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ley, esq. of Halton-East, near Skipton. 15. Capt. Wm. Kearsley, of the ResoluMr. Wm. Bowker, of Rochdale, solicitor, tion Greenland ship, Whitby, to Miss Apto Martha, second daughter of J. Bower, pleton, of Eston, near Guisborough. - Mr. esg. of Bradford.

J. Greenwood, of Little Gomersal, to Miss 31. Wm. Lane Fox, esq. second son of S. Braithwaite, of Halifax.- Mr. Edward James Lane Fox, esq. of Bramham-Park, Preston, school-master, to Miss Anu Smith, to Caroline, youngest daughter of the Hon. both of Chapel-Allerton, near Leeds. John Douglas, and grand-daughter of the 17. Mr. Edward Wallis, surgeon, to Mr. Earl of Harewood.- At Beverley, the Rev. T. Smith, both of York. H. W. Sibthorpe, third son of the late Col. 19. At Scarbrough, Mr. J. R. Fryer, of Sibtborpe, to Mary Esther, eldest daugh- York, proctor, to Mary Ann, daughter of ter of H. Elison, esq. of Beverley. - At George Stephens, esq. of the former place. York, Mr. Geo. Wallis, druggist, to Mrs. 20. Mr. Henry Dyson, of Tadcaster, surRobinson.– Mr. Robert Webster, of Killa geou, to Jemima, third daughter of the late marsh, to Miss Sarab Harvey.

Edward Lister, esq. of Coverham Abbey.. Jan. 1. At Mexbrough, Mr. J. Lockwood, of Harlington Mill, to Miss Varah.

DEATHS. - Jackson Granby, esq. of Liverpool, to Dec. 20. Mr. Geo. Batty of Rotherham. Mary, eldest daughter of Richard Atkin. 23. At Leeds, aged 18, Alexander, son son, esq. of Lancaster.- At Hull, Captain of the late T. Parker, esq. of Hornby Hall, John Rose, jan. to Mrs. C. Campbell. Lancashire.

4. Mr. Richard Wood, of Huddersfield, 24. In the 70th year of his age, the Rev.
linen-draper, to Miss E. Willans, of Leeds. George Brown, rector of st. Cuthbert's

3. At Royton, Mr. Cockroft to Jane, and other churches in York, and ordinary
second daughter of the late Rev.John Mer at the castle.
cer, of Barnsley.

25. Henry Pulleine, esq. cornet in the 6. Mr. Jonas Knowles, of Cottingley- 1st dragoons, eldest son of Henry Percy Bridge, tanner, to Miss Crosley, eldest Pulleine, esq. of Crake-hall, in this county. daughter of Mr. Richard Crosley, of Brad At Hampton-court Palace, in the 83d ford, currier.

year of her age, the Right Hon. Lady Ca-
7. At Brafferton, the Rev. J. Husband, roline Herbert, relict of Charles Herbert,
B. A. corate of Myton, in this county, and esq. and sister to the late Duke of Man-
perpetual curate of Whixley, to Miss Nee chester.
son, of Helperby.–At Royston, Mr. Geo. 26. Mr. Francis Shield, late of Leeds,
Smith, of Sheffield, corn-factor, to Miss grocer, one of the Society of Friends. --At
Ann Armitage, of Ludworth.- At Acring. Newcastle, Andrew Thompson ; his death
ton, K.J.Peel, esq. of Burton-upon-Trent, was awfully sudden, for having attended
to Miss Dora Peel, daughter of Jonathan the annual meeting of the Keelmen's So-
Peel, esp. of Acrington-house, Lancashire. ciety, he requested on their sitting down

8. Mr.J. Davis, of Gargrave, to Eliza, to dinner that grace might be said, then
eldest daughter of Mr. E. Brook, of Wake laid his head on the table and instantly
field, coroner. - At Sheffield, Mr. John expired.At Sheffield, Mrs. Ann Andrews,
Brownell, preacher in the Method ist old aged 100 years.
connexion, to Miss Anne Unwin.-Mr.Johu 27. Mrs. Trueman, wife of Edmd. True-
Robinson to Miss Anne Denton, both of man, esq. of Pontefract.- Mr. Ralph Pea-
Leeds,—Mr. John Hardisty, of London, to cock, of York, timber-merchant, aged 36.
Hannah, youngest daughter of the late Mr. -.At Brafferton, near Boroughbridge, the
Collinson, of Hook, near Howden.- The Rev. Leonard Sedgwick, vicar of Braffer-
Rev. Wm. Hildyard, of Beverley, to Mary ton, and one of the magistrates for the
eldest daughter of the Rev.Wm. Hett, pre north riding.
bendary of the cathedral church, Lincoln. 28. At Burnley, to the inexpressible

13. Mr.John Mann, of Bradford, to Miss grief of his relatives and friends, aged 24,
Alice Hordy, of Altrincham.- Rev. Richd. John Greenwood, esq. of Cross-Hills, Ha-
Moore, of Whittington, Lancashire, son lifax, younger son of the late Wm Greeu-
of the Rev. Glover Moore, rector of Hal wood. esq. of Leeds, banker.- At Heck-
sall, to Mary-Ann Hodgson, grand-daugh- mondwicke, in the prime of life, Mrs.
ter to Richard Hetherington, esq. Presi. Scott, wife of Mr. George Scott.-At Hunt-

royde, the seat of Le Gendre Starkie, esq. 14. At Fawley, Hants. the Rev. Luke Miss Preedy, second daughter of the late Varker

, m. A. of Leyburn, to Mary Beata, Rev. Benjamin Preedy. -- At her seat at only daughter of the late Rev. Henry South. Oakley-Park, aged 83 years, the Right

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dent of Tortola.

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Hon. Lady Clive, relict of Robert Lord kinson, aged 62.- Mr. Wm. Illingworth, Clive, and mother of the Earl of Powis of Ovenden-bridge, near Halifax, worsted and Col, the Hon. Robt. Clive,

manufactnrer.-At his son's house, Ripon, 29. At Hull, aged 44, Mr. Wm. Prest, Wm. Williamson, esq, aged 87, formerly port guager of excise.

of Linton-Spring, near Wetherby.— At 30. At Bramley hill, near Leeds, Letitia, Bakewell, aged 76. Sultonia, relict of youngest daughter of the late Thos. Stott, Thomas Ashby, esq. of Edensor:- At Kimesq.-Mrs. Keck, wife of B. A. Keck, esq. berworth, Mr. John Hanby; he had just of Leeds.

returned from Rotberbam market, and died 31. Louisa Mary, fifth daughter of Ash- after eating a bearty supper. ton Shuttleworth, esq. of Hathersage-hall, 4. At an advanced age, John Brombead, Derbyshire-At Arden-hall, in this county, esq. formerly Colonel in the old North in tbe 80th year of his age, Charles Tanc- Lancashire Militia.- At Huddersfield, aged red, esq.--At South-Cave, aged 88, the 19. Mary, eldest daughter of Mr. HoughRev. William Stopford, rector of Wyham, ton, surgeon.- At Sprotsbrough, near DonLincolnshire.

caster, Mrs. Rymer.- Miss Isabella Blake, Jan. 1. Mr. Townrow, of Sheffleld, aged daughter of Sir Francis Blake, Twisel 44.- Mr. Samuel Wells, of the same place, Castle, Durham. aged 47.--At Welbourne, the Rev. John 5. At Wath-upon-Dearne, Mrs. Wright, Ridghill, one of His Majesty's justices of aged 79 years.- At Hull, aged 29 years, the peace for the county of Lincoln.-At Mr. R. H. Blundell, professor of music.Laneside, in Hopwood, Mr. Matthew Lead. At Bradford, Mr. Luke Bradbury, of the beater, aged 60, engineer to the Rochdale Angel Inn, aged 27. canal.–At Derby, aged 47, Ellen, wife of 6. At Hartfield. hall, near Wakefield, in the Rev. E. S. Hope.- At Sage-field, aged 16th year of her age, Jane, eldest daugh80, the Rev. Wm. Stopford, aged 80.--At ter of Francis Maude, esq. At HuddersManchester, Joseph Atkinson, esq. a memo field, aged 28, Mr. Aitcheson, woolstapler. ber of the Society of Friends, and a man 7. At his apartments in St. James's paof the most humane and beneficent dispo- lace, aged 100 years, Mr. Eldred, who had sition ; indeed so much so, that his removal been page of the presence to George II. will long be regretted by the poor and George III, and the Prince Regent.— At needy; many exceeded him in the amount Hern-house, near Leeds, Mrs. Wrigglesof their subscriptions to public charities, worth, wife of Mr. John Wrigglesworth.but few equalled him in the practice of At Leeds, aged 73, Mr. John Crank. private and discriminating benevolence: 8. Suddenly, at his house in Duke-street, “ Kindness all his looks expressid,

St. James's, Count Zenobio in his 56th year.
Charity was every word;

The Couut was descended from the first
Him the eye beheld, and bless'd ;

family in Europe among the noblesse, be-
And the ear rejoic'd that heard.

ing not only a Prince to the Venetian ReLike a patriarchal sage,

public, but also a Prince of the House of
Holy, humble, courteous, mild,

Austria. Count Zenobio was also the ne-
He could blend the awe of age
With the sweetness of a child."

phew of Emo, the late Admiral of Venice;

he was the owner of the finest palaces in IIis death was awfully-sudden-he expired the world, Emo and Zenobio. in the Meeting-house, in the presence of

At Colne, Mr. John Buck, surgeon, aged his friends and his nearest relations.

65.— At York, Mr. John Hunsley, aged 86, 2. At his house in London, much lamented many years supervisor of excise. and highly respected by his brother officers, 9 At Tickhill, Mr. Richard Cooper AlLieut.-Gen. Wm. Johnson. This Officer derson. was at the siege of Quebec, in 1759, and 10. At Sheffield, aged 21, Christiana, distinguished himself in the memorable bat. youngest daughter of the late John Stanstle of Bunker's Hill, where he was severely field, surgeon, and one of the Society of wounded. He was the undisputed heir to

Friends.- At York, aged 88, the dowager the title of Marquis of Annandale ; and has Lady Vavacour, a lineal descendant of the left a widow and three yonng children to:

ancient family of that name, of Spaldingtally unprovided for to lament their irre- ton, in this county. --Gen. Sir John Floyd, parable loss. — Charles Daintrey, esq. of bart. Col. of the 8th light dragoons, and Darlaston Green, Staffordshire.-- In conse goi crnor of Gravesend and Tilbury forts. quence of a fall from his horse, Mr. Jack

- Mrs. Esther Caterer, Sheffield. of Birstall, shopkeeper.

12. At Sheffield, Mr. George Johnson, 3. Mr. Foxlowe, of West-hill, near Shef- razor-manufacturer. -At the same place, field.-- At York, very suddenly, Mr. Par. Mr. C. Siddall.

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13. At his seat at Cuffnells, the Right Mrs Lundie, widow of the late Mr. Lun. Hon. George Rose, Treasurer to the Navy, die.- At Skipton, C. Tindall, esq. solicitor President of the Board of Trade, Clerk of and clerk to the commissioners of assessed Parliament, Keeper of the Records on the taxes, receipt side of the Exchequer, one of the 16. At ou Windsor, the Right Hon. Lords of Privy Council, an elder Brother Lord Walsingham, of Morton-Hall, Norof the Trinity-House, Verderer of the New folk. This nobleman was for mahy yeais Forest, Hants, and Member of Parliament chairman of the committees in the House for the borough of Christchurch. The fa- of Lords, a situation which he discharged ther of Mr. Rose was a Nonjuror Minister, with bonour to himself and advantage to in the county of Kincardine. He was never the public. He is succeeded in his titles on the establishment of the Church of Scot- and estates by General the Hon. George de land, nor was be in circumstances to af- Gray. ford bis son any other than the common 17. Aged 40, Mr. Tho. Priestley, wireeducation of the parish-school. His father drawer, of Halifax.-Al Sti eethorpe, near died many years ago, leaving a widow and Doncaster, George Cooke Yarborough, esq, a daughter in very indigent circumstances, aged 81. and Mr. Rose immediately settled a suit 20. At Hull, aged 50, Mrs Prance, widow able pension on his mother and sister. of the late M. J. Prauce.- At Halifax, At an early period of life, Mr. Rose's arith- suddenly, John Rhodes, esq. banker. metical talents and financial knowledge 23. At Croxteth Hall, near Liverpool, recommended him to the attention of the William Molyneux, Earl of Sefton, and Earl of Shelburne, then First Lord of the Viscount Molyneux, of Maryborough, and Treasury, and he was soon after appointed a Baronet. He was born Sept. 13, 1772, one of the Secretaries to the Treasury; but succeeded his father Charles William, the this situation he resigned on the forma. Earl, December 30, 1794. Married Jan. I, tion of the Coalition Administration of 1792, Elizabeth, the eldest daughter of Lord North and Mr. Fox. On the subse. Wm. Lord Craven, by Elizabeth, daughter quent elevation to the Premiership of Mr. of Augustus, fourth Earl of Berkeley (and Pitt, he was again appointed one of the Margravine of Anspach and Bareuth), by Secretaries to the Treasury, and conti- whom he has issue, Georgiana-Isabellanued as senior in that important situation Frances, born Dec. 15, 1792; Maria, born for many years. On the retirement from Feb. 22, 1795; Charles-William, Viscount office of Mr. Pitt, and his immediate poli. Molyneux, boro July 10, 1796 ; Louisatical adherents, Mr. Rose resigned his si Anna Maria, born Oct. 22, 1797 ; George tuation, and was shortly afterwards sworn Berkeley, born July 16, 1799; a son born of the Privy Council, He was subsequently August 27, 1800; another born March 5, on the return of Mr. Pitt to office, one of 1805. In 1066, amongst the noble attenthe Paymasters-General of the Forces, and

dants of the Conqueror, was William de on the retirement of the Opposition Admi- Molines, a person of noble extraction, as nistration from power, Mr. Rose was ap- appears from the roll of Battle-Abbey, in pointed Treesurer of the Navy, which im- 'which list his name stands the eighteenth portant Office be held to the time of his in order; and to the said William, Roger death. Latterly, the office of President of de Poictiers (by consent of the Conqueror) the Board of Trade was executed by the

gave the manors of Sefton, Thornton, and Hon. F. Robinson. The lucrative situa- Kerdon, in the county of Lancaster, of tion of a Clerk of the Parliaments was se which Seft on became his chief seat. From veral years since conferred on Mr. Rose, whom descended John Molyneux, who with the reversion to bis eldest son, G. H. was created a Baronet 1611, and from him Rose, esq. M. P. for Southampton, and re descended Caryl, the sixth Viscount, the cent Minister to the Court of Berlin. father of Richard and William, Viscounts

15. At Lee Green, near Wakefield, Mr. Molyneux, and Thomas, the younger broIsrael Rhodes, a man much known and ther of Richard and William, Viscounts universally respected.--At Hull, aged 58, Molyneux, both of whom lest no issue.

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Of the Atmospherical Pressure and Temperature, Evaporation, Rain, Wind, and Clouds.
Deduced from Diurnal Observations made at Manchester, in the month of October,

1817. By THOMAS HANSON, Sargeon.
Latitude, 530. 25' North -Longitude 20. 10' West of London.
Monthly mean pressure 29.63 maximum 30.18 minimum 28.80 range 1.38 inches.
Monthly mean temperature 370.48 maximum 540. minimum 250. range 290.
Greatest variation of pressure in 24 hours 52 of an inch, which was on the 28th
Greatest variation of temperature 200. which was on the 17th.
Spaces described by the curve formed from the mean daily pressure 4.6 inches, changes 7.
Monthly quantity of water evaporated 550 of an inch.
Montbly fall of rain 3.360 inches, rainy days 21---foggy 4 --snowy 5---haily 4.

N. E. E.

S.E. s. S, W. W. Now. VARIABLE. CALM
1 6 2 0 9



0 Brisk winds 2

-Boisterous ones 0.

CLOUDS. Cirrus. Cumulus. Stratus. Cirro-cumulus. Cirro-stratus. Cumulo-stratus. Nimbos 0 13 1 11 6




COMMERCIAL REPORT. Although such an improvement in our trade as would give employment to the whole labouring class of the community has not as yet taken place, we feel no doubt that our commerce is gradually emerging from that state of depression into which it was plunged by the poverty of our foreign connections, and the over-stock of the markets. ---- Raw Cottons remain much the same as in our last, the great sales at the India-House having slackened the demand; Sugars are lower, about 8s., and the deliveries for home consumption very large, but fine foreign sugars are rather higher; Coffees have advanced a little, particularly Java Coffee, on account of its scarcity; Rice is at nearly nominal prices, having no demand ; that for Tallow is reviving, and increases in price from its scarcity; Hemp has little varied; and Flax declines ; Oils also are declined ; Tobacco coutinues heavy, no great sales having lately taken place ; Brandy and Hollands continue heavy, though Rum has recently revived.

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Corn Exchange, Monday, Jan. 19. 1818.-Owing to the late contrary winds, we hare had but a few fresh arrivals, and those chiefly from our own coasts. Fine Wheat fully supported last Monday's prices, but the other kind sold very heavily, and rather cheaper. Barley of fine quality continues in dewand, and Malts meet ready sale.

In Rye, Pease, Beans, and all other grain, no alteration. per quarter

per quarter. English Wheat. to 94s Tick Beans.

35 to 54 Old do..

to 93
Small do.

48 to 59 Foreign Wheat.

45 to 98
Feed Oats.

17 to 31
36 to 46 Poland do....

IS to 36

30 to 5+
Potatoe do.

.32 to 40 Malt

to 86

65 to 80 p. sack. Hog Pease.

37 to 47
Rape Seed.

50 to 54 p.




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and 20th of January, 1818.

Marsden, W. N. Salford-lane, corn-dealer. L. Lawes, Charlton, Southamptou, horse- Marshall, J. Manchester, draper. dealer.

Matthews, W. Usk, Monmouths., money

scrivener. P. Martin, Oxford-street, London, Bouk- M’Michael, W. Bristol, merchant.

Nash, J. Haverford west, linen-draper. seller, to March 7. J. Stepheus, Collingwood-street, Black- Newell

, W. Derby, cheese-factor.

Nye, J. Tonbridge, baker. friar's Road, brewer, to February 7.

Oliver, J. Newington Cause-way, cord

wainer. Adamson, Edw. Liverpool, tobacconist.

Pawsey, J. and J. H. Haywood, BlackAkers, J. Charles-street, City-road, corn man-street, livery-stable-keepers. dealer.

Peel, J. Borough-market, Southwark, Burgess, H., Birmingham, factor.

potatoe-merchant. Child, R, Waltham St. Lawrence, Berk- Pilkington, J. Preston, Lancashire, grocer shire, farmer.

Powis, J. Midford-place, TottenhamClark, W. Sheffield, master-builder.

court-road, builder. Cliffe, c. George-Inn, Commercial-road, Proctor, G. Birm agham, optician. victualier.

Redmayne, T. Preston, Lanc., linen-drap. Cooke, B. Patricroft within Barton-upon- Scott, R. Liverpool, merchant.

Irwell, Lancashire, cotton-spinner. Shuttleworth, J. S. Stratford-upon-Avon,
Day, J. Bridge-road, Surrey, auctioneer. wine-merchant.
Dillow, J. Milk-yard, Lower Shadwell, Starkey, W. Gutter-lane, Cheapside, silk-

Elliott, J. Bath-street, City-Road, baker. Stansfield, J. Stockport, butcher.
Ellis, E. Manchester, joiner.

Swainson, J. Manor-row, East-Smithfield, Favenc, George, Copthall-court, Throg merchant.

morton-st., bill and exchange-broker. Taylor, J. & J. and J. Leigh, Agecrost, Gray, R. Norwich, household-broker.

Lanc., calico-printers. Hardley, Thomas Garratt, formerly of Thomas, David, Carmarthen, grocer.

Brick-lane, Old-street, but now of Thompson, E. Ferryhill, Durham, farmer. Jacob-street, Dockhead, Bermondsey, Trout, T. Bishopsgate-street, linen-draper baker.

Turner, F. Doncaster, cordwainer. Harrison, J. Manchester, gun-maker. Waddington, S. Brighouse, Yorks., cornHarvey, G. Lane-end, stuff-draper.

factor. Haslam, Kettleshulme, Cheshire, calico. Walker, W. and J. Pall-mall-Conrt, armyprinter.

agents. Hewlett, w. Soilwell, Glouc. farmer.

Wart, W. V. Birmingham, merchant. Hockley, D. and W. s. Hall, Brooke- Watts, G. and W. Bush, Bristol, ivorystreet, goldsmith.

black manufacturer and colour-man. Holroyde, J.' Halifax, merchant.

Wigney, G. A. and G. Seymoar, ChichesHoutson, J. Manchester, and T. Smith,

ter, grocer. Middleton-lane, cotton spinners. Williams, D. Carmarthen, currier. Handley, W. Stretton-en-le-Field, Derby- Wills, G. Monument-yd., wine-merchant. shire, milliner.

Woods, W. Crawford-street, Mary-leHilliar, H. St. James's-street, umbrella bone, linen-draper. manufacturer.

Wright, P. Kennington-lane, ale-brewer. Kilham, J. Acre-Farm, Staff., farmer.

Wright, E. Stafford, ale-house keeper. Lea, J. Nantwich, Cheshire, coal-dealer.

Liverpool Price Current. ASHES per cwt.


10 0 0..10 10 0 Pot, Ist, United States 3 0 O to3 1 0


9 0 0..10 0 0 Boston.. 3 3 0..


...7 0 0.. 0 0 Montreal. 3 0 0..

BRIMSTONE, per ton
PEAR 1., 1st, Boston 3 4 0..3 5 0 Sicily, rough.. 26 0 0.,26 19 0

New-York......3 3 0..3 4 0 BRISTLES per cwt.
Montreal. 3 4 0..

Petersburg, Ist. . 16
BARILLA per ton.

COCOA cwt. in bond Sicily...

28 0 0..29 0 0 W. India, com....3 0..3 8 0 Alicant. .30 0 0..32 0 Caraccas.

5 10 0..6 0 2

0 0..

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