pagę, John, Berinondsey, grocer (Buckle, Gifford,James, Frome-Sellwood, Somerset. Sise-lane. merchant (Little, Bath.

Pallister, Thomas, York, carrier (Rüssel Gilkes, Wm.jun. Aldersgate-street, cooper and Co. York.

(Bourdillon & Co. Bread-street. Parsons, John, Barton, Lancashire, cotton Goodyear, Thos. Aldersgate-st. straw-hat manufacturer (Walker, Manchester.

manufacturer (Phipps, Basingball- Parr, John, Liverpool, merchant' (Swinstreet.

den, Liverpool. Gwillym, Anna Ley, Clerkenwell, grocer · Parker, Holy, Sheffield, merchant (Bor(Amory and Coles, Lothbury.

bery, Sheffield. Harvey, Robert, Oxford-st. grocer (Gatty Pitcher, John, Back Road, brickmaker

and Haddan, Throg morton-street. (West, Red Lion-street, Wapping. Hawes, Joseph, Ipswich, Suffolk, pawn. Pilsbury, Thomas, Chelsea, tailor (Heard, broker, (Moor, Woodbridge.

Hooker's-square, Goodman's Fields.

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Polly Johị, Thayer-street, furniture-dealer Soutten, Edw. Sgow-hill; dealer (Deykes,
(Richardson & Co. New Inn.

Thavies Inn.
Privett, Paui, Brighton, maltster (God- Stubbs, John, Long Acre, coach-plater
win, Winchester

(Hill, Fleet-street.
Powell, John, Presteign, Radnor, farmer Sunderland, Sam, and Abr: Barnoldswick,
(Meredith, Knighton, Radnor.

corn-dealers (Aldcock & Co Skipton. Procter, Wm. Kettleshulme, calico-printer Tabscott, W. Plymouth, victualler (Bozon, (Hadfield, Manchester.

Plymouth Dock.
Proctor, Geo. and Wm. Proctor, Sheffield, Tengatt, Geo. Manchester, currier (Smith,

opticians (Whately & Son, Birmingham Mapchester.
Pollitt, Charles, Manchester, grocer (Law, Vose, John, Windle, Lancashire, ironmon-

gér (Leather, Liverpool.
Radcliffe, John, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, Watkins, John, Newark, painter (Tal-
surgeon (Hall, Nottingham

lents, Newark. Rennison, Thos. Gloucester, tavern-keeper Walker, Thomas, Rochdale, corn dealer (Frankis, Bristol

(Wrigglesworth and Co. Halifax.
Ready, Stour, Southampton, dealer (Ralfe Ware, Wm. Henry, Bow-street, music-
and Clement, Southampton.

seller (Smith, Bedford Row.
Ridler, John, Worcester, dealer (Hill, Walthew, Mullington, Liverpool, grocer

(Young & Co. Poultry.
Rigby, Wm. Liverpool, corn-factor (Bul. Walton, Wm. Evesham, carrier (Dineley,
mer, Liverpool.

Rycrost, John, Idle, Yorkshire, clothier Walker, Thos. and Henry Palmer Parry,
(Crossley, Bradford.

Bristol, iron-mongers (Cooke & Leman,
Ronalds, Fr. Hen. & John Singleton, Fos Bristol.

ter-lane, dealer (Phipps, Basinghall-st. Wilson, Jos. and John Wilson, Shrewsbury,
Sanders, Daniel, Stafford, law-stationer, drapers (Williams, Shrewsbury.
(Brookes & Co. Stafford.

Wood, John, Manchester, broker (Halstead Saint, Tho. the younger, St. Philip Jacob, and Ainsworth, Manchester. Gloucestershire, flax-spinners (Frankis, Wright, Wm: Nicholas, Stapleford Abbotts, Bristol

Essex, farmer (Evitt & Dixon, Minories Smith, Wm. Oxford-street, ironmonger. Wright, Wm. Bristol, vender of medicines, (Richings, Frith-street; Sobo

Smith. Bristol.
Smith, Wm. and Peter Francis, Papillon, Younge,Joha, and John Deakin, Sheffield,
Merton Bridge, Surrey, dyers (Baines, button - manufacturers * • (Shearwood,


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Liverpool Price Current. ASHES per cwt,

COFFEE, per cwt.
Pot, Ist, United States 2 19 O too 0 0 Triage.

4' 6.0..4 16 0

Ordinary........4 19 0..5 2.0
Montreal. .3 17 0..2 18

Good fine ord,....5 30..5 4 0
PEAR1., 1st, Boston 3 "0. 0 0 0

Low middling. :?
New York.....

.30 0..0
0 0

Fair middling.. 5 4 0..5 90
:3 0

Good middling.
BARILLA per ton.

Fine mid. & fine 511 0..5 14 0
.26 0 0..30 0

St. Domingo....50 0..5 6 0

0 0 0

COTTON, per lb.

10 0 0..1
1.10 10

Sea Island, fine...0 211..0 3 6
:9 0 0..10 0 0



0 2 9
0 0.8 0 0

Middling......0 2 5..0 2
BRIMSTONE, per ton

Ord. stained 0*

20..0 24 Sicily, rough.. 27.0.0..280 0 Upland bowed, old 0 164 0 1 BRISTLES per cwt.


0 1 9 0 1
Petersburg, 1st..16 0..

New Orleans.... 0 1830 2
COCOA cwt. in bond


2 0 W. India, com....3 3 0..3 8


Maranham.. o '1 111 0 2 l'araccas... .3 10 0..6 0 0

Pernambucco. .0 2 1 0 2


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