Tables showing the limits of age and subjects of examination prescribed for the various departments of th Home civil service [&c. afterw.] Table of rules and regulations [afterw.] Abstract of rules and regulations [afterw.] Civil service examinations: subjects ... and limits of age

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Page 81 - In positions where the duties are professional, technical or expert, the candidates will be required to show what preliminary training or technical education they have undergone to qualify them for such situations before they can be admitted to examination.
Page 108 - can be further from our wish than to hold out premiums for knowledge of wide surface and of small depth. We are of opinion that a candidate ought to be allowed no credit at all for taking up a subject in which he is a mere smatterer.
Page 48 - ... he will be ineligible for admission to the Civil Service of India, and if already selected, will be removed from the position of a probationer.
Page 108 - No Candidate will be allowed any marks in respect of any subject of examination, unless he shall be considered to possess a competent knowledge of that subject.
Page 98 - Candidates who fail in the preliminary examination will be informed of their failure as soon as possible, and they will then be released from further attendance.
Page 45 - OFFICE ... 1. Handwriting. 2. Orthography. 3. Arithmetic (elementary). PROBATE AND DIVORCE AND ADMIRALTY DIVISION. PROBATE AND DIVORCE COURT. I. CLERKS*- ----_. 1. Exercises to test Handwriting and Orthography. 2. Arithmetic (including Vulgar and Decimal Fractions). 3.
Page 109 - India before he shall have passed the final examination, and received a certificate of qualification from the Civil Service Commissioners, or after he sltall have attained the age of twentyfour years.
Page 97 - A certificate of good moral character, signed by the tutors or heads of the Schools or Colleges at which he has received his education for the four years immediately preceding the date of application, or some other satisfactory proof of good moral character.
Page 101 - ... mensuration ----- 3,000 (2.) English composition, tested by the power of writing an essay, letter, or precis ; English literature, limited to specified authors ; and English history, limited to certain fixed periods : the authors and periods being notified beforehand - 3,000 (3.) Latin -------- 3,000 (4.) Greek -------- 2,000 (5.) French ; the examination to be partly colloquial - 2,000 (6...
Page 10 - The names and positions of the principal stars. c. The proportions and dimensions of the orbits of the planets and their periodic times. d. The appearance and phases of the moon and planets, and the causes of the phases : their real and apparent movements. 5. Optics: — a.

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