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except a string of bis sleeves, which from

his occupation of a schoolmaster he wore; Antiquities.--In excavating the scite of this adhered to his arm, and was nearly a very ancient house, in Wade - Lane, the only enblem by which his singed and Leeds, belonging to Mr. R. Kemplay, emaciated person could be recognised. the workmen discovered a quantity of an

Small vestiges of his clothes, which the cient coins. They were found loose in electric fluid had partly reduced to tinder, the earth, about two feet below the surface, and appear to have been deposited of the wall against which the body was

were lodged here and there in the crevices there previous to the erection of the build- discovered; the watch, seals, and chain, ing, and as the building was certainly one

were each found in different directions of the most ancient in that town, the coins from the body, and an umbrella, which must have been there many hundred years. belonged to the deceased, was stripped to They are of copper, or perhaps of Corin- its skeleton. The deceased was going on tbian brass, and are so much coroded

a visit to a friend in Owlerton, and was that the inscriptions are very imperfect.

seen passing through a farm-yard but The impression is a crowned head, which,

a few minutes before the shocking catasthough nearly similar on all the coins, is trophe happened. A man at work in the not exactly the same; the reverses are farm-yard, as well as many others in the various, some having a female figure, and neighbourood, experienced the effects of others that of a man, and these in different the storm: he had just buried the fork he attitudes. They are probably some of the

was asing when he was knocked down by early Roman coins; but how they came to

the lightning, as were also a little boy who be deposited in this place, it is not easy to stood near him, and a fine stirk that was conjecture. At least one of the coins

at a short distance. seems to be that of the Emperor Otho. Hull Custom-House. The receipt of du

Singular Discovery.-Two men, named

Osgay and Owen while taking a walk in ties at the Custom-house, Hull, for the

Middleton Wood, adjoining to Beeston quarter ending April 5th, 1818, amounted to £83,000; that of the same quarter last Park, on the 10th. May, perceived a piece

of check, partially concealed by a heap of year, £40,000.

rubbish and dry leaves; a further inspecNew Harpoon.-A new harpoon has been tion discovered a large quantity of linen-' invented by Mr. Robert Garbutt, of Hull, drapery goods, which, with commendafor the Greenland fishery; calculated to ble honesty they covered up again, and secure the whale in the event of the shank while one remained to watch the other of the instrument breaking. The improve went in search of a constable; during his ment consists in placing a kind of preven- absence a man came, and examined the ter, made fast to the eye of the foregager, hidden goods, and carefully covered them which passing along the shank of the har- all over. In the evening the deputy conpoon, is attached to the thick part of it in stable of Leeds, accompanied by several such a manner, as neither to lessen its other persons, arrived at the place and strength nor impede its entrance when the secreted themselves near where the goods fish is struck.

were deposited. About ten o'clock the Effects of Lightning.-On the evening same man who had before visited them of May 7, Mr. Taraer, a school-master, again made his appearance, and prepared about thirty years of age, was killed by to take away the goods when the conlightning as he was passing near a farm- cealed parties rushed out, and secured him. yard at Owlerton, in the neighbourood of The goods it appears were stolen from the Sheffield. Every thread of his garments shop of Mr. John Pape, draper, at Wakewas completely stripped from his body, field, on the Friday preceding,

Monthly Register.

Royal Marriage.-- April 7. At Cassel, His Royal Higbness the Duke of Cambridge to

the Princess Augusta of Hesse.

geon, to Mrs. Capes, widow of the late At East Retford, Mr. B. Clater, sur. Mr. Capes, solicitor.


28. Mr. R. J. Martin of London, to Sa- Bolsterstone and Midop. He was in his rab, daughter of Mr. Aaron Hatfield, mer 88th year, and had been minister of the chant of Sheffield.

above places upwards of 45 years. He 29. Mr. Jones, surgeon, to Mary, eldest was an exceedingly benevolent character, daugbter of Mr. Wikeley, surgeon, all of and deservedly beloved by his friends and Howden.

his people. May 4. Major Crowther, of Brotherton,

May 1. After a lingering illness, at his to Eliza, eldest daughter of the late Tho- house, in Cumberland Place, London, the mas Pulleyn_Mosley, esq of Burley-ball. Hon. John Douglas. The deceased was

5. At Sheffield, Baron Ernest Frede- son of the Earl of Morton; grandfather to rick Howard, of Lynckersdorff, Knight of the present Marquis of Abercorn ; father Prussia, to Miss Stringer.- Mr. Allison, to the Countess of Aberdeen, and son-inof Foxberry, dear Richmond, to Miss Pick, law to the Earl of Harewood, having marof Thirsk. - At Winkfield, Berks. the Rev. ried the noble Earl's daughter, Lady FranWilliam Canning, rector of West Hesler

ces Lascelles, who died last year.-- At Elton, Yorkshire, to Jane, daughter of the tham, in Kent, Mrs. Ashburnham, wife late George Birch, esq. of Sophia Farm.

of Denny Ashburnham, esq. and niece of 7. At Pontefract, Mr. M. Pearson, 80

the Rev. Dr. Dixon, of Staveley Hall, Derlicitor, to Miss Mitton.-- At Hull, Mr.

byshire. Joseph Leng to Miss Watson.--At Barnard

2. At the Admiralty, Sir George Hope, Castle, Mr. J. Holmes, of Watling street, Major General of Marines. London, to Eliza, fourth daughter of the

3. At Selby, Thomas William Thomplate Joseph Hanby, esq. of Eastwood, son, esq. aged 23 ;-At Sheffield, aged 80, Yorks -- In London, Mr. Joseph Brown, Mrs. Parkin, relict of the late Mr. Jore to Maria, youngest daughter of George phus Parkin, merchant.- At Bradford Mr. Davies, esq. of Scarbrough. 9. At Whitgift, G. Seaton, esq. to Ma

Lister Naylor, tobacconist, aged 29. ry, relict of the late Robert Haldenby, esq. Follarton, esq. of Thribergh Park, near

4. At Buxton, Louisa, the wife of Joba, of Redness, near Howden.

Rotherbam. 11. At Buxton, John Brittlebank, esq,

6. At Withington, near Manchester, of Ashburne, to Ann, only daughter of

John Parker, esq. the late George Goodwin, esq. 12. At Pennistone, George Alder, esq. ton, near Barnsley.

7. In the bloom of life Miss Day, of Bur. of Hull, to Mary, daughter of the late

8. After a montb's illness, Charles Bowns, Jobo Hardy

esq. 14. The Rev. George Rolleston, vicar. 85. He had for thirty years and opwards

esg. of Darley Hall, near Barnsley, aged of Stainton and Maltby, to Ann, third had the management of Earl Eitzwilliam's daughter of John Nettleship, esq. Tale of extensive estates in the neighbourhood of Gainsbro'.

18. At the house of the Marquis of Chol. Wentworth; and been the auditor for his mondeley, Col. Seymour to Lady Char. Lordship’s other estates at Malton, in Norlotte Chelmondeley. The bride was given charge of these offices he secured the es.

thamptonshire, and in Ireland. In the disaway by the Prince Regent. 25. Ai Chesterfield, J. Frederick Smith,

teem of the tenantry, without compromisesq. late of Old Broad Street, London, to ing the interests of the landlord, and by Mrs. Smith, of Dunstan Hall, Derbyshire.

both he will be deservedly lamented. The 26. At Sheffield, Mr. Richard Yeomans, memory of his strict integrity and worth merchant, to Mary Ann, daughter of Mr. will long live in the hearts of all who

knew him, and his loss will be most deeply Taylor, carpet manufacturer.

and sincerely felt,

10. At Hatfield, aged 75, George KitApril 22. At his house in Tenterden st. son, esq. Hanover-square, London, George Bullock, 12. At Pockthorpe, in the 80th year of esq. the celebrated artist.

his age the Rev. John Watts, formerly of 25. Lieutenant Gen. Sir Albert Gled- Holl.-At York, Mr. John Watson, aged stanes,

27. Al Bath, in his 57th year, Sir Eger 13. At Pontefract, Mr. William Daw. ton Leigh, bart. of Browaover-house, son, aged 63. Warwickshire. -- John Davison, esq. of 18. At Leeds, aged 35,John Thomson, M.D. Haddlesy, near Selby, aged 74.

a skilful medical practitioner, and a most 28. The Rev. Thomas Bland, curate of useful and valuable member of society



he pursued, a course of studies at the Man- To these he united the utmost suavity of chester College, (removed to York,) with a disposition and urbanity of manners, toview to the Cbristian Ministry, but relin- gether with a degree of moral and religiquished the profession in wbich he had been ons excellence seldom if ever surpassed. educated, and turned his attention to the His disorder was a typus fever by which healing art. He practised as a physician, was terminated, in the midst of his many years at Halifax, in this county, with days and usefulness, a life wbich, had it great respectability; and about a year ago been spared, would have continued to removed to Leeds, where his talents and his reflect honour on his profession, and to virtues were most deservedly held dear by confer the greatest benefits on mankind. those who had the pleasure of his acqnain- The voice of friendship and of reason utter tance. He possessed mental endowments aloud their lament, but find their consoof the highest order; and, his various at- lation in the heart-soothing recollection ; tainments of a literary and.scientific kind, quo nemo vir melior natus est, , nemo rendered his society extremely valuable. pietate præstantior.

METEOROLOGICAL RESULTS Of the Atmospherical Pressure and Temperature, Evaporation, Rain, Wind, and Clouds. Deduced from Diurnal Observations made at Manchester, in the month of April, 1818.

Latitude, 53o. 25' North -Longitude 2°. 10' West of London.
Monthly mean pressure 29:57 maximum 30.38 minimum 29.10 range 1.28 inches,
Monthly mean temperature 45°.1 maximum 60°. minimum 30°. range 30°.
Greatest variation of pressure in 24 hours .40 of an inch, which was on the 5th.
Greatest variation of temperature 21°, which was on the 19tb.
Spaces described by the curve formed from the mean daily pressure 4.2 inches, changes 9.
Monthly quantity of water evaporated of an inch.
Monthly fall of rain 3:160 inches, rainy days 16---foggy 0 --snowy 6---haily 4.

E. 8.E:

S, W.

N. W. VARIABLE. CALM 4 8 1 5 0 1

6 Brisk winds 4-Boisterous ones l.

CLOUDS. Cirrus. Cumulus. Stratas. Cirro-cumulus. Cirro-stratus. Cumulo-stratas. Nimbus. . 15 0 5

2 Character,--cloudy, rainy, and cold to the 26th, then to the end, increase of temperatore, with genial showers. The present spring a backward one, yet vegetation looks very well. There is a great shew for fruit.


N. E.

An Alphabetical List of English Bankruptcies, announced between 21st

of April, and 20th May, 1818.

Samuel Spyer, Great Alie-street, Goodman's
Fields, merchant.

Ashe, John Stewart, Liverpool, merchant. Rev. Richard Sandilands, Pimlico, clerk

[Lace and Co. Lirerpool. and money-scrivener.

Ball, Robert Chambers, Bristol, baker. Benjamin Bates Cowell, High-street, Shore

(Frankis, Bristol. ditch, oilinan.

Barber, Ben. Hope, Derby, lead-merchant. James & John Jones, Leominster, drapers.

(Wilson, Greville-street, Hatton Garden. Jobo Porter, Wrington, nursery-man.

Batley, Chas. Whitechapel, stable-keeper: Sarah Elixabetb Towoley, Pope's Head

[Geary, Tyson place, Kingsland-road. alley, cook.

Barton, Wm. Doncaster, maltster. [Fisher, James Pretboroe Alpe, Wm. Cooper, and

Doncaster. Tbos, H. Birch, Fenchurch-st. merchts.



Batty, Wm. Kirkby-Stephen, tobacconist. Kingsell, James, Blackwall, painter. [Williams, Liverpool.

(Goodchild, Minories. Barnard Daniel, Fenchurch-st. merchant. Lacklan, Joseph, Great Alie-street, Good[Holt, Threadneedle-street.

man’s-fields, broker. (Dennetts and Co. Bishop, Charles, High-st. Southwark, li. Coleman-street.

nen-draper. [Wright, Up. Thames-st. Lamb,John, Crescent, Minories, merchant. Blurton, James, Old Bond-street, coach [Smith, Finsbury-square. maker. (Martin, Fitzroy-street.

Le Plaistrier, Isaac, Minories, watchmaker. Boote; John, Stratford-upon-Avon, corn (Mayhew and Co. Chancery-lane.

dealer. (Tidmas and Co. Warwick. Liddell, John, Huddersfield, cordwainer. Briggs, Joseph, Scalcoates, grocer. (Rich [Parker, Stafford. ardson, Hull.

London, John Claudius, Lloyd's CoffeeBrinsley, Chs. Ashbourne, Derby, butcher. House, dealer. (Abraham, Great Marl[Brittlebank & Co. Ashbourne.

brough-street. Brown John, London, merchant. (Clarke Lyne, Edw. Plymouth, merchant. [Wooland Co. Chancery-lane.

combe and Co. Plymouth. Buddle, William, Drury-lane, carpenter. Malkin, Thomas, Burslem, Stafford, blue{Coombs, Clifford's Inn.

colour-maker. [Wilson, NewcastleCarmichael, John, Little Russell-st. Covent under-Lyne.

Garden, baker. [Rogers and Son, Man- Man, Harry Stoe, Calcutta, East-Indies, chester buildings, Westminster.

dealer. [Drake, Old Fish-street, DocCarnaby, John, Morpeth, brewer. [Brom tors' Commons. mell, Morpeth.

Martin, John, Mitcham, butcher. [PritchDennis, Richard, Bardney, Lincoln, black ard, Essex-street.

smith. [Spencer, Belvidere-place, Bo- Milne, George, Broad-street, merchant. rough-road.

[Smith and Co. Dorn, Anthony, Vauxhall, victualler. (Net. Moore, William, Halifax, cloth-manufactlefold, Norfolk-street.

turer, [Crossley, Bradford. Farrar, Thomas, Halifax, manufacturer. Nash, William, Bristol, drysalter. [Bevan [Wigglesworth and Co. Halifax.

and Co. Bristol. Forden, Wm. Basingstoke, Coach-proprie- Neale, William, Warminster, victualler.

tor. (Shearman & Co. Red Lion-square. (Lampird, Warminster. Gooch John Burton, Warnford-ct. Throg. Nicholl, Edward, Hemel Hempstead, Hert

morton-st. mercht. [Mount, Token-h.yd. ford, wine - mercbant, [Martindale,
Gregory, Joseph, Salford, victualler. (Ellis, Gray's Inn.

Nicholls, William, Huntingdon, rope-wa.
Hall, Thos. Reading, Berks. tailor. [Vines, ker. [Sweetiogs, Huntingdon.

Oldacres, Wijliam, Orton-House, Leicester,
Hazlehurst, Meadows, Liverpool, block farmer. [Parker, Birmingham.
maker. (Leece, Liverpool.

Powell, Wm. Brockbury, Hertford, farmer. Haines, John, Longton, Lancaster, car (James, Hay, Breconshire. rier. [Winstanley, Preston.

Poolman, John Henry, New York CoffeeHalsted, Wm. Chichester, Sussex, linen House, London. [Temple and Co. Burrdraper. (Dally, Chichester.

street, Smithfield. Halse, Thos. Henry and Thos. Daniel Me- Preston, the elder, Thomas, Macclesfield,

riton, Maiden-lane, Cheapside, button Chester, victoaller. [Higginbotham,

manufacturers. (Chilton, Chancery-lane. Macclesfield. Heath, Wm. Hanley, blacksmith. (Prowse, Pritchyard, John, Battle-bridge, varnishHanley.

manufacturer. [Toulmin, CarmarthenHolden, John, Westbromich, Stafford, buc. street, Tottenbam-Road.

kle-maker. [Anstice and Co. Temple. Rolland, Felix, St. James's-street, perfuHirst, Thomas Nelson, and John Wood, mer. [Walls, Russel-Square.

merch. Huddersfield. [Scatchard,Halifax, Rose, John Voss, Cambridge, brush-maker, Hooper, William, Tenbury, Worcester, [Haggerston and Co. Cambridge.

maltster. [Robinson, Tenbury. Sadd, James, Greystoke Place, Fetter-lane
Ingleby, Thomas, Birmingham, carrier. [Warrand, Fenchurch-street.
[Dent and Co. Stone.

Sargent, George, Hastings, ship-owner.
Jackson, John, Leeds, merchant. (Bloome, (Clarke, Circus, Minories.

Sansum,John, Leadenhall-street,victualler.
James, Jobn, Bristol, grocer. [Cooke, (Lewis, Crutched-Friars.

Siepi, Luigi, Haymarket, jeweller. (May

hew, Chancery-lane.

Small, James, Bristol, coach-proprietor. Wale, Edward, Sheepshead, Leicester, ba(Frankis, Bristol.

ker. (Cowdell, Hinckley, Leicester. Simmous, Thomas, Birmingham, dealer. Wellings, sam. Shrewsbury, tailor. (Coo

(Penton, Wine-Office-Court, Fleet-st. per, Shrewsbury. Spence, Isaac, Providence-Row, Hackney, Ward, John, Claines, Worcester, grazier,

merchant. (Michell, Union-Court,Broad. (Hill, Worcester, street.

Wilkin, John, Preston, draper. (Howards, Spear, Arthur, Basinghall-street, merchant, Preston.

(Blunt and Co. Broad-street Buildinge. Wethereit, Jas, Rochester, hatter. (Phipps, Stansfield, Abraham, Halifax, fustian-ma Weavers' Hall.

nufacturer. (Bennet, Token-House. Williams, Lawrence, Cursitor-street, coyard.

lour-man. (Humphreys, Bridge Foot Stubbs, William, Manchester, coal-dealer. Southwark.

(Duckworth aud Co. Manchester. Williams, John, Shrewsbury, innkeeper. Souther, James, Canterbury, baker. (Plum. (Cooper, Shrewsbury. mer, Canterbury.

Webb, Richard, Bromyard. Hereford, far. Standish, John, Liverpool, four-seller. mer. (Robinson, Tenbury, Worcester. (Bulmer, Liverpool.

Woodward, William, Canpon-street, carTaylor, Benjamin Mellow, Poplar, Middle penter. (Godmon, Earl-street, Black

sex, builder. (Waller, Lincoln's Inn. friars. Thackray, Thomas, and Richard Bottrell, Wookey, Daniel, Tetbury, grocer. (Clarke, Greenwich, linen-drapers. (Sudlow and Bristol. Co. Monument Yard,

Williams, Samuel, George Williams, and Thompson, John, Mappleton, Derby, far Thomas Tarrant, Lilypot-lane, hat-ma

mer. (Brittlebank and Co. Ashborne. nufacturers. (Bromell, Guildhall. Tilley, John Joseph, Hampstead, music, White, Samuel, Calver, Derbyshire, gro

seller. (Hartley, New Bridge-street. cer. (Beardshaw, Worksop. Tomlinson, Charles, Hawarden, Flint, apo- Whitebouse, Joseph, Stratford-on-Avon, thecary. (Kelsall, Chester.

mercer. (Tibbits, Stratford. Tredgold, Robert, Southampton, dealer. Young, John, Gosport, harness - maker. (Clement, Soathampton,

(Winkworth, Portsmouth. Trewhittt, Nathaniel, Northallerton, linen- Younghusband, Joseph, Liverpool, ship

manufacturer. (Carrs, Wakefield. broker. (Garnett, Liverpool. Walden, Edward, Battle, tailor. (Martin, Younger John, Crescent, Minories, merBattle.

chant. (Smith, Finsbury-square.

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Liverpool Price Current. ASHES per cwt.

COFFEE, per cwt.
Pet, Ist, United States 0

0 0 too
0 0

5 7 0..5 8
Boston..........2 15 0..

Ordinary........6 0 0..6 2 0 Montreal........2 12,0..2 13

Good fine ord,....6 3 0..6 6
PEARI., Ist, Boston 2 15 6..0 0

Low middlin..
New-York......2 14 6..0 0 0

Fair middlin... 6 8 0..6 14 0
Montreal..... 2 12 0..

Good middlin. S BARILLA per ton.

Fine mid. & fine 6 17 0..5 19 0 Sicily. .0 0, 0. 0 0 0

St. Domingo....8.1. 0..6 0 0 Alicant. 0 0.0

COTTON, per lb.
BARWOOD .10 0.0..10 10

Sea Island, fine...0 3 6..0 4
Gaboon. ..90 0..10 0 0


0 3 4 0 3 6 Calabar. ...70 0.. 8 0 0

Middling. 0 3 1..0 3 4 BRIMSTONE, per ton

Ord..& stained 0 2 0..0 2 Sicily, rough.. 28 0 0..3000 Upland bowed, old 0 1.8 0 I 9 BRISTLES per cwt.

new 0 1 9 0 19} Petersburg, 1st 0.. 0 0..

New Orleans....0 181 0 1 11 COCOA cwt. in bond


2 0 0 2 03 W. India, com....

...3 6 0..3 10 0 Maranbam...... 0 2 0 0 2 0 € Caraccas..

5 10 0..6 0 0 Pernambucco....0 2 0 2

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